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on January 10, 2013
Unlike the previous 10 or so Moleskine's I've purchased from Amazon, all three Folio A4 Squared books I've received have been severely dented and missing their quality control number!

I sent the second book back to Amazon and the replacement came today, this one is dented worse than the one I returned!

Curiously, I notice that each of the A4 Squared Folio books is missing it's quality control number. The sticker is there but instead of a quality control number it's just blank. This has been true for each of the 3 squared notebooks, each of which has arrived with large dents that permeate every single page in the book. The lack of a quality control number prevents Moleskine from replacing your item for you (a service they provide on their website).

Very disappointed
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on May 4, 2010
The photograph here was misleading... I thought it might be of a different cover material but the notebook is the same as the 'large' squared black hardcover notebook one might buy. Same nice hard black cover.

I also thought the actual squares might be bigger. Not so, which I'm happy about. Squares are the same size; the only thing that increased was the page size. And wow this notebook is big! It feels like a photo album in your hands... approximately the size of a personal laptop when closed, but probably a tad bigger. The downside is that it is heavy, but understandably so. I wouldn't take this traveling with me, I don't think but I appreciate the bigger pages and would definitely use it as a regular notebook for any purpose whatsoever. Would be great for business. Looks very professional.

Overall, this product is fantastic and I'm thrilled Moleskine has released it. Just be aware of those items I mentioned above:
It is heavy.
It is large.
Otherwise, it is the same squared hardcover black Moleskine you've come to love.

Thanks for reading!
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on April 29, 2013
I needed a high class looking grid patterned paper notebook for work, and this seems to be about the only product on the market that works. Yes A4 is not the US 8.5x11 inch paper, but who cares. If you need a full size quality bound professional looking notebook, this is the ticket.

Highly recommended.

If you need a cheaper version and don't care if it looks like your high school chemistry lab book, Graph Paper Composition Notebook: Requested By College Students The World Over works well. It's way less expensive, and looks that way too, but the paper is good, and if you use them only in the lab it won't what it looks like.
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on November 14, 2015
I have this exact book from about five years ago. I was extremely happy with the product so I figured I would pick up another copy. However, when comparing the older model to the new model, the quality difference is night and day. The new book has thinner/ flimsy covers and almost a greasy feel to it. In fact, the entire book is warped.

With the prevalence of new and smaller competitors in the market, this will be the last Moleskin product I buy.
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on March 23, 2010
I've owned a Moleskine pocket (ruled) notebook for over five years now. I've only filled half of it, but I'm constantly amazed by the amount of punishment one of these notebooks can take. I always use a B or 2B mechanical pencil to jot down notes, and even my earliest entries are still legible.

I needed a proper journal for technical use, and was a little hesitant at choosing between the squared and the plain A4 notebook. I eventually purchased the squared, still slightly fearing the thickness and darkness of the gridlines. When I draw, I don't apply too much pressure, and I was afraid that the gridlines will dominate every entry.

Well, my fears were mostly unfounded. The lines are precisely the same thickness and color as the ruled pocket notebooks. And so is the paper. This does mean that I have to make more of an impression when I draw (as opposed to writing), but it's not a dealbreaker.

If you own a pocket Moleskine, this is the big brother in every respect (down to the little historical insert). It is quite hefty, despite its thin profile, which is likely due to the heavier paper used in Moleskines. You don't notice the weight with the pocket notebooks, but it definitely shows in the A4s. I tend to treat the journal a little more gingerly due to its weight (like never grabbing it by the cover alone, like I freely do with the pocket notebook).

Overall, a good buy if you apply a little bit of pressure with pencils when you write/draw, or if you use a pen. If you like feather-light pencil touches to register, you'll probably want the plain Moleskine A4.
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on May 29, 2015
It's hard to give these Moleskin notebooks any additional praise; they're one of a kind and they're excellent for creative type and non-creative types too.

I'm using this as a Director's Journal for a film project, and its larger size is perfect for photos, storyboards and extensive script & performance notes.
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on August 8, 2014
I've been using these for years, and have really enjoyed the heavy weight paper and the solid covers. The one I received recently has thinner pages (ink bleeds through to the other side) and a flexible "hard cover" that bends like a banana when you hold the book on your lap to write. Im surprised Molskine has cheapened this (previously) awesome timeless classic. This one is like a no name knock off of the original, anthough it claims to have shipped from Molskine, and has their stamp in the cover.
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on October 14, 2015
I'm currently using this notebook to keep track of hundreds of bits of information in doing genealogical research. I have used these books before in both a personal and professional capacity and I can't say enough good things about them. I prefer the squared format because it keeps things in a nice neat line going down the page. I prefer the A4 size when I have to keep up with a lot of information on a single page. Everything about these notebooks is quality-they are Moleskines after all. Five stars! :)
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on September 9, 2013
I needed to upgrade my notebooks for this year, considering last year's (30c variety from Walmart) are literally disintegrating from how much I have looked back and referenced them. I am a pen snob/fountain pen user, so I needed paper thick enough to prevent bleed-through. These notebooks are expensive, but they have quite a few pages, and will hopefully last me through grad school as a reference.

thicker paper than the regular Moleskines--no bleed at all, hardly a shadow
huge pages
look super professional -- no more spiral bound notebooks!

really, really heavy
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on August 2, 2014
Highly recommend this. It's about the standard size of a notebook here in the US. This is what you want if you're normal, in the math and science field. The graph paper is perfect, not too small or too big.

The paper feels amazing, the cover is hard yet flexible.

Honestly this is the perfect notebook! Please don't take my praise lightly. This IS the best note taking notebook for you. :)
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