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on April 3, 2017
A very rare 5 star from me.

I am on the 6th year of using and abusing these earbuds. I frequently try newer designs and highly touted earbuds in the same class and reject the newer buds very quickly. I have had a couple sets that have had comparable performance initially (after burn-in) but they diminish significantly in a matter of months.

I'm sorry for any buyers that have missed out on the opportunity to purchase these (now discontinued) headphones. My review is late in the game, but today when I finally had to discard the shedding/shredded Monster soft case that came with them I checked order history at Amazon and saw I had purchased them November of 2010 and was very surprised at having them as my main drivers for so long.
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on November 20, 2013
For the price (79.99 USD at the time of my purchase, which was like, July 2013), or for any price at all, the sound. Is. INTENSE. Like forreal, it's really great. By no means was I ready to fork over 80 bucks for some earbuds, or "High performance in-ear speakers" if you wanna get fancy. BUT, I decided to go yolo and forked over 80 bucks anyway. (Free shipping)
Now, I honestly think the sound is much better than the $200-$300 beats by dre. There's no distortion in the sound whatsoever, the bass is booming, and the sound clarity is beautiful. The Monster Turbines (at least for mine) are noise-cancelling. When they're on, I can't hear a single thing. I mean, a bomb could explode right next to me, and I'll just be chillin. Probably dead, but chillin. And so, because of this noise-cancelling, you probably wouldn't want to wear these for sports or anything. Unless, of course you'd like to wear one earbud.
The earbuds, I read in some other reviews, didn't fit them. The triple flange tips large size fit me the best, but due to the extra silicone hanging out of my ear, and the heavier weight of these earbuds, my ear would start hurting after a while. I recommend also purchasing some Comply Memory Foam eartips with these. Your music experience would be so much better, and your ears wouldn't be sore.
HOWEVER, the reason for the 4-star rating, is that it doesn't seem very durable. Honestly, I 'over-protect' these earbuds (Who wouldn't? They're 80 bucks.) I always keep them in the very cool case they come in, and try my very best not to drop them. Even with this overprotectiveness, the end piece of the jack came off. It's very minor, that part was only for show, and didn't really serve a purpose. The two earbuds work fine after, like, 7 accidental drops to the ground, and the jack still works.
Overall, these earbuds (Earphones, High performance in-ear speakers for fancy people) are excellent. It's an understatement, but they're. Absolutely. Excellent. I choose these over my Bose AE2 headphones. No kidding, the sound is better.
The only thing I question about these is the durability. If you're a butterfingers person, I have the slightest feeling you'll end up with a pile of scrap metal.
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on June 6, 2012
Like everyone else searching in the less-than-$100 range for earbuds, I've been scouring review after review to get a feel for something spectacular. Some gem that has been lost in the mix of offerings in that saturated price range, that will finally give me what I'm looking for:

- Decent low end bass extension that won't get muddy on complicated music passages
- Clear mids that passably represent the vocal range with all it's nuances
- Shimmering highs that don't get washed out in the mix or display harsh sibilance.

Is this the gem I've been looking for? Quite possibly...yes.

I only have a few other headphones/earbuds to use as reference:

Sennheiser CX300B - Original, not the second generation
Klipsch S4
Stock Apple Earbuds
Audio Technica ATH-30
Audio Technica ATH-M50

The Audio Technica's are over the ear style headphones, the rest are of course earbuds.

I use the Audio Technica 50's as my reference when it comes to anything on or in my ears as they are exceptional in all aspects of sound quality, rivaling headphones at twice their modest price.

So on to the Monster Turbines....

First impression is that, if these are going to sound any good,for what I paid (less than $80), how can they afford to package these so very, very nicely?
The packaging job really is first rate, much more than I expected and comes with quite the variety of tips to use in order to get the perfect fit and seal in your ears. This is very important. So much so that if you don't find a good seal with in-ear style phones, you will get sub-par response in most, if not all frequencies. With that said, there are so many options it'll be hard not to find a good fit for your ears.

Second impression is that these are fairly stout and heavy buds. Much heavier than stock Apple earbuds as well as my Sennheisers.

