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on November 30, 2012
I bought this doll for my 6 year old daughter for christmas. Draculaura is her favorite doll, she has all the draculaura dolls that came out. This doll is beautiful, her wings is attach to her back and waist and it is completely removeable. Her little skeleton is so adorable , his head moves and he has a hole in his head where you can put a bow in it. Her make-up is flawless, she has a red heart on her cheeks and a cob web make up design over and under her eyes. The top of her dress is white and the bottom has three layers black lace, shimmery pink and plain pink. Her stocking is two tones the top half is pink and bottom half black. Her boots is black with a cob web design and her neck piece is pink with a cob web design and her earrings is pink hearts. Her hair is pink and black and soft with curls. My daughter have alot of fun playing with her new doll inside her monster high school. This doll is vey well made and simply gorgeous. The doll does come's with a doll stand , a hair brush and a purse. Any monster high fan will just love this doll, and have lots of fun playing with it.
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on February 22, 2014
Ghouls Rule is probably my favorite Monster High series. It is the only series from which I bought all the dolls. And the reason is that I love how detailed they are, and I love the subtle and less subtle nods to the lore and heritage of the monsters. Draculaura is not my favorite doll of this series, but she is a neat doll. Draculaura's color scheme is entirely pink and black. The doll itself is pink toned. She has pink lipstick. She has her pink heart on the doll's left cheek. Her eyes the really the only interesting part of her makeup, but they are a big enough detail that anything else going on would be too much. Her eyeshadow is pink, and over the eyeshadow are spiderwebs. One set of spiderwebs is within the eyelashes and another, thicker one covers below her eyes from a little swirl at her nose to the far side of her cheekbone. It's very busy, but it's a neat detail that has grown on me. I perhaps should state here that the big motif in her outfit is spiderwebs. She is wearing earrings that are solid pink, big hearts with two blood drops dripping from them. This is a cute nod to her vampiric nature. Although the execution is a little clunky in my opinion, I can appreciate the reference to the mythology. Her hair is black with a shot of pink. the pink is the front part of her hair and is then tied to the side. It's executed oddly, in my opinion. She has bangs that are are a mix of black and pink. Then, there is a layer of just pink, which is then tied to the side to pop out on the side like a rats nest, and the rest is black. I cannot get that wad of pink to lay with the rest of the hair or be brushed in a way that looks decent. I think perhaps it is supposed to be messy, but it just seems out of place to me.

Her outfit includes a dress with a white, ruffled blouse/top that is actually fairly cute. Her skirt is three layers, all cut up and down like scissor spikes, but cute. Each layer is cut the same way, but shorter than the one before, so each is seen. The first layer is a shiny, pink material. Next is a pink, sparkly material. Finally, is a clear black material with velvet hearts with bat wings in the design. Actually very cute, and, again, a cutesy nod to her being a vampire. On her chest is a plastic piece that has black lacing and then a wide, pink collar that looks like a close up of a spider web. It's a cute and necessary accent to the white top, but to me it never seems to lay right. She has sleeves made of the clear, black tulle without the hearts. The sleeves go to the middle of her upper arm, then bell out; the front of the sleeve ends after about an inch, but the bottom falls low, like the old Hollywood vampire robe sleeve. I really like this reference to the Hollywood costumes, but it is an easy detail to miss in all that is going on with the outfit. Behind her (three) skirt(s) is a mullet skirt. It only attaches to the back half of the outfit and goes down to her ankles. It is also cut in the zigzag, Halloween pattern. It is clear, black tulle with shiny, black print over it in the shape of winding vines with spiderwebs connecting where they meet. There are shapes in the winding pattern, such as bats or hearts, if you look for them. Very detailed. She has a pink plastic bow above it on her back. The shiny pink design looks grey from the back, but you can still see all the detail work. Of course, the most obvious part of her outfit is her big, plastic bat wings. The wings are cut like bat wings, but the plastic has holes throughout it in the pattern of spiderweb. The inside curve and spikes of the batwing are groovy and jagged, like it was cut from stone or something. I'm not entirely sure what imagery its trying to invoke, but it looks cool. The wings have an ombre coloring from black on top to pink on bottom. Her shoes are clear grey. They have a pink heart at the top on the outside with a pink strip going down to it. The black lines look like lace of the pink strip (matching her top), but then are spiderwebby over the grey. Her heel is curved, invoking imagery of a fang. She is wearing tights that are also ombre with pink at the top and black at the bottom. I really like her tights, but it is noteworthy that she is very difficult to pose. Her joints don't want to bend, and my tights have taken a little damage because of that.

