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on December 13, 2016
As far as a cheap drawing tablet goes, this one does the job. Need to make sure you get the most up-to-date driver from the web, but otherwise, it works like a charm. The pressure sensitivity is good and allows for a decent amount of detail, especially if you draw with some magnification like I do. I don't use the hotspots or buttons out of personal preference, but I tried them out, and they do work fine. They are programmable too which seems like it would be helpful, but I draw with my keyboard in my lap and greatly prefer keyboard shortcuts. Upgraded to this tablet (thanks to my fiance) after my first one broke - a Genius brand tablet - and it is noticeably better. I did not notice much difference between this tablet and the low-tier Wacoms I used in college. Have never used a mid-tier Wacom though (intuos I believe?).
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on February 23, 2013
Like a lot of other people on this forum are saying, do not connect the tablet USB to the computer until AFTER you install the device driver (located on the CD-ROM) and until AFTER you restart your computer (I'm using a Mac with OS X version 10.8.2).
I made the mistake of connecting the USB to the computer first, to see if a driver would get detected upfront and install itself, and that was not the case. It only messed things up.
The next thing I did wrong was install the battery upside down. The plus side goes in the top and the minus side in the bottom. The way you install the battery is weird and it feels like you are on the fringe of breaking the pen, so I hope the battery life lasts a long time! The battery does not seem to have an on or off button, so you'll know it is working if you can get the pointer on your screen to move around by scrolling the pen across your tablet. Also another good way to know if your tablet is working (this means the driver has been properly installed) even if the pen is causing you trouble, is by opening a program up on your computer and selecting the "close window" button on the tablet. If the tablet is working your program should close out after you press the button. This is how I used the process of elimination to determine if the driver was installed, tablet was working properly, and move on to resolving the battery issue with the pen.
Seemed like quite a bit of work but now I'm happy I got this up and running and from what I understand, this tablet offers a significant savings from others of like quality on the market. I've already started using the tablet to draw basic designs in Adobe Photoshop and it seems to work really well although I still have a ways to go to get fully familiar with the pen and this is the first tablet I have ever owned and operated.
I do think that this tablet may have a shorter shelf life than other better made tablets on the market, just based on the installation process. The instructions are a little odd and not super helpful, but for the price I paid I'll deal with it.

I would recommend this product for those who are:
-Looking for some basic fun
-Entry level designers
-Those on a budget
-Have basic knowledge of how to install software onto a computer
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on September 12, 2014
"Just what I wanted!"
Bought this as a birthday/Christmas give for my daughter who decided all she wanted for her birthday was a drawing tablet. Doing the research beforehand, this one seemed perfect, not only for the price, but also because of all the available functions and options. She's only had it for about a week, but in that short time she has used it quite a bit and is really enjoying everything about it.

One of her favorite things about it is the ability to program some of the keys to her specifications. That function makes this tablet more personal. In her words "Yes! Thank you for that feature. Everyone has their own drawing styles, so who's to say one particular function should have a hot key over another?"

I will add more to the review as she uses it more and gets a better "feel" for her new tablet. But, so far, it's the perfect tablet for an up and coming gifted artist and one that will get well used for many years to come.
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on January 9, 2014
First and foremost, I'm reviewing this as an artist that works digitally and draws every day for hours and hours on end. So this tablet gets A LOT of use from me.

So, I bought this thing quite some time ago (maybe a year ago? I can't quite remember). Because one of my pets chewed through my wacom tablet's cable. At the time I really couldn't afford another wacom tablet, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

This is nothing like a wacom, I can't even begin to put them in the same category. But they're completely different brands and completely different prices.

So like I said, I've had this thing for practically a year and I love it. It's really held up perfectly for me. Sometimes it's a little finicky and won't connect, but if I just unplug it and then plug it back in, it's fine. And at times it looses it's pressure sensitivity, but once again, unplugging it and putting it back in solves the problem.

The drawing surface isn't super smooth, but the slight texture doesn't bother me a bit. However, if you're big on the glass-like smoothness you get from a wacom, the texture on this will probably bother you a little. The buttons on the side are quick and easy, I use them all the time (as a right handed artist). I draw on this thing every day and honestly, I love this little guy. It's light weight and VERY thin, so storing it between drawings is really easy. Plus, I've dropped it, banged it, dropped things ON it, and it's held up just fine. It's not too prone to scratching, and the few scratches it's gotten over time don't affect my drawings at all.

If you're a more casual artist, I'd recomend getting something like this instead of dropping a lot of cash on a wacom. It'll get the job done fairly well and you'll be happy. Afterall, I bought this to just tide me over until I could afford another wacom. But since it's held up so well, I never went and bought another tablet after it. However, if you're a serious artist that's going to be working on art daily, and you have the budget for it, I'd recomend getting a nice wacom instead. But for what it is and it's price, this tablet works just fine and it's a solid buy.
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on March 1, 2015
I absolutely love this tablet. Its active area is so big and the buttons on the side are a wonderful feature. I bought the 10x6 with the programmable hot keys but I don't find myself using them, at least yet.

