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on February 7, 2011
As someone who is extremely interested in politics, I was already quite informed on Mitt Romney before reading this book. There are many reasons why I believe he would be a great president. Since I am a Mormon, I should clarify that our shared religious beliefs are not enough for me to make this statement. If anything, it has caused me to put him under the microscope a little more than the usual candidate. His fiscal experience is tremendous. He has been very successful in this area. He has the know-how and the ability to repair the U.S. economy.

While I don't believe there is any candidate with a record that is squeaky clean, I am pleased at where Mitt Romney stands and how he has grown as a candidate for president. Some have accused him of flip-flopping on a few issues but a flip-flopper is someone who says one thing to one crowd and the opposite to another crowd and will continually go back and forth. Mitt Romney has changed his mind on some issues but he has been consistent since changing his mind. Reagan did this as well. I admire someone who can say they made a mistake and move on with the right decision. This book is a great source for anyone wondering what type of person Mitt Romney is. It gave me additional information on him and confirmed the things I already knew. He is a man who loves America and wants to fix it. I wish him well in 2012.
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on February 6, 2017
Hugh Hewitt is incandescently brilliant on getting to the real issues in law and politics. No one is more prepared for an interview. He probes deeper into who Romney really is and what kind of president he would be than any other author on this candidate.
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on January 3, 2016
Depiction of the man was right-on, but at least one of Romeny's ideas was a bit hokey: Are Palestinians unproductive because they are lazy? Perhaps he could take a look at some of their prison-like living conditions, enforced lack of mobility and uncompensated confiscation of property.
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on September 15, 2014
Nice history of Mitt Romney, but one must remember Hugh Hewitt is a campaigner writer in that he writes to campaign. Which is great, but keep this in mind.
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on December 22, 2007
Author Hugh Hewitt has produced an appealing pro-Mitt Romney book that highlights the former Massachusetts Governor's political and business career and gives cogent reasons why he should not be discriminated against because of his Mormon faith.

Romney alone of all the candidates has had to overcome the 'religious problem'to a greater extent than past Catholic contenders, Al Smith (1928), JFK in 1960, and another JFK in 2004. His Mormon religion was used against him by a member of the Kennedy clan when Romney ran against Ted Kennedy in the 1994 senate race and more recently, and importantly, by Mike Huckabee in trying to cement his lead in the Iowa Caucus race due in early 2008. While I am a lot closer to Huckabee in a religious sense than I am to Romney that attack, by the now front-runner in Iowa, was a low cheap shot and Huckabee deserves censure where it counts -by the American voters.

America is the Great Republic precisely because it stands for across-the-board-freedoms and tolerance and Hewitt rightly warns that those Christians who wish to make Romney's faith a matter for intense debate and clause-by-clause scrutiny should be aware that they are opening a pandora's box for future attacks, by secularists, a cynical media and rabid atheists, against candidates of faith of a more orthodox persuasion.
For those who may doubt that then the news today (23 December 2007), about former British PM Tony Blair announcing his conversion to Roman Catholicism, is instructive. Mr Blair said he was never able to discuss his religion in public in the UK, unlike politicians in the US, for fear of being seen as a 'nutter.' Thus far has the public square detioriated in the UK and if Romney is subjected to a barrage of criticism and derision for his faith then it will establish the same pattern for the future in the US- namely politicians of faith will be fair game and intimidated into surrendering the public square to the haters of religion.

Like any other candidate for office Hewitt believes that Romney should be judged on his policy positions and for conservatives there is a lot to appreciate about Mitt: from his defence of traditional marriage as a Republican Governor in the bluest of liberal Democratic states, his strong defence and national border credentials, low tax policies, school choice, and a pledge to continue to appoint judges, as he did in Mass., that interpret the law instead of trying to make the law.

As for Romney's pro-life change, Hewitt effectively catalogues some of the leading Democrats who changed the other way (to pro-choice) but somehow they don't receive the same attention from the secular mainstream media. Also what some might call Mitt's 'flip-flopping' can be described by others as him becoming more consistently conservative. Didn't a chap called Ronald Reagan move from being a liberal-abortion law governor to a consistently pro-life president? Come to think of it wasn't the Gipper once a Democrat? As Hewitt implies, being accused of being a flip-flopper is a very politically loaded term and frankly at times just plain silly as it it takes no account of a considered re-evaluation and changes of circumstances.

Hugh Hewitt has written a timely book for all Americans to consider about a central character in a fascinating struggle for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

In writing this review on my 29th wedding anniversary (23/12) I am reminded that Mitt Romney is the stand-out family man of all the candidates- devoted to his wife and children and with no hint of scandal- and given the tumultuous history of the Mormon Church in the 19th century, plus some of those less faithful who seek to denigrate him today, you have to say politics can be an amusing business.
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on September 3, 2014
Unfortunately, the United States didn't allow this man a chance to show what he could do.
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on May 6, 2007
Anyone who is considering voting either for or against Mitt Romney needs to know more about him than that he is a Mormon and a former governor of Massachusetts. This book gives much more information about him than you will ever get from news sources or his campaign ads. I only wish I knew of books about the other front-runners that gave information that is as useful as this book does.
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on March 7, 2014
Too bad we got goofy instead of Mitt.
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on August 23, 2007
Reading this book made me 100% convinced that Mitt Romney is the best candidate for President in 2008. The man is honest, smart, task oriented, prepared, qualified and willing to lead our Country at these difficult times. If anyone is the least bit concerned about his religion they will totally let go of these fears after reading this book. We will be electing a President who will be our leader. We are not electing a religious leader but electing the best qualified candidate to serve as President. His fact finding and negotiating skills will bring a new way of doing business in Washington. No longer will things continue as the status quo. Every hard working American will benefit from his no nonsense approach to solving difficult problems. His health care plan is simple and is similar to car insurance. All Americans will be able to get insurance with extremely reduced rates for the struggling and fee free for those who cannot work. [[ASIN:159698502X A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney] I urge every American to read this book.
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on May 6, 2007
I appreciated the different viewpoints and unbiased honesty. So much of what we hear in the media is so bent out of shape, that it is sometimes hard to know the truth. I think this book is a very "good read" and I learned a lot from it.
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