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on October 16, 2013
Come to find out, even my virtual-self has no balance. This game is designed to allow the player to navigate through the zones using similar techniques shown in free running videos. Any wall, surface, or jump point can be used to get from point A to point B. The game makes it a bit more convenient by marking the items you can use red, but that doesn't make the game easy by any stretch of the imagination (at least not for this gamer).

Unlike most first person shooters (FPS), this game is designed to avoid the fight. Sure you can disable, knockdown, and if needed, even fire at the bad guys, but the main goal is to avoid the fight and get from the start to the finish of any particular puzzle using your wits, your speed, and your uncanny ability to balance (and time jumps).

That's where my stability comes in. If you playthis on the PS3, you balance your character with the PS3 remote, by holding it steady and moving it slightly left/right to keep yourself upright on narrow beams. That being said - I may need to get checked out, because of all the puzzles in this game, balancing on the beam seems to be my weakness. Shoot at me? No problem? Have me jump 50 feet between buildings w/a tuck and roll thrown in for fun? No problem? Have me walk across a 6in wide beam approximately 10-15ft long...holy cow am I in for a world of hurt (and likely a fall or three).

Overall, Mirror's Edge redefines what a fun FPS type game can be like. Not everything is about invincible powers and unlimited ammo. Sometimes it is about doing what man has been innately programmed to do - flee. Graphics are nice enough and the storyline is well scripted. As stated - the red "hint" markers on items you can jump on/off is fairly helpful, but you'll eventually become a pro at picking things to use as you progress, not relying solely on the red markers. If you can pick this up at a reasonable rate, I'd say go for it.
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on August 23, 2016
I give this game 4 stars for the crisp, highly creative visuals, cool storyline and the technical approach. I would have given it 5 stars it it didn't drive me bonkers at times! The movements, at first, take some time to get adjusted to. Once you get the hang of that and it's no longer driving you bat crazy, then you have to get used to having the character move swiftly away from danger (as in her running and escaping successfully, very quickly, without getting caught and staying over a billion times). But the tough moments are what largely helps to make the game interesting, otherwise it would be boring. Easy is boring. I actually got so mad, though, that I threw the game in the garbage when what I should have done was to just leave it alone for a few months and go back to it. It didn't deserve the garbage treatment. It is a fantastic game. The boring and poorly done Beowulf game deserved the garbage and I did crack that one in half and throw it away; it was wretched. I did like Mirrors's Edge and will end up buying it again!
One thing I must stress if that the ammo capacity for weapons she picks up and use is denot great!I wonder if that changes later in the hang. I don't know as I had not gotten that far.
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on June 1, 2013
It's not hard to believe why Mirror's Edge has such loyal fans that demand a sequel; this is one heck of a unique game. While there are several things that could be refined, a game like this is hard to come by. Here's my review:

Story: 2/5
Not one of the most gripping stories in existence, you play as Faith, a Runner. In a city that's tightly controlled, Runners are couriers that serve to deliver information, maneuvering across buildings and leaping from ledge to ledge. One day, Faith's sister is framed for murder and it's up to you to uncover the truth and set her free. Honestly, though, the finer details were hard for me to grasp, and I never really cared for any of the characters. The plot details just seemed to be convenient ways to explain why you went from area to area.

Setting: 5/5
Mirror's Edge sets itself apart from other titles with its intriguing art style. The city is 80% white. This probably has as much to do with symbolism as it does with signature style. Regardless, it worked for me. Structures like vents will obviously be black or blue, and the objects you'll interact with are red for ease of navigation. In between levels, cutscenes will feature a look that reminds me of E-Harmony commercials. It's all very stylistic and really makes the game stand out. Most of the time you'll be outdoors on rooftops, but sometimes you'll scramble through warehouses and other interior locations.

Gameplay: 3/5
Parkour. Lots of it. This game is almost all about agilely moving from one place to the next. Your move set includes actions such as wall-running, sliding, climbing, wall-jumping, rolling, coiling in the air, and of course sprinting. Little things in a video game are as thrilling as pulling off moves in Mirror's Edge smoothly. You'll be getting lots of feelings of accomplishment from this game. There are tidbits where you'll need to engage in combat. Needless to say, these segments are nowhere near as fun. Shooting mechanics are subpar; bullets have no impact on enemies up to the moment you kill them, and you throw away a gun as soon as its clip runs out of ammo. You can perform disarms on enemies at very specific instances, but the timing is just so awkward. You do, however, have the option of meleeing your opponents, but again, the game falls short of spectacular on this front. Melee consists of a 3-hit combo, a jump kick, and a slide kick. That's it. Did I mention that 90% of your enemies are guys wearing S.W.A.T.-like suits?