I think the Monoprice is just as good, if nit better than the Wacom. I had the Bamboo Fun (which is now entirely discontinued) and I had MAJOR issues with it for years. I finally had enough and purchased this tablet by a friend's recommendation. I don't think I'm going back to over priced tablets.
review image
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on October 22, 2015
After 2+ years using these and being thrilled with the quality (had to buy a couple from my own damage to older models) I have to leave a bad review because there is some major issue with the drivers on mac (Yosemite and El Capitan) and more than 50% of the time I end up having to restart my computer several times just to get the tablet to recognize hotkeys which are crucial to my workflow, and another error with the pen leaving "blobs" even with a brand new tablet + brand new pen

I have owned 3 tablets and 4 pens in total, have tried several pens and tablets, same issues, tried reinstalling drivers, same issues, not to mention I had to dig all over the internet just to find the appropriate drivers as my laptop does not have a cd drive.

Going to finally jump ship to Wacom, I was enthusiastic about competitors since i hate the stranglehold wacom has on the art world but at least they have up to date easy to find drivers and customer support. Very very disappointed to have to leave this review.
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on August 20, 2012
I bought this tablet for my teenage daughter, who is getting interested in creating digital artwork on her laptop. Since teenager's interests come and go, I didn't want to spend a lot for a high-end tablet, but I wanted one that wasn't as small as most other tablets in this price range, which might discourage her from using it. This tablet has a comparatively large drawing area and hotkeys down the side and across the top, making it appear to be as useful as more expensive tablets.

The only downside is that the pen requires a battery, which makes it a little bit larger than other tablet pens, but as another reviewer mentioned, you can buy a lot of batteries for the difference in price between this and a Wacom, and it's size doesn't seem to be a hindrance in any way. It feels natural holding it. The construction feels a bit cheap; it's clearly not made from expensive high-tech materials, but it's solid without being too heavy, and it doesn't feel like it's going to break easily.

Bottom line, it's a great beginner/intermediate tablet. It's cheap and it works. My daughter is very happy with it, and I'm thinking about getting one for myself.
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on July 10, 2012
I have been a loyal Wacom customer for years and until recently you couldn't convince that it's possible to buy a decent tablet for under $150. The main thing I have noticed with this tablet is the great response time when creating art with large files in PS (almost no delay on screen...even the Intuos had some delay). Maybe it's simply updated technology, but even on my old laptop, I noticed greater control and more accurate pen pressure sensitivity. The one thing I miss about the Intuos is its customizable buttons that make keyboard shortcuts even shorter-- it's nice not having to switch between the keyboard and the tablet when I want to use a keyboard shortcut. The Monoprice tablet does have a button for almost anything you can think of... except the two buttons I use the most: spacebar and option key. Either way, I'd say this is a great product and I wish it was around to save me some money 6 years ago when I was a student.
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on November 7, 2014
This is my first drawing tablet, so I really don't have a basis for comparison. I waited a loooong time to order this one because I am not particular techy and all the negative reviews about installing it scared me. I read over online tutorials carefully and the #1 piece of advice was to install the drivers first, restart the computer and then plug in the tablet, otherwise Windows would try to use its own drivers. I pretty much have no idea what that all means, but it seemed like solid advice so I took it. The tablet installed with absolutely no issues. I started using it right away with Photoshop. It's so easy to use, I'm just in love with it. I bought it to draw with and edit photos but now I pretty much use it over my mouse, since I have carpal tunnel, and this alleviates the pressure on my wrist. I love the hot keys, particularly zoom in and zoom out! The only thing that's hard to do is scrolling, since it's a large tablet and you have to move your arm a lot to navigate the whole screen. The other negative is that the natural position I hold a pen interferes with the stylus buttons occasionally, making for some startling pop-ups of menus, but all I have to do is twist the stylus around and I'm fine. I'm still working on my control of the stylus, but I think that's more practice than design flaw.

Again, I can't compare this to anything else, except a mouse, and I've only had it for about a week so I can't speak about durability yet, but for the price I am more than thrilled with this purchase. If you have concerns about installing it, read the FAQs and follow the suggested links for step by step instructions and support.
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on November 23, 2013
This is an unbelievable deal! I sold my Wacom Bamboo fun tablet and got this. The work area is larger. and the hot keys are fabulous. The pen needs a battery, and unlike what others cribbed about, I had no issue installing the battery and closing the pen.

Many users say that we should install the drivers BEFORE connecting the tablet. However, the foam cover protecting the tablet said the opposite. I followed that direction, attached the tablet, Windows 7 installed a generic driver. I then installed the drivers from the CD, and the right drivers were installed, and the tablet control appeared on the task bar.

So far, I am so glad I bought this. I have other monoprice products (audio/video cables), but not an electronic item. So, I got the 2 year Square Trade warranty for $6, and still came way ahead of buying a 10X6 Wacom.

I am a photoshop user, and do not use varying pen pressure that much. However, I did play around with it and looks like the claim of 1024 levels may be true.
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