Customer Reviews: Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
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Many moons ago I studied metaphysics. In fact, I had many articles published in numerous publications on such subjects as money and health attraction. But, more to the point, I've used these very methods to attract both health and money into my life.

These truths are ancient. But it is a good idea to renew them and present them again. I remember once that we were taught that cancer patients should not refer to their disease as "my cancer" but "the cancer" . . . in other words, do not make it yours. Do not "own" the cancer.

We bring to ourselves whatever we want. Yes, there are roadblocks in store for us. But all of this works. The mind is extremely powerful. The authors have done a fine job of presenting this subject and showing why and how it works. These are indeed "laws" and they can't be altered.

Most people attract what they don't want. Sometimes it's hard to switch the mind in a new direction. But when we do, it's well worth it.

If you want to turn your life around, I highly recommend this book to you.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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on July 6, 2011
Eight years ago I was a much different person than I am today, My marraige had just broken up, I had difficulty finding full-time employment, money was scarce, creditors were calling every day demanding the money I owed them, I was driking ecessivly which didn't help matters any, I was lonely, had an old truck that was always breaking down, and lived in an old house with a leaky roof that was cold as a barn in Winter, I even thought about suicide.

One day when I was working, I noticed a newspaper from another city, I picked it up and glanced through it, I stopped at a page with the headline " The Seceret Behind the Seceret" . As I read about this book " The Seceret" by Rhonda Bryne which I had never heard of or seen before, and 'The Power of Attraction", I became interested and curious, so the next day I bought the book, read it from cover to cover, reread it, and read it again what was written in it , sounded good...almost too good , I wasn't sure at first if I believed it or thought it was a bunch of hooey. Here I was almost forty, and I had never heard or read any of these ideas before... "your thoughts create your reality", 'if you want to know what you have been thinking about just look around you, etc, when I looked around me , I wasn't to pleased about what I was seeing, but I knew there had to be a better way to live than the way I was living, mabey there was something to this "Law of Attraction" stuff.

I decided to give it a try, I visualized one million dollars, over and over for a couple of weeks...One day while sitting in the park, a woman I didn't know walked up to me and said " do you want a million dollars", when I said yes , she handed me a million dollar bill, of course it wasn't real, it was part of a radio station advertising promaotion, but it looked like what I thought a million dollar bill should look like, even though I had never seen one, I was amazed as nothing like this ever happened to me before. A week or so later I visualized a pocket watch like my gradfather had, after a few days of that I had an urge to stop at a garage sale...there was the pocket watch almost the same as my grandfathers for a very reasonable price.

After that I started reading one book after another on " The Law of Attraction" "Visualizing", Meditation, Positive Thinking, almost anything on new age thought I would read.

I learned something or was inspired by each one of those books...but there seemed that no matter what I read , there was something missing, a missing piece of the puzzle, or something the authors were leaving out, I didn't realize what it was until I read " Money and the Law of Attraction" , which was the first thing I had ever read written by Jerry and Ester. It was the law of allowing or receiving what Abraham calls "step three". The rest of the books I read were big on the asking part or " step one" , but kind of vague on the receiving part.

In my opinion this book " Money and the Law of Attraction" is the best book on ' The Law of Attraction " and manifesting your desires I have ever read. It gives you detailed instructions on how to manifest what you desire into your reality, and tells you why some peopole get what they don't want in their lives, plus a wealth of other information on why things work and happen the way they do.

In case your wondering if this stuff really works I would have to say without a doubt YES. Since reading the newspaper article on " The Secret" and putting into practice what I have read, I have married the woman of my dreams, and we are very much in love, I have a good full-time job, and work with some great people. My wife and I both have good reliable vehicles, a new home, we always have enough money to live comfortably, neeedless to say I don't think about suicide anymore.

If I could only own one book it would be this one.
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on August 11, 2008
This is the best book Esther and Jerry Hicks have produced with Abraham to date. I didn't think any book could surpass their classic Ask & It Is Given but this one does. It is a brilliant sharing of Abraham's message.

This book gives clear, detailed instructions for creating the life you want. It teaches skills that can be applied to any aspect of your life. If there is an area you would like to improve, you will know by the time you are finished reading how to create that change.
What's new? Some of the most popular topics asked at Abraham-Hicks workshops are covered here in depth, including money and financial abundance, physical well-being, health and body size, and career. Readers get their most expansive perspective of Jerry to date, which is a joy. Strong emphasis is placed on the powerful tool of pivoting to a better-thinking, better-feeling place.

