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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
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on January 12, 2016
My daughter loves Minecraft. She has been playing this for some time on her phone and PC but now can play it on a big screen. With all the games she can choose from she wants to play a game that looks like an 80's video game. I laugh everytime I see her playing it. Though it seems so basic to me it can keep her occupied for hours. She is so excited to break bricks and see what she is going to find. So happy when she finds some item that she has been looking for or needs to make something. She always wants to show me something new she found or made.

Minecraft can actually be good for kids too. Minecraft encourages kids to be creative and imaginative. Minecraft gives kids creative freedom similar to the way building with legos does. It also teaches the patience and perseverence. There is no instant gratification in the game. They have to work at getting what they want and it takes time. When playing Minecraft they have to use their memory, planning, organizational and problem solving skills. Minecraft is also free of any graphic violence or anything scary. Sure you have some monsters but they are blocky monsters. This is definitely one of the few video games I am happy to see my daughter play.
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on July 16, 2014
First off, let me say that I haven't played the computer version, therefore I can't compare the two (although a friend says they are about the same) but I can say this is a great game. There's so much to do across a huge world. For all the people out there who like survival games, this is actually a pretty good one. You start off with either nothing or nearly nothing (you choose the option) and it's a game of how long can you live before a silent but deadly exploding creeper blows you the Nether. Build a hopefully impenetrable house with your wheat farm and chicken pen right outside and it's still difficult. But for me where this game shines is the Creative mode. Be the envy of your friends with replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, or Big Ben. Want a house in the clouds or a home surrounded by lava in a Hell-like setting? It can be done. I've got a working roller coaster around my world. And that's another thing, your world will not be like any of your friend's worlds (there's like 300 trillion different combinations of code that create worlds) unless you use a seed to generate a world. All in all I gave this game 5/5 because of the vastness of creative possibilities, the challenges of Survival mode, and the way you can drop in to anybody's world at any time to help (or hinder *evil laugh*) them. I had gotten this for my sister, and now it stays at my house more than her's, so I've got to order another now.
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on July 9, 2016
First off, this is an excellent game and aside from the Amazon aspect of this game, I highly recommend purchasing it and playing it.. If you haven't already, do so NOW! Now, as for the actual product review aspect of it, I have no complaints. It arrived on time in excellent condition, not problem there. The game (for me) came with a sturdy case. I mean, it's just a generic case, but I feel like this is was a little stronger because it's been through a lot and is still in excellent condition. Long story short, in both aspects of this being a good game and it also being a good product, I highly recommend purchasing this product from Amazon. It's cheaper than most places and if you don't mind waiting a little bit for it to come in, then it's definitely worth it. Great buy!
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on April 16, 2014
The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. Minecraft can be a real blast when played solo, but it's often a lot more fun when you've got friends messing around in the world alongside you. Setting up a proper co-op game on PC is a patience-draining nightmare that requires extra software downloads, server configuring, and far more irritating hoop-jumping than the average person has patience for. Multiplayer is a whole new deal now, thanks to the ease of access and functionality of Xbox Live, which allows for seamless drop-in co-op and party chat. You can invite friends to join your worlds-in-progress or leave them open for others to hop into while you're playing.

Either way it's a good time, and the lack of heinous setup mumbo jumbo is a welcome change of pace. Going one step further, the 360 edition also features split-screen co-op for up to four players. If you've got a large enough screen, a big comfy couch, some tasty beverages, and good grub, then this is the way to go for party play.

Unfortunately, a few excellent updates aren't a good trade-off for all of the content from the PC version that's missing. The 360 edition is a port of an older pre-Adventure Update Beta version of the game, which means the features, items, and updates that didn't make the cut this time around are pretty significant, and it shows. The variety of unique biome environments is limited, certain craftable items and resources aren't available, and some of the more exciting creatures are absent. There's no hunger or experience system, no alchemy or weapon buffing, and no Ender Dragon to hunt down and defeat. The free-form Creative mode is MIA too, leaving Survival mode as your only play option.
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on August 30, 2016
I watch a couple of boys (ages 5 & 3) during the week and we are always playing xbox! I got tired of seeing the same old games (especially the Black Ops where they are killing everyone), so I asked the five year old to pick one out one day while I was shopping on Amazon. He picked this one and has not stopped playing it since it arrived at his house!!!! We haven't figured out how to get to the different levels yet, but this means that he will be playing it for a long time since there are other levels to play on. Great purchase and VERY HOT GAME!!!
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on July 21, 2013
Minecraft... is an awesome game... why? because it's like Legos on steroids! However I would prefer this version over the other one for the PC for many reasons. So let's dig into Minecraft the 360 Edition and see what we come up with.

