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on June 6, 2012
My original review is shown below.
This would have been a nice multi-feature inexpensive watch save for the one feature that decided to stop working intermittently: the analog movement. It stopped at one point, and it appeared that the battery had died. I replaced the battery (yes, it does say "Do Not Open," but then I also have a nice selection of o-rings and watch gasket silicone ... and a pressure tester). New battery in, everything was fine for 2 hours, 37 minutes, and 14 seconds. How would I know that? The digital movement was fine ... the analog movement died again.

At the risk of sounding snobbish, I generally wear one of several watches ranging in price from $3k to $7k. Shipping a sub-$300 watch off to change a battery when the movement is flaked is just not worth the time for what was supposed to be a "beater" watch. It's "beater" life has been replaced with something tougher. And with all of the digital features, that 2025 battery won't last long unless you remember to turn off the display or always use the battery saver. Life should be easier.

Turned out being sorta fun anyway. I disassembled it (horrors!) since I'd already opened it for the battery change. Not a recommended procedure, unless you know what you're doing and don't need to make apologies. The problem was with a widget called a stem bolt. The stem wasn't fully returning to run position. It does, now. I also cleaned the haze inside the crystal (not condensation).

So now have a sorta fun watch again. Would I ever suggest doing what I did? No.

And now that I'm playing with it, I see that the model has been upgraded ... more lume, better crown (yay!), etc. I should've waited. Hope they tightened the rattle bezel. The movement inside is pretty cool, lots of clever engineering ... that needs a tougher home. I think the new ones are rated to 200m, but I'm not sure I'd bet my last 300psi on a dive. (Small joke there.)

Now, back to the original impression:

It's hard to decide where to begin with this watch --- I own a number of watches, three of them Breitlings, with a couple of Luminox's thrown in. So being "fair" really isn't the easiest thing to do ...

So --- all in all, I really like this watch.

First: it's hard to find a titanium watch with all of the features present, at this price:
Dual display
12/24 time
UTC offset
Selectable date format$
Button-press beep on/off
Hourly chime
World Time (with a LOT of listings)
6 Alarms --- 1 repeat schedule, 5 daily)
Chronograph, with 10 splits
Countdown timer (beep on last minute, every remaining ten seconds, then continuous at end)
Heavily-grooved bezel edge (read: functional), approx. two clicks per minute
... and ... TITANIUM.

This watch may look a bit "clunky" in the photos --- it is not. It weighs under 2-1/2 ounces, and is sized the way you'd expect (or should expect) a functional chronograph to be.

The perforated leather strap is very nicely made. It is thick and well-made, but not my personal preference (I prefer metal bracelets or nylon NATO (tight fit under those spring bars!!!) or velcro one-piece (perfect!!!). The titanium bracelet costs half again as much as the watch, which defeats the purpose, here.

A neat trick: the LCD displays can be turned manually (making the watch look "cleaner" and less cluttered, and saving battery capacity. The displays come back on as soon as you push a button. This feature can also be set on a schedule (say, LDS's off at 0200, back on at 0700). So, some interesting thought behind it. (That, or it will be a battery hog!)

It strikes me that Momentum has taken the time to listen and observe, and come up with some items that are functional, nice-looking, and priced to a bearable level.

So --- what's bearable? My Breitling Aerospace is one-third as thick, has half the functions, has a titanium bracelet, weighs slightly more, costs ten times as much. Fair comparison? Of course not. But --- the faces of the two watches (except for the LCD windows) are almost identical. The Momentum's bezel has blackened minute hashes, the Aero's is "stylishly" engraved only. Functionally, the Breitling operates through the stem only (no push-pieces), which is elegant, but fiddly. Do the two watches swim in the same tank? No.

Where this watch falls only a bit short is luminescence. It is not tritiu.m or Superluminova. Dark-adapted, you should have no trouble, but it isn't wildly bright; certainly OK, though. The internally-illuminated digital displays are an advantage, but they tend to reflect a bit off the inside of the crystal, hazing the view slightly.
UPDATE: I am used to HUGE lume, and have been informed by the manufacturer that they do use a form of superluminova ... and that they may alter the application technique. As I'd said, they really do seem to listen.!

