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on October 22, 2016
What a horrible product! It makes me wonder how Moen accepted to put their brand behind this plasticky cheap piece. On top of that, it has a terrible system to attach to the wall that will destroy your walls. We made the mistake of installing it, it came lose almost immediately, and on first attempt to fix it just came off the wall! It is going to the trash, after being installed just a couple of weeks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.
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on July 31, 2017
Moen seems to be changing their approach to how wall-mounted things are installed. This is the second item I've bought for them for a new bathroom remodel that has a large plastic bracket thing for mounting. The assumption seems to be that you are retrofitting this into a hollow sheetrock wall. All well and good, because too often the toilet paper holder pulls out if it's just installed with screw anchors. But I put bracing between the studs in exactly the right place to mount the holder so I could screw it in firmly.

The mounts provided have an integral molly bolt--which means I either can't mount the holder where I wanted to, or I have to laboriously take it apart so I can screw it in with a regular long cabinet screw.

This is definitely an improvement for those who need to attach the holder to a hollow wall; a PiB for those of us with a stud.
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on November 29, 2012
I like Moen, and this time I bought several paper and towel holders. I too don't like the mounting system, but it does work. I had to remove the original bars (new to this house when built just 3 months ago, just didn't like the chrome look those had) but the mounting for those was far superior, two screws into the drywall, and a good bracket to mount the bar to (These were Moen's also, just a different style). Moen uses a cheaper click on style I am not too fond of, but so far it works. But the other mounting system was a little wider in width, so the plastic screw holders show when the new Moen goes on the wall, but not by much, maybe a third of the screw holder diameter, which when touched up with paint, it is almost not visible at all.

But, this is not the reason I don't like this paper holder, and will return it. The bar the paper roll goes on comes apart as soon as you remove it to replace the paper roll. When I took it out of the box, it all sprang apart, and when I test it taking a cardboard tube off, it all falls apart in your hands, and to the floor. Not something I want to do every time I change a roll. The one I removed from the wall stays together as it should, the two tubes have a small crimp which prevents the two tubes from coming apart, this Moen doesn't, it is just two tubes slid together with a long spring inside.

I believe this is probably defective, as I have not heard of others complaining about this.

Update: 12-28-12
It isn't defective, apparently, it is just the design of this particular paper holder. I contacted Moen and they were very helpful, really, helpful. They said they are looking into re-designing the holder to be a swing or hinged type. They said when they get the design done, they will send me one. It wasn't too long before I received a new one with the new swing up bar, all the while, they sent me updates about every 4 or 5 days. This is really great customer service. The paper holder wasn't exactly like the one in this review, and I didn't expect it to be as they told me ahead of time it is not the same, but very close. The new one went in my 3rd guest bathroom upstairs, however, as the spacing on the new one is about an inch wider than the present one, and I really didn't want to re-drill and patch the other holes. No big deal, I can live with the other one as I have gotten used to it, but the new one I really like. I will post a picture of the new one as it is such an innovation, and I really like it. I have also upgraded my star rating partly because I now know it wasn't defective (just not a good design), but the customer service was the best I have had from any company, and that says a lot.

