Customer Reviews: MyndPlay with MindWave Mobile
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on September 16, 2013
This device never did work with my iphone, and only sometimes worked on my computer. The instructions are confusing and seem to refer to a different product. The feedback it gives you is based on calculations that are never revealed to the user, so you have no idea what you are really doing. The free software was very primitive and when I clicked the button that supposedly sent me to the website for that software, the website did not exist. This is a great idea that was hastily implemented, cheaply produced and unreliable. I hope some other company does a better job because this could be useful beyond the current focus which is toward gamers and entertainment.
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on November 25, 2013
I'm a brainwave entrainment enthusiast who does development work. This device does not work consistently. Queries to Neurosky go unanswered. In addition, it does not appear that Neurosky has the necessary apps developed for Android. In light of unanswered queries, it is hard to recommend this device or the service of Neurosky to anyone. This opinion will change if Neurosky is prompted to respond to this public criticism. My problem is: Why do I have to go to these extremes for routine service? Let's see if I am compensated for return of the device.
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on May 9, 2013
This is truly amazing tech to be made available, and affordable, for us non-professionals!

I was mainly interested in using this headset with the Meditation Journal app which would have allowed me to track my progress (or lack thereof) at training my brain to hold steady in a state of alert calm, but the Meditation Journal software on the included CD would not boot on my iMac (OS X 10.7.5 Intel Core i5), despite valiant efforts from tech support. That's the only reason I didn't give this 5 stars.

I have several other apps that are compatible with this headset, and they all work well with it, both on my iMac and on my iPod (4th generation). From watching the graphic displays in the various apps, it's obvious that it does indeed measure relative agitation vs calm, and eyeblinks. It can even differentiate between normal eyeblinks vs intentional eyeblinks, and you can see the subtle difference in the shape of the wave form displayed for each.

It's reasonably lightweight and comfortable to wear, and I haven't had any trouble getting good skin contact or anything -- just put it on and it works. The forehead sensor arm rotates up parallel with the headband for easy stowage in a backpack. The headband is extendable; I wear a men's extra large hat size and it fits me okay at maximum extension.

I've been favorably impressed with customer service; I contacted tech support for the above mentioned problem and they really did try to help me, with several messages exchanged back and forth.

If you're interested in exploring your mind's potential, I recommend getting one of these!
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on December 2, 2013
I purchased this under 2 years ago, and used it only a *handful* of times. Started having bluetooth issues, and after much back and forth with NS customer service, was told that I needed to buy a new headset(!!) since my warranty was out. They also told me they don't fix any headsets out of warranty, regardless of how much a customer is willing to pay. I really had to fiddle around with it on my own for a while to get it to work again. Cannot speak very highly of their customer service. Product should also be more reliable.
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on February 4, 2014
I'm a special education teacher and I had high hopes for this device when I bought it, but it simply didn't work. First of all, you'll get more comprehensive directions when you buy an electric fan than you get with this headset, very little information comes with it. I would add that it seems to have been designed for a young child, the headset is very small and tight and there is no way to adjust anything.
My problem, though, was that it would work with their demo app for a minute or two but would then suddenly stop.The bluetooth would still be connected but the app would not respond. Let me add that I tried this on an android tablet, an iPad and an iphone with similar results. When I tried their app called "Brainwave Visualizer" I could get no response whatever on the app.
The real problem, however, is lack of customer support. When I told them about my problem I got the standard "Check the batteries, check the bluetooth, etc." After two exchanges they would not answer me any more. I sent five more emails explaining my problem and asking for ideas but they simply would not respond. I did get their automated response so I know they were receiving my communications.
The impression I am left with is that they had an idea, sent it off to China for production and aren't too concerned about whether it works for you as long as they have your money. You can see glowing testimonials on youtube with people absolutely thrilled with what it supposedly does. My question, then, is; if it works so well, why won't they support their customers. If you read the other reviews here you'll notice I'm not the first to say Neurosky is unresponsive to customer questions and that the units don't seem to perform. Rarely do you find a company so totally self-absorbed that they completely ignore customer requests for assistance.
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on August 9, 2014
Okay, so first things first: the shipping speed was awesome. I used my free 2 day shipping option and got it 18 hours after i ordered it. Yeah, wonderful. but it borderline doesn't fit. with the headband maximum extended and the arm with the sensor as far as it will go, the clip barely reaches my ear. and the headpart keeps trying to pop off. I finally got it situated just so, and its staying, for now. i'll update later if it maintains or i figure out a better way to make it fit. Next: bluetooth. Okay, I was soooooo excited to get it....and then it wouldn't pair with any of my devices. BUT. I am a techie nerd, although a newb one right now, and I know how to use google extensively. After hours of searching and learing that many, many, people had the same problem, I came across this link: Yup, it's totally a user-guide that should have come with the headset but didn't. After reading just a few pages I learned the problem. The quickstart guide says the first time you turn it on it will flash blue and need to be paired even in on mode not pair mode. not quite true. the online guide i found explained that in pairing mode it double-blinks blue, and trust me you can tell the difference between the double blink and the slow blink. So even though it was the first time, i pushed and held the button in the pairing position until it double blinked blue. Voila, my ipod and samsung s4 both found it. I paired the phone first, then repeated the process and paired with my ipod. (it can pair with 3 devices, apparently). my lapop sadly doesn't have bluetooth, but after i get a usb bluetooth thing i'll update this bit.
So. tutorial app worked great, but i haven't had time to test other apps yet. I'll definitely update my review when I do. For now I just wanted to post the user-guide for others like me who were having problems, read hundreds of bad reviews, and started rapidly losing hope and going from excited to disappointed. wish me luck with this journey, i'll keep everyone updated as i learn to use it and the apps and stuff.
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on April 10, 2014
This was a Christmas present for my daughter, and it has turned out to be a disappointment. After struggling for an hour or two trying to get it to stay in position and maintain sufficient contact with her head, we set it aside and haven't wanted to pick it up again.
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on October 19, 2015
I've never given a 1 star review before. There's usually something redeeming about a product. In the case of the MindWave Mobile with MyndPlay I can't think of one. I wish I had read the reviews here before purchasing, but my Necomimi Cat ears worked well and I had seen the reviews for the NeuroSky Mindwave Headset and figured if that was highly rated then I'd be okay with the MindWave with Mobile MyndPlay. I was very disappointed. As others have noted here: the device doesn't work. Or worse, works infrequently. There aren't many good apps available. In fact, installation did something to my bluetooth stack and basically disabled it so I could not connect to ANY bluetooth device. A hard reset of my phone was the only recourse. Additionally the device itself is uncomfortable and fragile. The earclip soon broke at the hinge and I have been unable to reach anyone for a replacement.

