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on July 16, 2016
You get what you pay for in this case.
+ Small/Portable. Great for gamers on the go (This is a huge pro, as mobility is what mobile gaming is all about).
+ Perfect for slow paced, or turn based games (like RPGs) , which there are a great deal of available for android, and emulators that run on android.
+ Great starter pad for getting into mobile gaming.
+ Buttons and analog sticks feel good.
++$6 for a controller? If you are curious about mobile gaming, I'm not sure you could find a better bargain.

- Analog stick is not great for games where you have to do rapid changes of movement, aka racing/sidescrolling/fighting games. (This is sort of a big Con, if you can't do without those games.)
- Buttons are sort of loud when you click them, this could be a plus if you like audio feedback.
-It was a pain, and continues to be a bit difficult to use the MOGA apps which are required to use the device.
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on June 12, 2016
I got this because I had a few spare Android phones laying around and decided to build a Retro EMU game platform out of one. Had a NYKO Playpad that I used to use on a tablet but my kids had shot up some of the buttons and broke the phone easel so I figured what the heck I would give this a shot because wasn't interested in dropping $20 or more on a controller just for a pet project. Not a bad little solution but if you aren't willing to be a techie you might find it isn't worth your effort. Had to do more than the basic MOGA set up to make it respond to my emulators but it isn't as much of a hassle as it seems if you have a little time to invest to make it work out quite right.There are free downloads off Google Play that make it respond better with the emulators: MOGA Universal Controller and MOGA VK (Virtual Keyboard) that make it pretty adaptable to the EMUS I have. It takes batteries, but carrying a few AAA's in the pouch isn't a big deal....didn't think I would play it much but did one day for about six hours on a slow day at work without dollar store AAAs giving out so that to me seemed pretty tight. Go buy re-charge batteries or something. Only complaint I can think is it only has L1 and R1 back panel support which might make anyone playing past modern 2gen games a bit disturbed. I do some PSX and PSP EMU but willing to work around the need for those buttons but can see why it might make some gamers who want to just play and go a little uptight.

Good little controller for purposes I just described. If you are expecting something more then pay something more.
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on January 26, 2016
Yeah, this thing doesn't work with a lot of games, but there's an android app that allows you to download games that work. The directional pads on each side don't raise up enough and the smoothness makes it difficult to use but that may be do to my larger than average hands or thumbs. Additionally, it included a free game download for Pac Man or something, but the code was declined multiple times which didn't allow the download. I didn't call though, so that is not a big deal. It also tended to disconnect from my android phone when I did try to use it, so overall I just lost interest. Then, several days ago I purchased a Sony 4K HDTV with Android TV which appears to have an unbranded roku installed interally. I was hoping that the controller would pair so I could play games through Google Play on the TV, but it didn't work. Hopefully one day I will find a use to get some value out of this controller.

I would highly suggest buying the upgraded model which appears to be a better design and hopefully a better value.
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on January 19, 2017
Well I can say that product support had obviously been dropped for this product. I was able to get it to work with emulators all though there will be some games you won't be able to play because there is no way to map the shoulder buttons, example metal gear solid.regardless of the fact that I installed the pivot app, the Android games that I own are in fact supported by this controller don't even work with the controller, so not sure what's going on with that but I think it might have something to do with the fact that in running Android 6, so I will try using it on able older version of Android to see if the functionality for the moga supported games is even present and to see if it has any thing to do with Android 6 cock blocking the functionality, all in all at least it wasn't totally a waist off nine bucks I can in fact play gran turismo with it, but I'm feeling the burn on the 10 dollar over night shopping fee as it bumps the total to 20 bucks, I will continue to find a way to restore full functionality, but in the future I will find a controller that runs HID mode, hopefully I can get my money's worth out of this product
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on February 11, 2015
The price on this one is right. It takes 2 AAA batteries and runs on Bluetooth. I play with it on my phone everyday for about 2 hours and have changed batteries to fresh ones once in the couple weeks I've had it. For around 14$ this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to mobile gaming controllers. It comes with a leather pouch that it fits very nicely in. At first impression the controller feels like it should be sold well above the price point. It feels nice in my hands and looks good when connected to my phone. It runs very smooth on drasticDS and as far as I know, all GBA and GBC emulators. As time went on and I played a more wide variety of games I found myself wanting a traditional D pad rather than the stick it features. With certain games it's better to have more precise D pad control and this controller doesn't have it. You can upgrade to one of the higher models for it, and I feel like it'd be worth the jump. For now it works with what I'm doing and all my games are playable with it. Overall 5/5 stars because it's the best bang for your buck controller in my opinion.
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on February 17, 2016
I had high hopes for this controller when it arrived, but after playing around with it for a few hours, I found that it just wasn't for me.

Lightweight and portable
Strong phone clamp
Comes with a free carry bag

Spotty bluetooth connection
Low selection of games
Horrible mobile app (which is required for the controller to work at all)
XYAB buttons are clicky and loud

The controller also felt very small in my hands. I have huge hands though, so your mileage may vary.

Bottomline, stay away from this device. It's a decent value at the price, so it might be worth playing around with if you have some gift cards to burn. But if you're looking for a serious controller, you should look elsewhere.
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on January 13, 2016
The controller itself is fine. the thumbsticks are a bit mushy and don't feel quite right when using due to them being really slow to begin with then going really fast suddenly once you push them past some point.
The pairing can be a bit annoying like other people have pointed out, but if you use the MOGA universal driver, the you can use this controller as a general bluetooth controller for android games no problem.

My biggest gripe is the customer service. I started a ticket for problems re-pairing the controller and redeeming the Sonic CD code. They completely ignored the part of my ticket concerning the pairing problem and told me that the game code was only valid for the first year after they released the controller, so it was no longer valid, even though they still advertise it as a freebie with the controller on the Amazon product page.
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on July 20, 2017
It's a really nice looking controller and it's pretty good value for what it is. The missing 3 stars are for what it isn't.
This is not designed as a controller for emulators. it is only designed for the specific "Moga certified" games available through the Moga Pivot app. This was incredibly frustrating. Now the great thing about Android is there's always somebody with a workaround. By installing the 3rd party Moga VK app I was able to trick it in to working with emulators but it was a pain in the neck and I would not recommend it to an entry-level user.
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on December 9, 2016
This thing is garbage compared to my moga pro charge 2. My other controller has A mode and B mode. A mode uses some proprietary connection method to pair the device. B mode connects like a standard Bluetooth controller and will allow support with ANY app that has controller support. A mode only works with apps that has MOGA support. Meaning your choices are severely limited, and only the apps found in their MOGA app store will work.

Even if you do find a game you like in the moga store, the joysticks are STIFF as hell. They're the slider type joysticks, like the Nintendo 3DS has. Only they're too stiff to make anything remotely playable.

I ordered 2 of these for my nephews for Christmas. They saw my controller and wanted one too. I opened one to check it out, and I'll be returning them both as soon as possible. Not even worth the $10 each I spent on them.
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on July 22, 2017
I have never used such a trashy device. Even after connecting to a device, downloading apps that appear on their list it still doesn't do anything more than navigate the app. Soon as you start a game no response. You're better off with a mocute controller or something like that because you don't have to install an app and if the game supports controllers it will work. This one no! I guess they're trying to create their own little gaming store but it sucks.
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