Customer Reviews: Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition - Playstation 3
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on March 2, 2013
I finally adopted a next gen console when I got a PS3 for myself December 2012, this was one of the first games I bought. I have played the MK series of games since the original was released in the arcades. In my opinion this has been a great reboot of the franchise and helped clean up some of the storyline clutter that had gone on post MK3. The game play is back to more of an old school MK basics, which in my opinion is great because I never really embraced the 3d MK games. It has some stunning back grounds, a cool story mode, and of course fatalities. What more could you ask for? The online feature allows me to play with friends across the country, which is nice since I don't get to see them much. All in all, as a long time fan, I think this is the best sequel to come out since MK3 Ultimate, or maybe MK Trilogy.

As for people giving the game one star reviews for "missing" DLC let me explain how it worked for me. When I opened the package I saw two DLC vouchers, one for some music tracks and one for the original MK feature movie. The one for the feature movie expired 12/31/12 so I was out of luck there. Not really a big deal, except I thought it was a voucher for game content until I read it closer. Bottom line, this is the Komplete edition as it includes the DLC content. When you first load the game it does an update that installs the DLC automatically. All the characters and costumes are there. No need to bash the game because a bonus unrelated to the game itself is expired.
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on April 14, 2012
Overall, I would recommend this to any MK fan, either those that have kept up with the series or those that haven't played it in a long time. It's a great reboot of the series, that essentially resets the story along with returning to the original gameplay (which is both good and bad). There are a few innovations that set this apart from other fighters and really moves the franchise forward.


The backgrounds of the game look fantastic. They are loaded with lots of interesting distractions, such as dragons attacking a city, Shao Kahn and his creepy pet cheering on your fight, flying pyroclastic debris, victims being dunked into the dead pool, etc., that really make the combat areas come to life. The levels are really thought out and highly detailed.

The characters look great too, again very detailed and move fluidly. My only complaint is maybe a couple of models look a little off. For example, Sonya and Shang Tsung actually looked more realistic in Deadly Alliance. Also, the costumes are the ones from the first three games, so they don't look as interesting as those in later games (e.g., Sub-zero "suit of armor" from DA). I understand that they needed to use the customs from the earlier time period, but still I miss the cooler costumes from Deadly Alliance and Deception.

The artwork used in the characters' ending uses a very different style from previous games (painted portraits or animated scenes [MK4]). I liked it, they look nice and it's interesting to see something different.

Because of the upgraded graphics, I should point out that the fatalities are rather realistic (more detailed than previous games). Some can be pretty disturbing (Noob Saibot's being the worst), so definitely not for the squeamish.

Story Mode:

They definitely outdid themselves on this. The story is great, it's really fun to watch and does a great job tying the first three games together. Without giving anything away, I loved how it ends, it's a nice cliff hanger for the next game (of course there will be another game!).

My only complaints: No chapter select? If you beat it, why can't you go back and just watch it like a movie? Or better yet, watch specific chapters? All you can do is play it all over again. And no way to pause the cutscenes? With life's little distractions, it's annoying missing some dialogue and having to start the scene all over again.

Music and Sound:

The music is just OK. To be fair, what they did was take the music from the first three games and did a good job of remixing it, so that's mostly what you have here. With that in mind, the music isn't as good as the later games.

The sound effects (the unsung hero) are excellent. From the freezing and burning effects of Sub-zero and Scorpion, to the metallic clashing of Cyrax and Sektor, this game has the best sound effects I've ever heard in a fighter. I guess the developers agree, because the default settings of the game have the sound effects practically drowning out the music.


Overall, very fast, fluid, simplified (compared to previous games), and fun.

The multiple martial art styles from Deadly Alliance are now gone, as are the highly complex 6 and 7 button combos. Personally, I did enjoy the martial art styles, but I won't miss them. And now most of the combos are limited to 3 button combinations, and to achieve larger combos you now rely more on incorporating special moves and air juggling.

