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on November 24, 2016
I have been using these for a while completely on faith in a well know brand name. It is in an under sink model professionally installed and set up, with the routing checked and it is spliced into the system correctly. I did a very basic test of the water before and after installing the last filter I purchased.

Using an electronic probe the water without filtration from the unfiltered tap averaged 302 ppm dissolved solids. I then installed the filter according to instructions, letting it run until the blinking led changed to green. The water tested from the "filtered only tap” also averaged 302 ppm. I know this is non-specific but what are the odds the ppm is exactly the same with and without the filter in the circuit? Am I expecting too much from this filter?

As a control we tested the 3 filter/stage professional RO water filter system we use to make clean water for our aquariums and it consistantly
showed 000 ppm with the same electronic tester. Zero Water pitcher with a fairly new filter registered between 000 and 010 ppm, very close to RO, and the moderately used Brita filter pitcher tested at 225 ppm. All better than the new Moen filter.

It seems to me the water should show some difference between filtered and unfiltered with this testing method despite its lack of specificity.

An anecdotal finding, when offered two bowls of water, our three cats always prefer to drink the water from the Zero Water pitcher to the Moen filtered water. Both were kept at room temp to take temp out of the equation.

What should the water produced from your filter register on that scale? If I am wrong please tell me how better to test the filtered water so that I know that it is working as designed.

I would like a free replacement filter to test and If am convinced it is working I will keep the Moen system.
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on July 3, 2014
I purchased two filters. When it came time to replace the first one, the second one came apart when I turned on the water to the filter, and water gushed out into the sink cabinet. Luckily I was there when it happened so I could turn the water off, or it could have flooded our house.
Because this product failed after the return period Amazon says I can not return this defective filter. For the filter to come apart like it did is an obvious manufacturer defect and I want my money back.....Update:I now have a high regard for Amazon for granting me a replacement after I found the filter had a manufacturer's defect well after the guarantee period. I never expected a water filter to fail upon turning on the water or ever during it's useful life, so I purchased two so I would have an extra handy when it became time to replace the first one. Thank you Amazon!!
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on April 28, 2017
This is the filter that fits our Moen under-sink system, and it does a fine job. Typically, for our 2-person household -- where we do a lot of cooking, too -- this filter lasts from 9 to 12 months. That means we get good-tasting water and brewed beverages, etc. for less the $2 a week. Why pay for and store bottled water and have to dispose of all those plastic bottles, when you can use a good system like this?
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on April 8, 2017
TOTALLY DEFECTIVE PRODUCT! I ordered this product and I'm not sure who the "seller" is but this is either defective or a fake. With the filter in place, tiny tiny plastic particles come out of the water. I was horrified! I tried taking out the filter and using another one from Home Depot and and the one from Home Depot works fine, no tiny plastic particles; when I put this one back in again, tiny particles came through, it's clearly coming from the filter itself! HORRIFIED bc we didn't notice the tiny particles for some time!
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on July 3, 2017
This filter system seems to be a total crap shoot as to whether the replacement filter received is going to filter water or pollute it with white flake particulate. I have purchased a good twenty or so of these filters and about seven were worse than no filtration at all.
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on June 18, 2015
We've had this Moen water system to eliminate the bad taste and odor from all the additives they treat our local water will. It's a shame this particular model uses such ridiculously expensive filters compared to the newer models. I really should subtract a star for price, but since it makes our water palatable and we drink a lot of water, it's still cheaper and greener than buying bottled.
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on February 6, 2015
Great filters, best prices on Amazon. There is a flashing light indicator to change them at 6 months but that is a timed reference and not an actual indication of filter usage. After using the Moen 9001 for so many years, I have stopped replacing the flasher battery and use the filter until the water stream starts to slow down coming through the filter and that is closer to 9 months of usage in my house. I have tested the water with my swimming pool tester at 9 months, comparing the water from the faucet against the water through the filter and the filter still removes 100% of the chlorine out of the water at 9 months. So basically I get 50 % more usage out of my filters.
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on December 2, 2013
It works with my my Moen PureTouch AquaSuite filter and is the only filter that works with this filtration system, which is permanently installed in my kitchen counter. Occasionally the O-rings on the filter are too small, the filter leaks, and the O-rings have to be replaced in order to use the filter. I have notified Moen about this problem several times to no avail. It looks like a manufacturing error to me. Anyhow, when the product works, it is fine.
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on April 1, 2011
Installed a cold water filtering system at the kitchen sink, because we were tired of using the Brita systems. So much easier! The filter is easy the change. The faucet that goes with it could be of better quality, and the battery-operated LED light that signals when the filter is depleted and needs replacing has failed. Now I run the water for 5 minutes when it is brand new, and I write the date I changed the filter on the label. I change it out after three months have gone by. The filters do an excellent job of removing the chlorine and other unwanted flavors from the water.
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on January 6, 2016
Great filter....WAYyyy too expensive.
So, Moen, you won't get 5 stars from me until you make the price more reasonable for how long it lasts.
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