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on July 31, 2015
There are very few television shows that I absolutely love and make certain never to miss, much less purchase in case I'm not able to find them on Hulu or Netflix in the future. Modern Family is one of those shows. I tried watching an episode with my daughter and at first didn't like it. It was almost two years before I happened across a rerun on TV. It was the first episode of the first season - I have been hooked ever since There is a scene where a parent reprimands their child for shooting one of their siblings with an airsoft gun - even though it doesn't sound like it would be hilarious - it was. The characters are loveable and I find myself wishing I could be a part of their extended family. It is progressive, funny, and along with Parenthood, one of my all time favorite shows.
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2015
This is a television miracle. First, look at the creators: Steve Levitan (Just Shoot Me) and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier, Soap, Back To The Future et al) who are the Coen Brothers of half hour comedy. So the script structure is flawless.
By the middle of this season we are in love with these flawed, loving characters. Yup. The writing. (Staff writers and producers-saame thing-include Dan O'Shannon, CHEERS and FRASIER, Danny Zuker, Bill Wruble and others-only two are women) But it's elevated by an ensemble cast of brilliant actors ranging in age from 11 to 93. Ed O'neil's worth more than a mention because we thought of him only as the stereotype sexist role on "Married With Children." I only saw two episodes of that but the difference in the two characters is worthy of Meryl Streep. The children actors ACT. They're far more than cute. The direction (single camera) is by Michael Spiller and on a par with Jimmy Burrows. The editing is on the same par. From the brilliant theme music to the revolving logo for Lloyd and Levitan every second of "Modern Family is fun, funny, brilliant and captivation.
It breaks new ground. In a mockumentary style alkin to Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tapp, Waiting For Guffman and Best In Show) the actors shine in their "interview (an aside "whisper" for us) segments whether full minute secquences or just an expression. We see three normal familes, all related (Ed plays the Patriarch married to his second wife and her 12 year old son; she a bassy, bright bombshell of hot with her heart on her sleeve; the boy, a metropolitan ladies man with metrosexual clthes, a penchent for Turkish coffee and ties and pocket squares for his many suits. Manny's a lover.) each family is about the characters. Dad's ex-wife is the remarkable (and still gorgeous Shelly Long) his son and daughter have their families, Claire, a beautiful if not anxious mother of three teens who's married to a mildly dorky fFather who likely keeps a box of keepsakes and son Mitch, an uptight if not anal retentive attorney in a new relationship with Cam, a once music teacher with no inhibitions and now stays at home dad to their cute, adopted daughter, Lily who has forced change and energy into their home.
This is everyone's extended family, with the quirks, the mess ups (Phil accidentally advertises his wife and daughter on their minivan as escorts.
So we now relate to them and, frankly, wish our families were as close and in love as this one.
Dick Van Dyke. Mary Tyler Moore. Cheers. Friends. Now this.
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on August 7, 2017
It's starting to make me laugh. One of my co-workers talked about it so I bought season one. At first it did nothing for me. I thought they were all idiots. I waited a while and went back to it. A little better, still not hilarious but better. Now I think half of them are idiots but in a more charming, less grating way.
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VINE VOICEon January 4, 2014
I can't believe I didn't start watching this show until USA network started running it. I had to watch from the beginning and am currently almost finished with season 3 after a couple of weekends of binge watching. This show is so funny. There is a bit of caricaturing of the characters but it works and the show manages to stay fresh. I've watched all the episodes of season 5 on Hulu and I think this has real staying power. This was exactly what I needed, which is why I have bought 4 seasons to stream. I can watch these episodes over and over.
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on March 29, 2012
Even this second season was outstanding which means... drum roll please... this TV show is definitely an all time favorite comedy that will be around for at least 8 seasons hopefully!! Season 2 is just as hilarious as the first! The studio kept all of the characters true to who they were in the 1st and all are still just as great as they were, even though they should probably have big heads after being the highest honored comedy series at the 2010 Emmy Awards receiving 6 including Outstanding Comedy Series for Season 1 right? Even if you haven't seen season 1 (which you'll be dying to see if you start here with the 2nd season first) you'll be caught up with knowing what the show is about and already have a connection with the characters from the first episode you watch since its not a sequential TV show like some others. To fill you in a little bit there are 3 families (who are all part of each others families too). Jay is a wealthy guy in his 60s who married someone almost half his age, the Colombian beauty, Gloria who came into the relationship with her son, Manny, from her previous marriage. Jay's daughter is Claire (married to Phil and they have 3 kids together) and Jay's son, Mitchell whose partner is Cameron, they have adopted a daughter, Lily together. The 3 families are hysterical to watch through each and every episode! Its even our President's favorite family TV show!
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on January 18, 2016
This and season three are by far the best this classic sitcom has to offer . After we've had time for character development and the actors have really found their niche. We own every season except 6 and 7 and those we just watch on cable or Hulu because they've proven to not be as rewatch-able as first 4/5 seasons . The kids have all grown out of their cute phases and just Come off as sarcastic spoiled brats by this point , so as obsessed as I am (or once WAS )with the show my family and I all agree it's ...*sigh* Jumped the shark. I don't foreshadow then trying to pull off an 8th season of this , and if they do we true fans know it's all for the money .
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on February 4, 2012
i gotta say i love how modern family delivers in special features, there are tons of extended/deleted scenes, and great features. theres also a live audience table read for an episode that aired very early in season 2, that lasts about 30minutes or so. they put a lot of work into these features so i really enjoy them. and this new "season session" where you get to watch all the eps back to back without pause or having to select the next ep and even tells you to put in the next disc is a nice lil marathon feature i enjoyed.
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on September 6, 2017
I find this show to be wonderful! It's delightful and funny and makes me laugh and I love it. This is an amazing show! I love it.
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on October 9, 2011
Like many second seasons of comedies, Modern Family fell short of the heights of its debut. The nice thing is, the debut was so high, a short fall like this still results in really good comedy, with flashes of greatness.

