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on May 17, 2014
Every now and then we come across a book that is life changing.

I bought this book for a close friend with heart disease. I decided to read it myself. (I didn't think it was necessary for high blood pressure but wanted to read it before giving it to my friend to make sure it was scientifically sound.) Once I got into this book I realized just how dangerous my blood pressure actually is/was. For over three years my doctors haven't been able to get my pressure down into the normal range. Okay, I do take some serious meds that raise blood pressure and blood sugar. I have focused on other health issues and not stressed over the blood pressure issue.

Dr. Louis Ignarro gives a list of supplements with a dosage range. He doesn't promote a clinic, classes, his own supplements or run any hidden agendas. He is a great writer and explains some complicated medical information in clear and easy to understand verbiage. And, he explains each supplement and why it is necessary.

Well, I already take lots of supplements so why not add a few more? I went to Sprouts and bought what I didn't already have. Some were not the right dosage (one amino acid in particular would have required 4 "horse pills" and I am only taking 2) but I still felt it was worth a try.

Three DAYS later, a bit groggy from sleep, as is my usual practice, I got up to weigh myself, test my blood sugar and then test my blood pressure. I retook my blood pressure. Same numbers and they were all in the normal range! I was stunned. I didn't expect anything for at least three weeks (if at all).

I have tried so many products that didn't work for me or that I realized wasn't the product but the severely restricted diet they encouraged. I do eat the foods suggested by Dr. Ignarro but for whatever reasons my body needs the supplements he suggests.

I tell everyone I know about this book and I hope you or a loved one gets excellent, life-changing results also!
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on March 19, 2015
The number one killer in this country is Heart Disease. Either you or someone you know has it or is heading down that road. Dr. Ignarro does not just toot his horn for winning the Nobel Prize for discovering the Nitric Oxide molecule. His discovery is merely a jumping off place for his discussion on how the molecule fits in with winning the "No More Heart Disease" war and the steps we can choose to take to win it.

Personally, I have hypertension and plaque in the veins in my legs. I put together the key ingredients he recommends plus a mega dose of vitamin C, and take two doses a day. Given that I monitor my blood pressure several times a day, I can see that the mixture knocks my pressure down within minutes. I have to confess that a tablespoon of Olive Leaf Extract does exactly the same thing.

What I am seeking is the plaque busting aspect that is promised in the book. The so called, "hardening of the arteries" is the real killer. If that can be undone both in the heart and the plaque in the veins in my legs I would be a happy camper. I just bought another book written by Dr. Ignarro because I am very interested in this topic and not much has been written about it.
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on February 25, 2014
Dr Louis Ignarro, famously, shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine with 2 colleagues for his work on the key role of NO (Nitric Oxide) in the workings of the human cardiovascular system.

Famously, he has also made a lot of money from his discovery by promoting products which claim to boost NO levels, and by writing books aimed at lay readers, explaining his work.

He has been criticized quite heavily for this commercial approach, especially by fellow scientists.

That would be irrelevant if Dr Ignarro's theories, and the supplements he recommends, worked in practice.

The evidence is that they do work, and that is what makes this book valuable.

The central pillar of Ignarro's prescription is to take two supplements daily, L-arginine and L-citrulline (the widespread availability of these supplements nowadays is testimony to the impression his original research made on the public mind).

However, he accompanies this with a wealth of good advice -- to eat sensibly, take exercise and avoid stress -- which no critic can possibly find fault with.

It is also his contention that the daily doses of L-arginine and L-citrulline commonly advised by manufacturers fall woefully short of the therapeutic dose. He recommends a daily L-arginine intake of at least 4g daily, and up to 6g. You would need to take a dozen or more pills to get that dose, using the commonly-sold preparations.

Which leads us to the commercial powder preparation which Ignarro endorses (and has shares in). A scoop a day will give you the dose that he recommends.

I'm not a doctor, and cannot comment on any of the medical issues, or make recommendations about the product.

But I am a book reviewer, and I do recommend this book to anyone interested in their cardiac health. Even if you never buy a single supplement, there is enough wisdom and medical good sense in the book to make it well worth your while -- and it may just save your life.
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on April 1, 2016
I was looking for an easy to understand book on Nitric Oxide. I bought this one as this was written by one of the men who received a Nobel Prize for it's discovery. This book is in a very easy to read form and explains NO simply and gives good advice on how to improve heart health. While the author does have a NO supplement product that he developed, he does not push it. If you wish to use other brands you will find the recomended amounts in this book. I am happy I found this and have been following his suggestions. I feel this has really helped to improve a health issue I have.
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on November 17, 2012
First I would like to thank Dr. Ignarro for his work in bringing this knowledge to us. I was quite shocked that I did not hear much about this scientific breakthrough with nitric oxide and cardiovascular health except for its use in Viagra.