If you could buy only one book on the Law of Attraction, this is it. If you want a happier, more fulfilling, abundant, healthy and fun life, start here.
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on August 14, 2008
I originally discovered the Hicks back in 1985 or so, and found their (Abraham's)message to be one of joy and abundance as the natural way of being. Unlike The Secret and other more recent "abundance/law of attraction" books, this book shares the belief that attracting what you want and being who you want to be is more a matter of getting out of the way than working hard or struggling to "change" your life. As the authors remind us, feeling good and being good is natural and can only attract more good.

The Hicks also remind us that struggle creates more struggle and ease creates more ease. Why struggle to push obstacles out of the way to get what we want, when shifting your point of view just slightly and appreciating the moment and all moments is really the key to achieving your heart's desire.

I agree with a previous reviewer than this book is the best by far in a series of inspiring tapes, CDs and great books by the Hicks.
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on November 17, 2009
If you thought Ask & It Is Given was an excellent book, you will think Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness is phenomenal. Ask and It is Given, the first Abraham Series book that I've read, provided a great introduction to the Law of Attraction. Money and The Law of Attraction provides a more in depth discussion of how to attract wealth, health, and overall happiness. It focuses on the importance of pivoting your thoughts from negative to positive ones--not only for the areas that require change in your life, but all of your thoughts. Abraham, the non-physical entity, that narrates the book, emphasizes that there are two sides to every story--one positive side and one negative side. It is important to learn how to view the positive side to every situation. He notes that in order to attract goodness in your life, you must "feel good." Feeling good keeps you in line with your source spirit, "who you really are." Good thoughts attract good thoughts attract good thoughts. And all of this attracts good energy. So it is important that you do and think thoughts that will cause you to feel good all the time. I really don't think I fully comprehended the Law of Attraction until I read this book. When I read Ask and It is Given, I worked on trying to change my negative thoughts to positive ones only on the areas of my life that needed improvement. From this book, I realize how important pivoting, thinking only positive thoughts throughout my day, on every subject and situation I come across, will attract the abundance and happiness that I'm looking for in my life. I've read the book only a week ago, and already, I've noticed results. A close friend of mine commented that I seem to be a much happier person (and this is only after a week). Some doors that were previously closed are opening up in my life. I'm feeling so much more confident about myself and the goodness that continues to come my way.

I've always thought with the self-help books that it's important to not only discuss how great the book is, but also discuss some of the results. Results are really what people want to see when they invest in a self-help book. Below are some of the manifestations that I noticed a day or so after I started implementing pivoting into my life:


1. I start some side consulting and already have interested clients.
2. I am making significant headway on a small personal goal that required action from others. I thought my success with this goal was out-of-my-hands, but now I see that I'm bringing forth the attraction that is making things happen to my benefit.
3. I'd been trying to open doors to an opportunity for almost a year, and then last week (a couple of days after reading this book and implementing its lessons) I received a phone call that has changed my life.
4. Everyday, I look forward to the wonderful gifts I'm receiving and all it takes is just making sure that I feel good.

What I have done to attract some of these positive things:

1. Before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, I speak my positive affirmations that I will make it my priority to feel good.
2. In the mornings (and sometimes in the evenings before I go to bed), I write down all of my happy thoughts, great things that are happening in my life
3. Throughout the day, I play the #1 process game (discussed in Ask and It is Given but I forget the name of the game) where I focus on things in my immediate environment that pleases me. Example: I love the color of that blouse. It reminds me of the color of the dress I wore to my first high school dance. Wasn't that dance the most fun? Etc.
4. When bad thoughts pop up, I tell myself that's not in line with "who I am" and I think about something uplifting.
5. I work on some of the other processes discussed in Ask and It Is Given.
6. I constantly tell myself that I have a gift of thinking good thoughts and bringing happiness into my life.

Once you start implementing the teachings in this book, it really begins to become second nature. And then start noticing the blessings coming forth. I HIGHLY recommend this book.
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on August 26, 2008
There is no doubt that Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Abraham have, over the past twenty years, presented a radical new way of looking at our lives. I'm so grateful to all that the three of them have done. That said I was disappointed in Money, and the Law of Attraction because it is basically a compilation of material that has been previously published. The same processes (For example, The Wallet Process, The Pivoting Process, and The Book of Positive Aspects Process can be found in previously published Abraham material) I was expecting some new insight regarding money, and was quite surprised to find that I had read the material before. If I was a long time Abraham fan, I wouldn't buy this book, however someone new to Abraham would find it very worthwhile.
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on August 17, 2008
LOVE IT and starting to see abundant results in 3 days!

I totally agree with a previous very helpful review saying that this is the best book by Esther, Jerry Hicks & Abraham, even better than their classic "Ask and It Is Given" book, one of my favorites.