Missions: 4.5/5
The campaign is 9 acts long; you can reasonably finish it in 1 or 2 days. That's not to say it's too short, though. You'll feel like the length is decent for this title. The levels are well designed and moments vary from peaceful to hectic. There's only one thing to do aside from just playing through the game, and that is collecting Runner Bags. These are the game's collectibles, but they're such a letdown. These serve no purposes except for earning a few trophies. I repeat: NO in-game reason to collect these.
-Time Trial
An AWESOME mode. Time Trial takes short segments from the main game and require you to get through as quickly as possible. You'll earn Stars for various times, with 1 star being the lowest rating and 3 being the highest. For those that are interested, there are leaderboard spots to compete for. To obtain 3 star ratings, you'll often refer to Youtube videos to see the champs get through. In doing so, you'll learn valuable shortcuts that would have never occurred to you. This is an ingenious way to get players to learn the game inside and out.
-Speed Run
Basically, these are campaign levels again, except with a time counter. Your object is to finish below the target time. I recommend doing Time Trials first, to learn shortcuts for the full campaign levels. Essentially, Time Trial teaches you to better go through Campaign and Speed Run. It's worth noting that Time Trial and Speed Run demand both skill and patience.

Overall: 4/5
A very worthwhile experience. The plot is iffy and filled with characters you won't care about in the slightest, and combat is laughably horrendous, but you'll be treated to a one-of-a-kind setting, exhilarating parkour, and addicting game modes that ensure you get the most out of Mirror's Edge.
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Don't be fooled by the relatively low sale price. Mirror's Edge is one of the better PS3 games - my view, of course. Definitely worth trying at least as a rental if not an outright buy.

There was a time when I thought a first person platformer could not be done. If you have ever had the same thought and wish you were proved wrong, then Mirrors Edge is for you. You play as a messenger girl named Faith trying to do your job in an oppressed city. The only way for a secret messenger to travel is by running at the top of the city which is rarely monitored. It's intense in a way few other games deliver.

You often feel like you are the main character ducking, jumping, and running across an entire city. The movements allow you a great variety of options in using whatever technique you want in order to get to a goal. Something I personally like is the fact that you can combine platforming techniques in combat. While platforming is immersive, combat can be repetitive as you will be doing much of the same move. It is possible to play the game without killing anyone but that can be frustrating at times because shooting your enemies is the only way to complete an area without spending hours on it.

Everything in the game is beautifully detailed from the rooftops you run on to the glove on your hand. It is strangely easy to integrate yourself into the game's universe and feel like you are the runner in the game. A very nice addition to the game is runnervision which is added to the easy and medium difficulties of the game. This option helps you see which objects to interact with, and really make you feel like a pro.

Multiplayer is not that impressive but... Most of what it is, is trying to beat another's time at running a certain area. I find it very challenging, because most of the time a fraction of a second is the difference between victory, and defeat.

Like I said, definitely worthy of a rental but at this (low) price, I'd buy it. We did and there are no regrets.
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on February 9, 2013
Mirror's Edge is one of the more unique games I have played and I will express this in three parts: Gameplay, Story, and Graphics.

Gameplay: This game is in the first person, meaning you play through Faith's (the main character) eyes. However this is more prominently a parkour type of game where you must from point A to point B by using your environment. Objects you can interact with turn red, which lets you know where to go. The controls are a bit different from most, (Instead of A/X to jump dependent on which console you use, its the LB/L1 button for example) but a couple of runs through the tutorial should help you get it down. You can disarm enemies and use their weapons, but I advise against using weapons because you have a tiny reticle in the center of your screen and no ammo count display. Disarming and incapacitating enemies is perhaps the only way to get through encounters that I have found because I have not been able to just be able to run away most of the time. Overall, the game is more like a puzzle game of how/where to get where your going and to do so taking as little damage as possible. (4/5)

Story: Honestly, this game really lacks here. You play as Faith, a 23 year old Runner (a courier of sorts). Between each mission, you witness a cutscene. These provide a very skeletal structure: Wrong place, wrong time. Framed. Got to clear your name. Bring those who did so to justice. That's it. You don't really get that about much about your environment either unless you read press clippings scrolling up a screen when you're in an elevator, and trust me, that is not often. Either to complement this or to the detriment of it, this game is SHORT. There are nine missions, not counting the prolouge, so you can get through this game in at LEAST 8-10 hours. You could get as much enjoyment from the musical score (which is great but for the purposes of this review, I won't get into). Overall, the story could have used more work. Much more. (2/5)

Graphics: If I had to choose the brightest spot for this game, its the graphics. The entire experience is just stunning to look at. The environments are very detailed in your immediate vicinity but not so much the farther out you look. As referenced earlier, when you progress, you must come into contact with objects that turn red, which means to jump or climb to continue. This in my opinion is a nice new way to incorporate the level into gameplay that I had not previously seen. Overall: This is just a lovely game to look at and I expect no less from DICE and EA (You Battlefield buffs know what I'm talking about!). (5/5)

