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on September 10, 2013
My girlfriend hates games. Like, HATES games. Getting her to sit down and play a game is like trying to wrestle an alligator. She just doesn't want to sit and think quietly for long periods of time. She'd rather be up and moving around and talking. All good things, for sure, but sometimes I just want to play a game.

Enter Quirkle.

The game takes only 45 minutes or so to play, and is not so involved that you can't talk during the game. We have played with friends, with parents, with children, while waiting for food in the oven, at the beach, while watching TV, you name it. The game is fun, challenging, and can be done as a primary activity or on the side to accompany something else. It's fun, colorful, and makes you think.

The bag it comes in has some loose threads inside, and I think it is of middling quality, but you could always use a homemade bag or plastic bag if it breaks. At least it's much more versatile than regular Quirkle. Honestly, I don't see a reason to buy the full version of the game. The travel version is so portable, and the tiles are about the size of Scrabble tiles, so you're not really sacrificing size for portability like you do with some other games in which you have pinch your fingers together to manipulate tiny pieces. Quirkle is a ton of fun and the travel version slips right into a backpack and takes up no space at all.
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on June 6, 2015
I played this game and had to go out and buy my own. It's really difficult, but it can be modified. I definitely suggest the travel size no matter what, because the bigger game takes up way too much space to play. Very entertaining and challenging game. I think this is for kids at least 9 or 10 because of the difficulty.
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on November 18, 2013
Fun game that doesn't take long to learn. In low light, it's hard to distinguish the blue from the green and the red from the orange, so we magic-markered a dot in the center of the green and the orange.
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on August 15, 2014
I have an original Qwirkle game and we just love playing it. I got this as a gift, deciding a travel version would be much easier to store (and haul around). One of the other reviews said the tiles were a "little smaller". That is an understatement. The original tiles are 1-1/4" square and 5/16" thick. The travel version tiles are 3/4" square and just hair over 3/16" thick - substantially smaller. They appear to be 1/4 the size of the original (until you lay one on the four smaller ones).

The bonus is that you don't need as much real estate to play this version!

That being said, it should still be lots of fun and the designs are clear and sharp. However, the price of $20.00 for this tiny set seems a bit high.
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on January 10, 2016
Yes, the pieces are really tiny, you can hold your entire hand in your... well, hand! But it works perfectly, and you can also stand the pieces in the table. The only thing that prevents a 5 stars of this version is that the red and orange pieces look very similar in color. Not a big deal for me as I was already planning on marking the red ones with a sharpie (I drew a little "R" inside each piece), because some of my friends are colorblind for red/green. In the picture I'm attaching, orange and red tiles look waaaay more similar than in reality, so don't get crazy worried. If you have good lighting in the room, that shouldn't be an issue.

Oh! Also for those people that knew about the problem of the pieces sticking together because of wet paint, and ruining the game: in this version when I opened the package all pieces were stacked with a thin paper separating each stack, so that's not an issue any more.
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on October 19, 2015
This game is amazing. It has incredible replay value, can be played by children and adults alike (even in the same game), allows for strategy while also leaving the outcome slightly up to luck, and is just plain fun! Our playing style has already started to evolve. We definitely like the travel edition; the pieces are Scrabble sized (consider repurposing a Scrabble board to keep your Qwirkle game neat!) and a convenient pouch is included. I think the only advantage of the regular sized one would be for those with impaired mobility in their hands or vision problems, as the larger pieces would be easier to see and handle.

Qwirkle is sort of like Scrabble with shapes/colors instead of words. You lay down tiles that go together to earn points (1 point per tile). Tiles go together in two ways: either because they match shape or color, and you can't duplicate a shape/color combo in a row (eg: not allowed to play two orange squares in the same adjoining row or column). If you can complete a line of all one color (in each of the 6 shapes) or all one shape (in each of the six colors) you get a Qwirkle, which is worth 12 instead of just 6! You play until all the tiles are gone, and the first person to use all of their tiles gets a bonus 6 points. The person with the highest score wins!
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on February 21, 2017
Fun little game. I actually bought this to replace the full size set on my shelf because I hated the opening the normal box and this is easier to get on the table as it takes up less room when there is more going on (like drinks and snacks) the strategy is straight forward. It's an abstract game that is simple enough almost anyone can have it figured out in a few minutes. One of my wife's favorites, it finds its way to the table often
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on January 27, 2016
I love this game. I describe it to people as a visual Scrabble. I've played with the regular size and travel size, and much prefer the travel size - the regular size is so large that I struggle to find a table with enough space for play.

Some feedback to the manufacturer:
1) I use the tile trays from my Scrabble board to lay my Qwirkle tiles during play - it would be great if Qwirkle could provide something similar to rest tiles on. 2) The red and orange are very close in color, making it hard to distinguish when played in lighting that isn't fully bright. I usually play in the evening so lighting tends to be a little dimmer in the room. I have great eyesight (and I'm an artist so I pride myself on being able to see colors well) and catch myself bringing the orange/red tiles closer to my eyes to see which is which color. Every other person I've played with, have commented on this as well.
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on March 25, 2015
I love the game, but the travel version of the game is not well made. the finish scratches far too easily and they become unreadable. I have purchased two sets, and both were of the same poor quality finish. If I were to buy another set, I'd put a clear coat of lacquer on them before using them. How easy it would be for the manufacturer to do that, and avoid negative feedback? Short sighted short cuts in manufacture for a timeless gem of a game.
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on January 21, 2016
My friend loves this game and thought me and my husband would love it as well, so when we were doing games for stockings, we decided to get it. One thing that I love is that the travel edition is the same (game play wise) as the full sized edition. Also, even with the small tiles the game play can get pretty spread out and I'm not sure how well that would work with significantly larger tiles.

During the game, you keep the tiles on their sides when they're in your "hand" (kind of like dominos) and in this edition, shadows make it difficult to differentiate between some colors (blue/green, orange/red). We also bought the full sized edition for my grandmother and she reported that this is not a problem with that set.

The game itself is okay. We found it dragging at some points, but it is a good background game to play while having a good conversation. Also, keeping score (by tally) can become tedious.
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