The enhanced attack system is brilliant, that adds a lot to the gameplay and I hope that remains in future games. Basically, you have a meter that allows you to perform advanced versions of your attacks that either do more damage (e.g., Scorpion throwing two spears instead of just one) or are more difficult to evade (e.g., Sub-zero having a larger ice blast).

I thought the X-ray attacks would be silly, but they turned out to be pretty cool, especially Noob's and Quan Chi's.

Also, the AI in the game is fun without being frustrating (except for Shao Khan). The difficulty is highly adjustable, and on Medium or below most of the AI opponents fight intelligently, rather than just blocking and countering everything you do with ridiculous clairvoyance. Even Goro and Kintaro are approachable, meaning that you can actually fight toe-to-toe with them, instead of just trapping them in a corner and doing the same move 30 times in a row (like how Kintaro was in MKII). Shao Khan is the exception. Even on the Beginner and Easy settings, he goes completely ballistic on you, and you are forced to just do a cheap combination of projectiles and teleporting until you finally wear him down. Fighting him is not fun whatsoever.

Also, no Motaro? No big deal, just would have been cool to fight him. I guess motion capturing a centaur was too difficult.

This game went back to the traditional 2-D plane of gameplay. I preferred 3-D, but I can see why others would prefer 2-D, so I can't really say whether this is a good thing or bad thing. Here are my pros and cons of this:

Pros: 2-D is much faster than 3-D, because it makes it more difficult to evade your opponent. Because there is less of a playing field, you spend a lot less time chasing after each other, and it's easier to trap someone in a corner.

Cons: Without the ability to move in 3-D, you no longer have throwable/interactive objects that you can get to and use. Also, having a smaller playing field doesn't allow for multi-level arenas (like those in Deception) that are really fun to explore. Finally, you no longer have interesting 3-D attacks and sidestepping, which made gameplay a lot deeper (without being too confusing). Personally, I hope they bring back 3-D gameplay, but I doubt that will happen.

Final thought: it's time to get rid of the block button. They made some small changes to the button layout for this game, but the block button is still here? Sure it's easier to do fatalities with a block button, but other fighters with fatalities didn't need this (e.g., Killer Instinct, Primal Rage). I think MK would get a lot more respect if they got rid of this button.


Very fun. They have one-on-one fighting, tag teams, and king-of-the-hill tournaments. I haven't had any lag problems and it's fairly active.
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on June 26, 2012
This version komes with every dlc karacter and their kostumes. But the only thing that you'll either dislike or like is that all the kharacters are unlocked which means no old school fighting reward of unlocking additional fighters. But i guess the krypt makes up up for that.

Also the game includes the game soundtrack which you kan download and a digital copy of the first MK movie.

And this version does not require a online pass to play online.

Have fun
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on November 29, 2012
I've been a fan of Mortal Kombat games off and on since the very beginning, but even after only a couple of hours of play this one is by far my favorite. I don't know if it's true for the standard edition of the game, but the Komplete Edition lists not only the special moves for a given fighter (available in the Pause menu), but also their finishing moves. One other thing I really liked was a training mode that introduces you to some of the special features of this version (tag teams, enhanced special moves, etc.), and also a fatality training mode. My only complaint about the fatality training is that you only seem to be able to practice one finishing move for each fighter, but it's still awesome to be able to practice those without having to remember the sequence after you've just survived a battle.
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on May 29, 2012
For those complaining about the price, get a used copy.

Okay, now to add to the kudos about the game... this edition made me sooooo glaaad I waited. When I saw the game advertised in an ad, and that it included Freddy Krueger, I lept for joy. I haven't been this excited to purchase a video game since "Turtles in Time" for SNES. Don't laugh, the versus mode was much better than Street Fighter.

I didn't even know there was a story mode, but I had to start with that... this is the story mode to end all fighting game story modes. You'd think this was an action adventure game instead of a fighting game. The story was well-woven, the graphics are stunning- very detailed background while still maintaining the 2-D fighting. The character updates are amazing- and the reboot to classic moves makes them so much less cheesy... like Barakas slicing move. I also like that the grab and throw move isn't just a simple toss, but a mini beat down followed by a punch or kick and a heave/hurl/toss to one side of the screen.
And I won't say anything about using Freddy Krueger you have to discover for yourself!

