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VINE VOICEon January 1, 2013
More so than other screen protectors, the MobC is extremely accurate in its fit. So, you have to be very precise in terms of how you lay it down as there is absolutely no room for error here.

The first one ended up in the garbage after applying and reapplying it several times. Try to do this for your own good rather than pitching the first failed attempt into the trash. Once you get "comfortable" with it and the process, try to lay down the last one in one shot.

Keep your canned air and tape close by because this screen protector seems to attract dust particles. I did manage to get the second one down, but it took an enormous amount of patience and diligence.

The screen protector isn't entirely clear. Perhaps this is because of the coating? Upon close inspection you can see waves in the material. This isn't apparent when the device is on.

As for the Oleophobic coating, I found the anti fingerprint properties to work fine for the first day it was on there. After the first day, it is no better than anything else at resisting fingerprints.

Personally, I would not recommend these screen protectors. They do protect the screen but the anti fingerprint properties fall short and the installation was ridiculously difficult.

It will stay on my phone until it is so scratched that it requires replacement. Then I will try the SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Clear Steinheil [Ultra Oleophobic] [2-PACK] for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, International - Galaxy Note II / N7100 - Oil Resistant / CLEAR. I initially tried the Fosmon Crystal Clear Screen Protector Shield for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II - 3 Pack and they went on easy but felt thin. The fosman protectors were horrible with fingerprints.
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on December 5, 2012
**Quick read? Scan to the bottom for the skinny.**

The package arrived sealed tight with beautifully clear screen protectors. Ahhh yeah... I love installing a good screen protector. Get the hot water going in the bathroom and steam things up a bit... wash the hands. I'm a screen saver installing surgeon. I don't mess up. Straight everytime. Dust? How dare you even think it! Fingerprints? Hahaa. Yeah right.

I got out the worthless squeegie and the two sometimes worthwhile dust stickers, and cleaned the phone up with the included screen cleaner. There are two protectors. Why? I never need two... including two is almost an insult to a screen cover surgeon like myself... I almost scoffed, but keep myself from chortling a mist. I held the first, packaged screen cover up to the light. "Whaaaaa?" Skidddd.... "Huh??? Noooo." I look again... what is the deal with all the scratches? Are they on the outer plastic? No... They are on the packaged screen cover. I installed with my usual perfection. Certainly an easy protector to install compared to many I have used.

OK... now I was prejudging... Thats why they send two! I casually took the next one out of the box, and still packaged in it's own sleeve, I looked up to the light... "What the.. is that a... Is that a hair?" Yes. It was a hair... a hair inside the clear packaging on the second screen protector. The hair had been rubbing on the film and had scratched it almost worst than the first one. I just put it down. Slight disgust set in. One star disgust raised to two just because small scratches are not the end of the world. All the packaging. All the sealing. All the items to keep scratches OFF... to keep hair and dust and debris OUT. It is sort of a joke.

When I go to the website at, the girls are somewhat pretty. Now, I am flattered that one of them put a hair in my screen protector packaging and shipped it across the planet for me to find and cherish, but I am still left with a scratched screen protector. In retrospect, I should have installed the second one with the hair scratches. At least I could tell the story...

**Quick read**

1st protector - scratched horribly.
2nd protector - had a hair in it. the hair had rubbed it into scratches.

And that is worth two stars at best.
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on December 21, 2012
Two weeks of use to date. I purchased these protectors along with a Fosom DURA X Series TPU case. They work very well together for my needs. There is a slight gap between the edge of the protector and the case itself which is desirable as this prevents the case from lifting the edge of the screen protector.

I find this film to have much less glare than that which came with the Otterbox Commuter case I used on my OG Droid Incredible. Yes, there is some amount of reflection, but when the screen is active (I use auto brightness), I do not really notice it.

S Pen - I don't notice a huge difference in using the stylus with the screen protector, but I didn't use the stylus very much on the unprotected screen. I've yet to be bothered by the situation.

Installation - I looked at what others had posted here for installation tips and was glad I did as the included instructions are somewhat vague. I didn't have problems with dust as other have indicated and I did not do the steamy bathroom trick either. Just wiped everything down and used the included dust removal sticker to get the errant speck of dust. Just take your time and work carefully.
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on December 29, 2012
I ordered this product to protect the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note II. While I'm not hard on my phones at all, I still prefer to have some degree of protection for the screen.

Like others have posted, the width and length of the plastic film does not come to the edge of the phone, but that really wasn't an issue for me. And with the plastic case I use, it almost covers the gap. The film is high grade plastic and looks exceptionally clear. The top of the film has notches for the proximity sensors and the camera port, and to me, that's a good thing. I've seen even the best films cover a camera port and totally distort any photos or videos especially after some wear. So I was actually glad it didn't cover that part of the front screen.

The package included everything it said it would; Two screen protectors, microfiber cloth, squeegee, dust removal stickers and edge tape. It also included the worst set of instructions ever. One side is in English, the other is in Asian. While it gives you the very basic set up (and I mean really basic), you are almost on your own after that. The only reason I knew what to do is because I've installed other films before, so I figured it out. But for someone who has never done it before, they would be totally lost. My advise for the manufacturer would be to write more detailed instructions.

Once I got the screen protector on, I was extremely pleased. Altogether it took about 20 minutes (I want everything just right) and it looks great. Matter of fact, you don't even know it's there.