How could this info be kept under the radar for so long? Dr. Ignarro, the original researcher with two others who won the Nobel Prize, explains in interesting and simple terms the history of how nitric oxide was suspected to affect cardiovascular health, and how vital it is to prevent plaque and dilate the vessels. I find it interesting that this simple solution probably does a more effective job than most drugs.

The key is to do it right, and Dr. Ignarro lays out why it is important to combine L-arginine with other compounds to keep the cycle going the way the body intended. For example, I have L-arginine in some whey protein supplements, but after reading the book I realized this was not enough to really get the mixture necessary for optimal nitric oxide production.

This is a practical and informative book that lays out the nitric oxide miracle self-contained in your own body, and how to release it naturally with the right amino acids and vitamins, in the right amounts, and with the right exercise.
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on January 7, 2017
This is a Must Read for everyone who wants to help keep their heart and arteries healthy, I highly suggest this book and what it proscribes to everyone I know, please get it and follow the simple method of taking Nitric Oxide for your heart.
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on October 25, 2011
After reading some of the reviews here, I decided to include my own personal experience with using the supplements suggested in Dr. Ignarro's book "NO More Heart Disease".
I will start from the beginning: about 5 years ago, I was informed by my doctor that my total cholesterol reading was 365, but my blood pressure was not too high 130/82. I also came to find out that heart disease is hereditary in my family. The first thing my doctor wanted to do was put me on a cholesterol lowering medication - a statin. Initally I agreed and began taking it. Within two weeks, I felt a huge difference in my overall health. - I felt weak, tired,and my joints felt stiff. I was 39 at the time but I felt like I aged 20 years in those two weeks. I began doing some research and found out the truth about statins and it compelled me to stop taking them immediately. Not too suprisingly, I began to feel better within a few days and after about a week, I was back to feeling normal again; no aches and pains that I was feeling while taking the meds. I decided that I would try to fix my problem the natural way by modifying my diet, adding in some supplements that are said to help lower cholesterol, and increase my activity level. I felt I was fairly active already - weight training 3 - 4 days a week at that time and I ate pretty healthy to begin with, but obviously something was missing. The next year, I had my blood work done again and I thought for sure I was going to be in the clear, but I only managed to get my cholesterol down to 288. My doctor again strongly urged me to take a statin to lower my cholesterol and I still refused. I was truly frustrated because I was already taking supplements - red yeast rice, garlic, L-argnine, niacin, and a multi vitamin and still my cholesterol was this high. I absolutely did not want to take any cholesterol lowering meds; but at the same time, I was becoming worried about having a stroke or a heart attack, so I knew I had to do something soon.
About a year ago, I came across an advertisement for Dr. Ignarro and I found his website. Long story short, I bought his book and applied the supplementation as he advised. After a few months,I had my blood work done and my total cholesterol was 200 and blood pressure was 114/78. I know those are not perfect numbers, but it is huge for me and I am confident that these changes are the result of following the advice/recommendations in his book. I still need to get my numbers a little lower, but I am so relieved that I did not give in and take the easy way out by going on the meds as my doctor suggested. All in all, I give this book 5 stars, because the supplementation is easy and it absoulutely worked for me.
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on March 15, 2015
Some of the contents were dated. For example, recommending intake of soya, which is now known to upset hormonal balance. Eliminating eggs.
Eggs have been proven excellent in the diet. However, Dr. Ignarros' recommendation of L-Citrulline and Arginine were well-founded.
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on September 9, 2016
I read this book thoroughly and have studied a vast amount about diet and health. I give Dr. Ignarro credit for his discoverys about NO. The research is quite clear that NO opens arteries and reduces high blood pressure but the evidence that ANY mixture of Oral L-Citrulline and L-arginine boosting the body's ability to produce more NO is dubious at best! The additional information about diet, particularly about egg yolks and saturated fat, is from the dark ages and definatly should be updated! Buyer beware!
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on September 22, 2013
This is a MUST-READ for everyone interested in taking personal control of their heart-health. Do your own research and make your own decisions regarding your cardiovascular health management. You'll be glad you did.
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