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on October 26, 2012
What attracted me to the watch was the cool, minimalist design. It's a solid color, it's a stark, clean face. Minimal, clean design.

So why the hell are the words "LED WATCH" printed on the face of the watch?

I KNOW it's a watch. It's on my wrist. Everyone ELSE knows it's a watch, because I'm checking the time with it. IT DOES NOT NEED A LABEL!

I figured that was just a sticker that I could peel off, but NO, it's printed UNDER the glass, making it impossible to remove. So stupid.

Fits well, nice and big, clean design with delightful retro 80's Red LED's that are lit up when you press the button. Lucky you, you'll never be asked what it is because the words LED WATCH are printed right on the face and you're NEVER getting them off.

Still, for the price, an excellent value. A cool watch marred by one absolutely terrible design choice.
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on March 29, 2016
It is delivered on3.28.2016. It took me all of 5 minutes to set but didn't know I had to punch out the holes so the band would fit my wrist. I swear it reminded me of the 2000 elections with hanging chads! The band is very thin. I split a hole but I had a strong quite set glue that bonded and cured it about 24 hours. I reason I gave the watch four stars for one reason. If my great-nephew, he will be 2 this year, wants it then he will have a faux android watch like his Mom and Dad. He has a ipad but I'm happy to say my Nephew does not let him "live" on it.
Now, another reason I gave it 4 stars. When I run errands I don't have to worry about losing anything near and dear to me. My life is worth more then $4.95. So if a lazy what not wants the watch, thinking they are getting something for nothing, I'll let them have it. The mirror part is pretty good for touching up ones lipstick.
Avoid water and the stopwatch does not work but it is a lovely toy!
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on October 17, 2012
This watch was a fantastic purchase.

Aesthetically, it is great; it has a unique, modern look that I get many compliments on and that lends itself well to many other accessories I own.

Functionally, I have no complaints, though it is fairly simple. It keeps time well, is easy to set, and also keeps date and year, and I love that I can set it to 24 or 12 hour time, but those are the only things it does: no stopwatch, no alarm, no beeping on the hour... If you are looking for a watch with common useful features outside of keeping time, this may not be for you. But if all you need is a timepiece, it serves perfectly.

In terms of build quality, I have few complaints. There were a couple scratches on the white rim from shipping, but they are barely noticeable, and I have had no problems with further damages. The mirror seems easy to clean and has not been damaged at all in the time I have worn this watch. The band is a high quality rubber band that suffers from minor stretching issues but nothing else. No part of this watch seems cheaply made, despite the price, and I daresay it will last quite a long time.

Finally, the customer service and seller were great. The shipping was meant to take 4-5 weeks, I got the watch in 1 1/2. A few days after receiving the watch, I received a message from the seller asking me how the product was and whether there was anything additional they could do.

tl;dr: Fantastic watch. If all you want is something modern that keeps time, this is for you. And you cannot beat the price.
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on May 3, 2014
ive ordered 4 of these and only got 3 and im glad i boufht the other 3 from another seller because i have a feeling i would have gotten none of them if i ordered from this guy for the money the watch is so so one of them the band broke on the first hour of using it but the other two are ok still after a few weeks but it really sucks how it says led watch on it and cant be removed if you are so dumb that you have to read led watch to know what it is then you are too dumb to tell time and the time gets changed alot because to set the time you just press a button once so if you stick your hand in your pocket half of the time its set at a different time when you pull your hand out
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on March 10, 2014
I bought this watch as a cheap watch to use for running. After waiting about a month for it to arrive (as I expected, it came from China after all), it was completely unusable.

There were no holes cut into the wristband. There were places where the holes were supposed to be, but they simply weren't cut out. No big deal, I thought. It was a $3 watch. I just got a knife and cut out the hole that fit me.

Then I tried it out as a stopwatch. It didn't specifically say it was a stopwatch on the amazon page, but the four-button layout is instantly recognizable as a stopwatch, so I assumed that's what it meant by "Sport." No. The two buttons on the left of the watch do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Pressing them brings up 88:88 on the display.

