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on March 3, 2013
After reading several reviews of this product, I opened the package with trepidation. However, my camera did include an 8-Gig micro-SD card, unlike some other buyers' purchases. I plugged it in and let it charge for a couple of hours, until the tiny blue lights on top of the unit glowed steadily, instead of flashing.

To test it, I attached it to the visor in my car, passenger side, and drove about 45 min. When I checked the recording, I was pretty impressed. Granted, the quality of the video isn't great, but for under $20, it's a remarkable little piece of equipment. Small and light enough to attach to a ballcap or hat. I'll have to be careful to be sure the angle's right to capture what I want.

Instructions are marginal, at best. I experimented to figure out how things worked. I'll be learning for a while, I'm sure.
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on July 31, 2014
The first one of these I ordered came without a memory card, the accessory to clip it to your shirt was broken and the microphone barely picked up any sound. The replacement came shipped in a regular envelope with no protection whatsoever. The box was crushed, but somehow the camera and accessories survived and it worked as well as these things seem to work.

This product is FALSELY ADVERTISED!, which I must admit I suspected when ordering it. The camera resolution is 320x240 and is stretched to 720x480 by software when used in camcorder mode. This accomplishes nothing but a fuzzy video and wasted space on the memory card, the maximum supported by this camera ("new" model) is 8GB. When used in webcam mode, the video is in its native resolution of 320x240 and averages 5-6 frames per second. Both of this model of camera were this way and other cameras work fine (including even cheaper cameras). I tried pressing the reset buttons also. It is not a computer or operator issue. The angle on the lens is so tight that when standing 2-3 feet from another person, you would need two cameras to get their whole face.

The audio on the one with the good mic is decent but has a very flat sound.
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on December 28, 2016
This item definitely earns a 5 Star rating as a very good bargin for those with basic video recorder requirements and a limited budget.

And 5 Stars again for having only 3 buttons; this DVR is very simple to operate. That intuitive simplicity is good because the instructions are poorly translated to the point of uselesness (1 Star for that). The ergonomic design is especially pleasing to me because the buttons are each on a different side and even my big fingerers can never push the wrong one.

Both the video and audio qualities were excellent for a device of this size and type. The video is sharp enough to provide plenty of good detail in the field of view [aproximately 26 degrees; 1 meter wide at 3 meters distance). The audio is crisp at normal speaking volumes and distances [1-4 meters] in a quiet room.

Access to the memory card is equally simple. External access allows one to easily remove the card for insertion into any other device for viewing files. Or one can use the provided USB cable to access the files directly from a computer. I Like that the device does not have to be turned on to access the memory card via the USB calbe.

The variety of provided physical mounting and holding components is unique to this manufacturer, I think. These allow for the device to be easily adapted to many different applications.

As others here noted, the battery life is short. The DVR is only intended for short term portable use. Long term fixed use is satisfied via the included USB cable.

I had an issue with a damaged shipment and was very pleased to learn that the Customer Service by the seller is outstanding. This vendor resolved my difficulty immediately despite the difficulties of a holiday period.

The product perfomed flawlessly for me when used as intended by design. I've now used it in several environments and situations where I needed a quick and easy video recording. So now I must address the many negative reviews and complaints here on Amazon.

Every complaint seen here about operability and capability of this device is from purchasers erroneously expecting $100 functionality in a $10 device. As always, one gets what one pays for. This is a very basic device that actually performs better than expected for the price.

Yes, the package does state, "Voice Recorder". The device depicted, and contained within, is a "Video Recorder" and this does create some understandable confusion and consternation to purchasers. So the ad, only, deserves 1 Star.

5 Stars for the product. But the packaging and instructions need gross improvement.
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on December 9, 2013
It's an okay camera. The audio isn't super clear and neither is the camera. I remember when the first digital cameras and video cameras came out-- they worked and we were excited to have the technology, but the resolution was average at best. The camera is cheap, feels cheap, the video resolution is low, but it does work as advertised. It's easy to understand how to use, but you forget once the instructions are gone. Reg light or blue light? Is it on or waiting to turn on? I can't remember. Just push the button and it always works.