Straight off the bat you might notice somethings a bit different, how so? Simply put that compared to the PC edition the 360 edition is actually a bit of a downgrade in terms of versions rather than being in the 1.0.0 release area it's actually the 1.8 release which I'm glad for because while having the "carrot on a stick" thing is good because you can control a pig while riding it with it and the whole trade system with NPC's is quite nice it actually feels quite good to just go back and marvel at how far Notch has come with this series. One of the things I liked about this game is the book recipe, you see after the 1.2.2 release I believe it's somewhere in there,I can't remember where that instead of putting three pieces of paper to make a book you would need that and one piece of leather which for some odd reason on my end like about 90% of the time the cows will not drop leather and all I would get is either steak or none at all. I have no idea why that happens on my end but yeah. Back in the good old days all you needed was just sugar cane, that's it, as long as you have sugar cane in your farm (which more than likely I do) you can basically have infinite number of books and bookshelves.
Another reason why I would prefer this version over the PC one is the new "Crafting menu"! You see in the PC edition you would have to use the crafting table, upon doing so you would have to put the items in manually like for a stone pickaxe you would have to put two sticks here, three cobblestone there and you would have to repeat that over and over to get the desired amount of stone pickaxes you want. With the 360 editions new Crafting Menu all would need is just the ingredients and then press the A button as many times as you like to get that many in a shorter amount of time which makes all crafting easier and faster. Not only that but it also shows the recipe itself on what you need to make that item/tool which makes having to go onto your web browser not a necessity when persay you forgot how to make an enchantment table and it turns out you need four obsedion, two diamond, and a book.The Crafting Menu shows that so that you know "Oh so that's what I was missing I thought you also need two redstone torches to make one of these." so yeah, Crafting Menu, so much more helpful. Another thing I like about this edition of the game is the NPC villages, you see, when it comes to those places it's usually so hard to lokate them because the world is usually infinite so it's a tad harder to find them.... a LOT harder actually so in the PC edition those are kind of rare. Now I don't know if it is implemented with the game or I have been extremely lucky but every each time you make a new world you spawn either right next to a village or you spawn like about a mile from it. One final thing I love about this one is the music, not only it's the same as the PC one but also it constantly plays as you work in your mine which makes it less boring, the PC one as you have music on it doesn't play as much it just plays after every real life hour and without the music it's just boring.

What I don't get is the tutorial mode, yes this edition of the game comes with a tutorial mode for people who haven't played the game before though don't know why anyone has never played it before when this game has sold well over one billion copies of it combined with this one and the PC edition and made new sales break on Xbox 360 new release games. but here's what I don't get, it has that but it gives you a slight tutorial on playing the game when you first install it and make a new level which in of itself makes the whole tutorial mode thing kind of pointless to be honest, why have that when you have it in-game anyways? The other thing that I don't like about this edition is that the world is not infinite which kind of makes you wonder if the Xbox 360 really is one of those most powerful system of all time (or at least all of you 360 fans out there say that, not that there's anything wrong with that.) but that's sort of forgiven as it does give you a NPC village straight off the bat rather than putting it a million (and I mean by that literally) miles away from where you spawn. I do believe the set number is 860X860.... or was it 680X680? I can't remember but all I do remember is that it has an invisible wall and that sometimes can get frustrating because from what I heard is that sometimes in abandon mines there would be a chest for you to collect but you can't get it because it spawned out of the invisible wall which makes you think that the game is trolling you by doing so. For the hardcore Minecraftians that's a little disappointing but for people that want to play it and have a good old time like me it's not much of a bother.
So what do I think about this game? Honestly I give it a 10/10, in my eyes it's ten times better than the PC edition even though it's a downgrade in comparison with other versions of it. With the Crafting Menu showing recipes and to just gather the ingredients to make the item is just so much more helpful than having to do it manually. The music is the same but it plays constantly thus making the game much more interesting than having it play every real time hour or so before a new song can be played. As you can tell by the section of my likes about this game you can tell that I had a blast playing it and I still am. I totally recommend playing this rather than the PC edition for fun and enjoyment in single player mode, multiplayer is still fun either way but single player is a totally different experience between the two.
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on July 22, 2016
My kids received this for Christmas 2 years ago. I didn't understand the hype. Yes, it was cool. They could spend hours playing and did some pretty creative things, but quite frankly I couldn't stand to watch because the point of view made me dizzy.

Fast-forward to this spring when a sick kid asks mom to please keep her company while the others are at school...

Let's just say we had to order 2 more PS2 remotes so 4 can play at once. ;) Highly addicting, endlessly creative, entertaining game! It lives up to the hype.
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on February 21, 2014
Appropriately dubbed a "Sandbox game" – gameplay is only limited by a player's imagination. Easy enough for kids but plenty deep for adults, it's a welcome change from all the pseudomilitary "1st. Person Shooter" games that have dominated the marketplace for so long.

This game incorporates building with blocks (houses, farms), mining for raw materials, "crafting" (making things by following a sort of recipe), farming, exploring, battling monsters, or even playing cooperative games like Capture the Flag online, if that's where your tastes run. It's your "sandbox" so you can play however you want.

One caveat: since this game was originally a download for pc's its documentation is nil. (Seriously - not just inadequate, but NONE.) You *can* try to muddle through by trial and error, but there are better ways. This game is disceptively deep; to have fun from the getgo, it can be helpful to hold off starting your game until you've flipped through a few of the easy "tips for getting started" -type files from among a plethora of Minecraft material both on the net and especially on YouTube, where you'll find many entertaining "walkthrus" for various aspects of Minecrafting. If you don't mind a little reading and like to have your references to-hand (like myself), I really recommend simultaneous purchase of one of the many reasonably priced MineCraft books available to get you REALLY kickstarted on this highly recommended game!
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on August 2, 2016
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old who grandson who apparently cannot tear himself away from this game, so I guess it's a hit! I, myself, have consecutively become my daughter's worst enemy, and my grandson's gift giving hero, so it's a double edged sword, I suppose. My grandson says the graphics aren't the best he's played with, but he loves the building, creativity it inspires, and the endless hours of entertainment he and his cousins, younger and older, get from playing this together.
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on July 29, 2017
I have 4 children who have all, at one point or another, been obsessed with Minecraft. Our first Xbox360 game was bought several years ago and from all the use it had developed scratches on the disk making it act erratic at times. My daughter received some money for her birthday and insisted she wanted to buy a new Minecraft game. She is thrilled with her purchase and keeps dragging me into the gaming room to show me everything she has built. So glad to see her enjoying building, creating, and designing.
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