All in all, if you liked the original Mortal Kombat, you'll love this game.
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on September 11, 2012
This is the best MK game I've played. The Komplete Edition makes the game even better with a downloadable copy of the first Mortal Kombat movie (Even in HD and special features!) and a downloadable soundtrack with 4 bonus characters (including my favourite Kratos) and skins! This is just packed full of awesomeness. Barely on chapter 2 of the story mode and I already love it and highly recommend it.
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on November 4, 2012
Concerning the Package
The Komplete Kollection package is perfect. Everything is on the disc with absolutely no waiting time, there are no patches/DLC to download and install. The game is just pop in and go.

The only voucher codes in the case are for the Mortal Kombat movie through PSN and a voucher to download a music album off of a online music site. There is no lame online pass code. Again everything is on the disc and ready when you are.

Unfortunately though Mortal Kombat Movie is 6.6 gb, WOW. I was slightly interested in re-watching Mortal Kombat, but I don't want to use up 6.6 gb. As I was writing this review I wanted to see what the film download included since its a very large file.(Movie is converted to HD, also an extra animated movie after credits titled Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins) Well I ended up initiating the download by accident. I saw the usual download in background and that it would take about 100 minutes (I have comcast xfinity) I was about to cancel it but to my surprise another button appeared titled "watch while downloading" and the movie is now running. So you could just watch the movie and by the time the movie ends the download should be finished and then you can decide to keep or delete.

Concerning the Game.
I loved the story, it was very good. Definitely will replay. There is also single player ladder matches, 4 Test your... mini games. A 300 level challenge tower. Koins to spend on the krypt. Practise mode with MK mechanics tutorial and fatalities tutorial, also your standard practice arena against AI or Human. A Tag team feature which allows for 4 player couch play, YAY! Still have not checked online play.

Only two things annoyed me; you can't skip cut scenes in story mode and also the move list as no page scroll feature, you can only hold down to scroll and its doesn't even scroll fast or smoothly.

Well Netherealm studios know how to deliver a game.
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on December 26, 2014
Marvellous fighting MK 2D game ! This is certainly one of the best fighting game I've played. The control is tight, the online feature is still up, and the best part of GH MK Komplete edition is all 4 DLC characters are already in it, which put you save $20 from it. The only keep me playing this game is the feature of the Challenge Tower. This one has tons of rules applying it, for examples, you can only beat him/her only jumping or you have to use certain abilities to win it, etc.
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on February 20, 2016
Works as expected. Basically a rehash of the original trilogy (with a bit of later MK elements thrown into it) but told in such a way that lets you know that it won't end the same way. As a continuity reboot, it recognizes the original continuity, but discontinues it in favor of re-imagining or even re-writing events that will highlight and present the characters under a different perspective. The game engine has been overhauled, no longer relying on the system that "MK: Deadly Alliance" onward utilized and falling back on the structure of combat seen in the first two games. Not a bad game to play, but take caution around younger audiences, as the game contains graphic, bloody violence, and many characters are designed to titillate players.
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VINE VOICEon July 1, 2015
Mortal Kombat 9 served as an excellent reboot to a once good but subsequently dying series. It basically revolutionized the game in the way that MK II did over the original MK. This particular collection also comes packaged with 4 bonus characters (too bad they aren't available in MKX).

The attention to detail is a marked improvement over past games. As characters fight, they have battle wounds and blood gets all over them. The fatalities are more brutal than in the past but we still see some classic ones (like Scorpion's "Toasty" fatality). You have training mode (including Fatality Practice) which helps you get used to the characters before going into competition. Since I hadn't played Mortal Kombat since MK III Ultimate Edition, I was definitely rusty.

Ultimately, this game also served to hold me over until the release of Mortal Kombat X. It's a good game.
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