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on June 15, 2015
My best assessment is this is a cute novelty item with a few drawbacks. Does it work? Sure does. Does it become a pain in the a@@ after a while when the novelty wears off? You betcha. I suppose my point is that you should understand prior to buying this unit that it does take continuous maintenance and will require additional dollar input to keep going (bulbs are crazy expensive). The plants you grow will also take work and a little thought to get right, which is ok, that is, if you're able and prepared to put in the time necessary.

On the positive side, this thing grows basil like it's going out of style. Once the plants mature, they take constant pruning (daily) to keep the growth out of the bulbs, and that's with the bulb height adjusted to the max. I love fresh basil as much as anybody, but holy cow. All in all, though, it's a good problem to have so long as you keep up with it.

That brings me to my last admonition: whatever you choose to grow, do not, for the love of god, allow the plants to grow into the bulbs. This can happen if you miss even a single day of pruning. This is absolute death for the bulbs, and one killer expense to get back up and running again. If you're going to be out of town for a day or two, please plan accordingly and cut those crazy basil plants a little shorter. This was the death of mine.

To sum it up, the unit works as it is supposed to. Just be prepared to put in the daily maintenance work required.
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on September 30, 2013
First off, my wife has always discussed the desire of having her own Herb Garden, but we have lacked the outdoor space, time to do so, and are limited with a short growing season. When I saw this product and thought, Brilliant! I have heard of hydroponic systems (Aerogarden is an Aeroponic System) utilized in different countries and even Disney World (The Land), but I never saw this indoor model before. Since then, we have learned of many other systems and are even considering making our own larger version. In regards to this product, it is easy to set-up and runs by itself via timers. All you have to do it check the prompt lights. If it needs water, it will prompt you to do that, just fill it to the line. If it needs some of the nutrient solution that comes with it, it will prompt you to do that too. Long story short, my wife loves it. It is truly the lazy person's ticket to being a green thumb. In terms of growth, we have 5 out of seven plants (from the included package) growing well. The other seeds might be a lost cause, but knowing this process works well with the other five plants (mostly basil) gives us hope of future growth. We have heard there are issues with the pump upon the second setup post cleaning via nutrients chipping and therefore unbalancing the blades, but as of now, it runs quietly and well. This is a great product, but be might start an addictive year round hobby.

Update: 11-11-13
I just felt the need to update my review now that we have been growing herbs for a while now with this great system. Originally I wrote we had 5 out of 7 plant growing; however, a week later all were growing and we have been harvesting ever since. We even purchased a dehydrator since we were not utilizing the herbs fast enough (just my wife and I). The only odd thing I can mention is we grew two different plants out of the mint pouch. One is obviously mint, the other...we have no clue. It isn't any herb we recognize and we are still trying to figure it out. However, in terms of the other herbs, nothing beats the flavor of cooking with fresh herbs, and we truly had a surplus of them. Other than that, the nutrient and water lights do not always light up when needed, but if you check the water level every few days (once a week for us), you start to understand the usage timing without them. This is truly a wonderful system and we will be attempting growth of different forms of Lettuce next. I can definitely see the purchase of another in our near further.

Update: 01-30-14
So far, we have not have many issues with our Aerogarden until recently. Today, one light blew out and it has only been 4 months of use. The instructions state that the bulbs should last at least a year, but obviously this is not the case. We have also talked to a few friends who own the Aerogarden (same model), and they state they always have extra bulbs on hand via the fact that they usually go bad in 5-6 months every time. Furthermore, our motor periodically is making a loud sound, but stops before we can ever get to it. It is annoying when you have silence in a room and then a loud almost grinding sound occurs. It is also concerning whether it would be a safety matter as well. In either case, that is something we will keep a close eye on in the weeks to come. For these reasons, we have lowered our rating from 5 to 4 stars. We hope this review helped.
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on June 4, 2014
Given my smallish living space, I'm probably at my limit. I bought two of them "Like-New" and one new, all from Amazon itself last year. I knew as soon as I saw the commercial years ago that I wanted one (oops :)), but wanted to wait until they had evolved a bit and gotten some reliable reviews. For me, I wish I hadn't waited, but glad at the same time that I did. After my initial Gourment Herb Seed Kit adventure, which was mostly successful, I knew I would move on to other seeds and depart from the AeroGarden seed kits.

I've since planted cucumbers - successful except for going out of town and leaving them nearly water-free for a couple of days which resulted in deformed cucs that still taste wonderful, many flowers for later transplant, and am also currently growing Toy Choi. I'm very excited about the Pak Choi/Bak Choi being a cabbage lover. They are growing like weeds and it's wonderful to watch the progress.

