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on November 29, 2012
Update: The manufacturer says they include a Tab key now (and some users verify that). I haven't tried the new version myself, but that change should negate a major complaint I had! I gave them a star back for that.

Original review follows:


First caveat: This does _not_ make your N7 into a mini-laptop. It's a little keyboard which becomes a screen cover, but there's no hinge; when you take it off, you now have two pieces -- a keyboard and a tablet. There's a slot in the keyboard where you can rest the tablet, which is nice, but this doesn't work super well on your lap, and the screen angle isn't adjustable. Most people will find the angle too steep for comfortable use on a table -- of course you can just lay the tablet down flat next to the keyboard. If you don't want to use the keyboard, you have to stash it somewhere; you can't attach it to the back of the tablet or anything.

Second caveat: Any keyboard the size of an N7 is a small keyboard. The N7 plus this keyboard is a _very_ portable bundle, but that portability comes with a cost. Some people don't mind mini keyboards (I'm one of them); others try one for a few minutes and want to run screaming. Make sure you know which one you are.

That all said, this is a nice product, better than most of the other N7 keyboards I've tried (which is several!). The product is well made and stylish; the keys have rounded edges; it's clearly designed for Android, with back/home/search keys, and no useless extra keys to take up space. (You'd be surprised how many "designed for Nexus 7" keyboards waste a whole row on F1-F12 keys that do nothing in Android.) The layout is sane, unlike many small keyboards that stick important keys (like quote, or semicolon) in weird places. The Bluetooth was reliable in my testing. If what you want is a hardcase keyboard that clips to your N7 for convenience, this is pretty good...

Except for the killer flaw for me: No Tab key. This is a big deal because Alt+Tab (app switch) is one of the absolutely critical keyboard shortcuts for my use -- lets you swap back and forth between browser and Gmail, etc.. It's also vital for moving between multiline text fields. :: sigh :: WTF, keyboard-making people.

To wrap up:
- This is a separate keyboard that clips on for storage, _not_ a laptop style hinge keyboard
- It's a small keyboard (duh)
- It's generally nicely made, cute and functions well
- The Tab key is missing (*gnashes teeth*) -- that's worth a whole star for me.
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on April 24, 2013
I don't understand a lot of the criticisms on this product. I have quite large hands and I'm table to touch type well enough on this keyboard, not with 8 fingers but with 6 (which is how I type normally, again, because my hands are large). The keys are indeed small, but so is the virtual keyboard on the screen, and with the physical keys I fat-finger a lot less often than I do on a hypersenstive virtual board. The clip near the space key shouldn't be an issue... I can hit it with either thumb on either side of the button. You don't *need* to hit the space key square in the middle for it to work. It is missing a Tab key, but it supports shortcuts like ctrl+x/c/v editing, shift+arrow text selection, etc. A big benefit is that it frees up screen real estate with only the autocomplete bar along the bottom. I find that with the small size of the keyboard, I'm able to type and reach up to hit suggested words from the bottom of the screen making typing a really fast hybrid of physical keys and touch features. So, as I said, functional as a keyboard.

I don't think the size of the keys is up for criticism considering that it's built into a case. If you want a full sized keyboard, don't get one built into a 7" case. Making the keyboard any larger would make the total package unrealistically bulky. As a case, it clips firmly onto the Nexus 7 with a dimpled and rubberized backing similar to the back of the tablet itself. The spacing of the dimpling and the silver color of the plastic don't quite match the same designs on the tablet, but they're close enough that it's clearly designed specifically for this device. It adds a bit of weight to this normally very slim device, but it's still compact enough to slip into my back pocket like a paperback (make sure you don't absent mindedly sit down doing this :) )

I got one of these for my mom's 7 and she has had issues with the bluetooth pairing, but I have never had problems with mine and I use my tablet far more often than she does. As the Nexus 7 has known bluetooth issues on the current Android build, it could be an issue with either device, I'm not sure which one. The device puts itself to sleep after a few minutes of idling, so a charge on the battery lasts a very long time (several days).