We tested it in the house and it's passable for $20. The kids like it. Then we stuck it in this: Estes 2454 Sky Trax Flying Model Rocket Kit -- and the fun began. The video was terrible, the sound was horrific, but we had a ball and were able to get a few stills out of the video to use as a picture.

I wouldn't buy it again, but we were looking for something to stick in a rocket and send up.....
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on February 23, 2015
Good value for the price. If you are looking for broadcast quality video, this isn't the camera you are looking for.

We're using it to film model rocket flights, so a lightweight camera is a great match for our needs.

The manual is a bit confusing, so take the time to play around with it.

The video contains a time and date stamp in the lower right corner of the video, I have not found a way to disable this.

The time and date are set through a file on the SD card and not via the buttons. Thanks to Bob Tobias for providing the instructions that worked for me: "You create a .TXT file on the MicroSD card named TAG.TXT. It needs to be at the top level of the card, not in any folders. The file contains ONE LINE and specifies the date and time you want to use for setting the camera's internal clock. For example, pretend it is just before 1 AM on March 22, 2014. Then the file would contain:

2014-03-22 00:58:59

"There is a space but not a carriage return (newline for the kids) following the final '9'. That worked for me... sort of. It got the time stamps written onto the videos set properly."
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on January 6, 2016
Did not receive what was posted!! The image is of the dvr with the slide button, I received a dvr with the push button;there is a definite difference between the two!! The slide button version is the superior dvr in my opinion!!

The slide button dvr is much sturdier and more likely to last longer (I've had several mini dvrs!!), not worth my time to send unit back!!!
review image review image
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on February 22, 2014
The first day I received the camera, I was so ecstatic and quickly opened the packaged and set the camera on charge via usb to pc.
Nice quality for the price, included an 8gb micro-sd, clips, and a silicon case. Even test recorded and it worked fine.

Left it to charge over-night for a full battery. Woke up the next morning and decided to play with my new camera, it worked fine again. But, later that day, the blue LED didn't light up like normal when charging, so I unplugged the charger and tried to turn it on.

Didn't work. Hasn't charged all day, and hasn't turned on. Haven't tried a USB Outlet adapter yet, but I will.

Would rate 4/5 stars if my product wasn't faulty. Definitely disappointed.
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on June 14, 2015
I know it's an expensive camera. I know you should't expect much from a dv camera that only costs $11. But, I expected a little better than what it is. How about some software so it's easier to set the time/date stamp at least. Look, it works. It records color video at a supposed 30 fps. It even records audio. Although, don't have the windows down if you care about the quality of the audio. The wind noise this picks up is terrible. Hey it works..Hey it's only $11. I say spend a little more and get a better unit. Especially if you are gathering video footage for legal or investigative purposes.
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on December 25, 2013
I like these camera's... I use them for serving court documents... It cuts out the he said / she said bull that I often run into... Now I know there are a lot of different sellers of this product out there.... I have owned four of them... The first will no longer take a charge... It lasted about four months.... used it several time a day.... The second is still working but the battery charge does not last that long... The third one that I ordered was dead on arrival and will not take or hold a charge... The seller allowed me to return it and refunded the money... The fourth one I've had about two weeks. The power button would not turn it on. It would push in and get stuck... I opened the case, and placed a spacer behind the battery causing tension on the case and battery... It works just fine now... and the battery is holding up great... I wish the memory would hold the date and time for longer periods of time... Would make it easier to archive....
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on February 28, 2015
Received the device and the front black cover was barely hanging onto the device. After holding it in my hand, it finally fell off and had to be glued back on. Plugged the device into the provided charger and left it to charge for about an hour and noticed that the standby/status lights didn't illuminate. Unplugged the device from the charger and inserted a fresh Micro SD card, attempted multiple times to turn the device on; but was unsuccessful. Plugged the device back into the charger with the SD card still inserted and the status lights illuminated. I let it charge for about 3 hours and I tried to turn it on again, but it failed to turn on. Both red and blue led lights were still on. The manual stated that there should have been a cd with software on it, but there wasn't. This device has not worked, isn't working and now isn't charging. Waste of money.
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