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on June 8, 2016
This is one of my favorite "kids" movies. My fiance and I don't have children yet, but we still love to watch Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney movies together. Monsters Inc. was one of my favorite movies for many years, but this is one of the very few sequels that surpasses the original. I think the fact this movie centers around Mike Wazowski rather than Sully makes the plot more interesting, because you're rooting for the underdog while knowing Sully is there to support him. I also really like that at the end, it would have been easy for the writers to just give Mike & Sully the jobs as scarers that they always wanted, but they had them work their way up from the mail room to the cafeteria to the scare floor. This movie has amazing lessons for children; all the characters are motivational and there are no scary characters (I thought Randall was kind of scary in Monsters Inc., but he's not in Monsters University). I'd recommend this for kids young and old and their parents! It is thoroughly entertaining to watch as an adult too.
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on February 3, 2017
My 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old loved the first one so I thought we would try this one out. Usually they say the sequels are not as good but they both were glued to the movie and have watched it many times since. It explains so much of why things are the way they are in the original one. Was pretty funny from an adult perspective in watching the college happenings in the movie.
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on July 20, 2013
UPDATE 11/4/13: Blu-ray details review.

QUALITY: Unsurprisingly, the video quality is stunning. Little else needs to be said about the transfer. It's flawless.

EXTRAS: There are a TON of extras!

If you like the behind-the-scenes process of filmmaking, the extras here are about as extensive as I've seen before. Not only do the shorts give a background of life on Pixar's campus (Campus Life), but plenty of dedication to each aspect of making the film. Of course, there's also some deleted scenes.

What's nice about the scenes is that director Dan Scalon talks you through the scene in detail and why it was cut. They are of course unfinished, but still interesting to see what could have been part of the movie.

If I have one complaint, it's the layout of the bonus features menu. Despite the features being on a blu-ray disc, the menu does not operate like a blu-ray menu. Typically, you're able to operate within the menu while the movie (or features) are playing on screen. Instead, you need to return to the menu screen to select the next option. It's a small caveat, but there we go.


If you don't care about the end being discussed, then by all means read on...

My wife and I saw Monsters University and both loved it. Many of the Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes however, seemed to miss the point of the film entirely.

"This is a safe, predictable, edge-free, nearly bland effort from a studio that rarely hedges its bets." - Richard Roeper

"[It] conforms to [Pixar's] apparent drift toward the average, with toy sales taking priority over originality." - Liam Lacey

"Monsters University is cute, and funny, and the animation, though not exactly inspired, is certainly colorful." - Steven Rae

"Mostly memorable for being fine but forgettable." - Betsy Sharkey

Since 1995, Pixar has dominated computer animated filmmaking. They constantly win Academy Awards (9 nominations, 7 wins for Best Animated Feature) and are universally praised for their efforts by the critics. Nearly each Pixar movie has a handful of lessons or dominant themes it tries to teach and tell.

The Toy Story Trilogy (friendship, getting older)
A Bug's Life (self-esteem, ingenuity, teamwork)
Monster Inc (greed, pride)
Finding Nemo (father-son relationship, growing up, letting go)
The Incredibles (family values, honor)
*Cars and Cars 2 (I'm pretty sure these are just about marketing toys)
Ratatouille (friendship, trust, confidence)
WALL-E (consumerism, environmentalism)
Up (love, living life in the moment)
Brave (family values, respect, love, mother-daughter relationship).

However, after seeing MU and reading the critical reviews, I was shocked how many reviewers missed the point of the film and the important lessons Pixar chose to address in the film. You could even make the argument that the lessons in MU are more bold than any previous Pixar film. Which leads to why MU is ultimately about failure and why that's okay.

Obviously, as this is a movie about college, there are your typical and inherent lessons for the characters (finding your place, growing up, building friendships), but the most important and surprising lesson is watching Mike Wazowski fail. This lesson is a particularly unique and groundbreaking approach for the age groups in Generation Y (Millennial) and Z. Generational scholar and author Ron Alsop argued that the Millennial generation is a group of "trophy kids", who were given rewards just for participating. I'm a Millennial and like many of my friends growing up, we all received gold stars on our homework, ribbons for events, etc. constantly rewarding us for just doing our job. You could also argue we've been constantly told that we could achieve anything we want if we just worked hard. We were told there was no way we could fail. This is the definitive issue that MU tackles head-on.

