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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$16.50 - $59.99

on June 4, 2013
Even if it is playing with blocks in 2d rendered environment, it the best, safest, fun game you can get for your children, and your husband or even grampa. It is for all ages.

My children have been playing mine craft on the PC, the digital Xbox version, and even the mobile or pocket version for a year. This version that they can see, relate to, and not have to rely on virtual gaming is the best. For some reason, having this on a disc makes all the difference. It is something my autistic son can now relate to. He can just pick up the disc and take it with him to family or friends houses to share. Whereas before they were lugging their whole gaming system.

Anyway mine craft has greatly improved my sons social interaction, his speech, and his self esteem. He realizes that he is the creator of his own world, not only in mine craft but in the real world now. It has opened up so much opportunities for him. It has also taught all of my children the benefits of sharing, and the loving peaceful environments that do exist if only we could all pull together and build them.

You create your world. And there is no game lag with this version. Xbox live is not required. Yeah! You can build almost anything you want with the blocks. Especially if you play in creative mode. Then everything is provided for you. This mode gives you an easy play. Survival mode becomes a small challenge as you have to go out and work for or earn your items and blocks. You must dig for and mine your items. Example. You must first locate 2 sticks, and either 3 diamonds, iron, or cobblestone to make a pick axe that helps you mine blocks. In order to get the iron, you need a stone pickaxe which you make with sticks and cobblestone. The better the pickaxe the better at breaking and mining certain blocks that use to build other items. Or "crafting" in other words. Sort of like recipes. For food you must go catch a pig for pork chops, a cow for steak, find milk, sugar, egg, and wheat and make a cake etc. For the milk you need the cow and craft some iron buckets. The egg comes from the chicken you find. The chicken will follow you if you have seeds in your hand. Other options are for pets. You can get a dog with a bone and keep him. The dog must be nurtured and fed just like in the real world. If you get 2 dogs you learn you can actually get puppies. As for your health and house, you require sleep and food. If you go too far from your house and something happens n you die your stuff you collected may dissappear if you can't find it in time. So if you have a bed and slept in it, then when you respawn you will be beside your bed. Your stuff will be where you died. So the reason you might lose it. But at least in this version you can fly, and have greater chance of getting to your items before they disappear.

There is so much more you can do. I will be happy to answer any questions if you just leave a comment. This game is truly awesome.
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on June 11, 2013
Minecraft.... give them all your money, so you can make your own game.

This has got to be the legendary success in the video game industry.

What the creators did was create a software where you can stack blocks. Well well, if it isn't Lego on your TV.

The graphics are simplistic that even an 8bit machine can handle it. Action and gameplay controls can't be any more rudimentary. Didn't even bother putting proper faces on the people.

Next, they make you pay for it. Then they slap it on the Xbox360, so you can give them money again.

When their domination is complete, you might even call it Mein Kampf.

If you are still playing this, you probably have a mind of a simpleton. Even iOS games took more effort to make.