In conclusion: This is actually a solid game even if the story isn't all that flushed out. Hopefully the sequel on the NEXT generation of consoles addresses this. I recommend this for anyone who is looking for something unique. (7/10)
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on March 10, 2017
At the time the games graphics were excellent (execpt for the cut scenes were 2d). The primary colors really stand out in the city (but the pre-sequel finally came out but . . . I'll make a review for that one separately) its different from other games I say it's worth a try the price isn't even that bad nothing to lose.
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on March 17, 2011
This game is like a first person version of Assassin's Creed without the assassinations. Now that might suck for some people but there is the option to disarm enemies and shoot them with their own gun which you can do in Assassin's Creed also. Now by no stretch of the imagination are these games identical.
Visually AC is extremely superior but the style and platforming makes this game just as good as AC.

Graphically this game is not great. Im not a fan of boxy pixelated textures. Picture the training arena in assassins creed brotherhood that is pretty much the whole game.

Gameplay is great. Dispite the overall look of this game i enjoy playing through it because of the action and platforming. The chase scenes are so great that you forget sometimes that this is not free roam and sometimes end up diving off the wrong roof to your death. As chuckle inducing as it is the first time it gets old around death 5 or so. At this point you wish the platforming wasn't so harsh in some parts but then again it gives you the illusion that your actually a skilled rooftop runner.

Replayability is up there. I know people who say they played it once and never touched it again but i can see myself giving it more than that. Twice at the very least to see if i can run through the game not using any guns.

Controls were funky to me at first. L1 is the default jump button and L2 is crouch. That felt funny to me so i switched it to other side and had to switch back because the action button R2 turned into L2 and now that felt even funnier. Regardless after getting far enough into the game with the setting that you eventually choose you get used to it.

Story wasn't nothing special. Your sister is setup so you have to find the people who set her up and clear her name all while jumping and running away from cops and baddies. Nothing new here.

Overall i found this game to be extremely fun. Pick it up and play it through its worth it.
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If you take a casual glance at Mirror's Edge you might think that it was yet another first person shooting game. While it does use the same engine as many popular shooting games, Mirror's Edge really does strive to be something different. Mirror's Edge has flaws but overall the game is very enjoyable and worth a play-through.

There are shooter aspects to Mirror's Edge. You can pick up pistols and rifles and use them to take out your enemies if you wish to do so. In fact, there are a couple areas in the game that are much easier to get through if you use a gun to shoot through a glass window. With all of that said, the game's combat system is much smoother when you use unarmed combat. Your character can perform disarms, slides, kicks and punches to defeat opponents. There is actually a major trophy/achievement for getting through the entire game without shooting a single person.

The controls are easy to pick up. It won't take long for you to be able to make your character run along walls and leap over rooftops. Some areas of the game will require you to quickly string together a number of moves such as running along a wall, pivoting and jumping towards a pipe and then swinging from the pipe onto a platform.

The graphics are a mixed bag. There are times that are actually breathtaking such as running along the arm of a crane perched on a skyscraper roof. I truly felt momentarily dizzy during two key parts of the game. My gripe about the graphics is most of the building exteriors look so pristine. I would have preferred a game centered so heavily on the urban culture to look a little more grungy. Both the PS3 and the 360 can display environments with many more textures such as those in Bioshock 2.

A very well put together game that not many people noticed. I paid $11 for it brand new. If you can find it for between $15 and $20 new it would be a good deal.
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on January 17, 2011
The view of the city at the start of the game adequately captures its futuristic mood just perfectly. And, the concept/story line is awesome. To be a runner against a fascist regime is so rich. This cyber espionage adventure is by far, straight out of a Hollywood movie. It could even give The Matrix are run for its money. Haha! Well, maybe not. But, it is true that creative stories of this magnitude are definitely hard to come by.

Mirror's Edge is a first person running game where speed and agility are keys to survival. It is coherently laid out, with red colored obstacles, including stairs, pipes, opponents, ledges, etc., which means they are a necessary part of your path and must be utilized. Even the hint button is a really nice feature in this game. Just tap it and discover the next direction to go.

Many reviewers claim that the controls couldn't be better. I've heard that since it is a DICE game, it is expected, Well, i disagree. L2 should really be L1 and vice versa. So often I try to punch an enemy but instead find myself turning around to look behind me. Furthermore, I rarely even use this feature, except by mistake. It is natural to proceed forward. I mean, how often does one need to check behind them for a red object, or a way out, when they are running full speed ahead? I only use the button when the pace is slowed or I'm in a rut. `Nuff said.
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on June 7, 2017
Very fun. Its an interesting dynamic to add runner/parkour elements to a first person game. The lead is a woman and a woman of color at that.
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