After unpacking, finding a good fitting tip and plugging into my iPod Touch, I ran through a variety of music to test out.
Not that these are my favorites, but they represent a variety none the less.

Norah Jones - In the Morning (Subtle passages with detailed instrumental mix that highlights clarity)
Chevelle - Vitamin R (Loud mix with a lot of heavy bass and drums that can be muddy on some systems)
Elton John - Levon (Piano passages and dynamic drums on a finely mixed track)
Stone Sour - Through Glass (The opening verse has a great vocal and guitar opening that escalates into a fairly dynamic mix)
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (yeah, I's Limp Bizkit, but if you've ever heard this on a great system, you'd know there's some very deep bass in this track and it also is a great test for vocal clarity)

Without summing up each track individually, I can attest to a few things:

- Excellent vocal and cymbal sibilance for a dynamic driver. Great clarity without exaggerating the high end.
- Accurately represented vocals, that don't get pushed back, or lost in the mix
- Bass clarity that doesn't become muddy unless you overdrive the earbuds. For me, I had to crank the bass up pretty high and turn up the iPod all the way before this point was reached
- 3 year warranty
- Quite excellent overall sound reproduction at moderate to loud sound levels

- Not convinced that the cables will stand the test of time. They feel pretty thin.
- The weight of the buds may become an issue over time. They are pretty solid feeling, but with that comes weight.
- Not sure if I can call this a con yet, but in my setup they saturated at top volume. I'll have to use my EMU1616 as a source at some point to see if it's simply a matter of the iPod being underpowered to drive these to the maddening, concert levels of volume that I sometimes prefer.

Rated on a scale of 1 - 5 with 5 being Excellent and 1 being Unacceptable/Poor, using my Audio Technica's as a reference for sound quality and taking into account the size of the item and the purchase price:

Treble Response and Clarity = 4.5

Midrange and Vocal Response = 4.5

Bass and Lower End Extension = 4 - 4.5 largely depending on listening volume, track complexity and how high you EQ the bass. I turn mine way up and it was still very good. This category will likely get an even better rating if you have a more powerful source or use a headphone amplifier.

So to sum it up, overall I'd have to say I'm very pleased with these. There is no 4.5 rating, so the benefit of the doubt goes to the high side and I give them a 5 overall on Amazons rating sytem.
The price point makes these an exceptional purchase.
They trump the Klipsch S4 and Sennheiser CX300's hands down. At almost triple the price of the Sennheisers it should blow them away and they do.

It's also no contest really between these and the Klipsch, and I'm suprised there is even a debate on sound quality between the Turbines and the S4's as the Monsters outshine them in all categories of sound reproduction.

Would I pay full MSRP for these? Nope. I wouldn't for any earbuds or speakers.
Are they worth the going price of Approx. $80.00? Absolutely and then some.
If you're coming from stock or lower end earbuds, you'll be quite literally amazed at what you hear.
I would consider an item like this to be a tipping point on price/value ratio.
You can spend alot more to get only marginally better sound.


I tried these with a substantially more powerful source and they hold control in all areas at higher volumes as well.
If you really want to maximize the potential of these, you should use a headphone amp. They really shine with more power to push them.
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Last evening I put my Monster Turbines in my ears with the Turbines connected to the Sony MP3 player that I load exclusively with rock (I have another Sony MP3 player that I use for classical). I have the rock player set to random play and a dub version of a Gary Numan song came on (namely, "Jo the Waiter" performed by The Orb from an album titled Random Vol. 1: A Gary Numan Tribute). I nearly panicked when the bass kicked in, because I literally feared that my bedroom windows would rattle so hard they'd shatter. Then I realized that I was listening to the music via in-ear-monitors (IEM) rather than my stereo speakers and subwoofer.