Ok, then. Maybe it just works as a watch. Nope. After one day it was already several minutes ahead. So it's not useful to tell time either.

I think the only thing this watch is useful for is as a wrist-mounted mirror. So if you're looking for that, go ahead. If not, you're just paying 3 bucks for something to throw away.
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on January 11, 2014
I got this since it is cheap with free shipping. Can't complain. Although it is mostly made of rubber (silicon) , but the mirror screen is awesome and when it shows the time in bright red color you won't miss the time.

It isn't slim but some chunky watches are popular now a day, so this one is not going to be an odd looking one.

For the price, this is a great product.

It is cheap, it is a watch , and works

At this price and with free shipping cons are ignorable
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on January 31, 2013
I really like this watch! I bought one a couple of months ago and I wore it everywhere! The white makes it easy for it to match with anything and I would get compliments on it all the time and whenever I told people how much it really was, they were just shocked because it was such a cute watch! I left my watch in my locker at school and I kept it in my front pocket (like always) and it got stolen! I ordered another one and I'm anticipating for its arrival. It's really a simple watch but it's actually quite useful. After I'm eating I use this to check out to see if I have anything stuck in my teeth or whenever I'm applying a lip product. And all the time my friends would grab my wrists so they can check themselves out. The battery life for me never ran out quickly or anything, but even if it did I would just order another one. Replacing the battery for a watch like this would cost more than the watch itself so it's no big deal, shipping would just take a while though. I don't like that it says "LED Watch" on the mirror because it just kind of bothers me. I don't really care to know that it's an LED watch so why bother putting it there? Also, in the packaging, it doesn't include a manual or anything. I'm not saying that it's hard to control or adjust, it's just that I don't understand why there are four buttons when you really only get use out of three. Overall, you should definitely get this watch, it's cheap but it's cute and you will definitely get a lot of compliments on it.
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on September 4, 2012
The watch is awesome ! but the face glass cover sucks ! breaks with a bump on any sharp object like regular glass !!! I had to order more for that reason. cheep glass for the front . what we have here is cheep paint that comes off easy ! not enough epoxy to the pigment , but to fix that problem.. add some nail clear coat and for the glass to keep it from breaking... ...don't let doors slam at you or keep your hand away from bumping to metal . This glass breaks easy ! I mean... you chip it and it spreads like the crap on cars in a few days . Battery life is quick ! do to the dark lens that requires alot of energy to see the actual "LED" it needs to have some strong battery to see through the glass. after a while it will look dim and ... best to replace the battery . Better yet... replace it a week after you get it. It already comes with a battery in it that might have been in the box too long and usualy don't last that long. By replacing the battery , you can assure a longer lasting "LED" brightness. I wear this watch as a greeter ! If you look at time more than twice an hour... you are better off with a mirror glued to your wrist. I know checking your face for donut crumbs or mayo from that salivating sandwitch requires a check on your face for slob smears. This watch does that job well !
The wrist band does the job well, yet better than any band I had ! But not for tugging.
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on August 25, 2015
While the look of the watch is very modern and resembles that of an Apple product, it is FAR from Apple quality. But, what do you expect for a watch less than $5? Setting the clock and date is a bit tricky. I only figured it out by pressing all of the buttons hoping that I would get somewhere.

Agreeing with others, it seems silly to have the words "LED WATCH" etched on the face of the screen. It's small, but still annoying and takes away from the watch.

The wristband is wider than most watches.
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on April 27, 2013
I really didn't have my hopes up for this watch. It looked cool in the pictures and the reviews were a little too good for a watch at this price. I have to say however that most everyone was right. From a distance it looks expensive but if you look at it close you can easily tell it's a cheap time piece. The watch is a good size and looks nice on my wrist. The mirror works well enough in a pinch if you feel the need to keep looking at yourself. I found my self checking my teeth after lunch on occasion (something I never did before). I don't know if it's water resistant at all, i'm guessing not. I also don't know if it will last long but at this price I don't really care. I wouldn't pay more then $10 bucks for this watch (and even $10 might be on the high side) but it was a fun watch and it looks different then anything else you'll see someone wearing.
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