Customer Reviews: Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster
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on September 15, 2012
My daughter was super pumped when she first saw pictures of Venus McFlytrap a couple of months ago. She loves the Monster High dolls and has built up quite a collection in a small amount of time, and now that she's started to ship, we've been able to add her to the family. Something I've been saying about the last couple we've bought is that those ones really stand out from the others, thanks to their colors and design. Well, Ms. Venus is yet another one of those- truly unique in her color scheme and with a dazzling outfit to match. It's easy to see why she's the most popular of the new wave of dolls. While I like the others, Venus is the one that pops out at you when you look at them on the shelf. And hey, she's even eco-friendly!

Venus is on the standard MH doll body with all the usual points of articulation. Her head/neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper legs and knees can all be moved around. She doesn't have any special features on her body like Rochelle Goyle does. The vines on her legs are separate pieces of plastic and not molded to them. The green gal also has a vine necklace, vine bracelets and a vine earring on her left ear, with green hoops on the right. Even her shoelaces seem to be vines! The makeup she has is very stylish. You also gotta love the lipstick which has some white designs to make it look like the 'teeth' on a Venus Flytrap. My favorite feature though is her hair. Pink with green streaks, but the right side of her head is shaved and pure pink. As far as I know, this is the first female Monster High doll to have any part of her head shaved. It feels fuzzy and the color is bold. Very cool! Venus' outfit consists of a denim vest with an 'Eco Punk' patch, black and neon colored shirt with a similar theme, black skirt and neon tights. Her shoes are magenta with green teeth on the toes. Normally I'd think that sticking to a theme this much is overkill, but they really did everything right with her design. This doll is a hit!

Accessory-wise, Venus comes with your usual Monster High accessories: a brush, journal and stand, and two that are new. First is an eco-friendly tote bag. This thing is a bit too small to be used for anything, but you can fit super small objects in here if you want. I like the ribcage print on it. Her other accessory is Chewlian, Venus' pet plant. He's a cool pet, featuring big fangs, beady little eyes and a mohawk. It's good to see that as the Monster High line continues, they aren't running out of ideas for new pets.

As usual, be patient and you'll be able to get her for the standard price, or maybe a little less. Venus McFlytrap only recently started shipping, so while she might be sold out, just give it a little time. The same thing happened with Spectra, Rochelle and many others. Even then, I wouldn't feel guilty spending a little more than retail for Venus. She's one of the best so far!
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on August 5, 2012
Well, that should've been her name, IMHO. I'm an "older" collector of the Monster High doll line and I wasn't planning to invest in Venus after I saw pictures of her a few months ago. But when I saw more of her "personality" and that her style was decidedly punk, I had to add her to my collection. I watched online for a while and ran into the same problems as most of the other popular dolls in the MH line - overpricing. Just happened to be online, wishing I could get her at retail when - miracle of miracles! - she was listed on Amazon for $21.99. Grabbed her fast and received her two days ago.

This doll is much more attractive in person than in the photos, something else that made me happy I decided to buy her. I had no trouble removing her from the box, which I rarely do with my MH dolls, but she had to be displayed and posed. As with my other dolls I've displayed, I had no trouble repositioning her limbs, attaching her to the stand or issues with bits coming off. The vines along her arms and legs are removable. It's a nice option, since they make her overall already ostentatious look appear too busy. The shoes are adorable, with little teeth at her toes, and laces made of vines! The hairstyle is great, but as half of her head is "shaved", styling can be a bit difficult, with the hair naturally wanting to fall over the "shaved" side. I found a few small dashes of styling spritz combed through keeps it in place nicely.

I rated the doll as a five in educational value simply because of her diary. I'm by no means an eco/green freak, but I do appreciate Mattel attempting to impress upon children (and adults!) that it's not a bad idea to do what you can for earth conservation. Venus's diary includes a few cute stories about what she does to help the environment and how she must be careful to not "influence" other monsters with her special plant-powered pheromones to get them to want to contribute to the cause. It's always the bigger victory to win people to your way of thinking by having a good pitch. And it also helps Venus with making ghoulfriends at school, too.
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on January 10, 2013
Being that so many of the MH dolls are hard to find and/or ridiculously expensive, it was nice to come across Venus at a reasonable price. I collect articulated dolls, and she caught my eye.


Bright, vivid colors.
Articulated wrists, elbows, and knees (ankles are not articulated).
Vine decorations come off (with adult help, of course; they're a little too fragile for me to suggest letting a child do it - unless they don't want them to go back on).
Comes with accessories (bag, hairbrush, and plant friend).
Unique hair (half of her head is 'shaved' - as in, it's a felt-like material; the other half is regular hair).
Lots of details (earrings, vines, shoes, diary) give her a personality.


Vines are a little too delicate for kids to take off on their own.
Hair consistently wants to flip to the 'shaved' side.
Plant pet is a little boring. Wish there were a few other shades of green or some other coloring to spruce him up.
Due to wrist articulation, her hands seem likely to pop out of socket a little too easily.
Out of the 4 Venus dolls I've seen in person, 3 of the 4 had one arm with tight joints, and the other arm had looser joints. Seems like it could frustrate a child that's trying to pose her.