1 star for the worst game in history, 5 stars for profit.
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on August 14, 2013
My husband bought this game for my daughter in June and for the first time ever we have sat and played a game together for hours. I hate playing video games but I really got into this one and we spend a lot of time together building houses and figuring out redstone. Well it's now August and the game has stopped working. My Xbox says "unrecognized disk" but will play any other game we put in there. It's been too long to return the game and I am having a hard time coming to grips with replacing a game I only had for a couple of months. I also emailed Mojang, the people behind the game and haven't heard back from them. Very disappointed!
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on December 21, 2013
This game is coming to ps4, so i would wait. Plus it is horrible on xbox. I heard it runs great on PC and PS4.
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on February 9, 2018
In the simplest way to put it Minecraft is a game of blocks, whether you are playing creative or survival. In a bit more specific terms, in creative mode you have infinite access to the games variety of blocks, creatures, and tools. There is no goal in creative mode, but you can build whatever you want: an impenetrable castle, a secret room, the coolest mansion you ever saw and more! In survival your one goal is to defeat the Ender Dragon(which is harder than it sounds).
My favorite part of creative is that the sky is the limit. You cant drown, starve, suffocate, burn, or die in any way, except if you fall of the edge of the End (More detail in the next paragraph). You can build whatever you want with whatever you want, sand, cobble stone, wood, dirt, gravel, iron, gold, etc.
In survival you want to destroy the Ender Dragon which lives in a parallel dimension called the End. It is a sires of floating islands in space. In order to do enter you must find an Ender portal. In order to do that you need supplies from another dimension, the Nether. If you want to build a Nether portal you need obsidian, which can only be mined by a diamond pickax, which you need diamonds in order to craft. And to top it all off: in every step, mining obsidian, entering the Nether, killing the dragon is fraught with lava, zombies, skeletons, cacti and plenty of other things trying to kill you.
I like Minecraft because you can build ANYTHING in creative. In survival you feel like you've really accomplished something big by defeating the dragon! You can create awesome machines and even learn how to code ( They have this thing called redstone that's basically a circuit and you can even make a functioning computer!) you can use redstone to create awesome games like escape the room (where the person must find a hidden lever, button or other trigger that opens the door), battle (where there are monsters trying to attack you and you must try to kill all of them)etc.
Minecraft is a great game that unleashes creativity, hand-eye coordination and even patience (i.e. you have a full suit of diamond armor and you fall in lava >:(. It tests your logic skills and even incorporates MATH. (You have ten hunger and seven are taken away if a carrot replenishes one-and-a-half hunger how many carrots would you need to reach ten hunger again?). If you don't like a creative, educational game like this, then I have wasted my time and five paragraphs of work.(if I wrote five paragraphs about how great it is that speaks for itself). On a scale of one to ten this an eleven.
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on November 9, 2016
Why are kids thinking it's fun 8 Just play for 29 Hours its just not health right Just like reach its fun but not health to playh for hours this game is just not health (read the note in cover) if you get this Be warn this Lame game will be bad for try to go to sleep but anyways let's get on why I hate it 1 its Horrible music I mean COME ON MICROSOFT MAKE BETTER MUSIC JUST PLZ FOR ONE THING 2 just mine I was at school when I heard Mr 2 year old (10) Saying that MINECRAFT IS WUN CUZ YOU GET TO MINE BUILD CRAFT lame KILL and just that killing tech your kid that???? Well just gota syy why I could him 2 is Breaking news he stopmps his feet he cry he stays in / he is a Minecraft fan He said notch sold Minecraft in 2011 Wrong 3 More bosses Like Terraria I may know how to code but come on I mean really (craft dig kill fight bosses) !Minecraft 2.
Bosses Terraria So many more I play PC Xbox Xbox 1 (not the very first Xbox when I said Xbox) Plz make it better update 7:56 pm Sex thing Its bad for Little kids I'm 9 KISSING UGH REALY Microsoft MOJANG they call it breeding But it means !marrying kissing kips just Gross making a baby Why tech your kid that??? Kids all the time talk about Diamonds right well I got all diamond stuff Killing 1234566779 mobs Ha kids say
But I wish that didn't Advent Kissing Kids just say so many Lame stuff like Get so!me ' Nudaj Get !e a cobllee stown brwk wow I vcant see how bad he talks but still My dad can't play ' Needs friends I don't see why playing it New updates to msg 2.4.2 New Kids call this one the polar bear update I'm 9 I think its a rip off from the PC no I need play Mimeplex here Plz the pb = poaler Bear update Kids say its the pb But Not its the combat update PS kids Will sometimes build Dumb stuff and Explode There or Friends Crap I mean AkA I'm 9 years old And this is the boring Game Ever New TNT tech you kids to bully Explode the art of players troll Kids Go Crazy about the never in the files never added Herobrine TNT will tell your kids to ruin the hard working Work of art Do not let them have TNT if 1/ play different or 1 join or don't care let zem explode herobrine its just I dontr have more to say. Story I was at school when I heard this I found herobrine's cave in training / I let herobrine get out of Jail In tumble Kids lie so many times VERY DISSAPONTED...
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on November 13, 2015
Are you kidding ME?! You insert this into your XBOX 360, and NO tutorial?! How is an absolute newcomer to this 'game' supposed to figure it out? After a family friend who knows Minecraft came over to show us what it's all about, I couldn't believe how bad the graphics were! Everything is square and reminds me of 8-bit PC graphics circa 1981! I almost died of boredom sitting through an hour of this nonsense! This 'game' is a cure for insomnia! 'Minecraft' is the video game equivalent of watching paint dry!
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on June 10, 2013
Anyone who has played Minecraft on PC knows what to expect from the game on Xbox 360. It's the same game, but there are enough differences to justify owning the console version in addition to the PC version.

