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on June 8, 2016
This is one of my favorite "kids" movies. My fiance and I don't have children yet, but we still love to watch Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney movies together. Monsters Inc. was one of my favorite movies for many years, but this is one of the very few sequels that surpasses the original. I think the fact this movie centers around Mike Wazowski rather than Sully makes the plot more interesting, because you're rooting for the underdog while knowing Sully is there to support him. I also really like that at the end, it would have been easy for the writers to just give Mike & Sully the jobs as scarers that they always wanted, but they had them work their way up from the mail room to the cafeteria to the scare floor. This movie has amazing lessons for children; all the characters are motivational and there are no scary characters (I thought Randall was kind of scary in Monsters Inc., but he's not in Monsters University). I'd recommend this for kids young and old and their parents! It is thoroughly entertaining to watch as an adult too.
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on February 3, 2017
My 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old loved the first one so I thought we would try this one out. Usually they say the sequels are not as good but they both were glued to the movie and have watched it many times since. It explains so much of why things are the way they are in the original one. Was pretty funny from an adult perspective in watching the college happenings in the movie.
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This is more a review of the Blu-Ray set than the movie. Plenty of others have extolled the virtues of the movie, which I and my 10 year old son loved. So I'm going to focus on what was good and bad on the Blu-Ray.

The addition of the DVD is of no use to us - we have no DVD only drives anywhere, not even on our computers. Everything is Blu-Ray where we watch anything. So I'd really prefer to see them do more Blu-Ray that aren't the multi format versions, yet still have all the extras. For this movie, the only options were this, or combo packs that had both movies in it. I'd prefer to not have to pay for a version I'm never going to use.

We already had this in digital format, but I wanted to get the Blu-Ray for the extra content. My son loves the "extras" in movies like the outtakes in Bugs Life and such, or even the bloopers on Muppets Most Wanted. So I had hoped we would get some good ones on here.

And that's where he was disappointed. There were a couple hours of extras here, but not really any engaging content for younger kids. Most of the extra content is designed for older people. And for me, as a parent, it was fascinating, hence the 5 star rating despite the things I didn't like about it. They had a bunch of videos behind the scenes, showing the workflow and the things the people deal with while creating the animations, storylines, art, etc... As a grown up I really enjoyed it. My son lost interest in a few minutes and moved on to something else. But these videos had some really neat insight into how the story morphed and changed from the beginning (I never knew originally Sully was going to want to be a dentist like his father, which shows how much they changed as they went). They also discussed how they used light and shadow to help emphasize the differences between the characters, and how whenever Mike and Sully were at odds, one was always in sunlight, the other in shadow. Whenever they started working together, that's when they would both be lit the same. Or whenever they made a major decision, they'd step from shadow into the light. Little things like that, which made subsequent viewings of the movie more interesting as I strove to catch these little things I had missed previously.

I had hopes for the deleted scenes, but unfortunately there were no scenes that were cut after animation, so all they are is a mix of very basic animation and storyboarding. They were alright, but I can see why they cut them, nothing really forwarded the story.

They had some really nice artwork as well in a photo show you can do. Again, something that interested me as an adult, but held no interest for my son.

The sound and video quality were excellent.

All told, if you're doing like I was, and thinking of getting this for the extras for your child, don't bother. There's nothing of interest for the younger kids. But if you, yourself, want to see behind the curtain to get an inside look at how they do their magic, it's worth grabbing.
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on November 12, 2015
fun Disney Pixar movie the kids will love it. Great addition or shall I say Prequel to Monsters Inc. Monsters University is a must have to any Disney Movie collection. Concerned about the fear factor for kids ... the Dean of Monsters University looks pretty scary. I felt that she might of been too scary for my youngest. My concerns were quickly washed away when I leaned over and asked him if he thought she was scary and his reply was, “No Mom she’s really cool. She has wings. ” Gotta love boys.
You’ll love all the great features of Monsters University because it gives you flash of all the fabulous things about College and developing challenges like studying and building friendships. You see Mike and Sulley weren’t always friends but it was their fear of getting kick out of Monsters University Scare School that had them join forces to become the greatest scarer’s ever.
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on February 13, 2015
Fantastic Movie. I really liked the movie, and I'm hoping my daughter will as well. She really liked Monster's Inc and I'm confident she will like this too. I think its just a little under the original. I think there was a great new idea with Monster's Inc and it was an amazing new concept. There are a few discrepancies in the movies...in the 1st one Mike says to Sully something about him doing that since the 4th grade.....but come along to University and they meet in college...not that it matters, but there are a few little things. I don't believe most kids will catch them...but I'm trying to be critical...To finish up, I really loved the movie and I'm sure you will too...its a lot of family fun
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on October 29, 2013
This movie is really so much fun. It was the first movie my now 3 year old son saw in the theater. He loves monsters and sat still through the whole movie. He likes Disney movies enough but generally they don't hold his attention that well...except for Tinkerbell (which works out for older sis!) and this. Cars and the like just don't keep him engaged for more than 30 minutes. I am going to surprise my kids with the DVD for this weeks movie night. The story line works really well. All the different monsters are fun for the kids and it's nice to see the start of Sully and Mike's relationship. My daughter adores the girl monsters. I knew this movie would be a must have for our weekly movie night rotation.
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on May 14, 2014
Although I loved the nod to the all-round college experience, I don't feel that it had the same appeal to a younger audience as the first movie. Young children can relate to being afraid, and wondering about the monster lurking in one's bedroom. But they have no reference for college. I'm not sure this is the intro to college I want to offer them. I noticed that younger children had a very hard time understanding that the timeline actually dates back to when Mike & Sully were younger. They wanted to know where Boo was. I'm hoping they make a movie about what happens after Sully reassembles Boo's door and they reunite - I think that would be a very interesting story to tell and would capture a wider audience.
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on September 7, 2015
I rented this video for my 3- and 10-year old grandsons at the older one's request. We were discussing the two "Monsters" movies and my older grandson recommended this one because it introduced the main characters of the first movie. Billy Crystal and John Goodman were excellent as the voices--perfect matches for the personalities of the characters. The story line was interesting enough to keep this discriminating grandmother and my 3-year old grandson entertained. You don't have to see the first movie to understand this one as the story stands on its own. My rating is based on the reactions of my grandsons and the entertainment value of this movie for children.
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on February 9, 2014
I usually don't like sequels. This one was very entertaining. I personally did not like that it went back in time to talk about Mike and Sully when they were younger, but I will not hold personal taste against the movie. It was well written and entertaining from beginning to end. Most ages will like it. Some young kids might find the many different monsters a bit weird or scary. Younger kids also might find the story line a bit tough to follow. Most wont care though and will enjoy watching the movie for the funny scenes and great one liners throughout. Older viewers will enjoy reliving their own college days while watching Mike and Sully navigate the challenges of greek life.
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on March 26, 2016
Digitally i could get a copy on itunes and VUDU. This studio is doing the right thing that allows me to watch the movie and not have to juggle 600 apps on where i need to watch the movie. If i own the movie i should also receive a digital copy on any provider. If i shell out 15-20 for a movie when everyone else is stealing them digitally i should be rewarded for it. Disney is doing the right thing by Disney Movies Anywhere.
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