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on January 26, 2016
I actually LIKE Qwirkle Cubes, but both my son and husband aren't sure they like it as well as regular Qwirkle. The main thing is that you can't "hide your hand" with cubes, everything is exposed so others know what you've got (although, you can roll and change it up). So far, it hasn't bothered me, but that's because I usually win. The guys think it throws off their strategy. Maybe that's because they usually lose. ;<)

I like both. I think it's easier to teach others the regular game first. Cubes allows you to throw them ONCE before each turn (you can throw 1 or as many as you want). So, it gives you options if you have the right color for a Qwirkle, cuz you can try rolling to get the right shape. It doesn't often work, but sometimes it does.

Also, it seems like with Cubes, the "board" gets more compact which makes it difficult to build on someone else's cubes. I'm not sure if this is my imagination, but it seems to be this way every time we play.

So, I would definitely get the regular cubes first, especially if it's new to you. Save the cubes for later on. (See my photo to see what the board looks like.)
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on January 25, 2010
I bought this game for our family for New Year's. I knew I wanted to buy Qwirkle but was torn on which version to get. I purchased this version since it sounded like it was a little more challenging and you could roll the dice which would change the outcome of your hand. My 3 boys (ages 10, 8 and 6) love this game as do me and my husband. I was amazed at how quickly my 8 year old caught on to the strategy of the game. My six year old gets it too but I usually have to help him out a little. My boys usually come home from school and want to play a game of Qwirkle. It is a game that can be played in less than an hour and it is fun! It does require some thinking which I appreciate as a mom. I highly recommend this game!!!
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on April 27, 2016
- Fun!!!
- Challenging, strategic, makes you think (but you play open-handed so you can help out the younger players a bit if needed)
- For many age groups + no language restriction, since there is no reading involved, just symbols and colors
- Well-made wooden cubes and thick cotton drawstring bag
- Can be played in around 45 minutes to an hour

- learning curve of understanding the Qwirkle rules — The first few times it took all the players constant attention to make sure no one was accidentally breaking any qwirkle rules when placing the cubes. It is definitely worth the time investment to get the hang of the game, especially for a strategic game enthusiast like me, but I noticed players who weren't 100% into logic games couldn't get over the initial hurdle of learning and applying the rules.

I love this strategic game and hope we get a chance to play it even more as our (now) little kids get older. We don't have the much praised "original" Qwirkle, so I can't compare, but I find this version very fun and engaging. It reminds me of Scrabble, but without letters/words — we have a great age range in our family and also members who don't speak English fluently, so this symbol and color based game is perfect for us! Getting into Qwirkle mode and immersing yourself in the thinking of the game is the one hurdle that has kept this game from being a winner with all players — you really have to commit to learning the game (no casual players). However, to me the beauty and challenge of the game lies in these very rules that are simple but require everyone to think through every cube placed, so I would still highly recommend Qwirkle Cubes to anyone who enjoys logic-based games.
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on July 15, 2016
A great game. My son and family arrived last week for a visit and we started by playing the regular version of Qwirkle (which I was not familiar with). Just a great game, and so when we heard about the cubes - we ordered that on Amazon prime and two days later, we were playing that too. I don't think it replaces the original game, but its a nice change. I like that the cubes are displayed (no need to hide one's hand as in regular Qwirkle), and I like that one can roll the dice on each turn (better than getting stuck with 2 pairs and debating whether to skip a turn to turn some in). Qwirkle is a fine game because the balance of luck and skill is such that a six-year old can play with adults and still win (when chance shines, or when they are unusually bright), while still providing adults with an interesting challenge. Any adult who has spent endless hours placing something mindless and boring like chutes and ladders will sure appreciate getting their kids up to speed quickly on Qwirkle!!
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on September 22, 2015
I love Qwirkle. It's a fun game for all ages. It's a great game for talking, similar to dominoes. I am posting an image of my other favorite product: my 1985 F-150.
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on August 26, 2013
This is a great game ! A lot more strategy than the flat version, since you can roll some or all of your cubes once, and you can see what your opponents have and plot your strategy accordingly. Over the past few years I have purchased 6 or 8 copies for friends and relatives.
I would give it 5 stars but I just bought another copy, and it now comes in a cheap, over sized box. It used to come in a quality, elegant box that was just big enough to make put away easy. Dumb move, Mindware !
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on December 3, 2015
This game is the favorite in our house/RV. all my boys are grown now and this is the game that we play when we all get together, I've had to buy one for each of them for their homes. My mother loves to play too and she's 76...she is good too. It will be an all time favorite and classic in no time., next to Uno and Phase 10. Highly recommend, but get a timer if you have a son that has engineer brain...for he'll study the board and his next move we have to time only his turn so that the game will not last all night, he analyzes it way too much. hahaha. Try it you'll like it. We do.
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on January 8, 2013
As the title indicated, I like the 3d block version on Qwirkle much better. I'm not going to take the time to reiterate the rules of the game, as I'm sure you can look those up elsewhere.

The game comes with a Qwirkle branded carrying pouch that holds all of the blocks and the instructions for easy portability. I actually just discarded the box that it came in... you won't need it because of the included carrying pouch.

The blocks are smaller than the tile version (the original) of the game. I actually like that because it means that you don't have to have as big of a playing surface to play an entire game.

The flow of the game is different too. If you know how to play, all I'm gonna say, is that thus far, it seems to be easier to get Qwirkles and the score of the games are higher than the traditional game. Once again, I like the flow of the blocks version MUCH better than the original tile version.

Well worth the price tag. I play all the time!
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on March 14, 2014
The whole concept behind Qwirkle is simple and easily understood by children and adults. In the hands of diabolical game players it becomes a strategic war so that children can enjoy it and adults as well. We have both the tiles game and the cubes. We enjoy both but prefer the cubes because it can easily travel with us and because we can re-roll part of the cubes once in each hand to make a change in the shapes showing which appeals to the gambler in us.My husband and I can play a strategic game in just about thirty minutes which allows us to fill-in brief periods of time or play a series. Even my 95 year old father with Alzheimers found pleasure in playing this game albeit on a lower level and it seemed to help his cognitive functions. Our 5 and 8 year old grandchildren find it fun. It is a winner.
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on June 21, 2016
We love Quirkle so much that I thought this would be a fun change of pace. It seemed as if the basic play is the same as Quirkle but the twist is that you toss the cube so can use any side to make a match. We find the rules a bit confusing so have just made up our own way to play. It's still fun but we have gone back to the other Quirkle game and this one will sit idle until we figure it out.
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