Other than the creating and failing such high expectations Customer Service is non-existent. I have been trying for months: phone calls and emails AND NOT EVEN ONE RESPONSE. EDITED: Received a response after posting 1 star Amazon rewview

After posting this one star review I received direct contact from NeuroSky, an offer to replace my device at no charge (shipping included) and some follow up emails. I was pleased to receive the response from NeuroSky support but somewhat still disappointed it took a 1 star review to get action. I received the replacement headset the other week and have tried it out: this headset seems to function properly as I try out the NeuroSky MyndPlay apps.
The headset is physically still the same therefore the lack of adjust ability means that it is still somewhat uncomfortable to wear, especially around the ear where the earclip wire is too short to go down and around my ear so it must wrap OVER my ear. The temple sensor seems to work best when I push the sensor against my forehead which doesn't seem right so I'm trying it on different areas and will update if I find a better way to get it to register.

I can't honestly say I love it or that I even like it so I've given a 3/5 for the unique offering and the NeuroSky support efforts.
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on February 23, 2014
The concept of using the device to measure your brainwaves is an interesting concept. While the device does come with some simple programs that show you the intensity of each your brainwaves, the primary applications of the device seem to be for measuring concentration and meditation.

It would be nice if the programs that measure the brainwaves provide some kind of unit of measurement and some reference material as to what is considered "normal". Unfortunately the charts that are provided are difficult to interpret without understanding exactly what values are being measured.

A positive of the device is that it can use bluetooth connectivity to try to connect to a PC, Mac or smartphone, making it adaptable to use on different devices. I have tried it on a Windows 7 machine, a Macbook Pro and an iPhone with varying degrees of success in connectivity.

I have found, similar to other reviews of the MindWave products, that it is hard to get a connection each time that I want to use it. It usually takes me about 10 minutes of fiddling with the device on my forehead before it will broadcast enough of a signal that the programs on the computer/iPhone can use it.

I think this product has potential and is adaptable to a variety of machines, but its biggest flaw is that it needs to improve its ability to establish/maintain a broadcast connection.
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on August 12, 2014
We have an adult son with disabilities. This is a breakthrough for his ability to play games. Please design more games. If you have a lot of head movement, the head piece needs help to stay in place, but this would be a minor issue for most users. For our son, there is some one there to help readjust.
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