My major complaint is that I've had this keyboard case for about a month and the paint has been wearing off the keys since about the second week of my ownership. I'm good enough at touch typing that this doesn't present a major issue, but it's still extremely disappointing. I almost gave this a two star rating as a result of this problem, but I like the rest of the features enough to give it a three instead. If the quality of the keys was a bit more durable I'd have given it a solid four stars.

EDIT: since writing this review, I've started to experience the same issues mentioned above with the device not pairing properly despite repeated attempts to do so. Downgraded to 2 stars and would not recommend. I think I will start looking for a replacement.
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on July 13, 2013
I've been using this from day one, so about three weeks, and thought I would share my thoughts on the device now that I've had time to use it. To start off with, I absolutely love that when it closes up, it becomes this handy, streamlined little device that is both sleek and professional looking. It also readily slips into a small handbag and doesn't required extra covers or protectors or its own separate bag for safe transport. The textured backing is nearly identical, with the indents spaced moderately wider than the backing of the Nexus but that doesn't detract from the overall appearance in the least.

This thing has a very long battery life! I charged it when I got it, never once switching it off, and it is still fully operational at this time (3 weeks).

Set up and configuration was really easy. Enable bluetooth, find the device, type-a type-a away. The only thing you need to do after that is choose your keyboard configuration (it will pop up and ask you in the task bar) otherwise some of the function keys such as the back button won't work, though the rest of the keys still do.

As for using the keyboard itself, it took me two days of practicing on it before I became comfortable. Meaning: I wrote pages upon pages in a journal once a day until I got to the point of very few errors and no longer wanting to throw the thing. That doesn't have anything to do with the keyboard, however, as it is very straightforward in that you are trying to type on a 7" keyboard - there are physical limitations one must accept and adapt to.

A thing to note: I have very small hands, so for me I haven't had a problem typing on it after that initial practice phase. My spouse on the other hand (pardon the pun) who is considerably larger than I am, was having none of this keyboard. He just physically could not get aligned correctly because of the condensed size of the keyboard. Unless you hunt around with one or two fingers to type, if you have a large hands, be aware that you likely will not use this for touch typing.

There are only three things that need improvement, in my opinion, and those are the clasp/latch, placement/size of the tab key, and the key labels. The latch itself needs to be hinged or flexible as it is difficult to open it up one-handed, but more importantly, it is not comfortable when trying to hit the space bar--probably the most used keystroke on a keyboard. I've had to arch one hand higher than the other so that I can hit the spacebar. The tab key should be larger. I'm not sure why the Q key is so big, but the tab should be move down and made bigger. Not a huge deal, just something to consider. Lastly, the paint for the key labels is already wearing off. A more durable paint or even plastic labeling would be a better option.

Overall though, this keyboard has been fantastic for me, especially considering the price when compared to alternatives.
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on September 13, 2013
Original Review Written Sep 13, 2013 - Updated Sep 15, 2013

After contacting MiniSuit they were very quick to respond. They sent a replacement via two day shipping and I will be returning the defective unit to them. The replacement unit allows the tablet to function while sitting in the stand in landscape mode. I would hazard a guess that poor quality control allowed some defective units to make it into the supply chain. Adjusting the review to four stars. Great customer service from MiniSuit.
***End of update***

One star for the following reason:

There is a magnet used to put the tablet to sleep when you close the tablet in the case and in the unit I received it causes a major issue. This magnet is integrated in the case and is located right next to the bluetooth pairing button above the keyboard; unfortunately the position of the magnet on the unit I received causes the tablet to go to sleep when it is set in the stand in landscape mode rendering the stand unusable. I consider this a design failure, and have contacted MiniSuit for a replacement unit and will update my review accordingly.

Other thoughts:

I preordered the MiniSuit BT Keyboard / Stand / Case for my Nexus 7 (2013) and was excited about the purchase. I wanted a case with a slim profile and a stand, the keyboard is an added bonus especially for the pre-order price it was offered at. I received my keyboard earlier this week (9 Sep 2013) noticed the following items about the keyboard which were concerns I read about in other reviews:

1) It does have a Tab key
2) It does not have an Esc key (the tab key is in the traditional Esc key position)
3) There is a dedicated home button and a dedicated back button.
4) The following characters: ( ) _ - require some combination of the Fn key, Ctrl key, Shift key to access.
5) The Q key is the size of a normal Tab key

I had no issues pairing the BT with my tablet and the keyboard operated just fine although it is a bit cramped for my personal preferences.