5-1-16 update.
I still love the new one they sent me, and the older one (Brantford) is still going strong, never had it fall apart when changing. We are careful I guess, or have just gotten used to it. I did promise some pictures of the new replacement, the Banbury pivoting holder, so have added them in now. This is one nice holder. It swivels up effortlessly, and the weight of the roll keeps it down. It does take some careful measuring, if I remember right, when installing, but nothing too hard.
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on April 3, 2018
So yes - the mounting system is a bit cheap - as if you're mounting to drywall where no studs are - it only comes with a molly bolt/anchor type which would go in the middle hole of the 3 holes in those plastic mounting brackets. Then you would have to pound those 2 spikes on either side of each bracket to "hold" it from turning on you. I feel those would eventually wear out and it would turn on you. Mine came with no mounting instructions or template either, so i had to do it the "old fashioned way" by measuring and using a level.
Luckily, i was mounting to my wooden vanity, so i used the 2 wood screws that came with it, and then i got 2 more wood screws from home depot and mounted mine using the 2 outer holes of each bracket -- super solid this way.
To address the roll spring thing falling apart... what i did, i had my old generic white roller that has a stop. I measured that and made the brackets only that far apart so i could use that instead. Then i thought that looked ugly - so i cut the spring on the brushed nickel one that came with it to be the size of the white one (if you error on cutting the spring, error on the longer side of course). The problem with the roller that comes with it, is the spring is strong and it's too long, meaning the overlap of the 2 cylinders isn't enough - so by shortening it, there's more overlap and it doesn't fall apart. Anyways - that's my take.
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on December 13, 2017
Believe the other reviews: the mounting system is one of the most pathetic pieces of engineering I have encountered. I have installed many bars and similar accessories and never had a problem. Virtually all use the same system: a mounting bracket is screwed to the wall, then a small set screw secures the post to the bracket. It’s a simple design that works and has stood the test of time.

Moen has reinvented the wheel and made it square. Instead of a metal bracket and set screw, they provide a plastic bracket with a small plastic tab at the bottom. You have to press the post onto the bracket until the little plastic tab engages a small hole at the bottom of the post. Sound simple? Sure —- unless things don’t line up 100%, or maybe your wall bows out a bit as mine does. Then you find the plastic tab will never find the little hole.

Avoid all Moen accessories using this idiotic mounting system.
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on February 23, 2017
It's Moen and that's a good brand but this item misses the mark. This paper holder is not your basic installation of back plate, attach the fixture, lighten the little screw underneath. The engineers must not have had much to do on the day they designed these. Each side of the holder is separate so you have to do it twice. One side went fine. I had problems with the second one having to do with a flaw in the anchor. The actual part that goes through the roll, this is on the cheap side, made of plastic. On the whole is looks fine though, it's not an item that gets a lot of scrutiny after all in daily use. When the time comes to remodel again, it will have to be yanked out of the wall.
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on June 11, 2017
I installed two toilet paper holders and four towel bars (Moen YB2224CH Brantford 24-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Chrome) in two bathrooms. All featured Moen's pro-fit attachment system, and I was skeptical as to whether it would be an improvement over traditional mounts using set screws. The installation was straightforward and everything attached securely. I do suspect that if there is ever a need to remove one of these fixtures, it likely will ruin it (there is, however, a slot to access the plastic clip with a flat screwdriver tip, which in theory should allow removal). My only complaints are the quality of the chrome finish, which isn't great, and that Moen cheaped out with aluminum tubes for the towel bars and a spring-loaded plastic tube for the toilet paper holders.
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on December 29, 2016
This looks good, but it is cheap plastic, not metal. I expected more from Moen. It also didn't fit were the original holder was attached to the wall, so I don't know if it was not standard or if the older one was not standard.
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on March 21, 2016
I bought this Moen Brantford paper holder to match my new shower faucet. I’m very disappointed in the quality of this product. First, the mounting system is the worst I’ve ever seen. Save yourself some headaches and use traditional toggle/butterfly mounting screw bolts; the ones supplied with the paper holder are very flimsy and don’t work very well; rather than expanding like they should, they have a tendency to merely twist, or fall apart, resulting in an insecure mount. Second, the brackets, which hold the toilet paper roll spindle, have a click-on system that is nearly impossible to remove once it has clicked into place. Third, the spindle is CHEAP plastic. Using toggle/butterfly screws will hold it in place much better and much longer than the cheap molly fasteners provided, but you'll be reminded of it's cheapness every time you install a new roll of toilet paper.
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on November 17, 2017
Ordered this to replace an old one with a rod that fell apart every time it was removed. New unit was just as bad. Get the kind with no spring rod if you want to get a Moen TP holder, these are awful at staying together. Emailed Moen and they never wrote back. Bad customer service.
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