From the age of little monster, Mike is enthralled with the career of being a scarer - the job that every monster dreams of. It's for the cream of the crop. Mike is told continually as a small monster that he's too small and not scary enough to succeed. It's only after he sneaks into a live door on the Monsters, Inc. scare floor that people believe he's capable of great things. He uses that moment to work hard and get into Monsters University to study at the School of Scaring.

The main plot is the competitive nature between the hard-working Mike and the famous-last-name Sullivan. Their antagonistic rivalry drives the story until they are forced to work together to get back into the School of Scaring. Like all feel good movies, Mike and Sullivan ultimately save the day, win the Scare Games and are cheered and admired amongst everyone at the school. They defeat the oppressive Dean and defy expectations, the day is theirs! But it's right that that the writers (Robert L. Baird, Daniel Gerson, Dan Scanlon) drastically changes things.

Sullivan admits to cheating to help his team of lovable losers win and save face for Mike who he believes isn't scary. When Mike finds out, he breaks into the door testing laboratory to prove to himself that he is indeed scary. However, he quickly learns that he does not in fact scare the kids in the cabin. Crushed, Mike goes to the nearby lake and wallows in self-pity. Everything he's dreamed about and worked for has been for naught - he's failed to be scary, what society tells them is the only thing monsters should be. In the end Mike accepts this and along with Sully works his way from the mailroom at Monsters Inc. to the scare floor where we find him and Sully in Monsters, Inc.

While this journey from the mailroom to success supports the "work hard and you can accomplish anything" mentality of our generations, it also addresses the fact that Mike isn't ultimately meeting his initial goal. He acknowledges his failure and grows past that. No other examples come to mind of children movies in which a character or character fail and are okay with it, at least not in the end. This is what the critics missed. Pixar has chosen to tell a story about children (monsters) who grew up and realized that they cannot achieve their dreams, that their dreams are out of reach and totally unattainable. This bold lesson is actually a fantastic one for kids who watch this film.

For some, it's been decades of being taught that it is okay to fail, but that with hard work you can still achieve those dreams. For many that's true, but for some it's just not feasible. MU has managed to tell a story that supports that second statement. Failing isn't bad and realizing that some dreams really are out of reach is also okay. The real lesson is to be comfortable with who you are, what you're truly capable of and utilizing your strengths to better yourself and your community. That's what Mike does, he becomes the coach and teacher. His knowledge of scaring helps Sullivan to eventual massive success. He helps the rest of Oozma Kappa reach their dreams.

It's not a story about settling, it's a story about failing, learning from it and growing from the experience to make yourself and others better. It's a life lesson that we should share with this current and future generations. Yes you can reach your dreams with hard work, but if you can't, that's okay too.
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on March 6, 2016
The story before Monsters INC, with all your favorite characters and more. The one thing that I loved about this movie is the colors. Pixar did another great job with this movie. They put you in the Monster INC universe and throw you into college with all its complexities. Fraternity's, Party's, and of course the "Scare Games"! It's a fun collegiate journey with Mike and Sully at Monster University . Great movie, kids love it and I do too. As always the movie teaches us something and does it in a fun way. Go Monsters University! down with Fear Tech!
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This is more a review of the Blu-Ray set than the movie. Plenty of others have extolled the virtues of the movie, which I and my 10 year old son loved. So I'm going to focus on what was good and bad on the Blu-Ray.

The addition of the DVD is of no use to us - we have no DVD only drives anywhere, not even on our computers. Everything is Blu-Ray where we watch anything. So I'd really prefer to see them do more Blu-Ray that aren't the multi format versions, yet still have all the extras. For this movie, the only options were this, or combo packs that had both movies in it. I'd prefer to not have to pay for a version I'm never going to use.

We already had this in digital format, but I wanted to get the Blu-Ray for the extra content. My son loves the "extras" in movies like the outtakes in Bugs Life and such, or even the bloopers on Muppets Most Wanted. So I had hoped we would get some good ones on here.