The crystal is NOT two-side ant-reflective sapphire. What are you expecting at this price range?

Don't even think about stuffing a heavy Zulu strap in under the spring bars, unless you want to pop the bars. (What is it about these clearances that manufacturers (including Breitling) do not get?) I ordered and use the plain velcro one-piece (it has a nice skinny mounting panel, and a light velcroed nylon bottom patch. It offers infinite adjustment and un-lose-ability.

The push-pieces (buttons) are styled into a teardrop shape. Why? Who knows. When you push them, do not push on the tapered ends --- they will tend to wedge a bit into the case and bind. (They don't stick, but they won't push smoothly, either.) Push them in their centers, or at the fat ends.

I have no idea how "indestructible" this watch will turn out to be. Typically, I wear a watch 24/7, in the shower, in the garden, in the shop. If the watch can't take it, the watch goes away. I bought this watch as a "beater," something that can get whacked on more than usual without worrying too much about it. Everything's relative --- I know a lot of folks who think $100 is a lot for a watch.

If you have a "wristwatch-related-illness" then this one probably belongs in the collection. It's so usable that I've been wearing it since it came.

(Other watches currently owned and worn: Breitling Aerospace; Breitling Blackbird (original Arabic numerals); Breitling titanium Chrono Avenger; Luminox titanium F-117 chronograph.)

Beep-beep. 3 o'clock. Done.

I tried the Hadley-Roma steel bracelet on this ( and it's pretty good (if you have the tools to wrench the links apart.
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on March 4, 2013
This is a good watch for the price. First, the titanium case makes it very light. This watch is much lighter than other watches I own. The digital display is large and legible and the contrast adjustable. The digital display can also be activated for certain times of the day, preserving battery life. The leather strap is supple and comfortable.

There are some some drawbacks. Selecting a time zone is done by time zone number (UTC +/-) rather than a city. The mode select button is also used to go into the set mode, so it's possible to accidentally go into the set mode and mess up your settings.

All in all, this is a good watch and highly recommend it.
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on December 30, 2014
Good watch, 2 months in. Not too large or thick, 5 alarms + 1 you can set for a specific date. Only 2 negatives:
- the LCD is really dim so if you often need to look at it and your eyes are not great, forget it.
- the Alarm level is fairly low compared to my former $40 watches. So far worked to wake me up, but I use it as a 2nd alarm, the radio being the first one so usually I'm already awake (partly) when it goes off.

Else I really like it.
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on February 21, 2015
I usually wear dive watches made of stainless steel so the titanium was a nice departure from the usual weight on my wrist. I put the watch on an aftermarket ss bracelet so I cannot comment on the leather strap although it did appear to be of decent quality. The lume on the hands and hour markers is not very good but for the price point that is not a surprise. The backlight on the digital portion of the watch gives you the time in the dark anyway. Other than the poor lume I think this is a great value for the price you pay.
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on September 27, 2014
Very nice watch with lots of useful functions. Although it's very light, for me it looks chunky; perhaps it looks chunky because the face is small compared to the thickness. Still it is a very nice watch.
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on November 6, 2012
I have just received this watch and must say compared to Casio and Citizen the Ana-Digi is definetly better.
There are only two disapointments
The alarm is not loud enough
I can hardly see the lume after about 2 hours at night, that is also after charging the lume for 20 minutes
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on January 5, 2015
This watch looks great, and seems to be built well. I love the Titanium and sapphire crystal. I have 3 complaints with this watch which would prevent me from buying this watch had I know about them.

1. The second hand does not move exactly one second and does not point directly at most of the marks on the face. It catches a few, but at the 12 o'clock position it is off by a half second on either side and is off buy about that on most of the minutes.

2. Both movements are in sync, but both movements gain 6-8 seconds per month when checked with WWV every two weeks. Not acceptable for any quartz movement, let alone a "Swiss" movement.

3. Not a deal breaker, but the color contrast with digital display makes it slightly hard to read in most lighting conditions out of direct sunlight.

There also seems to be a lag when trying to "hack" the digital seconds with a time signal. I have to time it to press the reset button about a second early which is a little tricky using WWV where there is a pause before the beep.
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