Draculaura comes with a mask, a skeleton decoration, and the obligatory trick or treat pail of the series. On her pail is her personal skullette. Her mask is pink. Her masked is shaped with the zigzag pattern of her skirt. (I know there's a name of the pattern, and it's very common for Halloween. I just can't think of it. But credit for carrying on the Halloween reference.) The plastic is molded with swirls throughout the front of the mask. The stick of the mask is three wispy swirls. Over the top of the mask is a black accent in the shape of bat wings. She comes with a cute little skeleton. I'm confused if it's a decoration or something else, given that these are monsters. The skeleton comes with two bows to make it look like the Monster High skullette. It only has one hole in it's head for the bow, so I don't know why it came with two. It's a neat little decoration/pet/person. I don't know. But it is probably my favorite accessory of the series.

Overall, This is a really detailed, interesting doll. I really appreciate all of the vampire references in her costume and design. I think that a lot of her outfit is very simple because there are a couple intricate, detail pieces. Overall, I don't know why I don't like this doll more. There are just part of her that don't come together for me. But still a great doll, and one that I recommend adding to your collection.
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on December 8, 2014
Bottom line: an astoundingly detailed doll with many cute accessories. Quality on all items is acceptable. A significant price dip permitted me to obtain this new and she's been racking up frequent flyer miles ever since.


Full review: as always, I permit some time for the doll to be used and abused before reviewing. The perspective of this review is from having this doll being used as a play item not a collector's piece. This is possible thanks to a vendor who sold these new for the same price as current monster high dolls.

The detail easily competes with other fancy monster high dolls (such as the 13 wishes haunt the casbah). Distinctive features are the plastic collar on the outfit and the spider webbing on the eyelashes of the doll. The outfit itself is of good quality and notably detailed. I am concerned as to how long the black and pink train behind the skirt and the fishnet sleeves will survive play. The fishnet pants and short skirt pushed the limits of good taste but the alternatives I was examining were not any better in this department. The plastic collar is not secured to be dress. It arrived rubber banded in place. Those bands should remain there unless you want frustrated kids. The hair itself is nice, thick and curly. A pleasant surprise was the presence of black tinsel in her hair. The doll itself is good quality, all joints fully functioning and the paint job is unblemished.

The accessories are all good quality but note that they do present a choking hazard. The little skeleton is the favorite. Put the bow tie earrings into a separate container or they will get lost.

The wings have been a smashing hit. The fact that they are colorful, big, have hinges and can detach has resulted in the house becoming home to a whole swarm of flying monsters. The wings appear to be fairly robust but I would advise against actually testing if vampires can fly with them on. Thankfully, I prudently discouraged such tests.

Admittedly, the wings have received more playtime than the doll but as both are enjoyed, cared and loved I do not regret the purchase.
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on April 18, 2014
I really liked this doll. It was more delicate than I expected so I wouldn't buy it for a younger child. The coloring and accents are beautiful. I bought it for my six-year-old granddaughter and she really liked it. I gave it a four because of its delicate features.
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on November 19, 2012
Purchased this doll for grandaughter for xmas. Its a nice looking doll to add to her collection of Monster High Doll's. She has two others and she will for sure like this one. Recommend for anyone that has a 8 or 9 year old girl that likes the Monster High stories. I also bought the back pack for her to carry all her dolls in.
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on March 16, 2013
My daughter loves these dolls. They've been played with for nearly 4 months now and are still holding up well. She takes the hands off to change bracelets and replaces the hands.

They're still holding poses well and they still look great! She's very pleased with them :)
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on November 14, 2013
This is the best version for the Draculaura. I have 6 yr old who is in love with MH and Draculaura is her favorite character. Her love of these dolls turned mommy into a collector. I got this one for her Christmas and I might get the original version for her Bday. These dolls are way too cute and fashionable. It is so much better than Barbie when it comes to details, fashion, etc. However, it is delicate limbs that can be easily broken or misplaced. Good for older kids than younger ones.
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on April 29, 2013
Our granddaughter specifically requested this doll for her birthday. The problem was, she told me this the day before her birthday. I was on deadline for my job so I did not have time to go looking for the doll so I checked Amazon and of course they had it. I am a prime member so it only cost me $3.00 to have it shipped overnight. Thanks, Amazon.
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on June 7, 2017
My daughter Loved this thing. I don't understand but happy kid happy daddy.
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on July 18, 2015
All-time favorite dolls ever created (so sorry, Barbie)!!!
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