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on May 15, 2012
As far as Mortal Kombat--or any fighting game, for that matter--goes, the unbelievable amount of content here is beautiful. Not only does this include everything in the Komplete Kollection for consoles (The original + All DLC for it), but it adds a massive "Bonus Challenge Tower" that includes Vita-specific minigames that are all very well-done, as well as Vita-specific control schemes to be used, not the least of which includes touchscreen-activated fatalities, which do not require any attack commands to perform, hence removing any accidental inputs that could potentially end the match with a jab instead of the fatality intended. There are neat little touches everywhere, and it's easy to see that the developers made sure people were going to like this, and Vita users in particular were going to like it, even if they already have the Komplete Kollection.

There are a few minor gripes, but one is not the graphics, which for some reason have gotten a lot of heat for not being PS3-level. First of all, while it does lose detail compared to the console versions, it isn't a catastrophic loss. The developers insisted throughout the development that the game would maintain a 60 fps frame rate, so was it really fair to ask for a flawless conversion onto such different hardware? If it weren't for the gorgeous console versions, no one would be saying a word about the graphics in this, but for comparison's sake, yes, the console versions do have more detail. But it's not worth even one loss of a star over.

Some may like it, some may hate it, but for obvious reasons, the lobbies from the console versions of the multiplayer are gone--thank God. Everyone who's been in those totally unmoderated lobbies knows exactly what I'm talking about when I say it's refreshing to *NEVER* have to see them, with all their glorious spamming of insensible trash that is still impossible to disable while you're looking for a match. We now have a simple matchmaking system for ranked and unranked games, private or public, either in teams or not in teams. It's simple and it works.

Touchscreen fatalities don't work quite as well as I had hoped, and I find myself reverting back to using the D-pad and attack commands. They're simply unforgiving, and a slightly crooked swipe with the finger can ruin your sequence. It definitely takes some getting used to, but unless you're horrible with those inputs on the D-pad, you probably won't find the feature very useful. It's a neat idea, but it's not implemented particularly well. The fatalities themselves are no different--you don't, for instance, swipe once to taze your opponent as Stryker, and then swipe an arc to blow their head off, which could have been neat. Instead, you just input the commands normally, the only difference being that there is no attack command required. Baraka's second fatality is still F, F, D, D, to perform it. Normally, it would include LK at the end of that. But because the touchscreen is also used to move and attack, it's easy to screw up.

Touchscreen movement and attacking is, as you would guess, totally useless for real play, and at the same time, hurts the usability of touchscreen fatalities, because it will cause you to move as you swipe, potentially ruining your distance. If they had simply disabled touchscreen movement and attacks and left it for fatalities and X-rays, this would have been fine, but they tried to do too much, and it doesn't work. Chances are, you'll go back to the regular button inputs to do such things.

It should be noted that microphone support is fully supported, so unless your opponent has his disabled, you can both chat by default without any kind of headset, since the Vita has a built-in microphone. Some may not like this, but I find it great. It adds some sociability in the game, and most people are polite when it's their actual voice, unlike online. It definitely adds something to the experience when you're both having fun with the game and you can hear each other's real-life cries every time some major upset happens. It's very cool, to say the least.

The bottom line: Even if you own Mortal Kombat for a console, the Vita edition is still worth it for what you get. There are extra costumes not even included in the Komplete Kollection, a whole lot of gameplay tweaks, a massive number of new Vita-specific challenges, better multiplayer support (without that God-awful spam box always present), and for those concerned, you *DO NOT* have to do the story all over again to get Cyber Sub-Zero or Quan Chi--everyone's there ahead of time, which was kind of the developers. Most of us are well past that phase, and it's good that they recognized that.

Very highly recommended for anyone who wants MK on their Vita; it's a near-perfect conversion with its own bells and whistles, and is especially worthwhile for people who are either new or who did not spend the cash on the DLC already. But even if you did spend cash on DLC, you still won't have everything this version has, and that makes up for it. Great stuff.
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on October 12, 2016
Great vita version. Key product features include:
The same quality Mortal Kombat gaming experience found in the 2011 console version of the game, now made portable at 60 frames per second through PS Vita
• New features and content exclusively for the PS Vita System, such as touchscreen fatalities and a balancing gameplay mechanic using PS Vita's accelerometer
• New play modes including a new Challenge Tower mode, and Test Your Slice and Test Your Might modes
• An extensive lineup of iconic warriors, and DLC previously for the console versions of the game
• Two-player support in ad hoc or Wi-Fi matches
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on June 26, 2012
Written by my son, the gamer:

"Being new to the Mortal Kombat universe, I bought the game because of the good reviews the game received, and I was not disappointed. Upon starting the game, I noticed how creative the main menu was; an animated scene with Scorpion punching Sub Zero was certainly original, and is certainly high quality in its excellent graphics. Reflecting the menu, the game quality was fantastic, and will be a game to keep forever, for these reasons:

Story Mode:

The story mode begins with Raiden and Shao Kahn in the future, without much context. So, this made eventually building up to that event all the more interesting.

