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on August 11, 2014
I have purchased several of these. I love them. There are no directions so once I figured out how the machine worked, I typed up directions for my clients. Once you figure out how to use it, then it is very easy to use. It works great and really pulls out a lot of positive ions, toxic materials, from the lymphatic system through the meridian lines throughout the body. You can actually see the colour change as a new organ begins to dump toxins. Get the chart, and you will also want Himalayan pink salt, pan liners and a pan. The tub that they sell here for this purpose is also great because it has the leg groves. The case for this is also very nice because you can take it places and not have to worry about the safety of your machine. Word to the wise, if your machine starts sending off the alarm turn it off right away. The red button on the back. Otherwise, if you don't then you can damage your machine. This indicates you have too much salt in the water. If the salt is not registering and you know you have salt in there, then your array is bad and needs replacing. In the future, you will want to get a higher quality wrist band. The one that comes with this machine is not a good one. A new one, found on here, is great because it helps to do a better job and the cord is thicker so you do not have to worry about breaking the wire. Just what I recommend.
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on January 25, 2017
I purchased this machine in mid-November 2016 after my Rheumatoid Arthritis came back after being dormant for 7+ years. Read the Instructions carefully! So far after 18 uses I have not needed to add salt to the water and machine is still pulling dark orange (joints), and the machine has consistently been between .08 - 1.1 during each session. Picture below is from recent detox on 1/22/17. I have Version 3 of the machine and it arrived two days earlier than promised, everything included in travel case. I have been using the rectangle detox arrays 2 Rectangle Detox Foot Bath Array Ionic Spa Cleanse Aqua Cell Stainless Steel instead of the arrays that come with the machine. My wrist attachment works fine, and I've seen immediate pain relief by using this little beauty - which looks remarkably like the machine in a private salon when I was going once a week to detox. In Northeastern Oklahoma detox prices range from $20 to $45 per session - so this machine has already paid for itself. Just for grins I added salt to try to reach the "Optimal" range of 1.2 - 1.5 per the instructions, and the machine almost immediately sounded the alarm once it got past 2.2 and stopped working.
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on December 24, 2013
I first experienced the use of the machine on a demo from a sales rep. After seeing the toxic waste of multiple individuals I decided to buy one, as well, did some friends of mine. I continued to use the machine for over 2 years and found out that it had helped me drastically. Not only did it reduce my pain, but, also start to heal and restore my liver, itching is a side effect of to much bile production and with having my gallbladder removed. I found I continued to have a greater increase in puritis, aka, itch (that is caused from inflammation and bile salt production from my bad liver and no gallbladder ) after using the machine it removed a lot of the bile, in which my body was holding. As well as it reduced the itching(puritis) .

I however, regret to report after a divorce I lost my machine to my ex. Again, the itching has returned and my pain has gotten worse, as well as my liver is reported as depleting, upon a biopsy the physician stated my liver looked as if it was ground hamburger.

With that said, I am ordering the same machine again and I can not wait for the device to arrive and relieve me of some of these uncomfortable side effects I am once again experiencing. If you think this machine does not work you are sadly mistaken I am a true witness, I never write or rate a marketed product unless I have used and see great results. And I am in no way getting any kind of reward or revenue for promoting this machine. I just know that using it has helped me. Take warning do not use it daily cause it does remove sodium from you body, which potassium follows sodium, so in a unprofessional manor be sure to have labs drawn and speak with your doctor. I personal found that 2x a week made me feel better and I was less bloated and tired.
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on January 7, 2015
Works like a champ. Soak the coils in LIME‑A‑WAY or any lime reducing solvent after use for 30 minutes and rinse well or the finish on the coils will corrode and be useless only after 2 uses. If you do this, your coils will last for at least 200 uses or more.
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on September 11, 2017
I Remain Confused about the Mechanism(s) that De-Tox the Feet & Body; yet,NOW I've Used this Device & had Results, I'm a Real Believer!!

As Directed Use of this (NEW to Me) Device & Technology HAS Reduced My Feet Pain Levels from 7 (OUCH!) to a Stable & Pleasant 3 (YESSSS!)
What's Strange to Me is: After 10-12 Treatments, I "Seem" to have More Energy "Flow-Back" from My Feet & Legs - A Welcomed, Refreshed, far more Energetic Step; Every Time! And, I Walk; a Lot! Thank You! My Vibrational Energy is Back! Highly Recommended to ALL; Only IF You Follow the Directions & Cautions; Carefully & Concisely. I will Tell Others about Amazon & their Amazing Sellers! Me & My Feet; Thank You!
review image
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on March 31, 2015
Wrap your arms around the Cell Spa - it is a product that could sell for much more because it works. For many years I have had insomnia. After only 3 session with the Cell Spa, I now go to sleep within 10 minutes and remain asleep for an hour or more. I hoping for other improvements as I continue using this devise.
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on February 27, 2015
Bought mine a decade ago and have given these as gifts to loved ones who found it helped them, too. I am a childhood cancer survivor (33 years remission, and still going strong!). This is part of my self-care regimen. I go through arrays pretty often, and have had to replace the power cord, but otherwise have had no problems (unlike others who have posted). Best use is about every other day for 30 minutes per session, with just enough salt to bring the reading above 1.8 and below 2.4 (higher numbers result in more aggressive "pull" from ionization of the water...think of it like a form of forced osmosis, where toxins are pulled from within cell membranes out. I am no doctor or nurse, but... the way this machine works seems somewhat analogous to the way cholesterol is extracted from blood or the way dialysis works to clean the blood to help ease kidney function). A close friend with lupus introduced me to the "ionic cleanse" concept and let me use the $2,000 machine she purchased with the help of her doctor. Then, my OB/GYN had one in her office for trials and I sat in several $65 sessions with a nurse administering the ionic cleanse. Turns out watching the nurse use the machine, CLEAN the equipment, and care for the machine taught me more than any written instructions could). Upon realizing how much better I felt -- my joints especially -- I purchased this less expensive version and found it to work well. Also, my SED rate is manageable (sedimentation in the blood...indicator of inflammation in the body...common after-effect of radiation therapy), and two toes I broke many years ago do not hurt when I keep up with my sessions. My beau is a convert/believer: the combination of upping his magnesium intake to 500mg per day, plus using the ionic cleanser regularly (including 2 glasses of water drank after each session) has produced a noticeable improvement in how his body feels, and his energy level (he just feels incredibly sapped when he is sore and stiff).
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on July 5, 2016
Excellent product for the price. Frequent or seasonal (depending on my health) use has assisted with energy, weight loss. joint aches & pains, over-all better and healthier feeling.
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on November 28, 2017
I think it works. This is my first time. Hoping to relieve joint pain. The only thing is that I've tried it on 3 people and everyone's water after the ionic foot detox looks the same. So I'm not sure if the water changes due to oxidation or if it's changing due to the toxins being pulled out. I guess we'll have to wait and see if my joint pain decreases.
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on September 13, 2014
I really like this one , i have older model.... this one you only have to wear one wrist band which is nice it frees the other to talk on phone or drink coffee........ very good quality, actually its excellent quality. my old one is still in great shape .I'm passing it on to son.
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