I researched these IEM for weeks before taking the plunge, reading (and in some cases watching) review after review, and even after deciding to buy I decided that if for any reason I was unsatisfied, I would return them and accept that I'd then have to pay for shipping. I was suspicious about Monster. I don't know much about Monster, but I do know that the prices of some of their cables strike me as insane, and not in the way I use that term when referring to the Turbines. (IOW, it was and remains my impression that many of their cables have drastically inflated prices, all out of proportion of what it costs Monster to design, manufacture, market, and distribute them. Update: My son-in-law tells me that the Monster guitar cable he uses, although much more expensive than others he's used, has already lasted him much longer than several non-Monster brand guitar cables. So maybe I should reserve judgment about Monster cables.) I read some positive "expert" reviews about the Turbines on the web, but I also saw an awful lot of hype, most of it coming from Monster's videos about the product. I was not impressed by video shots of various professionals in the music business who were apparently trying the Turbines for the first time and then only for seconds, who on that basis raved about them. I did, however, enjoy the videos of the Head Monster talking about the Turbines as well as the video on Amazon's page for the product featuring the Little Monster and one of Monster's technical dudes, but still I remained very skeptical. I mean, of course someone who has a stake in selling a product is going to tell you that the product in question is awesome.

One video that stood out for me is the video review here by a reviewer named Gen titled "Awesome sound on the go." If Gen ran for President I'd probably vote for her, because she strikes me as cool, honest, sincere, and alive (i.e., not a zombie). Her review of the Turbines was a significant factor in pushing me over the edge into ordering them.

Another reason for my hesitancy was because I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch X5 IEM and they were (and are) expensive. How, I thought, can I possibly justify or rationalize buying another pair of expensive IEM when I just bought this super duper pair?! And the X5s are great, truly incredible, but... Here's the deal: IEM transducers convert electrical signals into sound. Single-transducer IEM either have what are called balanced armature transducers (e.g., the X5s ) or dynamic transducers, which is what the Turbines have. Experts say that most higher-end IEM have balanced armature transducers, and that such transducers tend to produce clearer sound and greater fidelity, but typically are not great at producing bass. They say that you can get better bass with dynamic transducers, but in lower-end as well as many mid-level IEM, an increase in bass comes at the expense of an overall muddying of sound.

As I mention in my review of the X5s, I'm not into rap or Hip Hop, and I'm not into automobiles that are basically subwoofers on wheels. But I do like bass when there's bass in the music, as there usually is in rock (of whatever genre). I don't need Boom Boom Thump Thump Boom Boom Thump Thump when listening to classical. With classical I want the clearest possible full range sound with unexaggerated bass, and the X5s deliver that. But they weren't giving me as much bass and bottom as I wanted when listening to rock, and I kept wondering if all the hype about the Turbines could possibly be true.

I've read all the reviews here and I'm well aware that some Turbine users did not find the bass satisfactory, and that some got Turbines that started malfunctioning if not falling apart not long after they got them. I can only speak about my own experience, and man... All I can say is, the hype is true. It's not just hype. (I really did think my windows were going to break.) Listening to rock with the Turbines (but only when they are well-seated in my ears!!!) really is like having a subwoofer in my head, and the sound is not muddy at all but is amazingly clear, from bass to mid-range to highs. Crystal clear.

Everyone should know that you can't just stick IEM in your ears and expect to get the best possible sound quality from them. You have to adjust them in your ears; they have to be seated just right, with the tips that are just right for each of your ears (some people use a different size tip in each ear). Based on my experience with Comply Foam Tips (their T-400 and Tx-400 models fit the Turbines), I would say that anyone who isn't getting insanely great bass from their Turbines using tips that came with the Turbines might want to try Comply tips. (Etymotic has a good video on their Amazon product pages that demonstrates how to insert IEM into your ears.) It's also possible that a user has a poor quality MP3 player (or other audio source) and/or needs to adjust the equalizer, or happened to get an imperfect pair of Turbines.

I get insane bass from the Turbines with both their medium and large size round shaped tips. The two different sizes of triple flange tips they provide don't work for me at all. And I also get insane bass from them when I use them with Comply T-400 foam tips (which you compress before insertion so they can expand to fill your ear canals). I find them more comfortable to wear (with the tips that they come with; the foam kind of makes my ears itchy after a while) than the X5s, which I have to push pretty far into my ear canals in order to get a good seal (that's how the X5s are designed). If I had to choose - but only if I had to, like a desert island choice - I'd go for the Turbines. But I'm glad I have both the Turbines and the X5s, because each pair of IEM is stellar in its own unique way.

