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on May 1, 2013
I owned the Samsung smart cover and returned that within two days. This cover is just as thin and light as the samsung version, but has a few advantages for a fraction of the price.

The Samsung cover could only be used as a stand in a single, low position that I hated. Because the Moko has a stronger magnet, it can be used in either a mostly flat or a mostly upright position.

One problem with these book covers is that they make the rear camera challenging to use (I use this tablet at work as well as home, so I like the rear camera for documenting things or capturing whiteboard contents). Again, because the Moko has a stronger magnet, it's easier to fold the cover out of the way when you're trying to use the camera. In fact, you can even use the folded cover as another place to hold the tablet when taking a picture.

This cover does not have the little cut out for the speaker on the GSM models, but it doesn't sound like that model is coming to the US anyway.

As mentioned in my response to a question in the comments section, this cover does properly trigger the sleep/wake function, but I've never had it accidentally put the tablet to sleep. This was a constant problem with 3rd party accessories for my previous tablet.

Two minor gripes:

- There was a plastic sheeting on the little chrome name plate. This was attached underneath the nameplate and didn't come off cleanly (it stretches before ripping), so it left some small bits of ugly plastic sticking out. A careful session with a very sharp razor blade and a steady hand fixed that. Hopefully I didn't manage to actually cut through any of the vinyl.

- When the cover is folded back, the tablet is slightly more difficult to hold with your left hand because the leather "hinge" doesn't run the entire length of the case, so that causes the flap to slide around a bit in your hand. If you're left handed, you'll be right at home because it's actually more comfortable to hold the case from the right side (I often use the tablet upside down because I find it easier to hit the buttons from the top when sitting in bed, and that fixes this problem as well).

Someone in another review mentioned that once you folded the case it doesn't lay flat again. The thing about this case is that the cover can be folded in either direction and the magnet still works, so as long as you fold it in such a way that the cover curves inward, you shouldn't have this problem. In either case, the magnet that keeps the case closed helps with this as well.

Overall it's a great case at an amazing price (six bucks for black!). Easily the best value of any case I've ever purchased for any phone or tablet, and I've gone through a lot of them.
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on September 23, 2013
I got the MoKo Ultra Slim "White" version for my Galaxy Note 8.
The Good:
-It is ULTRA slim as advertised
-It fits the GN8 perfectly
-Its actually a smart cover (automatically wakes and sleeps the device)
-Does not add any bulkiness to the GN8, so the device and nice and slim
-Tri-Folds so you can watch/read things in landscape on a flat surface.

The not-so-Good:
-You can't simply flip the cover open all the way.
For example: I do a lot of reading on my GN8, when I have this case on it, I can't just flip case to hold the GN8 on my hands. The case is soft, its shifts a bit in the position, and doesn't "fit" correctly.
The only option is to use the Tri-fold and grab hold of that with one hand, which becomes uncomfortable with long periods of time reading.

-Almost no protection is provided
This case is SUPER slim, which means, it will provide almost no protection of any "accidents". So the only time I use it, is when I'm at home. I use a padded cover for the device if I'm taking it outside, because I can't trust that this case can do any protection at all.

Would I recommend this?
That would depend, if you are planning on using your GN8 indoors, and not going to do a lot of reading or writing on it, which would allow you to "hold" the device with one hand for long periods of time, then yes.

If you are going to be using your GN8 constantly, with lots of reading/writing, using it outdoors, or have to hold the device for long periods of time, then no.
I would recommend to get a padded case with slip for one handed use, because this will not do that.
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on June 20, 2013
I received my Moko case two days ago, and couldn't be more pleased. I have found that it protects my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 beautifully, while protecting it from drops and scuffs. It is a nice tight package around the tablet while offering instant access. Folding the cover into a stand is convenient, if a little trying at times if the magnet doesn't completely engage to hold the triangular fold in place, but it works well enough to use it on my desk at work in both the lower and higher positions while either tapping the screen or using my MS Wedge Bluetooth keyboard.

Note that the cover overhang that a few customers reference in reviews here, is along the sides of the case. The cover dimensions are sized to cover the corners exactly, but since these stick out further than the sides to serve as bumpers for the fragile corners of the tablet, they can't also be flush with the sides. Other than cutting the cover in along the sides, creating an irregular shape, I see no way to have the sides of the case flush with the cover and see no reason why this overhang is a disadvantage, as it serves as a convenient way to quickly lift the cover to access the tablet's screen. Again, this is not sloppy workmanship or design at all, but a necessary feature.

Bottom Line: I like my Moku case so much I'm going to buy a second in a different color. An outstanding value!
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on February 26, 2014
Purchased this brown MoKo case in Sept 2013 with my brown Samsung Galaxy Note 8. First impressions were very good, product seemed to be up to the task to help protect my tablet from my unintended abuse. The Note 8 is my 3rd different tablet after an Asus tf101 and a Tab 2 that was stolen in Paris at the Gare du Nord train station. I have had cases that are case/keyboard combinations, leather book case's, and Invisible Screen without any case. This style of case with a fold able cover is my favorite for my personal preferences. It keeps the tablet thin, light and easily accessible with just a flip of the cover and the tablet comes to life immediately. It has protected my screen nicely and i appreciate the design.