I've also moved on from the included nutrients to the GH Flora Series. The jump in plant growth and happiness was amazing. I even threw a sickly Tradescantia albiflora (Wandering Jew) that was given to me by a friend in the AG7 with my flowers and it looks like a new plant - still small after removing sickly legs, but robust and healthy with big, green leaves that shine. I also got socket adapters and now use compact CFL bulbs that last far longer than the included lights. That's one that will be a real money saver in the long run.

I wish I had more space, I would definitely get another, probably two, but I'll have to live with my happy little garden the way it is - and gladly. Definitely a great purchase.

If you need a bit of a reference manual, though not only about AG there are many helpful inclusions, try Indoor Salad: How to Grow Vegetables Indoors - free to read with Prime.

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on September 27, 2014
This model just has an aeration stone. It is unlike other models which actually circulate the water, pouring it into the sponge.

This one uses the longer seed pod holders and relies on natural suction in the sponge to bring the water up to the surface of the sponge to feed the seeds during germination. It worked well enough, though.

I have purchased the Ultra LED system as well, and I prefer that model to this one. It supposedly uses less electricity and the lights generate much less heat, which can be a good thing, depending. Some plants, like peppers, tend to like heat and need it to germinate.

I read a trick online which I'd like to share here. Take tin-foil, shiny side facing the plants, and hang it from the top of the aerogarden hood like a curtain, covering all but the front (I use masking tape to affix the tin-foil to the hood). This will reflect the light back at the plants. For growing peppers and other plants that like heat, place another sheet over the front. This will insulate the aerogarden and raise the temperature. Peppers which haven't germinated for weeks suddenly sprang to life when I did this. With the separate sheet for the front, you can lift it up to look at your plants and add nutrients and water. This trick also works for naughty kitties which eat your sprouting plants (oh, the tragedy... cut down at the beginning of their tender lives!) and won't listen to you when you go "TSSST!"

Cats are bad.
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on January 20, 2014
My girlfriend and I have used this for a year and one month. We've grown basil, peas, and peppers so far. Here is what we've learned:

- Expect one plant to overpower another plant. In fact, we have decided not to plant more than two pods at once because of this. It's probably controllable with lots of pruning/maintenance. We didn't buy the Aerogarden for extra maintenance. So I would buy the smaller versions where you can.

- If you don't use distilled or spring water, the pump will build up residue and make noise. It sounds like loud birds chirping. If you have hard water, I would almost require that you use distilled or spring water for this reason. The build up gets everywhere.

- Don't plant anything that is vine-like or requires additional support. It's not worth the hassle. If you're into transplanting, have at it, otherwise, probably a bigger pain than it's worth to build your own scaffold structure around the aerogarden.

- One of our bulbs died after 1 year. They say to replace them every 6 months. The bulb died in spectacular fashion (pop and smoke). I wonder if they are engineered to die. The bulbs are proprietary so you can't go out to the store and pick them up anywhere. They're fairly expensive too.