Except when I use the Turbines with Comply T-400 foam tips, I don't get sound isolation comparable to what I get from the Klipsch X5s with the gel tips they come with, or with a couple of cheaper sound isolating IEM that I have (unless I'm using Comply tips; Comply seems to have tips that are compatible with every IEM on the market; some can be purchased here at Amazon, some at Radio Shack, and all direct from Comply on the web).

The Turbines also have what some IEM users describe as the Frankenstein bolts effect, which is to say that when wearing them, unless your hair covers them, anyone facing you is going to see these two bolt-like looking things sticking a bit out of your ears.

I don't know what else to say about the Turbines (but I promise to update this review should I have any problems with them whatsoever). Insane bass with complete clarity through mid-range and highs (I've found them great for watching movies too, hooking them up with an extension cable to the headphone jack of the stereo receiver/amp that my TV is connected to; every little sound on the soundtrack is audible and I can hear what actors are saying when they whisper without having to go back and listen again with the volume increased and/or re-watch the scene with the subtitles turned on). IEM that IMO are really deserving of the hype that gets heaped on them. Monstrous.
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on December 27, 2014
Hunks of crap. Too heavy to stay in your ears when working out or doing cardio. Their weight pulls them down slightly, changing the sound delivered to your ear. I would constantly hear the quality/volume of the music improve as I bent over to pick up weights, or bent down to drink from the water fountain. I soon figured out what was going on; pressing upwards on the bottom of the earbud would improve the sound even when standing upright

They actually do produce great sound, but because of the impracticality what you have to do to get the best sound - which is stand perfectly still & push up on the bottom of the earbud - they're just not usable. Don't think lying down helps - you still have to push them in the right direction to properly direct the sound to your eardrum.

Lastly, the metal housing of the earbuds is made up of two parts that seem to just be glued together. The glue fails & I found myself either having to glue them back together, or constantly push the two pieces of the housing back together until I could get to the superglue back home.

Get back to the drawing board on these, Monster.
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on November 26, 2016
This was a phenomenal product - true to the described emphasis in bass for an in ear speaker. Personally I've found these to be more impressive than many headphones I've tried out that promise the same bass emphasis. These maintain a great sense of balance ensuring that no detail is lost. My left earphone has since gone out but I purchased these in March of 2012. It is now November of 2016, so four years of abuse later, I couldnt have expected them to have even survived this long. I remember being reluctant to spend as much money as I did at the time, but the product did fulfill my expectations so ive felt no regret for the years after the fact. I will likely try to order this product or a similar version again to replace mine.
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on December 26, 2010
I Bought the Monster Turbine in-ear headphones and I loved em. They Sound Great and are very well constructed. They are however, kinda expensive.. I bought them at sale at like 50% off so I definitely am pleased with my purchase. I would not buy them for their retail price because I think that's just too much and they might not be worth that. and I cant afford it. But for whoever is thinking about buying them at a sale price. I think you should. DO RESEARCH first though.. Reviews, comments.. all that stuff. So you know what people say bought them, and you know what you're getting. I can personally tell you that They do Sound Really Good.. I previously had the Klipsch Image s4, and I probably like these better. They sound somewhat the same in sound quality. Which is good. But they do have better Bass(Monster's specialty). Also They are better constructed. ticker cable which doesn't tangle so easily, but its not tangle free.. will happen sometimes. Most important is the Metal housing which feels very tough, Durable, and well made. they are a bit heavy, but when you get used to them they don't feel heavy at all.. And Look Very Stylish.. kinda sexy with the Chrome finish. In the package it brings a magnetic close carrying case( like the ones you would carry your cellphone with) which is very cool, and a carrying little pouch. so That's TWO carrying cases. It brings a 3 year Warranty, which is of course very important and a longer warranty than most others. So I would Definitely Recommend these to someone that wants a better than regular(i.e Ipod headphones) sounding in-ear headphone.
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on December 21, 2010
I have had many sets of earbuds over the years, and these are by far the best that I have owned. They come with many different ear tips, so take some time and try the different ones, makes a big difference. I like earbuds for working in the yard (snow blowing right now) and commuting on the train. With my other ones, I had to turn the volume up so high to cover up the background noise, that I thought I was causing harm to my ears. With these, I only have to set the volume between 6-8, instead of 30. They really block out the background noises. They are metal, not plastic like most. The only thing I would change is the plug, it is straight, and I would prefer a 90 degree one. I have an adaptor so that is not a super big problem, just an inconvenience. I would reccomend these, and the price is a great deal.
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on April 7, 2013
First off, I would like to say that the people that had issues, whether it was their Monster Turbine speakers dying out, or because of the cord was flimsy, with little protection that connects to the speakers themselves, was not durable enough... These people might have been those who either 1. usually get their cords tangled/damaged somehow by constantly leaving it in an unsafe environment. 2. ,When listening to their music, they are laying down, or in the wrong position, or even working out with them; the cord that attaches to the end of the speakers gets bent, or over time the cord wears out and no more good sounds can be heard from the earphones. 3. Wrap the cord around devices or objects that will eventually and crucially wear out the resistant cord (which breaks the sound). Or even 4. Blast their speakers for long periods of time...