The case is awkward to open due to the clasp style, you have to pry the tablet away from the case to separate the two. You cannot set the tablet in the stand in portrait mode.

The case / keyboard comes with a charging cable (male USB A to male micro-USB B cable) but no wall wart for charging from an outlet. The cable works to charge the keyboard.

If you wanted a similar product which works just as well but adds a small amount of bulk to the tablet I suggest looking here: MiniSuit Keyboard Stand Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen (2013)
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on March 13, 2013
I am very excited about this keyboard-case. Absolutely love the design, the way it works, the price, what it looks like etc etc.

Just a few comments to give the full picture. Please not that these are comments, nothing more. They do not in anyway take away from my 5 star rating; mainly as there is nothing better out there, and a product like this for a price like this deserves nothing but positivity in the end...
- Mine arrived not properly assembled. I thought it was broken, but it turned out that I could just click everything together, and everything is fine now; no concerns about it.
- The keys are small, and not very light to type. Especially the size cannot be changed as the tablet is restricting the total size. But it might be good to know that my fingers (I have big hands) can barely press one key by itself. It still works great, and better that the onscreen keyboard, but I can't type as smooth as on a full-size keyboard.
- I read comments on the angle of the screen. This actually works fine for me.
- I did not receive the new version with Tab-key; I will contact the seller about this.
- The locking-clip in the front is a little in the way, and prevents you from using the space key with your thumbs.

I emailed the seller that I received a defective product, and that it was not as advertised. I received a response within hours, and a new one was shipped the same day. The new one was in good shape, but still the one without TAB and multimedia keys...
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on April 13, 2015
I've had this product for a few days now, and I am actually writing up this review with it now. So far, it has been a good product to use and I had run into a couple of caveats.

The Good:
- Works very well with PC-like apps on Android (e.g. DOSBox Turbo and Microsoft Remote Desktop). The primary reasons why I've purchased this product: be able to do a remote desktop connection to my personal software development machine and use the Nexus 7 more efficiently without sacrificing real estate on the screen using Hacker Keyboard (even with a transparent skin).
- Does give that netbook feel when using it with the tablet.
- Strangly, it CAN connect to my Cricket LG Android phone and is just as operational.
- UPDATE: Forgot to mention that the keyboard wake the tablet's screen up after pressing a key (since my tablet is starting to have a flakey power button)

The Bad:
- As other reviewers mentioned, a bit difficult to type on; tiny.
- While other reviewers mentioned not coming with a charger; for me, it now requires two chargers if I have to charge both the keyboard and tablet (i.e. no shared power), but I suppose the design just doesn't allow for it.
- Not a fan of the fact that SHIFT+= is search instead of "+" (See "Lessons Learned" below).

Lessons Learned (caveats, "gotchas"):
- ALT+TAB in remote desktop is ignored and just brings up the recently used apps screen on the tablet (not on the remote desktop); however, it was not the fault of the product itself.
- Have to hit CTRL+SHIFT to get to three characters: "+" (plus), "_" (underscore), "-" (minus/dash); be mindful of these key combos to use these characters.
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on January 16, 2013
This keyboard/case is more keyboard than case. The form factor is awesome, as it matches the Nexus 7's same texture and look. After fairly heavy use (2 weeks daily) I noticed that the letters on the keys were faded, almost completely gone from the key itself.

The keyboard also has to be periodically reconnected via Bluetooth. There is no certain circumstance that this will occur, but it will happen at least 3-4 times a day, which is a slight inconvenience. Also other users noted the clip at the base of the keyboard that gets in the way of the space bar. This is another inconvenience that could have been remedied easily.

Another note: The keys feel cheap, flimsy, and fragile when pressed.