And shipping was extremely fast! I ordered it on Wednesday and used standard shipping and it was in my mailbox on Saturday! Thanks for the quick turn-around!

I gave it four stars. I would have given it five but the poor instructions took one star away. Otherwise, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to order again.
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on February 10, 2014

One of the screen protectors was defective. had a hard plastic bump on the inside of the screen protector which rendered the application one big bubble. Had to junk it.


- Oleophobic coating lasted a reasonably long time. As is the case with all of these oleophobic coating protectors, it's not a permanent solution. I think it lasted 4-5 months before the smudges started up badly.
- Holds up to reasonable abuse. Just a few minor scratches on my screen protector 15 months after applying.

- Don't get this protector if you extensively use the S-Pen. It will slightly lift the protector and leave residual glue trails underneath the protector. You can rub them out, but a nuisance to deal with.


- The fact the screen protector doesn't cover the entire face is not a con. The glass is tapered (curved) toward the edges which is why creating a protector that covers the entire face is not possible with this material.
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on December 8, 2012
The reason I'm giving this product two stars instead of one is because it was delivered a day early and the packaging looked nice. Despite the aesthetics of the box, it was hard to get open without destroying it. Not a big deal.

I've put on plenty of screen protectors in my time, both wet and dry applied. I do it for all my phones and my parents as well. Putting this on was really difficult. The first problem was finding/creating a dust-free environment. No matter how well you apply the screen protector, the SMALLEST particle of dust stands out like a sore thumb. Eventually of course, I had the screen on perfectly. Also the screens are very thin and flimsy, so that added to the difficulty of applying.

This is where I lost it. The sticker to peel the screen protector from the back film is connected DIRECTLY to the screen protector, which means that you're peeling that pesky sticker off the actual protector rather than a front film that covers it. This is where I messed up both times. The first time, I peeled slowly from each corner, but the sticker left residue and paper stuck on the glue. The second time, I used a razor blade, but I ended up with the same results. I threw everything in the trash and went to verizon to get some screen protectors.

I really hate verizon as a company, but buying a screen pro from them was a good experience. It cost $10 for a 3-pack, and the verizon representative applied it for me at no charge. (first time ever that I didn't apply it myself). The screen honestly doesn't do bad on finger prints, and what does compile can easily be wiped off with the side of my hand. The S-Pen is not hindered at all by this either. I just got the regular screen protectors, and I am very satisfied with that.
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on April 16, 2013
I ordered these screen protectors claimed to be of high quality japanese material . I was semi new to installing screen protectors because most phones I rely on guerilla glass but due to Note 2 screens size I decided to get a screen protector ... These buyer has no instructions I tried ro install but without general instructions I ruined both I contacted seller and stated my issue he offered for me to buy another pair for half price and than sent me an email saying they created a basics video showing how to install but could not find I found ismooth which gives you 3 screen protectors of same quality better price with lifetime warranty if any ever get scratched or damaged they will send you 3 replacements at any time also on box. From I smooth are several videos easily showing you how to install mob c is not that good with there customer service nor do they have a genuine concern for the customers I smooth does ...I givd these guys 1 star mob c that is
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on April 23, 2013
I was looking for a screen protector that I could use with a case. Other screen protectors generally fit the entire area of the screen ... which is great if you're not using a case. The edges of the case often tend to crimp up the edges of screen covers. This one fits pretty well around all of the components ... camera, sensors, mic etc, while still leaving about 1mm to 2mm of space between its edge and the edge of the case. This prevents that crimping which is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

Additional Notes:
1. it is a harder texture ... not the self-healing, gel-like type
2. it has seemed to withstand some significant accidental scrapes
3. I had to reseat it a few times to make sure I avoided all dust specks but it adheres well - follow the instructions
4. you get two of them so just on case ...
5. has not impacted the use of the touchscreen (finger, s-pen and other stylus's work fine)
6. wipes clean easily
7. For my Note 2 and the cover I use ... perfect!
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on December 18, 2012
Before anyone complains that it does not go edge to edge over the glass . . . it Can't! the Note 2 has beveled edges on the glass that round down. Plastic screen protectors are flat and would not lay down on the bevel. So, it is designed to not cover the bevel right on the edge. They went on easy, the cloth included was lint free, the squeegee worked great. I am satisfied. With the screen on you can't even tell it is there. With the screen off you can see it if you have the phone at about a 45 degree angle from your eyes. It has a weird look with the screen off at that angle. But with the screen on, you can never even tell it is there. Works great with the S Pen too. When application is complete it doesn't feel very smooth. Remember it had a protective film on the protector that was slightly sticky. This probably left behind some residue. To remedy this i dampened a paper towel and wiped the screen protector with a rapid back and forth motion for 30 seconds. The end result was a silky smooth screen!
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on November 16, 2013
I sell my old devices on eBay and always make sure to keep them protected so that their resale value is higher. The MobC Screen Guard seems to be a lot better than the cheap generic screen protectors I've used before: it's oleophobic, shipped quickly (although DHL was slower than a USPS package of similar size I ordered on the same day, that also shipped from LA), and the extra protector and accessories are helpful for installation. It seems a bit harder to drag you finger across the screen compared to a generic protector, and a lot harder than actual glass, but the anti-fingerprint coating makes up for it. The protector works fine with cases (I like how it's cut: not too close nor too far from the edges), the S Pen has no issues, and it gets along with the sloped glass Samsung used for the Note II.
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