In honesty, this particular Monster product was built so that the user can listen to music at a high-end level. But the user has to take extra care for it in order for the product to last for more than about a year.

The Mids are really great, consistent, and clear ( like the sound of the person singing the song is like they are actually singing almost right in front of you... well almost. The lows on some of the more deepened bass songs can be heard and are precise without a problem (basically a reproduction of low-end subwoofers). The highs... Now the Highs can be reached... Sometimes in very high frequencies (such as a saxaphone reaching to a whole new octave), they can become just a little muffled and become distorted just a little (like in classical, jazzy, blues type of music out there).

The build quality on this product is not meant to protect from anything that is prone to break it, but it is better than regular cords you get from cheap headphones. Be warned... This product is just for listening to crisp, consistent, good sounds from music. Not to confuse them with taking them to the gym, on a relaxing bike cruise, or placing them in awkward positions while listening to your music. You have to take good care of them.

Overall... for the price... I say buy this product if you are looking to get good ear phones for the price and sounds.
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on December 9, 2010
I should preface this by saying I am user looking for good sound quality in the bang for buck category.

I purchased these earphones during an Amazon deal of the day for around 67 dollars. I wanted a pair of noise-isolating, nice sound-quality earphones for a graduate student office setting to play music off of a PC or my Zune HD. I was expecting poor sound prior to burn-in and I wasn't disappointed. Playing off the PC through a cmoy amp, the sound was mediocre at best. After leaving them on shuffle for a day or two, I plugged them back into my Zune without an amp and I am extremely happy with the sound quality. Sound through the PC is also far better after burn-in, though it feels grainy compared to the Zune. Either option is leaps and bounds above a low-quality pair of earphones. While I overall prefer the sound of my amp-driven open-air Audio Technica headphones, the purpose of these earphones was for good sound quality, portability, and sound isolation.

There are a couple of potential downsides I've found after using these. They are somewhat heavy, and depending on your ear shape and the angle of insertion, they may rub. This can lead to minor irritation or soreness after prolonged listening. I've only experienced this a few times, but it is something to be aware of. And my biggest gripe is the short cord. At 6'3" tall, looking straight ahead, I have just barely enough length. For the purpose of having it at my desk while I work, it fails in terms of length. I am tethered with no room to move about my desk without risking tearing the buds out. Rather than be transparent while I work, I have to always be consciously aware of not going to far without moving my Zune as well.

Overall, for the price that I paid, these have been a fantastic purchase. I don't know if they are any better than the Klipsch Image S4 which are about half the usual price of these. Those were my original choice until I found these well-received earphones for the same price.

Pros: Good sound quality for the price. Careful, nice packaging with extra adapters and several carry pouches. Adequate sound isolation while still being able to gain awareness when people need your attention and are not audible to those around you.

Cons: Heavy, may rub your ears depending on shape, short cord
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