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on June 6, 2015
I have been shopping around for a simple train to go around the bottom of the Christmas tree this year to delight my kids. I have purchased two other trains that were in the $75-$100 range and neither of them would make it around the tracks on the carpet. It wasn't flat enough or something. This much cheaper train has much thicker, sturdier tracks, and is better built that even the Dickensville Village train I purchased. I can't say how it is mounted up in the tree, because I was going for something underneath.

It is definitely big enough to fit around a tree stand for a fresh 6-7 foot tree. The train is lightweight and plastic, which is good because it pulls really nicely around the tracks. It has two settings- short run (once around the track) and long run, where it goes on repeat for 4 hours. It is kind of loud, but the kids love it and it won't be on all the time. The headlight is a nice touch.

There is nothing fancy about this train. It's CHEAP but it WORKS. If you have a 3 and 5 year old like me, and you don't want to be stressed about them breaking a $250 train (which is what all the good ones cost) this one is for you. It should hold up nicely, and my kids were enchanted by it.
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on January 9, 2015
 Easy to put together and so much fun. Made our tree unique. I was showing our video of it to everyone and they all loved it. Sounds it makes is loud but I didn't mind it. At first I thought the tracks were too unsteady and flimsy for all three cars of the train so I only used two and it ran without any problems. I never added the third car since having two worked well enough. I did have to re-install to put the support beams where the tracks came together and that steadied it a bit. Since my tracks weren't the most level, I also had to hang a counterbalance on one of the support beams even though watching the train run on tracks that went up and down was fun! The balance problem may have been caused because our tree revolves at the same time the train was running. I may get another one next year to have two trains around the tree. Oh, if your tree top angel falls on the train and they both crash to the floor and the latch between the cars breaks, a twist tie really does work as a replacement lol (thank you to the reviewer who gave that tip). Train is surprisingly durable for the number of times it crashed to the floor.
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on December 28, 2014
We have had this tree train for about 20 years until last year when I forgot to remove the piece that attaches to the tree before I threw away our old tree to make way for a new one. Even after 20 years we still got steam from the engine every once in a while. When I saw it being offered less than I paid for it 20 years ago I had to buy the replacement.

It is fairly easy to put together, but the most important thing to take into consideration is where to put the sleeve you attach to the tree. It has to be in a spot where the tree branch lengths are not so long that the track is lost in the branches or so short the track sticks way out past the tree. Finding the sweet spot is the trick. Putting the posts that hold the track can also be a bit tricky. They take a fair amount of pressure to put them into the sleeve and then to attach the track. I was always afraid I was going to break the plastic putting it together, but with some care never did. Also, make sure the track is level as the little train really can't go up hill.

You can set the train to continuously circle the tree until you stop it (and it whistles as it goes), or you can set it to make about 2 1/2 trips around and stop until you press the button again.

Overall, good value for the money.
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on April 17, 2015
Kinda cheap, plastic broke that ties them together, but rigged it. It's cool

Just an update. I've had this train for a couple years now, maybe 3 christmas's.. Had it setup in the tree a couple times, and then this past year had it on the ground around the tree.. The thing still works great! My daughter, nephews, nieices all play with it right away. All the attach hooks broke, cause they are rough with it, but you can easily use twisty ties, or anything to rig it back together. It's been a very nice, cheap little train set. I would reccommend this to friends or family. It was a good purchase. Thank you!
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on November 19, 2017
Received quickly and not complaints on ordering or delivery. Assembled and secured to the tree at 5ft height on a 7.5 ft tree so that none of the branches interfered with travel of the train. Started train and immediately became annoyed by the chintzy electronic sound of the voices and train sound with no way to turn volume off or down. Enjoyed the first couple trips around the tree, but the support braces had to be reinserted and the main support hub kept slipping down the metal pipe of the tree. After one hour of fiddling with this thing, took it down to regift to one of the grandchildren. Got out my old train and put it UNDER the tree.
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on January 30, 2018
This is a good Christmas tree train set. I like that it can adjust to different sized trees. It has two speed settings and has some audio effects which is cool. It is a bit flimsy in my opinion. But you get what you pay for most times. Anyhow it made a great addition to my beautiful upside down tree last year. And I must say everyone enjoyed seeing my tree come to life. Literally.

Oh by the way I painted the train set myself as I wanted it to match with my rooms theme. The seller doesn't have color options for this,lol. Which is why I improvised.
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on November 20, 2015
This train is great for our purposes - It stays steady propped up in the middle of our tree, and it runs smoothly! However, we plan to paint it and snip the sound cords, a DIY project to turn it into the Hogwarts Express.
The train has three parts- the head, caboose, and middle car. It's got great detail on the coal car, and the head train - it looks like a real train!
I would not purchase this train as it is, because it makes a horrible prerecorded sound that is very loud and screechy.
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on January 2, 2015
I bought this train last year and it has held up pretty good now going on two years. It is all pretty thin plastic for the most part but hard to find solid anymore that doesn't cost as much as a used Honda nowadays. The tracks are a little thicker plastic and they DO NOT give you any extra pieces so if you break one you better pull out some super glue! The train is super cute and we get compliments all the time about where did we get it. The train is pretty loud for those sensitive to sound. You get a loud (almost obnoxious) "all aboard" and then it runs around the track. The running around the track is pretty loud but doesn't bother us and the kids LOVE it. I will say it might be quieter running the track if you use it as a floor train. Our only main complaint it that we wish it had a remote or something because it always stops at the back of the tree (of course.. lol) and there is not way to stop it once started unless you stop it by hand while chugging along and turn the switch to another mode. Another reason to warrant the remote is the only way to start it is by pushing the stack to start it, no big deal except when on floating tracks because you have to press a bit hard and it pushes the tracks down in the tree branches. We have started holding the track when starting to avoid a snapping of plastic supports.

We use it attached to the tree and to give you an idea of the track length, see my pictures. In the photos provided we are using ALL of the tracks. We have a 7'5 tree with a 59in diameter which is pretty wide from what others have said. There is not enough track provided that I would consider using on the floor around our tree because our tree would swallow it with it's depth.

All in all though... we love the train.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 21, 2016
Awesome, kids love it. Looks great. Trying to find for 3 years, glad I found it. Now that it's up, I ordered a second for another tree. Mom loved it too when she stopped by today.
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on December 8, 2015
The train itself is great. The track and supports are cheap and flimsy. The supports do not simply "snap" together easily (plastic), and there is concern that something will break in the process. Before we put it up next year we will see if we make everything more stable. Once we got it all rigged up and running in the (real) tree, it looked amazing. Grandbaby is going to love it.
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