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on August 3, 2012
I wrote a review a few minutes ago, but not sure what happened to it, so I'm reposting.

I wanted to like this book, but ended up completely irritated by it for a number of reasons.

First, the writing is horrendous. It goes from first person to third person narrative, sometimes within the same paragraph, and the grammatical and spelling errors were a complete distraction. I believe it is self-published, and clearly no editor was involved. I'm not overly picky about grammar, but if you're going to sell a book, you should at least be a little up on basic writing mechanics beyond, say, fourth grade. Sorry to sound snarky, but it was quite bad.

Second, this book starts off OK from a plot development standpoint, but goes so far downhill and off the path that the author ends up doing a great disservice to human rights advocates who are truly trying to spread awareness and fight human trafficking. For example, one young girl who is being prostituted ends up being courted by her very kind john, and is then bought and taken to freedom, living happily ever after. Really?! This is not only unrealistic, it encourages the belief that there is hope for trafficked girls if they just meet a nice john or pimp.

Also, the main character falls in love with her captor's son (spoiler alert), who is, incidentally, also one of her captors for most of the book. He professes his love, then the ring is busted and he becomes somewhat of a martyr in jail. In the meantime, the son's mother, also a captor/captive, inherits a huge estate, and the main character ends up living happily ever after in it. Incidentally, the main character is also so beautiful and clever that she is never sexually assaulted ... she is being saved for special purposes. Again, really?!

While I don't doubt the author's passion, I do think this is a poorly written, badly executed book on a very important topic. I do not recommend it. There are many books on the subject that delve into the topic of human trafficking from a more informed, reliable perspective, and do so with skill. Awareness is the key to ending human trafficking, and there is quite a bit to learn, just not from "More than Rice."
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on January 12, 2013
I want my money back and the 2 hours of my life I wasted reading this nonsense. This book is a poorly written work of fiction. It is fiction so unrealistic that it would be laughable if not for the serious subject matter. I felt like I had picked up a book for children written in some sort of parallel universe where I would let my child read about rape and sexual slavery. Human trafficking is a human rights violation so heinous it requires a delicate and sincere voice. Women and children are being abducted and sold against there will. There is nothing "feel good" about it regardless of the annoying and thinly veiled Christian agenda present throughout the book. The reader is expected to believe a roomful of traumatized girls who don't speak the same language can not only have nightly gab sessions but also learn to read from the only book available, the bible. Give me a break. The main character was unlikable, the plot was ludicrous and I just wanted it to end. Don't get me started on the love story angle. Really??? It's a book about exploitation not a romance novel. Don't waste your time here. There are plenty of good non-fiction books on this terrible subject.
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on November 4, 2010
This novel is a fantastic book because it introduces the reader to the truths of the underworld of human trafficking through the story of Gabriella who is abducted leaving her work one day and suddenly she is thrust into the evils of human trafficking.

Pamala does a wonderful job of not making the novel too graphic. I'd rate it PG-13.
I've heard Pamala say in one of her interviews on Youtube that it's a gentle introduction to trafficking. This is a book that everyone can read and come to understand what trafficking is no matter what age you are.

This is a serious subject. No one wants to believe that people, even children, are sold for sex but they are! I think this is a book a person should read and then buy another and share it with a friend or someone so they too can be educated about human trafficking.

At the end of the novel, Pamala has 3 pages of resources so the readers can take action and DO SOMETHING to stop human trafficking in their community and around the world.

This isn't a novel you put down and forget about. It's a book that angers the reader and inspires them to "take action".

Pamala, you should be so proud of this novel and for every person who is being trafficked today may we pay attention and take action by purchasing this book and sharing the message with others so they too can be empowered to do something to stop the trafficking of millions around the world.
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on August 14, 2013
I was unsure how realistic a novel about trafficking could be and was pleasantly surprised at the beginning. However, my concerns were proved valid midway through the book. It had an almost utopian ending, focusing both on romance and individual solutions to a global tragedy that did nothing to dismantle the patriarchal structures that allow the trafficking of women and children to continue, destroying the lives of both the victims and their families. This fairy tale ending was rang false and deeply offended this reader.
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on November 14, 2013
this is by far the best of the best that i have ever read.
Sad that those things still happen untill even in our modern world with all those people that are so devoted in preventing the human trafficking. But then you have those victims that show exceptional courage and cleverness, because they believe that one day their lives will be back to normal no matter of how poor background you come, coz anything is better then the humiliation as to being forced to give your body to total strange man that only see you as a piece of meat
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on January 18, 2014
I liked the easy way that the story unfolds, but containing powerful messages of selflessness and compassion. I would recommend the book to all adults to awaken them to the human trafficking scourge, it has made me aware of the dangers for young girls caught up in poverty as well as travellers. I especially like the statistics and charity sites provided so that the reader can explore further information and provide help to rehabilitate those rescued. More than a perfect title.
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on November 20, 2016
Very intense, realistic, sad and encouraging. As i read this book I said to myself "people need to appreciated their lives every second of the day" One never knows how quickly your life can turn around.
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on September 1, 2011
This is a very important topic but this book paints a very unrealistic picture of the way things end up for these girls. It is all just too convenient. I also don't buy that the main character would just fall in love with a man who put her through torturous tests. It is a good thing that the topic is being explored and that people are being made aware of what is going on but this is not realistic. Half the Sky is a book that deals with human trafficing as well as other terrors that women are subjected too and provides the reader with real ways that they can actually get involved and help.
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on May 24, 2016
not real. ending is a let down
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on October 16, 2013
This book starts pretty good, but within four chapters, it becomes fairly predictable. It seems written very simple, with the main character so conveniently avoiding any real hardships. The whole book is like a little fairy princess story, complete with an also convenient Happy Ever After ending. Very disappointing, no real detail, and written in childish manner. Not recommended for serious reading
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