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on September 18, 2015
So far, a waste of money. It's not working at all. I've installed everything properly, even going online to try to find a solution. I tried fixing the pen; changed the battery from the one that came with it, tried a different nib, tried adjusting the battery lead. But nothing is working. The blue light on the tablet itself is blinking and isn't stopping. And on the CD that came with the tablet to install the necessary drives it says that light is supposed to be green. What? Mine is blue, is there a problem here, what's going on? Not happy with what I've received.
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on October 22, 2015
After 2+ years using these and being thrilled with the quality (had to buy a couple from my own damage to older models) I have to leave a bad review because there is some major issue with the drivers on mac (Yosemite and El Capitan) and more than 50% of the time I end up having to restart my computer several times just to get the tablet to recognize hotkeys which are crucial to my workflow, and another error with the pen leaving "blobs" even with a brand new tablet + brand new pen

I have owned 3 tablets and 4 pens in total, have tried several pens and tablets, same issues, tried reinstalling drivers, same issues, not to mention I had to dig all over the internet just to find the appropriate drivers as my laptop does not have a cd drive.

Going to finally jump ship to Wacom, I was enthusiastic about competitors since i hate the stranglehold wacom has on the art world but at least they have up to date easy to find drivers and customer support. Very very disappointed to have to leave this review.
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on April 8, 2014
The MP1060-HA60 is a solid budget tablet and a great alternative to pricier Wacom tablets. At least, it is when it works. I purchased this tablet for an artist that I work with, and he was initially very happy with it. Unfortunately, it suffered from a number of strange and frustrating issues including dead zones on the drawing surface, pen jitter that would come and go, odd behavior when quickly lifting the pen off the surface, and other small annoyances. We returned the tablet, hoping that maybe we'd just been unlucky enough to get a bad unit, but the replacement suffered from the exact same faults. Even these quirks might have been tolerable, but the tablet would also randomly stop responding until it was unplugged and plugged back in. Sometimes even that wouldn't work, and a full on restart of the computer was necessary to get it to respond again.

Both myself and the person I bought it for have a background in IT and a fair amount of experience dealing with computer nonsense, but neither one of us was able to solve what we ultimately decided was some sort of driver issue and/or compatibility issue with 64-bit Photoshop and Windows 7. There's a lot of advice on the internet about the particular order to do things when setting up this tablet (all of which, by the way, runs directly contrary to the instructions in the package), which drivers should be installed, and other arcane rituals that probably only have any effect through sheer coincidence. We stopped just short of reformatting the computer that the tablet was going to be used on. The bottom line is that it seems to be a bit of crapshoot as to whether you'll get this thing working and, if you do, whether it'll continue to work well over time.

In the end we decided to spend some extra money and get a Wacom, which worked flawlessly right out of the box. I'm not going to say that "you get what you pay for" or whatever, though, because I really do think this is a good alternative for a great price so long as your go in with your eyes open. If you can get it working, great. If not, send it back and pick up something better.
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on August 20, 2012
I bought this tablet for my teenage daughter, who is getting interested in creating digital artwork on her laptop. Since teenager's interests come and go, I didn't want to spend a lot for a high-end tablet, but I wanted one that wasn't as small as most other tablets in this price range, which might discourage her from using it. This tablet has a comparatively large drawing area and hotkeys down the side and across the top, making it appear to be as useful as more expensive tablets.

The only downside is that the pen requires a battery, which makes it a little bit larger than other tablet pens, but as another reviewer mentioned, you can buy a lot of batteries for the difference in price between this and a Wacom, and it's size doesn't seem to be a hindrance in any way. It feels natural holding it. The construction feels a bit cheap; it's clearly not made from expensive high-tech materials, but it's solid without being too heavy, and it doesn't feel like it's going to break easily.

Bottom line, it's a great beginner/intermediate tablet. It's cheap and it works. My daughter is very happy with it, and I'm thinking about getting one for myself.
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on July 10, 2012
I have been a loyal Wacom customer for years and until recently you couldn't convince that it's possible to buy a decent tablet for under $150. The main thing I have noticed with this tablet is the great response time when creating art with large files in PS (almost no delay on screen...even the Intuos had some delay). Maybe it's simply updated technology, but even on my old laptop, I noticed greater control and more accurate pen pressure sensitivity. The one thing I miss about the Intuos is its customizable buttons that make keyboard shortcuts even shorter-- it's nice not having to switch between the keyboard and the tablet when I want to use a keyboard shortcut. The Monoprice tablet does have a button for almost anything you can think of... except the two buttons I use the most: spacebar and option key. Either way, I'd say this is a great product and I wish it was around to save me some money 6 years ago when I was a student.
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on November 7, 2014
This is my first drawing tablet, so I really don't have a basis for comparison. I waited a loooong time to order this one because I am not particular techy and all the negative reviews about installing it scared me. I read over online tutorials carefully and the #1 piece of advice was to install the drivers first, restart the computer and then plug in the tablet, otherwise Windows would try to use its own drivers. I pretty much have no idea what that all means, but it seemed like solid advice so I took it. The tablet installed with absolutely no issues. I started using it right away with Photoshop. It's so easy to use, I'm just in love with it. I bought it to draw with and edit photos but now I pretty much use it over my mouse, since I have carpal tunnel, and this alleviates the pressure on my wrist. I love the hot keys, particularly zoom in and zoom out! The only thing that's hard to do is scrolling, since it's a large tablet and you have to move your arm a lot to navigate the whole screen. The other negative is that the natural position I hold a pen interferes with the stylus buttons occasionally, making for some startling pop-ups of menus, but all I have to do is twist the stylus around and I'm fine. I'm still working on my control of the stylus, but I think that's more practice than design flaw.

