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Monster MP HTS 1600 8-Outlet Power Center with Stage 2 Clean Power (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

4.5 out of 5 stars 181 customer reviews
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  • Monster Clean Power; Stage 2 v.2.1 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise.
  • T2: automatic disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry. $350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
  • Tri-Mode: power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect.
  • 3618 Joule rating provides a high level of surge absorption.
3 used from $243.99
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Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Monster
  • Model Number: MP HTS 1600
  • Item Height: 5.3 inches
  • Item Length: 21.3 inches
  • Item Width: 11.6 inches
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Product Description

Product Description

Model no. mp hts 1600 8 color-coded outlets digital meter displays voltage provides ac power protection for home theater components & surge protected coax phone & network connections protects cable satellite tivo(r) phone & network monster(r) clean power(tm) stage 2 v2.1 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise tri-mode(tm) power protection with audible alarm & auto disconnect 3618 joules provide high level surge absorption features 2 pairs of surge-protected 2.5 ghz coaxial connectors 1 pair of surge-protected phone connectors including splitter & pair of network connectors

From the Manufacturer

HTS 1600

Technology Today

Advancements in technology have brought faster, higher definition products that are capable of processing large amounts of data but are also quite sensitive to the components that drive them. Too little power and these devices will not function at an optimum level, too much power and these devices can be damaged beyond repair.
Clean Power 2 The Ups and Downs of Power

AC Power by nature is ever-changing, appliances turning on and off in your home (as well as your neighbor's home) causes voltage to surge and spike, this is sometimes noticeable in the form of lights dimming. This causes a state of flux for the power running your delicate electronic devices which can have a negative effect on the functionality of those devices. Other conditions such as power outages and lightning strikes only increase this fluctuation.

When power returns after an outage it does not roll in gently like a ripple on a lake, it surges and spikes like a wave on an ocean during a hurricane. It is these surges that damage the delicate components in electronic devices making them unusable. Even under normal power operation, surges and spikes can damage electronic devices.

Proper connection to an advance surge protector that offers integrated system protection can help minimize the risk of permanent damage....

coax protection

Protection You Can Rely On

Unlike standard surge protectors, the Monster PowerCenter HTS1600 protection provides multiple layers of defense against harmful surges and spikes with patented Tri-Mode and exclusive T2 protection. The Microprocessor controlled T2 circuitry continuously minotors power conditions to not only block out surges and spikes, but also disconnects the PowerCenter and all of the connected devices. After power is disconnected, T2 circuitry continues to monitor power conditions and automatically reconnects the power once a safe condition is reached.

Protection is only part of the equation; Monster's Tri-Mode circuitry includes an audible alarm and an LED display that shows the current incoming power line voltage. No more guess work on troubleshooting high or low voltage conditions like spikes or brownouts.
350k LCW Keeping it Clean

Fluctuations in power are bad enough for proper electronic devices functionality; add the noise pollution in power lines created by the appliances in your home and outside interference, and protection is only the beginning of the requirement.

Electrical power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, radio transmitters, cell phones- all generate electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise which pollutes AC power.

The pollution in the power line has an adverse effect on the performance of electronic devices, preventing them from performing at at an optimum level. Video will not be as crisp and jittery; audio will sound unclear and accurate to the point of even having noticeable levels of buzzes and noise. Monster's Clean Power circuitry filters out power pollution by utilizing special filters to dramatically reduce electronic noise on your AC power line. You'll see a more vivid picture and hear more natural sound with increased dynamic range and less noise giving back the performance you never knew you lost...

Making Life Easier

In addition to protecting your valuable electronics, Monster PowerCenter provides convenience for connecting and placement generic surge protectors cannot. The FlatProfile plug allows for furniture to be flush with your walls, and the color-coded labeled outlets let you know just what is connected, no more unplugging the wrong device. All this combines with a generous 8-foot powered cord, ensuring that no wall outlet is out of reach...

Peace of Mind

With Monster PowerCenter HTS1600 you can rest easy knowing that if something should go wrong, your connected equipment is protected by Monsters Connected Equipment Warranty. That is something you cannot find on a generic power strip...

Product Information

Product Dimensions 21.3 x 11.6 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight 14.6 pounds
Shipping Weight 9.4 pounds
Department Electronics & Computers
Manufacturer Monster
Shipping Advisory This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
Item model number MP HTS 1600
Customer Reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars 181 customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #1,034 in Computers & Accessories > Computer Accessories > Surge Protectors
#1,699 in Electronics > Accessories & Supplies > Power Protection
#17,098 in Electronics > Accessories & Supplies > Home Audio Accessories
Date first available at Amazon.com June 5, 2006

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here


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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
Line conditioners like this are kind of a sore subject for a lot of people. They say you don't need one, they are over priced, they don't do anything special. Guess what? They are wrong. I know from experience. I got the HTS 1600 on a lightning deal to replace another unit that had taken a direct lightning hit. 4 of the 8 outlets on the old power center were fried and yet the equipment connected to them took no damage at all. You think $100 or so is too much to spend to protect potentially thousands of dollars in home entertainment equipment? I say that is crazy!