Pros - The story portrayed from 16 different perspectives was immersive; the beautifully constructed storyline makes this game as good as it is. For the seven hours or so the story mode lasted, I couldn't put it down.

- Each cutscene lead into every fight smoothly and without loading, adding to the fluidity of the game.

- The fight gameplay, with a smooth framerate of 60 FPS, came out to be everything I hoped for. The graphics and textural contrasts of everything in the scene were nothing less than five stars. Also, the wide array of moves for each character proves the depth and production value of the game.

- Finally, in collaboration with what I said directly above, I wanted to comment on the scenes on which the fights were staged. This is the only fighting game I have come across that has moving backgrounds, sometimes with a dragon nesting on a building, or a subway running its route.

Cons - The only real drawback to the game was, in my opinion, the jumping around between characters. it felt monotonous and seemed like an effort to introduce a wide array of characters, and not to develop and focus on the main ones, like they should. Personally, it would have been much more interesting had they shown the story from the perspective of maybe three characters, and spend time connecting the storyline between them.


The wide array of game modes makes the experience endlessly fun, and not another game to put back on the shelf.

Pros - The fight quality is of course the same in Fight mode, but this time you can pick from a decent lineup of characters. The diversity of the possible moves for each character and the number of characters makes an expansive environment that is sure to keep you busy.

- Possibly my favorite part of the game is the different game modes. Although Ladder and Tag Ladder are fun modes, they add several more such as Test Your Might and Test Your Balance that bring out the best qualities of the Vita itself, as well as being extremely creative in these addicting game modes.

Cons - The only possible bad thing I can think of in Fight Mode is that you must unlock each individual level in each game mode from the Challenge Tower and the Bonus Challenge Tower, which makes unlocking all the levels long and tedious.

Bonus Challenge Tower and Challenge Tower:

Containing a huge amount of levels, with a fun and unique premise to each one, the creators of the game were infinitely creative with this idea.

Pros - As stated above, each level is different from the next, having you do anything from juggling Sonya with rockets, fight by throwing your limbs at your opponent, and even having you base the fight by your pull on a slot machine. It's fun that never ends.

Cons - I didn't think this was possible, but I think they included too many levels in each tower, which made beating the tower and unlocking levels a long process.


Containing two modes named Nekropolis and Krypt, here you can buy music, art, codes for different Fatalities and perks within the game, and look up Bios for your favorite characters.

Pros - The Krypt is where you buy extras within the game, and in case the reader hasn't seen the theme here, the way in which they constructed this was creative and made you play for hours. The Krypt is basically a wide plain, covered with different sections such as humans on torture or execution devices, humanoid figures in purple/pink bulbs hanging from trees, and several more. The objective is to buy all the extras, and to do so you must "destroy" each human in each area, which keeps you earning Kurrency until you unlock it all. Pure marketing genius.

- The Nekropolis is a circular room with the Gallery in the center, where you view art and music bought in the Krypt. and fanning to the right and left are all the characters in the game, offering Bios, a rotatable figure of them, stats for them in gameplay, and a mini cutscene for each character that offers the events that took place after the close of the main campaign. I couldn't have presented it any better myself.

Cons - Nothing to be said here.


Because of Wifi issues, I have only been able to play a few games, certainly not enough to construct a decent interview, but from what I experienced it lived up to the bar set by the other game modes.

Pros - The gameplay was fantastic. I'm not sure there's much else to be said.

Cons - I was having some connectivity issues, even with my Wifi problems aside.

