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TOP 50 REVIEWERon November 27, 2014
First off, be aware that if you are sensitive to lots of rapidly flashing lights, you may want to pass this game on by... I have to be honest, by level 10, I was starting to get a headache (it's not the most color friendly of games). Still, a pretty cool game with a strong retro feel to it from the early 80s.

It does contain two complete sets of analytics, including Flurry analytics, as well as yet another crash reporting analytics - since the permissions are bare bones and there are no other code concerns, this isn't much of an issue, yet two different sets of full fledge analytics is a bit over the top.

Still, EDGE EXTENDED does run OFFLINE, offers three different control types to fit your preference (I found the manual "D-Pad" style the best for me), and is Kid Friendly. I do wish, however, there were color pallet options too. Some of the grid perspective shifts with the grays is also a bit hard on my eyes... it's a three star game for me, but I kick in the fourth as being a pretty fun option for those without such color/eyesight issues. I did enjoy what I could stand! :P
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Game play:
The object is to roll your cube through a maze and reach a spot where you fall into the home spot. You can also fall off of the edge. And have to either start over or start at a checkpoint that you have reached. Don't fall off of the edge of the maze as you will continuously be starting over.

You can move the cube by the tilt method or using your finger. If you use the tilt method you should calibrate the device using the option section. I actually found that using my finger was more difficult than using the tilt method. This was very similar to the original edge app.

You have to overcome varying obstacles like moving walls, rolling onto a button to get something to move, building a bridge by rolling on a button or taking a ride on a moving grid for example. The game is challenging and it can be fun or frustrating.

Main Screen:
* Edge Extended
* Options - set controls, sounds, music, language and Ghost. Look at the credits.
* Mobigames - links to the Mobigame web site, Facebook, and twitter.

What I like:
I like the challenge of the game and the mental decisions you have to make on the fly as you play it. One wrong move and boom you can fall off the grid. The graphics are well done as well as the music and FX sound. There are 48 levels and you will be challenged for hours if not days trying to beat them all.

What I don't like:
The controls are still touchy. On the first edge game the tilt controls were very difficult and the finger control was a little better. On this version the tilt control was much better and the finger control was extremely difficult. I would try to roll one square with my finger and the cube would roll 4 or 5 and off of the edge. I found the tilt control to be much better on this version and that is where I had the most success and fun.

The only permission used is full internet access but the app will link you to the Mobigame website, Facebook and twitter. The Mobigame web site has lists of games for sale and you may want to turn off your WIFI, set your parental controls or set your device into airplane mode.

Just like the original version of edge this app is a lot of fun and it is challenging. It loses one star for the controls as I just cannot understand why using a finger control on a touch pad has to be so difficult. You would think the developers could fine tune that feature before the product is released.

The game is still a 4 star app and you should get it while it is a FAOTD. It is a unique and well-designed game and you will enjoy it. Just don't throw your tablet at the wall when you keep falling off of the edge of the maze!

Size: The uncompressed size of the game is 42.81 MB.

* Network communication - full internet access
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on January 1, 2013
This game is so much fun. I dont usually go for these kinds of games. Im more of a Hidden Object Adventure type of gal. But boy did I have fun with this one. The controls work well & the difficulty starts out easy so u can get used to it then gets harder at a good pace. I got pretty far through the levels but now Im stuck. I either need more practice or my phone isn't able to react as fast as this game requires it to in order to beat this level. Its the one where u have to keep up with the black cube or fall to your death. Racing that black cube seems impossible! How does he change direction so fast!? I get so frustrated that I cant play the harder levels anywhere near bedtime or I end up wide awake & pissed. lol But thats a sign of a great game. I highly recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon February 28, 2013
Get ready to swipe a bunch, this is an extension to the original Edge game and is just as wonderful and fun as the original game. I love how beautiful, yet simple, the graphics are. It did take me a LITTLE bit to get used to the 3D graphics (some things looked like a drop when they weren't) but that might have been me. After I got that figured out, this game turned out to be a BLAST! Dozens of new levels to extend the fun that was the original Edge. If you liked Edge, I can't recommend this further. If you've never played Edge, I might suggest picking that one up first. But you could play this game even if you never played the original.
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VINE VOICEon February 27, 2013
In this game you move a cube around on the level picking up glowing dots and moving to the finish. It is basically Super Monkey Ball but with squares and without monkeys (which is never a good thing.) The levels are well designed, the graphics look great and the game has a great polished feel to it. I just didn't find it that much fun. And I thought that moving the cube around, which is done by sliding your finger in the direction you want it to roll, harder for a full roll, softer for a slight tip or roll, wasn't intuitive and blocked the screen. This is a good game, but not my thing.
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on January 30, 2013
More obstacles and mind-bending puzzles in the latest version of the excellent EDGE game. After a month of playing, this game is still entertaining. When you finish the higher levels, it's not easy to remember exactly how to get through the earlier puzzles a second time. Enjoy acrophobia as you look over the edge into the darkness of space.

The game designers moved the tricky "hover" action to the bonus levels ('Remember?'). Go back and redo levels to get the S or S+ grade = super fast. Look carefully to find all the stars on some levels to get the highest scores.
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on January 2, 2013
Most of the 'mazes' are fun and enjoyable. Then there are some that are fun and exasperating.
If you like that combo you might like this version of the game. Then there are the times I go
back to 'improve' my grade and don't &^%#$#^. But some how it is habit forming. Sometimes the
game loves to change orientation from portrait to landscape in the middle of the game.
This is one reason for not being 4 stars.
Take it as it is and have some fun with it. Got this game as FAOTD.
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on January 12, 2013
It's nice to be able to sit down and play a mind challenging game for 5 minutes then go on to something else. This is just the perfect game,not too hard, not too easy. The opening graphics are crude....but the game board is smooth and polished looking. This could be done in much higher graphic quality.....and it might be even more fun, but for what it is.....it is good. Get this one folks for lots of fun without feeling intimidated by bad guys or unsolvable levels.
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on December 30, 2012
I just got the Edge Extended, free, which was quite the deal. I have been using the regular Edge for quite some time and really like it. It is an amazing creation, very unique and challenging. Not the easiest thing to master, but quite fulfilling when I do. I basically work toward attaining an A rating for each level. Over time, 95% of the time I am able to do it. I still cannot attain the higher ratings, S ratings. Not sure how to actually do that, except possibly by going on edge while having to wait for something else to happen before I can move again. Which in the end gets subtracted from my time. So this is really a review for Edge in general. I imagine that EDGE extended is just more levels. I would highly recommend it. It is not only a game against time, but also a puzzle that one has to figure out, some of which is not visible. Requires dexterity, patience and intelligence. I love it. Thank you, creators!
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on December 31, 2012
A classic game revisited by the mobile market with modern graphics and several means of control, they manage to keep the game interesting without relying on "rebranding" the game as you progress. A big plus for me is the lack of in app purchases.

While this game would quickly frustrate the under 10 crowd, I readily recommend this game for all other ages.
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