- Your plant will reach the top of the lights (and burn itself), with the light extended at the highest position, unless you prune for the plant to grow horizontally. So keep this in mind.
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on February 28, 2014
I got this for my wife this past Christmas in hopes I'd finally find something she would use and like. Like most guys I've had more failures than successes when it comes to finding that right gift. This AeroGarden is pretty cool. I did check out the reviews on most of the models here prior to buying so had a general idea of the little nuances to expect. I got the 7-Pod with the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, Black. First and foremost this product is pretty straight forward. Not a whole lot of confusing instructions or assembly. Put the light in, click on the top, adjust to height, put in your pods, add the water and fertilizer included, then turn it on. I'll warn though that it is sort of anti-climactic at first given nothing is going to magically happen to give you that feeling of a new toy. It lights up and the little hum from the pump is heard. I relate the sound to a fish tank pump. All the reviews that complain about how noisy it is are either placing it in an area they expect quiet or they simply have never stood next to an aquarium and looked at fish. It didnt rattle the dishes out of the cabinets nor was the light so bright I felt annoyed. Actually it has become the night light in our kitchen. To the review. How does it actually perform? Well, as some reviews did mention we did have one pod that simply didnt produce. I believe it was the Chives. The basil and dill had sprouts within the first 12 hours and 2 months later that AeroGarden looks about like the picture. Beautiful little plants that are healthy, smell terrific, and have grown so well I can't raise the light high enough. My wife LOVES it. Given the crazy cold winter we've had, cabin fever has set in and just a small hope of Spring and green plants makes this thing a God send. The kids love it as well. The first few days we had it I believe each kid would sit by it and just stare in wonder at how fast the little sprouts came up. The guages on it are pretty simple as well. Once you pour the water in and add the fertilizer it does the rest for you. If the water gets low a light will come on. Add water. After a certain amount of time (I forget the time frame, believe it was 10 days) another light will come on to tell you to add fertilizer/food. Once you do that you hit the reset button and walk away. It is so easy even a knuckle dragger like me can operate it. My wife complains actually that it is HERS and not mine. I seem to watch it and worry more about the water levels then she does which annoys her. The plants all give off great aromas and taste excellent. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking and using actual natural leaves and such. I'd also recommend it for anyone who simply wants to grow something and not have to worry about pulling weeds, deer, getting dirty, etc.. The only concern or complaint I have is probably minor and more my own personal preference. Certainly not a deal breaker. I wish the door was just a tad bit wider on the front for when I need to add water. Again, not a deal breaker. If I'd be less lazy and just use a water pitcher with a spout its simple and no mess. Still, I have to write something negative. Also, be forewarned that once the plants get full grown or just plain big and healthy, the root systems are going to suck the water fast. Opening the door and looking at the pods from the bottom is wild. Roots go everywhere into the water which does make me wonder how the process will be when I finally remove these plants for the next batch. The water does start to go quick though so I would caution to keep an eye on that. As mentioned before there is a pump in this thing and my guess is it is designed to be run with water so continued use with little or no water is probably not going to work for very long. Overall, excellent product. Well done.
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VINE VOICEon February 5, 2015
Tried it, but stuff died even though I followed instructions. Bought more high-priced proprietary seed packs and bulbs then tried again. Grew well again, then they died off. Either I have a red thumb or something is wrong with this plastic bowl with lights. The holes are too close together, the lights make the seedlings stretch out faster than they can gain strength, the plants get tangled because they fall over into each other, and harvesting eventually kills the plant. There must be a better way that I haven't found. If you are good at growing herbs and want to give it a try, keep in mind that considering the cost of startup and operation, it's probably cheaper to buy them already grown at the store.
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on April 3, 2015
For the first time, I can actually grow herbs at home with a minimum of fuss. There are definitely some herbs that did better than others. The thai basil seemed to take over everything else but the chives and mint didn't thrive as well. I was impressed with how well the cilantro did considering that I have never been successful growing that outside here in South Florida.

As for the machine, it's pretty easy to maintain. It does get a little "scummy" every few weeks so I recommend the syphon pump (sold separately) so you can drain and refill once a month or so. Others have mentioned the light being intrusive but I kind of liked it. I timed it so that it went off about the time I went to bed and went on first thing in the morning. Depending on where you locate it, it may not even matter.

The starter kit of herbs did teach me it might be better not to try to mix too many different ones in a single growing period. I think next time I will stick to a single variety that grow at the same rate. I'm going to try the lettuce kit next and I'm really looking forward to that one. Then I'm going to try just Italian Basil using store-bought seeds.
review image
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on January 3, 2014
So this is my family's second AeroGarden. When it comes to easy, compact fresh veggies and herbs - you can't beat it. We planted the salad greens kit on Christmas and they were all sprouted and growing quickly within a week or so. The setup is fairly easy - take the parts out of the box and snap them together as directed by the incredibly simple and picture-filled instructions. Plug it in, fill it with water, select whatever you're growing, and off it goes. The light will cycle on and off based on the veggie you selected and the display will let you know if you're low on water and when it's time to add nutrients.

The downside - 1: this thing is noisy. The bubbler runs constantly and some times it gets into some weird harmonic rythem where it really starts to make a weird racket that sounds like a dog yelping or kids yelling outside. Even when it's not doing that, it's loud enough to be noticable. Don't think of installing this in an office or near a bedroom. 2: Setting when the light is on / off isn't the most intuitive. Chances are you'll set it up some time during the day, and it will begin its cycle then. That means the light is on all night and then off some time in the morning / early afternoon. You can reset the timer to turn on or off at a specific time, but you need to be at the garden at that time and perform a series of button pushes to get it set. Mabe a cheap light sensor with the unit would allow it to know when it's night time and set some sort of light cycle based off that.

If you want fresh herbs, salad greens, peppers, or tomatoes during the winter or some place where having a garden is difficult or impossible, then this product will do you quite well. Noting that it's a little noisy and takes some time to get the lighting set up right, it should work great for you in the long run.
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on November 20, 2016
I bought this as a gift for my parents, who had changed their diet to eat healthier. They had a wonderful experience with it, however, since they are not very tech savvy, they only used it once instead of ordering more pods. I'm planning on stealing it for the winter, I really want to try the tea kit (mint, lavender, etc). Since I'm more adaptable, able to order the pods/parts online I think it'll fit my lifestyle better.
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