All in all, in my humble opinion, this is the best PS Vita game to date, aside from maybe Uncharted GA. The well-constructed storyline combined with the diversity within the gameplay truly makes Mortal Kombat endlessly fun."
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on July 9, 2016
For what it's worth, Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita is well worth the money. It may be lacking in terms of the graphics since some of the character models and the stages are a more watered down through the port as they had to work with getting to run a modified unreal engine 3 onto a portable handheld, and it's still a great effort for the developers to keep it running at a constant 60fps, which is vital for fighting games. Some of the bonus challenge towers may seem gimmicky, but it's a fun little addition to the whole package. While there's still left a lot to be desired from other people, you gotta appreciate all the work and effort they made to get this game running on the go. I could take muddy graphics for a game I love play on the go that runs smoothly than having a 1:1 port that felt lazy as it just stutters and lags as it just can't handle it.
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on December 9, 2012
It's been a while since I played any mortal Kombat game.. I recently bought my ps vita and I remembered how much fun I had with MK unchained on my PSP and I decided to give it a go on this one and man it didn't disappoint at all.. This is a port from de PS3 version (which I never played but I read some articles about it) but they added some challenges perfectly suited for the ps vita touch screen and rear pad.. Story mode? I'm halfway through it but it has kept me entertained so far, the combos and fatalities are easy to learn as well.. And touch screen fatalities FTW!!

Not to mention that the Ps Vita version includes all the downloadable content that Ps3 version didn't have at the beginning..

I bought this game on Black Friday for 14$ but at 19$? It's a steal! Buy it!
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on July 24, 2013
I love this game its amazing!! this game is challenging I cant put it down...some of the matches are pretty darn hard to beat but it wouldn't be any fun if I could just breeze right through it...once you think the game is over it pulls a fast one on you and switches up and continues to go....the graphics are great I love playing new characters and watching new x-ray moves or seeing what other moves other players can do...the story flows in perfect motion with the goes from story right into the fight and vice far ive only done the story mode and practice mode which is good if your up against a difficult opponent OR TWO since they are constantly pitting two enemies against your one guy or girl...I freaking love this game!!
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on July 24, 2013
Mortal Kombat is a fantastic game, don't get me wrong, but has its fair share of annoyances.


There's a lot of content in this game, mainly being the characters, the bonus "DLC" included, and all the game modes. The game has all the original characters from the Mortal Kombat series and even characters from other series such as Kratos (from God of War) and Freddy Krueger (from A Nightmare on Elm Street). So no need to worry about WHO you can be. Each character, as far as I know, has different controls and personal attacks (at which point becomes a pain b/c you don't know which combo leads to which attack). Most people who don't have the game would miss the "mini-games." One of them is like a fruit ninja spoof (a very poor replica, but still fun). Lastly, there's the option to buy other bonus content such as alternate clothing, original pictures of the characters, finishing fatality moves, etc.


On the off-hand, this game has some off-putting features. To start off, the graphics could use a lot of work; a LOT of work is needed. I don't know how it compares as a port of the PS3/Xbox 360 games so I won't go over that; I'm just saying that the graphics is highly noticeable. Chances are, they did this to improve the frame rates in the game. It looks very much like the graphics was limited to the PS2's system capabilities. In terms of difficulty, this game is questionable. I was playing on normal and I felt as though the fights were designed to be easy in the first round, then hard on the second round, and easy on the third round so that you'll spend more time playing it. The story revolves around a character (I won't name him/her to prevent spoilers) and this character has to be one of the worst characters to play with. The last boss (also won't name) is overpowered to an unfair advantage, just check guides online for the "view count" and you can see that many people are having problems. Difficulty, clearly, is "flawed."

Edit: There's also an odd sound issue where the cutscenes are very low in volume (even at max) and the fighting is significantly louder. Not a big issue because of the subtitles, but is a nuisance if you're lying down or in a bad surrounding.

This game is playable and has brought me much fun. Story will take a couple of days to finish and the Challenge Tower & Bonus Challenge Tower (options in the game) has over a 100 levels I believe. I'm sure you can find this game at a decent price online now since it's nearly 2 years into release already.
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on February 5, 2013
This game is just awesome. I loved the PS3 version and although the graphics are not as good as on the PS3 I still love them and for a handheld device the graphics are pretty good. I love that there is also additional content like the bonus challenge tower. Completing the tower (also the regular one) is very challenging and sometimes it seems impossible, but if you try again you notice that some challenges need special tactics and are doable. It will definitely take you some time though. Online gaming is easy and a lot of fun. Sometimes it takes a while until you get connected with another player and the connection might get lost during the fight, nevertheless you have to keep in mind, that this is a handheld game. Therefore I really enjoyed playing online. But be aware that a lot of players online can really beat you up and leave you with no chance if you don't practice. Story mode is the same as on PS3, it's just the best story mode of any fighting game I've ever played so far.
To sum it up, this game is probably my favorite game for the PS Vita so far and I still keep playing and enjoying it, even after having spent so much time with it already. I totally recommend this game to any beat-em-up fan!
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on October 5, 2012
The game on the PS Vita is just terrific. I initially had my doubts regarding this product because I already own the 360 version and the graphics and audio are flawless. So I really thought a very little console couldn't manage such quality.