The setting and characters of the show are the same as in Season One, nobody new is introduced and no one leaves. That allows the characters to get comfortable with each other even more......too comfortable in some cases, though it's nothing too excessive. The show's breakout character has clearly become Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell), the dippy father/husband/son-in-law who badly wants to do the right thing and be cool at the same time. That doesn't often work, but Phil is so earnest in what he does that you just smile and want to pat him on the head. Not sure if I would want him as a father, but he'd be the best uncle alive. His wife Claire (Julie Bowen), is still wound tight during this season, and some her explosions are very, very funny. Again, wouldn't want her as a mother......or an aunt. She's funny to watch on TV though, and she and Burrell both deserved the Emmy's they got for this season. Their kids got a bit more to do, as Hailey (Sarah Hyland)had boy problems, as well as concerns about her future.......Alex (Ariel Winter) has to decide between being smart and being popular.....and Luke (Nolan Gould) seems destined to be his dad, they're so much alike it's scary.

The three Dunphy kids' storylines came at the expense of Manny (Rico Rodriguez), who had less to do this season unfortunately, though he and Jay (Ed O'Neill) still play off each other brilliantly. In many ways this is the most interesting relationship in the show, Jay's third attempt at fatherhood, and his failures and successes with Manny don't go unnoticed by his adult children, not always a good thing. It leads to some interesting subtext in the relationships between Jay and his children, I hope they do more with it. Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is a bit over the top this season, and her yelling could be used to torture prisoners, but Vergara successfully continues to steer Gloria away from the antagonist role that one would have assumed she'd have when the series started.

Mitchell and Cameron (Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet) are where the series has it's first real issues. Cameron is becoming a bit much to deal with, with his over the top antics and "me, me, and more me" diva personality. The character seems to have the need to take over any scene he's in, and he's a bit clueless to boot. I'm not saying that he has an emotionally abusive relationship with Mitchell, but I can see a few ways it could be going there. I'm sure it's the performance that the show runners want, given that it's not changed through the first four episodes of the current season, but the less Cameron the better. Ferguson's Mitchell is notable in that he has some nice, quiet moments during the season that really say a lot about him.....and a couple of loud ones too, the subplot where Jay has dinner with Mitchell and Cameron and their friends is terrific, and you can see Mitchell looking at his father like he doesn't really know who he is. Also notable with these two characters is their daughter Lily, played by twins who never once, to my recollection, change their facial expression, no matter what the hijinks going on around them. I found it fascinating, in a good way, and was disappointed to see the role recast for the current season.

Overall this is a great season, as the family continues it's issues, fun, and growth. Outside characters are kept to a minimum, most are merely MacGuffins anyway, though there was some nice stunt casting at times. Modern Family continues to hold a slim, but noticeable lead over Big Bang Theory as my favorite comedy, and I look forward to more adventures of the next months.

Five stars.
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on August 14, 2012
This is a really funny show! My niece gave me the first season and I was really taken away by it. It is snortingly hilarious and I've learned NOT to eat popcorn while watching it as it usually ends up flying out of my nose as I double over in laughter.
If anyone out there wants a great TV show at their fingertips they should fork over their dough and buy this baby. Watching it live can be a real bummer with all the commercials so its worth it to buy it.
The show sounds simple enough as it is about a five person family and their relatives. The father is an adorable dork who loves his wife and kids more than he does himself. He thinks hes cool but hes really a lovable cad that I can't get enough of, while his wife is a hot control freak who micromanages everything. The oldest daughter is a queen with a dolt of a boyfriend, while her younger sister is a brainiac who can't figure out why everyone loves her older sister so much. The son is a dimwitted little prankster who is screamingly appealing. Throw them and their relatives in a pot and stir it up and you have the best comedy show that TV has seen in years. We watched this second season in like three days as it was even better than the first. This is truly "feel good" TV so buy it if you want some good vibes! :)
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