Overall, she's a beautiful doll. She's got such gorgeous, original coloring, and her style is completely unique. I'm very impressed with the MH dolls in general. I'd recommend her to a friend. :)
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on March 31, 2016
Venus McFlytrap came a day early, and I was happily surprised. Athough her box was destroyed, everything inside was perfect. Venus McFlytrap is my personal favorite, and I love that she is into the environment.
review image
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on February 25, 2014
I got this doll because I want to want Venus McFlytrap. I really like the color scheme of this doll. She is bright green and bright pink. Yet I can't find a Venus in her series that is styled and wearing clothing that, I think, come together. So, I decided to get the original doll without having seen it. It is a good doll, although very busy. Her skin is green, and her wrists and legs have vines on them. Her hair is actually pink, but the top layer of hair from her part is green, so most of the hair you see is green. I really like her pink hair, and I think that it makes a nice contrast with her green skin, so I wish that there was more pink when you look at her rather than just in the back. Her hair is shaved on her right side. There is fuzzy, felt material there, although not much. (It must be shaved very short.) Her lipstick is bright pink and she has fangs that come out over her top and bottom lips. She has pink eyeshadow shaped to look like a flower petal. She has 4 green earrings in her right/shaved ear that are hoops and one long earring that looks like a vine with leaves coming from her left year. She is either wearing a necklace shaped like a vine or has more vines around her neck. I'm actually OK with the ambiguity; it ties all the details together nicely.

She is wearing really busy leggings that are pink with black, purple, and green. There is a black skirt over the leggings. She is wearing a T-shirt over the skirt that is black with yellow and pink accents that include squiggles and words such as "ECO PUNK". She is wearing a very short jean jacket over the T-shirt. Her shoes are really cute, albeit confusing. They are pink. They have a zipper on the side and stitching showing where the pieces were sewn together. Her heel has vines going up it, although they are pink. She has green, vine-y laces. Where platforms should be under her shoes, there are green teeth. Unlike many of the other dolls which come with a matching, plastic purse, she comes with a light pink, plastic/fabric bag with Monster High symbols such as green skullettes and pink bleeding hearts with ribcages inside them. I feel like this accessory is out of place; a lot of the dolls come with purses that match them, and this just seems like a grocery bag. The colors don't even match the doll. This accessory just doesn't make sense to me. She comes with a pet that I really like, even though, like her shoes, it confuses me. He is a green plant monster reminiscent of "Little Shop of Horrors". He has very nice leaf accents, including a leaf mohawk. He has LOTS of white, spiky teeth. He is in a cracked, orange pot. The pot is small and he's top-heavy, so it's hard to get him to stand up. I really like this pet, but I am confused by the daughter of the plant monster having a pet plant monster. I mean, what is the difference between her as a plant monster and the "Little Shop of Horrors" baby pet monster? I don't know...

Anyway, I do like this doll. I would like it more if her hair featured the pink better and her outfits were less busy and more styled. I really like her shoes and pet even though they confuse me regarding her lore. The don't like her bag, but I do like all of her details. I wish that there was a version of her that was the perfect blend for me, but short of that, I think this doll is the best Venus McFlytrap out there.
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on July 30, 2012
I snagged Venus from Amazon on the first day of her release for just $19.99. After receiving her today I can understand why the shelves in local stores are emptied. She is an awesome looking doll!

Even though in my opinion her name and outfit lack in creativity, the other aspects make up for it. Her hair is insanely bright, being swept over to the side with a pink buzz cut on the other half. She's like a punk version of Poison Ivy. The vines up her leg are removable and adjustable, which I didn't expect. Her pet is definitely my favorite so far, the little flytrap with mohawk.

Overall she's gorgeous and perfect for photography and collecting. (as an adult collector I can't comment accurately on the playing or durability aspects of the doll.)

The box was damaged when I received it, so for collectors who keep them in the box, be wary!
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on January 12, 2013
Venus is definitely one of the most unique Monster High dolls to date. I am please with her overall design as a collector - and I think her hair is just fantastic! Like all MH dolls - if you just wait they come down to retail price after a month or so of being scarce.
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on May 31, 2013
It came a it sooner than estimated. Which was fantastic as it was a B-day present for my grand daughter. And the look on her face and the squeal made it all worth it .thank you so much
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on January 12, 2014
I just recently started collecting the more unique (to me anyway) Monster High dolls. i have been aware of them and thought they were a LOT better for young girls than Barbie and i would have LOVED them as a kid.

What finally got me to buy one was seeing this doll at work with toys the company i work for had collected for the Angel tree kids for Christmas. i thought this was the neatest most original fashion doll i had seen. and the name. Venus McFlytrap? how can you not love that?

She has green skin with vines on her arms and legs (not connected to the doll but as accessories. too bad!) and multiple fangs drawn on her mouth (like a flytrap!). Her multi-colored hair is SO soft and i love that it is shaved to a pink fuzz on the right side. you can't get more unique than that!

she too is a pain to get out of the box and has plastic tries that go through her head but such is world of Monster High packaging i have learned.
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on February 15, 2013
This Monster High doll is so cool!! She so resembles the fly trap plant. My granddaughter and I loved her beautiful pink hair!!! Of course the quality is stellar since it is MATTEL!!! Would recommend to all who are interested!!!
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