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on November 22, 2011
I have had this a little over a week now and havent had any issues. A little hesitant to buy based on some poor reviews, but for less than 5 bucks I figured worst case it would go in the garbage. One note for anybody looking, the sensor bar does not come with any instructions so I will summarize how I got mine to work. With the Wii off, I unplugged the wired sensor bar that came with my wii, inserted 4 AAA batteries into the wireless sensor bar, turned on my Wii, hit the power button on the front of the sensor bar and it worked right away! As another reviewer noted, range seems to be increased with the new bar.
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on November 5, 2014
Ordinarily, I find that Monoprice products are good - multiply that by how inexpensive they are, and I would say that makes Monoprice products quite good. They're not the very best, but their build quality is reliably good, they're functional, and they're CHEAP!
The semi-cheapness does show when one tries to attach the included sticky-foot. The bar can attach two ways. The foot has two little pegs that are meant to snap into the bottom of the bar. The spacing of these pegs is ever-so-slightly off, so that the two pieces will fit together, but will likely spring apart. The bar can also slide into the "c" shaped foot, and that seems to work. I have not actually mounted it this way, yet, so I can't say for sure how securely the bar is held.
But then there is a real exception to the "Monoprice products are good" rule. This item is heavy and the power switch inspires confidence, so the "build quality" portion of the rule appears to stand. And the item works, but only in a limited way. There is ALMOST NO off-axis functionality: my Wiimote must be on a line that is almost perpendicular to the bar in order for my Wii to "see" it. That is to say, I must be almost straight in front of the TV for this to work. (I must say that the range is good - I can be 15 or 20 feet away, as long as I am "straight" in front of the device.) I have not yet tried removing the plastic lenses from the front of the device, which one reviewer suggested would help. (He may not have been reviewing this item, but I might try it anyway.)
All in all, I must give this item a pass. If you ONLY want it for controlling your Wii (e.g. to select items from the menu), and you will be on-axis, this might be ok. If you want to play games that require it, or have any other reason for doing so, I would suggest you try a better light-bar.
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on September 12, 2015
It was easy to set up. Once I put batteries in it and powered it up it found my wii and just worked. That's the pro of this device. No wire. The cons are numerous (1) it eats batteries. If you use a lot you'll be replacing its AAA batteries weekly, (2) it isn't as responsive as the wired bar. It seems to have a narrower field of view so you really need to be in a very tight zone before it will pick you up. This can be a problem especially when more than 2 players trying to fit into this small zone of view., (3) zero customer support. Mine stopped working inexplicably after a couple of months and the company doesn't offer help. They can accept returns within 30 days and after that you're on your own. Get a wired replacement. Not worth the battery cost and the limitations that this device results in
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on March 18, 2017
When I first bought this item, I thought I was supposed to connect this to my Wii via bluetooth. I didn't realize that this is just an infrared source and does not transmit any information. I still could not get this to work with Wii, but it works great with the dolphin emulator. So, depending on what you are using this for, it seems like a good product. I will try to get back with how the batteries hold up soon.
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on July 20, 2015
We have had this for 8 months. Battery life is outstanding, especially considering my kids rarely remember to turn it off when they are done playing Wii. I can see it on the mantle in front of me as I write this, and the red "on" light is lit at 11:57 PM. LOL. Very responsive. It just works.
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on October 16, 2014
This device works perfectly well, I just didn't realize that it had a power button separate from the console. So, while I can use my Wii remote to turn on the Wii, I have to get up to turn the sensor on manually. The sensor that comes with the Wii is hooked up to the console, so I didn't really think about this. Kind of a bummer.
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on September 25, 2013
I bought this for a project to use with my PC to emulate Nintendo Wii games with the Dolphin emulator. It actually works beautifully with the Nintendo Wii controller and a Bluetooth USB dongle I got for dirt cheap. Really, all this sensor does is shoot a IR signal out and the controller syncs itself by the location of that IR light. Instead of killing batteries over and over and spending lots of money, I actually snipped an end of a USB cord off, and I soldered the red (to positive) and black to (ground/negative), and I plug this into my TV's USB port to power it up, and now I can play Nintendo Wii games on my PC at 1080p resolution. It looks WAY better than the console itself on my TV.
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on August 6, 2013
Got to use this sensor bar for a couple of days before it started having problems. First, it started to have problems working from more than six feet away. Then the signal started to flicker, causing havoc for our Wii remotes and any attempts to play games. Now it simply doesn't seem to light up at all. The on/off switch works and the red light comes on, but Wii remotes are not responsive.

Was very hopeful this would be a good wireless sensor bar solution because it is so very cheap (and because some other Monoprice products are fine), but no such luck.

You get what you pay for, I guess. Better off going with the Nyko wireless bar if you must go wireless. After this experience, I will more than likely just pull out the wired bar for games that need it on my Wii U.

Really can't recommend this product.
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on December 29, 2014
The sensor works reasonably well, but it has a much less left to right angle compared to the OEM (wired) product. Using my OEM product, about 7 ft away from the TV, I have about 120 degree angle where the sensor works. The Monoprice (mine was actually branded as Orbital) only works around 45 degree angle, which means unless you are right in front of the TV, the sensor does not work. Again, this is not really a "sensor" but a IR emitter, which means that the angle of IR being emitted is much narrower on this product. I will see if I can get a multiple people game going, and if not, I will replace.
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on September 28, 2012
I just bought this and a Wii-mote as a fun way to interact with my computer. I don't actually have a Wii, so it took me about five minutes of searching on Google to get this to work. Set up is easy; there is none. Just pop in the batteries and turn on the sensor bar. The Wii does not work like the Xbox Kinect or PS Move: the sensor bar does not actually interact with your Wii, you don't need to connect it or anything (a wired bar just draws power from your Wii); All of the data is sent and received through the Wii-mote, it just uses the IR light on the bar (invisible to your eye) as a point of reference for movement of the remote. HERE IS HOW TO TELL IF YOUR BAR WORKS: **digital cameras can detect IR light waves**; get your digital camera or turn on the camera on your phone; point the camera at the sensor bar; take a picture or examine the screen of your camera; examine the picture or screen (while pointing it at the bar [come on now]); if you see 3 lights on both extreme ends of your bar, YOUR BAR IS IN WORKING ORDER. The possible problems are: (1) the lighting in the room is poor (you know how those little RC helicopters won't work in a dark room? They're based on IR waves as well); (2) the battery in your Wii-mote is low;(3) just move the bar, it may be placed poorly (you need to be within about ten feet of any sensor bar and again, the Wii mote is the actual data sender and receiver for the console, and since it is based on Bluetooth its range is about 30 feet from the console)(also, your Wii-mote needs to actually "see" the bar); and finally, (4) the front of the bar, the part that should be facing you, is the face with the actual power button on it. Also, I've had no problems with the stand. None.

TL;DR: Just turn it on and make sure it's pointing the right way.
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