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on March 25, 2017
This review reflects my own unbiased opinion and experience with the Moby VS the Baby K'Tan. I purchased both with my own money.

-Instantly makes a crying baby go to sleep. Baby was very, very cozy in there.
-Two side panels of newborn "hug" position allows to secure baby's head quite well against your chest. Better then the K'Tan can.
-Because of the design and how you wrap it, baby ends up being very, very snug in there. Very well supported.
-Very comfortable.

-Suuuuuper long fabric does not make this a travel friendly wrap. If I wanted to take the baby to the store, I'd have to put the wrap on before leaving the house, then put baby in it once in the parking lot. The fabric is simply too long to don it in the parking lot.
-Multiple fabric panels results in a very warm environment. I found baby had to be in a short sleeved onesie to maintain normal temp. This is in February, in Washington State, where it is chilly outside.
-The long fabric design is also cumbersome when you want to put it on quickly at home (to soothe a screaming baby for example)

Ultimately, I ended up purchasing a Baby K'Tan because i wanted something quicker and simpler to take on and off, and that was "put on in the parking lot" friendly.
The K'Tan also makes my infant fall asleep very quickly. It is very easy to put on in under a minute but it is not as comfortable as my moby. Her head is not as well supported so I tend to have to keep one hand on her head if I am active while wearing it. I like that the K'Tan comes in Active and Breeze, which incorporates a mesh fabric that makes the whole thing a lot cooler to wear.

Bottom line:
Both are great
Both put infant to sleep in very snug environment
Moby is more comfortable and I feel a bit more secure for baby, but a bigger pain to put on and not travel friendly
K'Tan is slightly less comfy, slightly less stable then the moby but compensates for that by being super convenient to put on and off.

I will probably keep both, although I find myself using my K'Tan more.
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on June 7, 2016
This wrap was bought strictly to help my colicky son. I can't tell you what a difference it made for him. I don't have a reason why this helped him stay quiet and happy over any other baby carrier. I'm completely baffled at it. But it saved me from his and my crying. He is a twin and his sister never has been colicky and loves it at well. I also found online a way to carry both of them in one and it worked great until they were about 5 months. Now I just carry one of them at a time.
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on November 1, 2011
My husband and I love the Moby! I was intimidated by the wrapping at first, but after I practiced a couple times and watched the video on their website, I've got it down. Our daughter is one of those "don't put me down...ever" babies, so this has saved us. Much more comfortable to wear than the Baby Bjorn we used for our first child (the BB made our shoulders pretty sore), and our daughter much prefers to be in the Moby as opposed to the BB. I just wish it were as quick to put on as the BB is, and that it were as easy to store. 18' of fabric still drags on the ground, even when draped over the top of a door.

I'm a nursing mom and I've nursed with the Moby on. It can easily serve as a modesty drape, but it's far easier to use if you're wearing a nursing top.

We bought two Mobys: one with the owl pattern and the plain blue one. The blue one still feels a bit stiff (not necessarily in a bad way) and has stayed close to its original size. The owl pattern Moby feels softer but has shrunk enough that it's hard for my husband (5'11" 175 lbs) to wear it.

One more thing: changing a baby in a public bathroom stall is much easier with a Moby because when you're done you can plunk the baby in, gather your stuff, and both of your hands are free for washing (much better and safer than the baby-juggle-while-one-hand-washes-itself technique).

I would buy one again, and I would definitely give this as a baby shower gift.
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on December 24, 2014
Love this!!! I have used this every day with my babe. I will tell you it is extremely frustrating to learn how to get the wrap just took me several hours and youtube videos to master it but its worth it. The price is great...easy to wash...awesome buy. Make sure when your baby gets to the age to have his legs out that he is in the wrap with legs in frog leg position and not dangling. I called their customer service a couple times and they were very nice and helpful. I bought an ergobaby sling wrap for double the price first before the moby and in my opinion was not worth the extra money ....I like the moby much better. The material is a little less stretchy with the moby but I like that because the baby doesn't slip down. Some women are able to breastfeed in this wrap which is great too.
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on October 17, 2015
The wrap seems excessively long and, initially I thought it was tedious, but the length is just right and my newborn daughter loves being close. It's an awesome way to soothe her and free up my arms, definitely worth 5 stars.

There are a lot of 'how to' videos on how to wear the wrap, I watched a few before I felt confident enough to go for it but it's really pretty simple.

The wrap is warm so I dress baby and myself lightly if I know I'm wearing it. My hubs prefers the more neutral looking bjorn but I find a wrap more cozy and secure for a newborn's wobbly head.

I'll be giving this as a gift to my new mommy friends.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 2, 2015
I got this wrap before my oldest was born. I was super excited and watched many YouTube videos on how to use it. I still needed the help of a baby-wearing mamma at the local breastfeeding group so I could figure out how to put my baby in. It was easy and I used this a lot at home to nurse while I did other things and to put my son to sleep (sometimes walking around is all that would work).