And that's where he was disappointed. There were a couple hours of extras here, but not really any engaging content for younger kids. Most of the extra content is designed for older people. And for me, as a parent, it was fascinating, hence the 5 star rating despite the things I didn't like about it. They had a bunch of videos behind the scenes, showing the workflow and the things the people deal with while creating the animations, storylines, art, etc... As a grown up I really enjoyed it. My son lost interest in a few minutes and moved on to something else. But these videos had some really neat insight into how the story morphed and changed from the beginning (I never knew originally Sully was going to want to be a dentist like his father, which shows how much they changed as they went). They also discussed how they used light and shadow to help emphasize the differences between the characters, and how whenever Mike and Sully were at odds, one was always in sunlight, the other in shadow. Whenever they started working together, that's when they would both be lit the same. Or whenever they made a major decision, they'd step from shadow into the light. Little things like that, which made subsequent viewings of the movie more interesting as I strove to catch these little things I had missed previously.

I had hopes for the deleted scenes, but unfortunately there were no scenes that were cut after animation, so all they are is a mix of very basic animation and storyboarding. They were alright, but I can see why they cut them, nothing really forwarded the story.

They had some really nice artwork as well in a photo show you can do. Again, something that interested me as an adult, but held no interest for my son.

The sound and video quality were excellent.

All told, if you're doing like I was, and thinking of getting this for the extras for your child, don't bother. There's nothing of interest for the younger kids. But if you, yourself, want to see behind the curtain to get an inside look at how they do their magic, it's worth grabbing.
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on September 26, 2014
I grew up in the 60's watching Looney Tunes, Terry Tunes ect. ect. We had a antenna on a tall pole fixed to our house on what was then called " Snob Hill " on the Navy Base at China Lake, Ca. My brother, two sisters and I loved these cartoons back then.. So, when this movie came out I said " What the Heck " and gave it a try.. Some real good one liners in this movie and some funny sight gags too.. In a world filled with so much stress and hate and violence.. This is a great escape for awhile.. The whole family will like it.. Especially if you have a great TV and surround system.. We have that and it makes a lot of difference in your watching experience.. So, check it out and forget you cares and woes for awhile.. Life is short .. Laugh while you can...
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on November 12, 2015
fun Disney Pixar movie the kids will love it. Great addition or shall I say Prequel to Monsters Inc. Monsters University is a must have to any Disney Movie collection. Concerned about the fear factor for kids ... the Dean of Monsters University looks pretty scary. I felt that she might of been too scary for my youngest. My concerns were quickly washed away when I leaned over and asked him if he thought she was scary and his reply was, “No Mom she’s really cool. She has wings. ” Gotta love boys.
You’ll love all the great features of Monsters University because it gives you flash of all the fabulous things about College and developing challenges like studying and building friendships. You see Mike and Sulley weren’t always friends but it was their fear of getting kick out of Monsters University Scare School that had them join forces to become the greatest scarer’s ever.
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on August 9, 2016
Although Monsters University came out after Monsters Inc., I'd recommend watching Monsters University before watching Monsters Inc. if you haven't seen either of them. Mike's childhood difficulties being picked on and bullied and not fitting in are familiar to so many children, and the way these shape Mike into the can-do determined monster who firmly believes he will accomplish his dream in one way or another will have you cheering him on throughout the movie. How he uses his ingenuity, imagination and stubbornness to transform Sulley into his friend and mold a group of defeatist outsider fraternity members into a winning team is laugh-a-minute entertainment with a subtle lesson for everyone.
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on March 31, 2017
Purchased as a second copy to have for when my special needs son is placed in a group home. Item plays with no errors or issues. Item came packaged as described and in described condition. Item arrived on time with no issues.
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on November 20, 2013
Pretty fun and entertaining, not as good as the original. The biggest problem is that this movie is missing a lead kid role, like Boo in the original, so the younger ones don't have a human child character to connect with. They miss a lot of the college themed jokes too. So maybe a little on the older side for the kids. I have a 4 YO and I would say several of the jokes are incomprehensible to her because of the college theme, but there is still a lot of the bumbling and goofiness to keep her entertained even if she does not truly understand the plot.
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