What this Monster Power Center does is clean the electrical feed to the components (inconsistent power can cause damage to your equipment), automatically shuts down current to connected devices if too much (or too little, which can damage components as well) energy is sensed, and provides protection against lightning strikes. Like Monster or not, this product is worth the investment. A few years ago I bought one of these for my parents. They had a lot of electrical interference within their home. If they used the microwave they would get static in the picture on their television. Once connected to the power center, that interference disappeared. Don't think these things do what they claim? Ask my parents (who's entertainment system also survived a lightning strike without complication)!

At the end of the day you'll hardly notice whether or not these things work...Until they have to. Then and maybe only then will you appreciate the value of this, or any other line conditioner/power center.
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Verified Purchase
First I actually own this item and bought it on Amazon.

Someone wrote a review here saying that Monster had made a "snake oil" claim that power conditioning can give you better audio and video quality and that there was zero scientific basis for these claims. As a person who spent 20+ years in the video production business I can say with complete confidence this person is absolutely provably WRONG.

While Monster does tend to make "snake oil" claims about some of its products the claim power conditioning can give you better audio and video quality is 100% true. You do not have to live in a 100 year old house, a new house can have wiring faults which for numerous reasons can interfere with audio and video, sometimes you create them when setting up your equipment. Power problems are notorious for causing HDMI faults, audio receiver buzzing, analog picture problems, interference of all kinds that degrade audio and video. For instance my house a 17 year old addition with then new wiring to a new panel and I have always had a buzz in my audio without a power conditioner.

For years I used a Tripplite power conditioning (which 17 years ago cost more than this Monster unit) and since that failed I have been using a APC battery backup system with power conditioning which now requires a new battery so in the meanwhile I purchased Monster MP HTS 1600 which does what it is supposed to do and does it well, no buzz. Along with that the unit is well made, attractive, and displays enough info to let you see if there is a serious power problem.

Monster has it faults and does tend oversell and over promise benefits for some of it products but not with this unit the Monster MP HTS 1600 does the job and at a reasonable price.

If anyone tells that power conditioning cannot improve you audio and video and is "snake oil" do not trust anything they say on electronics because they do not know what they are talking about.
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Verified Purchase
i was very hesitant about ordering this product not a big believer in how well it would work, but for a hundred bucks i thought it was worth it just for the power surge protection. to my suprise this is a heavy well made product, and i did notice my sound being slightly better. i have a pioner elite sc35 amp 2 3d dvd blue ray player and a 60 inch plasma flat screen, poered sub woofer ect ect, i have alot of money tied up in high end equipment and for the 100 bucks this product exceeded my expextations and is a small price to pay to protect all my toys
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Verified Purchase
I know Monster products tend to be over priced, but I have had this unit for several years now and it has worked flawlessly. When I originally purchased this unit, it was twice the current price of $97.00. I like the fact that it is slim and can fit in places that other power conditioners can't. It is designed to fit in the cabinet with the rest of your components. However, due to the possibility of added heat, I keep it underneath my component cabinet. I don't use the coax or telephone line conditioner aspect of this unit so I can't comment on that. And while I can't say that this unit "enhances" or makes the sound of my components better, I do like how it protects them with the $350,000 connected equipment warranty.
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Verified Purchase
I don't want to get into a debate as to whether or not the quality of your audio or video is improved by this device. Unless you use analog sources and have especially dirty electrical lines, I doubt you can honestly say there's a difference... but you be the judge.

That aside, you can easily spend twenty or thirty bucks on a decent, run-of-the-mill surge protector, but with this bad boy not only do you get the surge protection, line conditioning, a claimed warranty against damage due to electrical issues, but you get one dang cool looking piece of equipment for your AV rack! Seriously. Consider that in your decision - it looks cool.

We actually had a series of three serious, sequential power failures about a month after installing this, and whether or not it contributed, everything survived without incident. The front panel gives you a constant readout of the voltage levels of the line. I typically see mine fluctuate between 117-121. Once in the 3 months that it's been installed, it detected a surge (or drop?) large enough to shut the equipment down for its own protection. I don't think it makes this decision lightly, so I'm glad it was on the job.

Do you *need* it? Hopefully not. Will it improve your AV quality? Eh, maybe. Will you find peace and enjoyment seeing it do its thing? You bet.
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