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on January 11, 2014
A lot of people are talking about receiving the game with missing instructions & pouch. Mine was also missing the instructions & pouch. However, I contacted Amazon, and promptly received a replacement along with a free-shipping RMA. To my surprise, the new one was very different.

First, the box is much bigger. It also has different labeling on the front. Most importantly, it seems to be made by different companies. The original smaller box (missing instructions & pouch) is made by Smart Elephant, where the new larger one is made by MindWare. There are also a few other differences in the front. The backs are completely different. I won't detail each difference, but I will post pics showing the differences.

After seeing the pouch and instructions, I don't see how the Smart Elephant version *could* contain the pouch alone, not to mention the pouch *and* instructions. The tiles are such a snug fit in the box, it would have to bulge in order for the folded pouch -- and particularly the draw-strings -- to fit.

And this is even though the bottom-front cover of the Smart Elephant box clearly states "Instructions Included", and the back also lists "1 bag" and "1 instruction booklet" in the list of components. So I'm not sure if this is a counterfeit or if it's just poor production.

Regardless, if you don't get the MindWare version, you should probably contact Amazon for a replacement. If anyone has the Smart Elephant version and it contains the instructions and pouch, please post in the comments.

As for the game itself, I think it's great. It's sort of a mix between Scrabble and Uno, where you have 6 sets of shapes and 6 sets of colors (36 total unique tiles x 3 of each tile = 108 total tiles). When you place a tile, it has to match *either* the shape *or* the color of the set of all adjacent tiles.

You score a point for each tile in any set(s) you create/extend (similar to scoring in Scrabble), plus a bonus 6 tiles for any sets (of 6 colors or shapes) you complete. The set you're creating/extending cannot contain two of the same shape (for a color set) or two of the same color (for a shape set) -- each set has to be made up of 6 or less unique tiles of the same color or shape.

Regarding age, the game is rated for six and up, though it could probably be played by an even younger audience. Of course, younger players may not be able to use strategy to the same level older players can, but most will still be able to have a good time. Our six-year-old actually was able to pull off some pretty clever moves against us (beating the three of us in the end), but at other times, he struggles.

The other thing to take into account is the level of patience some younger players may need while everyone else is trying to figure out their move. It may make sense to play less strategically in the interest of speed to keep their interest. This may be the biggest issue for us, and depending on the mood, a more fast-paced game may be more appropriate.

Regarding quality, the tiles (in the edition as of this writing) are painted wood. We haven't played enough to determine if they will eventually wear, but they seem of good enough quality. The pouch (assuming you get one!) can be used to store the tiles when not being used, as well as being used to draw from during play.
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on November 26, 2009
I was trying to find a game to play with a client who has dementia and ran across this in an article. After I bought it I tested it out with my kids (25, 24, 19 and 11) and myself (47). We had so much fun!! It is one of those games that can be played at different levels. We started getting quite inventive on where and when to play to maximize our points and block our opponents.

I then played with my client. She and I did not keep score. We just made the chains with either shapes or colors and added wherever she first recognized a play. No trying to strategize where to build for future etc. We also played with both of our tiles up so we could talk about the best places to play. She likes this game and actually remembers having played before and wants to play again. The 'rules' have to be re-learned but the fun remains.

For one more note, we had a group of my daughters friends over and four of us played Quirkle. They were all 19 - 22. That got pretty cutthroat <lol> They all want to play again.

I HIGHLY recommend this game. I think I'm going to buy a 2nd one so more than 4 can play together (We played with 5 first night and it does work too).
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on December 8, 2015
Mindware, Sold by: LLC.
During the game you are supposed to keep the wooden blocks in a bag (to draw new blocks without looking). The problem is the current bag is so small, it cannot actually fit all the wooden blocks in it. Moreover, the diameter of the bag (it has a bottom made of a circular piece of fabric) is so small and the bag is so tightly packed with blocks that you cannot close the box when storing blocks in the bag. Well, you could just store the blocks in the box, and put the bag on the side - this makes sense, right? Problem is the lid of the box has a hole that they made to show you the blocks, so the wooden blocks can easily fall out.
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on August 9, 2015
I have been enlightened. Throughout my childhood and for the majority of my adult life I was resigned to the notion that the board gaming landscape was sparse and barren. Populated only by a few unenticing, played out old names like Life, Scrabble and Monopoly (Which to this day, I'm certain has never seen a match played to completion). However, my eyes were opened by a new wave of innovative, engaging titles like Pandemic, Small World, 7 Wonders and many more. I've been a true believer and tabletop enthusiast ever since. Alas there is one big problem... Most people I know have the same narrow minded approach to board games as I once did. It just isn't easy to get a group together. The heavy fantasy and sci fi themes of my favorite games only serve to compound that difficulty as it seems to create an illusion of complexity and carries with it the stigma of intense nerdiness. I can see the eyes start to glaze over when I attempt to broach the subject. Whatever shall I do?

