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on July 18, 2016
I have had nothing but great experience with Monoprice gear and cables, mostly buying direct from their site. Now I needed a coax for my TV somewhat urgently – my hide-all-the-cables project couldn't stall any longer – so I ordered via Prime.
The cable that arrived looked fine at first, quite thick, as a quad shielded coax should be. But the copper inner connector finishing is really bad: the ends arrived off-center, not cut straight, and slightly bent.
At first I couldn't even get them to mate with my TV antenna input. After trying to center them, I could finally screw the end in. But I'm wondering how good the connection is, and what it might do to my equipment?
Absolutely not recommended. I'll see what the return policy is, I can't really be without a cable so I hope they do what they do in direct sales: just send a new one out.
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on April 8, 2017
I bought a 15' and a 1' cable and they worked fine but had RG59 connectors (see images).

I replaced the cables after a Verizon tech believed they were RG59, though replacing these with true RG6 cables didn't make any difference in my picture quality. This connector mistake might have been only for a limited time (I purchased these in May 2015) but if you get a connector that looks like the picture then the cable is not a true RG59 cable and you should get a refund.
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on September 1, 2016
The quality of the F Connectors are very poor. Made in China! The ends are uneven and the metal is easily bendable. Someone else posted a picture of theirs, and mine was just as bad on both the 6 foot and 50 foot cable that I ordered. I returned them and ordered the ones sold by Blue Jeans Cable that uses Belden coax cable. It is more pricy, but higher quality and made in USA.
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on December 8, 2017
Perfect! I used this with Extreme 2 Way HD Digital 1Ghz High Performance Coax Cable Splitter BDS102H. I have one cable wall outlet for my living room and dinning room. Now both of my Smart TV's are connected to a single outlet. When I'm in the dinning room I can use my computer or watch the television.
My family can watch TV or use the internet in the living room while use the dinning room. All from one cable outlet connection. You may wonder, What's the big deal? Well, I can spend time with my family in the same space, but we can enjoy different things. We still laugh and interact.
It's better if we aren't on different floors. And I didn't need help from my son to complete the project.
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on October 7, 2013
I bought this cable directly from Monoprice here on Amazon. What I got was a very good quality RG6 quad-shield cable with heavy gauge center conductor and nicely molded connectors. Other sellers list generic cables that look similar but may or may not be decent quality. Some inferior cables are listed RG6 but don't have the heave gauge center conductor, might not be CL2 rated, and sometimes don't even have the quad shielding. I give this RG6 cable from Monoprice 5 stars because it is a good quality cable at a great price (with a price like this, you're better off buying RG6 instead of cheaper RG59). But if you buy this particular Monoprice-branded product from a seller other than Monoprice or Amazon directly, you might end up with a junky knock-off not worthy of any stars - Caveat Emptor. There are tons of generic coaxial cables out there, but only a few noteworthy sellers are delivering a good value product.
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on January 31, 2014
This is a good cable with sturdy connectors. I'm using it for a digital antenna that receives free over-the-air (OTA) channels in HD. This cable noticeably bumped up the picture quality. The 75 OHM/Quad Shield makes a big difference. I bought a similar cable at a retail store and it costed twice as much. Remember to include the height a cable may have to go to travel to reach the TV/DVR/Antenna into the length that you purchase. For OTA antenna's, it's best to add in more length than you think you may need. The 'sweet-spot' for the best reception may be on an opposing wall. The extra length would allow you to run the cable under an area rug to the other wall.
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on October 15, 2015
Received Defective Cable, copper tips were severely bent. Not sure if this occurred during transit. Also, the connectors come off pretty easily, exposing the remaining part of the copper as well as foil. I requested a replacement from Amazon, and both the replacement as well as defective pieces were of slightly different lengths, one being slightly longer than three feet and other being slightly smaller than three feet. The cable feels flimsy and cheaply made. I was expecting better from Monoprice. Anything tri-shielded and up is sufficient. Definitely consider purchasing coaxial cable with better build quality.
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VINE VOICEon December 23, 2013
QUICK SUMMARY: These work as expected, but it was unexpectedly hard to install on my HDTV because the threads on the antenna input on my HDTV are vertically positioned, not horizontally positioned (so the HDTV can be wall-mounted, with the cable running straight down from the TV set). The thick, knobby end of this cable make it very difficult to screw onto the threads of my HDTV because the knobby part was butted up against the back panel of the TV. Make sense? Whether this is a problem for you or not depends on how you'll use the cable, and the spacing around your device's screw threads of your antenna input.

BACKGROUND: I bought two of these to evenly split the signal from my outside antenna between my HDTV and my DVR. These are short (so the antenna signal doesn't erode by traveling a long distance), but long enough to do the job.


- They work
- They were affordable as add-on items with the RCA splitter
- They were Amazon Prime-eligible


- The thick, black, knobby end of the cable made it overly difficult to use with the vertical placement of my antenna input on my HDTV

CONCLUSION: I would buy these again, since the difficulty I had just meant a little more effort and a little more frustration than what I expected. But they work, so that's the important thing. Recommended.
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on May 25, 2013
These are coax cables so no need for huge fanfare, but they are nice quality (nice enough for my use) and the price is definitely right. Used these to split the incoming cable coax line to my Time Warner cable/phone modem and the new modem I bought to avoid the annoying $4 monthly modem fee. Worked like a charm! Wanted to buy short cables so not too have a rats nest of cabling. Remember that coaxial cabling is very stiff and cannot be bent on a dime, so don't buy them too short. These seemed to be the perfect length, not too short, not too long.

One thing to note: I did some basic research online and read somewhere that if you split the incoming coaxial cable line, then the subsequent lines should be the same length or you might experience issues. Not an electrician or cable guy, so please do your own research. At these prices, no big deal buying a matching pair.
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on September 22, 2011
I purchased two of these cables to try to alleviate a problem that had developed with my cable/internet setup. I have a coax splitter hooked up in my living room with my cable modem on one out and my tv on the other. This worked fine for almost 2 years with normal coax cables, then I started getting interference- the TV signal degraded a lot and the internet would drop out unexpectedly. I thought the problem was the splitter itself (the cable guy also told me that the splitter was the problem), but after swapping it out to no avail I did some research and apparently the problem is interference between the two devices. Switching to the Quad-shielded cables has cleared it up completely, plus the nice short length has eliminated the rat's nest behind my tv.

I'd recommend this as a solution if you're having similar problems, especially as the price of 2 of these is way less than for a fancy-pants splitter (which was going to be my next thing to try).
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