I do not appreciate the durability of the product. The first indicator came the first time i took my tablet out of the case during it's initial installation. There are 4 corner plastic pieces that do the actual "holding" of the device in this case. The lower left plastic corner had a 3/8 inch piece chip off of the corner. This did not affect the efficacy of the case's grip on the tablet so I thought it could have been because of something I had done while taking it in and out of the case.

The second problem has come just 5 months after I purchased this tablet case. The case is held closed by two small magnets on the open side of the case. They measure 3/8" x 1/32" and there are 2 of them. The first magnet came out and stuck to the metal tab that the magnets are supposed to cling to keep the tablet closed. I noticed it by feeling it when my finger passed over what should have been a smooth metal tab and it was thankfully stuck to the tab so I could put it back. This fix didn't last long and before i could permanently re-attach it to the case i lost it. It still had on of the two magnets so it was not all lost. That is until tonight I noticed the other magnet protruding from it's pocket and looking closer the plastic pocket that holds this 2nd magnet is cracked and is actually missing a 1/8" square piece of plastic. I can now see other cracks around these magnet pockets so this product is a F A I L.

Now I have to replace this with something different.
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on March 25, 2014
After reading all the reviews, I decided to try this out. I've been using one of those folio flip cases (MiniSuit) but found it to be too bulky, esp when trying to write on it for a long time.

This case has been perfect so far. I did a lot of research to find a case that doesn't interfere too much with the digitizer, and this seems to be one of the few out there that doesn't interfere and can do the auto sleep/wake. I also haven't noticed any wifi issues so far. Great product, definitely worth the money if you want a slim case (of course, this also means it's not the strongest protection).
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on March 5, 2014
Pros: Truly fits like a glove and stays put. If you want to take it out of the case you can, but it doesn't happen by accident. Easy access to charging port, stylus port, headphone port, IR blaster, camera lens, power/volume buttons, etc. Nice texture, rugged construction. Magnetic closure keeps lid in place even after it's been bent into a funny position for a while when using it as a tablet stand.
Cons: Wish there was a way to stand the tablet vertically instead of just horizontally. The lid folds back on itself pretty well to function as a stand, but if you pull even a little bit on it the magnet is weak enough not to hold that triangle shape and you need to re-fold it. Not terrible, but not great.

I'd recommend the manufacturer make the magnet on the edge just a little stronger so it can hold its stand shape better. Other than that, excellent case. Will probably go to MoKo for future tablet cases.
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on May 15, 2014
I bought this eight or so months ago, and I've had an absolutely great experience with it since then. Recently, however, I've been using the cover as a stand more frequently which has warped the lid a little bit, causing it to not close entirely unless I either push it, or leave something sitting on top of it. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't have the sleep/wake magnet in the cover. Since it does, though, the tablet constantly thinks I'm opening/closing the case because the magnet isn't quite touching where it should be. This has led to some frustrating battery-draining and a dead tablet when I've need to use it.

I'm currently seeking another option. This one worked very well until I started using the stand function. Just use it as a cover and you'll be fine.
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on February 15, 2016
Very stable case, seems to provide good protection. The cover closes very well thanks to reliable magnets at one side. Also automatically turning off the screen when closing the cover works perfectly. Only con: Holding the tablet with one hand is not really comfortable with this cover (you can't e.g. use the folded stand to support your grip, as it slips out too easily - though it's of course stable enough for laying it on a flat surface).

Regarding wear-outs: After one month of daily use it's almost in original condition (as opposed to many leather cases). The cover still closes perfectly. However, the gray inside of the front cover seems to attract dust along the folding lines - it's not very visible yet, but I think it may intensify after some time (without influencing the high-quality look too much, though).
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on August 27, 2013
I've had this case for about two months now, on a Note 8 that sees about 2 to 6 hours per day of use. The one of the two magnets that holds the cover closed is threatening to fall out. I had to place some SuperGlue on it to keep it in place.

I've not had the opportunity to see drop protection in action. The case holds the Note 8 solidly in place, but if it falls, you hope it falls on a corner, where most of the protection sits.

I don't recommend the Coffee color.

The sleep function works well. I've seen no issues with it.
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on January 11, 2014, here it goes. I've had this MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight (not sure about Smart-shell though) stand case for about a couple of weeks ago. While I placed an order on-line I was wondered -- Will it fits on that Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 I purchased on the same order as this MoKo that I may get with this affordable case deal. So far I must say that I've not been disappointed yet. Installing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 into the case was easy -- a few snapped actions and there it goes. The molded plastic tabs on the corners and side snap around the edge hold the Note 8.0 tablet securely in place while also providing excellent protection. With the case on, you have easy access to all of the ports and buttons. A slim metal tab along the opening of the case serves as a magnetic closure. I would have preferred a different design. Perhaps, having the metal/magnets embedded in the case. However, it is a minor criticism and to alter the design would change the affordable factor. For the purpose of protecting the device, it kept its interface securely closed, and the auto wake/sleep function works great. The outside of the case has a quality feel to it, while the microfiber finish of the inside provides great screen protection atop the add-on HD Clear Screen Protector. There are 2 creases in the cover, which detract slightly from its looks, but they allow the cover to fold into a triangular that provides 2 viewing angles. I rarely used it as my computing need is to interact with the device more than just to have it stands as media viewing Mobile. As my mobile/cloud computing need may change with time, the creases should be loosen a little that work better - again, a very minor criticism though.

I do wish that more information of its detail description should included under the product specification so that someone like me did not have to wonder whether the merchandise will fit the specific device that was bought.
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