Firstly, split-screen multiplayer. This is probably the biggest plus for the console edition. You can play with up to four players on your console, and those players can enter your game at any point as you're playing. You just need to be running the console in HD. (I use a generic HDMI cable.) It's great fun with friends!

Secondly, this edition cannot generate an "infinite" world. Whether above ground or beneath, you will eventually run into an invisible wall. Some will disagree, but I think of this as a plus. A limited (but still rather large) world means you can fill in your world map and explore in a way that feels more immediately rewarding, and you won't get lost as long as you have your map.

Thirdly, the vastly improved crafting system. No longer must you arrange items in specific ways on a grid (often having to look up the various recipes because it's otherwise too cryptic). When you enter the crafting menu it shows you the items you can make and what you need to make them. As long as you have what you need you just select the item you want and it's made! Simple as that.

Finally, the game looks and plays wonderfully on the tv and with the Xbox controller. As soon as you start playing it feels like an upgrade to the Minecraft experience, not a console rehash.

The only downside is you'll lose a lot of time to the game and wonder where the day went, but anyone familiar with the game already knows that!
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on September 16, 2015
This game is awful!!! People are buying it for their kids thinking it is harmless. My kids were playing it all the time and talked about it all the time. Then one day, my kid created some portal that went to HELL!! Really!!! That's not it. After looking into it, I realized a much darker side of Minecraft. Apparently there are worlds that you can access that have nudity, sex, and, rape. Who knows what else is lurking in this game. Take this game away from your kids. They will get over it!! Also, if they are watching Minecraft videos on YouTube, the language is awful!!
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on January 7, 2014
I previously wrote a review criticizing the game for being violent and anti-life, but after reading the criticisms and explanations I got, I took it off. I then went back and looked at the age limit for the game. It says "everyone 10+". My 5-year-old and 8-year-old grandsons have been playing it, and the 5-year-old can't get enough of it. I'm wondering why he plays the survival part, other than that he has a tremendous will to win/live and won't give up. He can't figure out how to survive, and I think the reason is that this is an adult game. He has always played games older than his age because he could figure them out and master them, but not this one. This game calls for adult sophistication and adult decision making. I think 10 is too low an age to start playing this game, at least the survival part, and there are probably some 18-year-olds who can't figure it out.

Also, I notice that whenever the background music comes on I instantly relax, and I'm not even playing. I would say that it probably puts everyone in hearing distance into alpha mode. I would think it would be better to be fully alert to be a good player, so why use a mode that puts players into a light trance? Could there be subliminals behind the music? What's the reason? Why am I the only one questioning it? And why haven't the creators of the game, if they are proud of their work, talked about this game in public, how it was created and what it's supposed to do? And especially what the music is supposed to do!

To me, it would be better if the creative part of this game could be a separate game for children with the survival part omitted. When children play the survival part, it makes the world look like a dangerous place where survival is all but impossible because they don't know how to make the decisions they need to make in order to survive. They are just too young. I don't think being 10 years old is going to make any difference; it's still too young an age to play the survival part of this game. In my opinion, it's way out of the league of children under 13 and maybe even 16 or older.
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