Enter Qwirkle! This game relies on such a simple concept of matching colors and shapes that it would be easy to dismiss this as something childish, certainly beneath that of any respectable gamer. But that is the beauty of it. It dumps the polarizing themes that tend to put newcomers off and the rules are so straightforward that the game can be explained in just a few sentences. What little confusion one might have is usually resolved within a couple of turns and suddenly a world of strategy begins to unfold as you subtly try to mislead, block, and steal combinations from the clutches of your beloved opponents. It is truly a wonderful tool for family bonding and better still, it serves as a gateway game to pull loved ones into the world of table top games.

That was my fiendish plan all along and the reason I even bought this game to begin with. With little effort, I was able to coax my niece, dad and step mom to give it a try. The result was a super fun evening of laughter and surprisingly stiff competition. I narrowly secured a victory with my last move and that alone is a testament to the excellent game design. The game was so captivating and easy to learn that there was virtually no handicap for newcomers. If you would like to dip your toes into board games or perhaps coerce a particularly resistant individual to give them a try, I cannot recommend Qwirkle enough.
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on May 9, 2016
I purchased this game for my mom who has Alzheimer's. She was really excited when she saw it and was able to play the game with me also. It's a great game because she was able to succeed and actually be good at playing the game.
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on October 9, 2015
My 5 and 8 year old grandchildren love this game. It's a great way to teach matching colors and shapes. I actually bought a second set so we can build a great big design. One set is for the coffee table, but two sets are for the dining room table! After we are done the kids like to get our their little Leggo people and the Qwirkle design become a fantasy world for the kids. This is fun for the kids and me. Also, it keeps them entertained for a very long time! I've attached a couple of photos.
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on December 8, 2013
Qwirkle is an awesome family game and our family loves it. To be honest, there's not much I can say that 800+ glowing reviews haven't already said. However, what I can add is a caution to be sure you get a genuine Qwirkle game. We already own Qwirkle and love it and wanted to give one to our daughter's friend for her birthday, so I bought another one from this Amazon listing. When the product came, the box was significantly smaller than our Qwirkle, the image on the box was slightly fuzzy, and there was no UPC code printed on the box. These signs made me wonder if something was not right with the version we received, so I opened the box to find that instead of real wood tiles, this was a cheap knockoff with plastic tiles and no instruction manual nor drawstring bag (both critical to be able to actually play the game!)

I purchased the item directly from Amazon, not from a third party seller, so it appears some fake / counterfeit items have worked their way directly into Amazon's inventory.

The easiest way to identify if you have a counterfeit Qwirkle is from the box. If it looks like the box in this listing (a separate Amazon listing that is directly selling the counterfeit Qwirkle): Qwirkle Board Game then you have a fake on your hands. The fake box has a small elephant logo in the lower right corner and doesn't have the "TM" trademark identifier above the title Qwirkle. If you get a counterfeit Qwirkle when buying from this listing I would contact Amazon immediately and complain. They'll only fix it if they get enough customer complaints.
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on March 2, 2016
Our family loves this game! It is fun and works well for a wide range of ages. The game concept is very easy to understand and simple to teach, but the logic and strategy potential adds more depth for the more advanced/mature players. The pieces are a nice size and easy to grab. The shapes and colors are vibrant, distinct, and easy to see.

My only very minor complaint is difficulty in storing the game between uses. The bag with the game pieces does not fit back in the box very well for storage. I like to store it in the box so that it stacks nicely with other games, otherwise I would just store it in the bag. I'm sure there are things I could do to make it work better. Like I said, a very minor complaint.

If you are looking for a new game for your family game night, give this one a try.

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on March 7, 2017
Great game for all ages. My 8 year old has autism and sensory processing disorder, and this game is fantastic for development and family fun. You can also choose to play as long or short as you want. Tiles are made of wood, good quality.
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on January 28, 2017
The idea is good for dementia seniors. One thing to think about in next version is colors. Even my 30 year old friends (unanimously) had trouble destinguishing between certain colors in certain light. E.g. Orange and red have two much of same spectrum and can blend. So He was unable often to tell the difference between several of the colors. I would suggest making them all pure bright primary with white thrown in so there is no confusion. Also the rule that can't have two of same one in a series is good, and will work for beginning dementia probably, but he couldn't ever get that rule down (mid-dementia) because "they are the same color, why can't there be two of the same?" Just too hard. Maybe take the duplicates out. Having said all this, it's a fun simple game, and we kept it to keep trying. Mindware should get goo marks for this and for trying to supply for dementia market. Maybe just iron out a few things. Now that i think about it, I'll just take out the dupes myself. You should at least buy it and see. Cause if it works for their level of dementia, it's VERY good.
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