Since I don't have the PS3 version of the game, I didn't enjoy a gameplay with Kratos from the God Of War series. But the PS Vita version is a full version that contains all the possible things that you could get on Mortal Kombat 9. This is good, and a little disappointing at the same time. Good, because once you start the game, you have everything available to have a cool fighting experience without the need of extra charges per DLCs. A big roster full of cool characters including Kratos, Skarlet, Rain, Kenshi, Freddy Krueger and Rain. Disappointing, because you have pretty much everything at hand; you don't have to go through the story mode or beat certain things to unlock characters on the selection screen, because all characters are already there, unlocked. So if you are the kind of gamer that likes to struggle and beat challenges in order to unlock stuff, then there's nothing to do here as far as character selection is concerned.

Surprisingly, some alternate clothes are available also without the need of doing anything on the game; for example, all female and male ninjas already have their alternate costumes available, like the classic Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Ermac outfits. Again, no need for extra downloads.

The game is like an exact copy of the 360/PS3 versions with an addition of 150 new tower challenges which are a separate game mode. So you have the traditional tower of challenges and on top of that, 150 new challenges, that are mostly intended to take advantage of the Vita's capabilities. Such challenges include bouncing the Vita to move the characters, doing special moves with the aid of the touch screen and rear panel of the Vita, etc. It's a little tricky at first, but once you get the feeling, it's pretty amazing. So this game is not a mere port, it has very cool additions.

The graphics are very good, but you see some little low quality on the story mode. The cinematics look awesome. But when it's time to start a fight on this story mode and the camera does a close up on the character, the graphics look ugly. But only on that very little time that can take 2 seconds at much. Everything else from the cinematics and the kombat looks amazing.

Another cool feature is the online mode. You can play single or tag matches and once you find an opponent (which can be your friend or anyone on the network) you can talk to people without using a headset! This is soooo nice because at least for me it's a little uncomfortable to play with something attached to my ears. But here, you don't need that. You can just play, and talk to your opponent at the same time. You can continue talking as long as that session takes.

Something that REALLY disappointed me on this game was the lack of a cross-platform feature. This game plays so smoothly and has all the same characteristics that the PS3 version has, so I don't see WHY Street Fighter X Tekken has cross-platforming but Mortal Kombat does not. I would have been terrific to play some cool fights with my friends who own a PS3, and rip some heads off.

Overall, this game is a must in your PS Vita collection. Especially if you own the 360 version, there are many pluses on this one. I definitely recommend it.
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on October 11, 2012
I'm a big fighting game fan and I was surprised when this game first sparked interest in me. To give you an idea of my taste, Guilty Gear X2 has my favorite fighting of any fighting game. I'd give Guilty Gear X2's 'fighting' a 10/10, while its presentation, interface, re-playability and all that would be on different levels.

Mortal Kombat is about a 7/10 or 8/10 in fighting, in my opinion it's about equal to Street Fighter once you get used to it but with juggling that feels more like Tekken. If you've liked MK in the past, you'll love how this plays, if you haven't but you've enjoyed the modern Street Fighter games, you'll probably still like it once you get used to it. They've made it feel more modern than MK 1-3 and it doesn't feel as blocky.

Now most people would say that the actual fighting is all that matters but this game really changed my opinion of that. This game is my favorite fighting game ever, as a whole package. If you're seeking a single player experience especially (which the Vita version you won't be playing on the couch with your buddies) this is the best fighting game ever made. It has a very decent and fun story mode, it has 2 challenge towers that aren't just absurd feats (like the Mission Mode in Guilty Gear X2 became) but instead fun and interesting. There is a ton of stuff to unlock, plenty of great characters (this version gives you the 4 DLC characters for free), and plenty of fun and interesting fatalities to experience and learn.

I honestly didn't play the Vita version online at all. The PS3 version ran great online so I'd assume the Vita version does too, but I can't confirm that.

I will say compared to the PS3 version the graphics of this version aren't nearly as good but I'd say the extra challenge tower is a fair trade off.

My only complaint is that the Platinum trophy is nearly impossible for this game and the PS3 version. It requires you to play each character for 24 hours of game-play, there are more than 30 characters...
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