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on October 17, 2012
Others have written synopsis reviews, so I'll skip that much.

The Gundam series set a new standard for Giant Robot warfare series. Calling it a timeless classic would not be completely accurate; the animation is clearly dated, especially when compared to Gundam Unicorn or even a slightly older series such as Gundam SEED, and the actual plotline is a bit on the idealistic / over-stylized side. Given the date of original writing and airing, it doesn't take a huge amount of imagination to draw the parallels to World War II. (On an aside, there is one opening shot in the first set that looks real close to a famous stock military footage scene showing ships in a line. Definitely a throwback to WW2.)

Calling it a 'respected classic', on the other hand, is very accurate. Gundam started or canonized the proper traditions of realistic warfare and character mortality in Giant Mecha series, no mean feat in the height of anime's Humongous Mecha explosion. So radical a departure was Gundam, its initial run was nearly a complete bomb-out. The series is 39 Episodes long, cut down from a planned 50 because the production company thought it was a dead duck. It was not until several years later that Gundam gained traction in syndication and started growing a real fanbase. Thus was the legend born, and did come the multitude of sequels and spinoffs. (on another aside, if you watch the series in a short period of time, you can definitely tell where the series was compressed on orders from above. The plot of the last few episodes move far faster than the first 30+ eps.)

Herein is the interesting part. Gundam is gritty. Gundam is messy. Gundam is very bloody. Gundam pulls no punches, a habit taken to extremes in the follow-on series. Taking giant robots and making them reasonable for most Sci-Fi viewers was a stroke of genius by Hajime Yatate and Yoshiuki Tomino. They built an empire that is still making its impression on the world to date. There is a reason why Gundam is called the father-series of Real Robot shows.

Simply stated, you don't watch the Original Gundam for graphical beauty, unless you like it retro anime. You watch Gundam for the storyline and the lead-in to the more advanced series. You watch it for the good old-school Gundam music. You watch it to see the Red Comet get his butt kicked repeatedly. You watch Gundam to watch Zeon get disassembled by a 16-year-old kid piloting a monstrous machine of war.
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on March 4, 2012
This is the completion of the original Gundam Universal Century series.On my opinion it still has the best story line compare to story that come afterwards.The character has very distinct personality that you can compare with ordinary people you see everyday so it will appeal to older kids .The story has good theme and robots involves are merely ordinary weapons like today's tanks and fighter.I highly recommend the japanese language version of this DVD because it uses the original sound effects.
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on May 23, 2013
Any true Gundam fan knows how pivotal the original 38 episodes are, and for die hard fans, just how important the original language is to the story. When this collection first came out as an "Anime Legends" series, I seriously thought I had all the time in the world to purchase this product. How wrong I was, especially noting that I'm not the only "true believer" of this series. So when I saw this item on Amazon, needless to say I was psyched. I was also amazed at how fast it was being bought up. To sum up, the product came exactly as advertised, no scuffed discs, and the artbox came in as pristine as when it first set sail from the factory. This seller is on point and I would recommend anyone who looks on their Amazon page and sees something they have that you want to buy it from this seller. A+ in my book.
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on September 16, 2013
In my opinion, one of the most important and pivotal anime series ever produced. Like the original Star Trek series, it created a franchise that is still relevant and entertaining for more than 30 years. Despite its age, Mobile Suit Gundam's characters and story continue to be equal to or better than any Gundam series' that have come after it. And as someone who owns every Gundam series except Seed Destiny and Gundam Unicorn, I like to think I have an excellent understanding of the franchise and its many incarnations.
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on December 18, 2012
This is one of my favorite series of all time, and I finally can watch it with the original language track. If you don't know, this is an amazing series filled with a deep story line, gripping action, and wonderful old-school animation. I've watched the whole series four times now (including my viewing of this product) and it never fails to amaze me at the level of sophistication they pulled of back in '79. Great stuff!
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on September 7, 2013
The best half of the first series in the Universal Century timeline. Get it. Love it. Live it. Watch it. Then watch Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counter Attack. Those will give you the majority of the series. For the full line up, you whould watch in this order: Original series, 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ, Char's Counter Attack, Gundam Unicorn, and F91. As of yet they've not released Victory Gundam in America which would come after F91.
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on February 24, 2014
I have been a fan of Gundam since I first got laughed at by all the asian kids in my class for not having seen it before. That was 1992. So, bear in mind that this series is a must for all Gundam fans! The original series as it was seen on TV has action, style, depth, and emotion beyond any show of its type. Show it to your children! And, watch it again as an adult. This series is great for all ages!
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on January 28, 2017
Great movie!
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on February 22, 2012
Excellent show! I remember watching this as a kid, and it's so nice to watch it again. The packaging is cool, the art work is very nice. The dvd case is the same size as a normal dvd, not a thicker case. The art on the dvds themselves are neat as well. As far as the content, it's pretty bareboned. Basically only play all, scene selection, setup, and extras. Not many extras to speak of. Also, their is no music during the menus. It's just completely silent, which I thought was odd. Couldn't they have just put the gundam theme in?

Overall, excellent product. Good price for a good show. It's always nice to watch some gundam on the couch before bed :-)
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on September 8, 2012
I got this for my son and in his words, it rocks! I will certainly buy him more if he asks.
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