Again, I can't compare this to anything else, except a mouse, and I've only had it for about a week so I can't speak about durability yet, but for the price I am more than thrilled with this purchase. If you have concerns about installing it, read the FAQs and follow the suggested links for step by step instructions and support.
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on November 23, 2013
This is an unbelievable deal! I sold my Wacom Bamboo fun tablet and got this. The work area is larger. and the hot keys are fabulous. The pen needs a battery, and unlike what others cribbed about, I had no issue installing the battery and closing the pen.

Many users say that we should install the drivers BEFORE connecting the tablet. However, the foam cover protecting the tablet said the opposite. I followed that direction, attached the tablet, Windows 7 installed a generic driver. I then installed the drivers from the CD, and the right drivers were installed, and the tablet control appeared on the task bar.

So far, I am so glad I bought this. I have other monoprice products (audio/video cables), but not an electronic item. So, I got the 2 year Square Trade warranty for $6, and still came way ahead of buying a 10X6 Wacom.

I am a photoshop user, and do not use varying pen pressure that much. However, I did play around with it and looks like the claim of 1024 levels may be true.
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on April 17, 2014
I absolutely loved this tablet. I haven't used expensive ones like Wacom in order to compare, but for what I did know, this was great. can't speak to the buttons on the tablet itself, as I rarely used them, but I can say that the stylus was very comfortable and the right-click button wasn't too awkward, considering there aren't many places to put it. I like the mate, but relatively smooth, texture of the writing surface, and the fact that it came with a bunch of extra stylus tips.

Sadly, I wasn't careful with this unit and let things get set on it and managed to break it. :( When I replaced it, I chose a cheaper Turcom Tursion model ( and although that model is fine, I like this one a whooooooooole lot better. I really wish I'd spent the extra $15 to get this one again. I'll absolutely buy this model again if I ever have a need for another new tablet.
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on July 1, 2014
I am only reviewing the product itself, post-installation, because installation was a nightmare! First, if you run Windows 8+, you will NOT want to install the drivers from the CD, and you will NOT be able to get them from uc-logic's site because most of their site is empty and void of any drivers whatsoever (I tried on multiple PCs with multiple browsers, just in case the pages just weren't being loaded correctly). I initially installed the drivers from the CD and found that I had no pen pressure sensitivity in any drawing product that I have (sketchbook and photoshop). So, after several reinstalls and a few hours browsing the web, and no luck finding anything useful, I decided to uninstall the drivers, and to remove the PC Tablet device from my system (selecting to delete the drivers as well when it prompted me to). I did that through the device manager. Once I removed that, I rebooted and unplugged the tablet. I waited for windows to completely load, then plugged in the tablet and let windows install whatever it thought was appropriate. Now the tablet works with pen sensitivity. Go figure.

As for the tablet, I love how sensitive the pen is. The pen does require a AAA battery, and they put one in the package for you. The battery was very difficult to install. You have to peel back the rubber grip, then pull out the front part of the pen which will reveal a very flimsy battery holder (it's a thin piece of metal). I stuck the battery in as carefully as possible, then put the front of the pen back in, which was very very tight with the battery in place. I am actually a little worried about pulling it back out when I have to replace the battery; yes it was that difficult to insert.

The thing works as advertized. I haven't tried programming the pen buttons yet, but I haven't really needed to. There is a lot of functionality on the left side of the tablet as well. The icons on top of the tablet look like they are supposed to do something, but they don't.

Pros: Very sensitive, very smooth drawing with a nice big drawing area.
Cons: Incredibly difficult to install in Windows 8.1 unless you just let windows pick the drivers and throw that CD you get with it away. The battery holder is way too flimsy. Very bad design there. When you hold the pen about an inch away (let's say it would happen when you are talking to someone or otherwise distracted, and your hand drifts) it will start to draw, even if you are not touching the tablet. It seems to only do this when it gets right on the border of the max pen range.
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on April 6, 2017
It only works, if i plug it after the operational system completely turned on. Not before. If I leave it plugged when shut down and turn the computer on while the tablet plugged into the computer, the tracking wouldn't work. I revised my review from one star to two star, because the unit works only not up to my expectation.
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