I was a baby wearing mamma through and through. I wore my son and I wore my daughter constantly. However, the Moby as great as it is, did not really work for me (but it is still great for some moms).

Why did it not work for me? First, my son was born in June and my daughter in March. At the time I lived in Southern USA and it was just too hot. Too hot for me, too hot for the baby (which is why I used it at home and not outside). Second, after giving birth this 5'3'' mamma was about 190lbs and I felt that I just didn't have lots of left over material for a cute knot. Plus, I just didn't look cute as it adds lots of bulk.

That being said, I think this would have been great if I was about 30 lbs lighter and living in a cooler area year round.

I ended up using a Sling and an Ergo. But again, the Moby could work for you! If you will baby wear a lot know you may end up buying a few different kinds 😃 until you find the right one.
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on March 19, 2016
If you have a baby or toddler you need this product. They are some of the most inexpensive baby carriers on the market and they are fairly simply to use once you get the hang of it. It comes with instructions on how to use it and wrap it. But if that doesn't do it for you there are a zillion websites and you tube videos that can help. They even include some links in the instructions. It comes in a little carrying bag also so when it's not in use you can store it. This can easily fit a newborn (my little one started using it at 7.5 pounds) and loves it. It's such a natural and comfy place for baby so you can be hands free and take care of all your other parental duties. We actually have two, This manly mets one for hubby and a plain black one. Great thing is that it's one size so no adjusting of annoying hard plastic clips to dig in your shoulder or back. You just wrap it looser or tighter depending on the person. I also used this after having a c section and it didn't put excess pressure or weight while I was healing.
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on March 18, 2016
I had read some of the reviews on this particular moby before I purchased it and remember one person saying that it seemed a bit too stretchy. Well, I'm having a similar issue. I'll get the moby on nice and tight with my little one, but then once I start walking around my little one inevitably slips further and further down on my chest toward my belly. I don't think he will fall out, but it just doesn't feel as supportive as it claims to be. Perhaps it's time to wash it and see if the fabric shrinks back up to a tighter hold... Though, it came out of the package this way (i.e. a bit too stretchy).
I DO love the color and design on this one, though the flowers are only painted on (I thought they were embroidered when I first saw the pic).

*One thing I love is to check out YouTube for lots of interesting moby wrapping ideas! There are a LOT more ways to enjoy using a moby than I originally knew! :)
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on September 28, 2016
I really like this wrap. My baby felt much more secure in it than in the Ergo carrier, especially as a newborn. There is a learning curve, but it's really not that difficult to get the hang of, especially if you use it regularly (not necessarily daily, just regularly enough to remember how to wrap it).

The only issue I had with it was that I never quite got it snug enough around my body. What I mean is, my baby felt secure in the wrap itself, but I could rarely get him at the right height. And when I did, it seemed like the material would loosen or stretch out after a time and eventually I'd realize he was lower on my torso by a few inches. I think it's because there's soooo much material, and it crisscrosses the body so many times, it's hard to make sure that it's tight enough to maintain the correct height. I really like the idea of it being able to fit any size person, so my husband could use it, too. But I think that's probably one of its faults as well.

Overall, though, I was very happy with it. It was irritating to have to re-tighten and re-tie the wrap as often as I did, but I used the hell out of it and being able to do other s*** while also carrying my son was totally worth the minor inconvenience.
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on November 16, 2012
I remember being two months pregnant, and I saw a picture of a friend using a Moby wrap for their newborn. I had no idea what a Moby wrap was at the time, but the baby looked so snug that I decided I needed one. Fast forward several months, and I had a Moby wrap for my new baby girl. Once she hit 8 lbs (which did not take long), I put her in the newborn hold. She hated it! She cried and struggled in it.

I was so discouraged because I wanted to be a babywearing mom. I was envious of those moms that enjoyed wearing their babies around. I tried a few more time different days and still she would scream. Then I read a tip saying for the baby to be comfortable, you must be a confident baby wearer. So the next time I put her in the cradle hold, I was confident and told myself that it was going to work. She fussed, but I just patted her butt and moved around. Sure enough she enjoyed it and even fell asleep. She continued to enjoy being worn, even though she was fussy at first.

Once she hit three months, I started to wear her in a different position. She loves to be worn facing me, and this is probably why she fussed when put in the newborn hold - she just wanted to stretch her legs and see what was going on. Now I wear her whenever we are out or whenever she is having a fussy time, and it works like a charm.

People always comment about how calm and comfortable she looks. I love that this wrap allows her to look around and explore her world and then be tucked in when she is tired. She will nap 2-3 hours in this position if I let her. Another plus of the wrap is that people do not touch her, which is always nice, since it is germ season.

Get this Moby wrap and watch a few free videos. I didn't have a lot of success when it was perfectly folded. Instead, if I just scrunch the fabric and tie it around and it works great. My husband also wears this Moby wrap comfortably and enjoys wearing her while playing video games.
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