Overall I am pleased with the design of the keyboard and it's matching form factor with the Nexus 7 ( although it seems like cheap materials were used in its construction), but I would not recommend it to another for the price it is currently being offered. I would be satisfied with the purchase if I had only paid $15, rather than the $35 (shipping incl) I dropped on this.

I would say to look elsewhere when looking to purchase a mobile keyboard/case solution for your Nexus 7.
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on January 7, 2013
This keyboard isn't awful or anything, it's just SUPER tiny. I guess I didn't realize just how tiny it would be (although since I already had the Nexus I suppose it should have been obvious). It's actually pretty hard to use, and usually I just stick to Swype. Maybe if it were the only keyboard I used, I could get used to it, but going back and forth between a normal sized keyboard and this tiny keyboard... it's like learning to write with your non-dominant hand. I also can't really use it as a case, because it detaches completely when you pull it off. I probably wouldn't buy this again, given a second chance.
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on May 15, 2013
I am giving this product 4 stars because I had to fiddle with it to get it to work great. First I would not suggest buying this mainly for keyboard function. In my opinion it isn't the greatest quality. I bought this product in December of last year. I don't much use the keyboard, I mainly bought it for a good stand which it does well in both portrait and landscape, which was a key feature for me. Also bought because it is a nice case and doesn't add much bulk and matches the nexus nicely. My model is one with no tab but that isn't a huge let down as I don't use the keyboard much.

Now the fiddling part, as mention in previous reviews and older models it went to sleep with power and volume buttons facing up in landscape position. Like another reviewer I popped off the silver plastic bit and popped of the small chrome looking magnet. I went with out the auto turn off function of the magnet so decided to relocate it to were it won't cause issues. The magnet only works in a particular spot so you have to figure that out. Just use the magnet on your nexus till it turns it off and that's your spot. I found that around the bottom of the home button is were it would work. It won't work on the silver plastic bit just bellow the home button. So I pulled up the keyboard which is attach buy double sided tape and mounted wiring. Be careful doing this only one side (If I remember right its the top of the keyboard that will pull up) pulls up nicely the other side is attached to wiring which is secured and doesn't move, so the bottom acts like a hinge. I placed the magnet right under where the home key would be ( no need for glue as under the keyboard is metal and the magnet sticks to it ) and snapped everything together and now I have auto shut off without all the hassle, and everything snaps nicely together even though adding something between two flat surfaces making one corner a little higher than the rest. You can't tell after everything is put back together. So 4 stars good product with a little fiddling.
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on April 15, 2013
I wanted to love this MiniSuit keyboard, but quickly found it had design and ergonomics faults which rendered it useless for me. Its actual keys have a strange shiny "pebbled" texture that reflects glare from typical room lighting and makes them very hard to see. If I dim the lights, the thin, gray print on the keys is still hard to see. My Logitech bluetooth iPad keyboard is far easier to use because its keys were designed properly.

Consider the ergonomics of typing:

Normal touch-typing (in which your fingers are spread apart) is not feasible on the narrow MiniSuit. On a keyboard this cramped, you tend to bunch your fingers together and resort to two-finger poking... which works fine for the on-screen keyboard when the Nexus 7 is upright. But when the horizontal MiniSuit keyboard is used, all those bunched, unused fingers dangle down and scatter unwanted typos in your text. I'm not a real touch-typist but have managed decently for half a century with fast four-finger poking, and at times I DO need to look at the keys.

In general, the MiniSuit is barely larger than the on-screen keyboard so its chief virtues are portability and use as a hard-shell case for the Nexus 7. For any serious typing chores, I suggest one of Amazon's many other bluetooth keyboards which are about 11 inches wide.

TIP: If you REALLY want to do a lot of text input on the handy Nexus 7... add a portable keyboard and a mouse! The Nexus easily pairs with a standard bluetooth mouse and displays a black arrow cursor for navigation. Clicking, double-clicking, and the scroll wheel perform so much like precise finger-touches you'll be amazed. You can select, drag, execute, etc. as if on a full-sized desktop PC. When finished, stick the Nexus 7 in your (large) pocket and walk away :^)
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