I did read hundreds of prosperity books, plus all The Secret marketing follow-up cash-caws books during the last 3 years, plus I personally knew half of movie's personalities, but something still was missing in my life, my financial prosperity success was very elusive, simply because I did focus too much on the "lack of it", fear, worry, impatience, something for nothing ...

With deep gratitude and appreciation, reading this book and listening to the CD night & day, I did feel that someting clicked deep inside me finally and I did change my inner focus to more freedom, growth and joy, seeing quickly abundant financial results in just 3 days already, plus that all the continous progress: it gets better and better, WOW,

For the one who believes no explanation is necessary, for the one who won't believe no explanation is possible ...

Highly recommeded: if possible I would rate it more than 5 STARS,
because it changes lives, at a much deeper level than The Secret!

PS: As a health consultant, I coach people with advanced cellular nutrition and weight loss, after losing myself 110 pounds during last 1-2 years, and I just want to quickly add that the book's advice on weight management, health issues, careers is very sound, right on the money; one section is better than another, with very deep issues explained in great details.

Overall, this book is a masterpiece, enjoy and offer it as a precious gift to all your friends & family!
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on August 12, 2008
I bought the audio version of this book and it's changed my view point on the "attraction' of money and the way to success! I've seen amazing results in my life in less than ONE WEEK! What I love about this CD collection is that both Jerry AND ABRAHAM read it! The other CDs (Ask and it is GiVEN and Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention) are great and the message is clear, but not read by Abraham but by Jerry. I just LOVE the sound of Abraham's voice. I HIGHLY recommend this and ALL books from Abraham to EVERYONE in the world! They are wonderful, powerful teachers who put it simply "GET HAPPY" (Yes, it does boil down to the Judy Garland song) and everything will fall into place! The Green Room
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on September 9, 2008
I have been a fan (and practicer!) of "Abraham's" teachings for about 13 years now. During that time, I have listened to dozens of their seminar tapes and CD's, and seen Esther, Jerry, and "Abraham" quite a few times at live seminars. (See my earlier review of their CD set "Law of Attraction.")

I believe this book is their best effort yet to make the teachings clear, usable, and accessible to all. A very strange thing happened when I took this book out of the package from Amazon. When I picked up the book my hand actually began to tingle and a kind of euphoric vibration buzzed through my entire body. I knew immediately that this book would be life-changing.

No, I am not a kind of wierd groupie; I have been involved in personal development, healing, and martial arts for the past 45 years, and have had many teachers. But I have never had the feeling of energy I had when I picked up this book.

Although I have explored many paths, I find the Abraham work to be so clear, and of such a high vibration, that it remains my primary method of accessing Spirit for a joyful life and interaction with others.

Although the principles expounded in this book are found throughout much of the other Abraham material, somehow it comes together in this book in a luminous way it has not before. The previous material is clarified and revised, so that it rings even truer than before, and seems more usable.

Even someone with no previous familiarity with the Abraham teachings can pick up this book and start applying its teachings in real life immediately.

I loved Jerry's Preface to this book, for it demonstrated how the Abraham material really does work with consistent application. Twenty years ago,
"Abraham" was heard by a mere handful of people who made their way to Jerry and Esther's living room. Now the Abraham teachings are known worldwide, and Jerry and Esther are able to rent whole cruise ships as the venue for Abraham seminars.

The main caveat for this teaching is that much of it goes totally contrary to all our programming from Mass Media. It is on a wholly different level of energy and awareness. So it needs to be PRACTICED consistently to really reap its benefits.

It is nothing less than a total "reconditioning" of the mind and way one views and operates in the world. But the rewards in applying it are simply amazing.

A rating of Five Stars doesn't even do justice to this wonderful compendium of Abraham teachings.

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on September 11, 2009
Brief background: I went from being laid off from a job in manufacturing industry I had for 10 years to having to move back in with my parents to now owning a successful dog kennel. And it's all thanks to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

I first read Ask and It Is Given and then devoured everything I can get my hands on. I am leaving a review for this DVD because, not only do I believe it is one of their best, but because, I have found, absorbing their teachings is easier watching Esther speak rather than just reading the material.

This DVD is one you can watch over and over when you feel yourself slipping into worry and self-doubt. That's what I did. At my lowest point, I just allowed myself to surrounder and took the advice given. It worked for me. It will work for you.

Also, if you're looking for tools to use beyond the ones Abraham-Hicks offer, I suggest reading The Rich Switch - The Simple 3-Step System to Turn on Instant Wealth Using the Law of Attraction. Tools will help you your energy positive (and more of a magnet for all you want). The more tools you have, the better.
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