Customer Reviews: Mortal Kombat - Playstation 3
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on April 19, 2011
I wanted to provide an initial review for anyone who might be sitting on the fence about purchasing Mortal Kombat.

-Spoiler Free Edition -

(NOTE: I gave this game a 5 star review. However, it's not 100% perfect. Yet, I feel it is fun enough to justify a five star review. If you are the type of fighting game fan that plays all the Capcom games, and has a penchant for a certain type of fighting game style (ultra-well balanced etc), my review may not be applicable to you. I am a MK fan, and by no means a fighting game aficionado. However, I hope my review can still be helpful to you as well.)

Hello Again my Old Familiar Friend

If you are like me, you may have been a little disenfranchised with past several MK games. Many of which were fun games in their own right, but they just did not capture the MK essence of old. This time around I fired up the game and admittedly got a little nervous when I saw the colorful vibrant WB logo as the game loaded. Was this going to be an all too cheery, cartoony Kombat once again? But then the logo quickly changes turning dark and ominous and suddenly my hopes are renewed...
Mortal Kombat is back, for real this time. What I mean to say is that the gritty, dark and brutal game that I fell in love with as a kid in high school is back. This game has the same feel of the originals and that is a great thing.

The Kombat

This version of Mortal Kombat feels fast and agile. Gone are the clunky 3-D aspects of Mortal Kombat from renditions past. Instead, the game (so far) feels fairly well balanced (though some characters can spam projectiles in very rude/semi-annoying ways, I'm looking at you Johnny Cage) and with plenty of techniques to learn and employ. One can certainly pick up the controller and feel fairly deadly right from the get go, yet the game is continually challenging (providing you match an appropriate difficulty level with your skill).
Hitting an opponent in this game is rewarding. The sound, coupled with the recoil of a hit opponent makes the game feel powerful and raw. To re-iterate, I love the sound in this game, it's pretty awesome when you fight a metallic warrior like sector and hear the clink and crash of his body armor crumpling under fist. All the projectiles sound really cool and directionally distinct. So be sure to turn the volume up during your first play-through. I should also mention that the backgrounds in the game will get you killed. I'm not talking about the stage fatalities either. The backgrounds are so detailed and amazing that I was heavily distracted at times, leading to an undeserved(well, maybe not) loss.

The Kontrols

This game is controlled similar to previous iterations. I also find it's nice to be able to use the D-pad (I use it for fatalities etc) then switch right into the control sticks for the more circular motions. Most importantly your character does what you want, when you want.

The Karnage

This game is very violent, it's nothing like the watered down depiction when the MK warriors took on the DC hero's and villains in the last outing. Nope. In fact, some fatalities are cringe worthy to the average man. I don't want to spoil anything, but there are a couple fatalities involving various modes of transportation that stick out in my mind. However, it's what makes Mortal Kombat so special, over-the-top bloody karnage. One thing I will admit is that in the single player/story mode the game will occasionally give you a match that makes you say "seriously!" with your mouth agape. You will be forced to fight some frustratingly hard opponents and sometimes more than one at a time. The end boss is a total freak that forces you to harness your chi, grit your teeth and eek out a victory if you're lucky/skillful enough. These elements may be frustrating and annoying to some, but some of my favorite games growing up had similar end bosses. There is a reason they are "the boss" albeit even if they fight cheap and dirty.

The Kharacters

All of the old favorites are nicely represented in this edition. The new models look pretty amazing all-in-all. (SIDE NOTE: I would love to see a modern MK use real character actors again like the MK1 and II era. Anyone else?) Oh and here in PS3 town we got...

The Kratos

I was a little nervous about the god of war making his appearance in Mortal Kombat. I thought it might feel silly and forced. Without giving anything away let me tell you that he is an excellent addition and fits in nicely (though it's weird seeing him on the bad end of the ripping, stabbing, slicing and dicing).

The Kontent

This game is loaded with extra features and mini games. The layout is fun to navigate and unlocking kontent is an inspiring joy. The main tower of power is still in use here with online modes(king of the hill is a real treat) and tag-team match ups. The single player story mode alone takes at least 7+ hours (longer than some FPS games in recent memory). The Krypt is back and this sucker is full of graves to uncover (along with the characters second fatality- which works without unlocking if you know the correct button combo, weird, I know). If you like behind the scenes looks, sketches and concept renderings, you'll enjoy the Krypts offerings.

The Konclusion

This Mortal Kombat is back to its roots and is a bloody good time. I have not purchased a fighting game in years- after all they are normally "weekend rental only" territory for a casual gamer. This one breaks the mold. I almost wish I had ponied up and bought the tournament edition for the classic arcade stick feel. Being willing to invest $200 into a fighting game certainly should speak to its quality. The amount of kontent, and level of character mastery is deep and engaging. It looks like this game is going to last beyond one weekend of fighting game bliss, instead finding a home inside the PS3 for weeks to come.
Hope to see you, my fellow kombatants, online soon. Go easy on me, ehh?
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on June 17, 2011
For the full review check out MetalArcade.Net!

Does the newest entry in the near 20 year old Mortal Kombat series deserve your attention? In a word, yes.

Mortal Kombat offers a deep gameplay experience that very few fighting games can claim. NetherRealm Studios has raised the bar in this entry, and wiped the series' spotty history clean again.

Mortal Kombat brings the series back to what made it popular and infamous back in the early '90s: hyperviolence and extreme gore, which will be a welcome change to those that still have a bitter taste in their mouths from the enjoyable yet sterilized Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. MK cuts away the fat the franchise has built up in its last few 3D entries, such as 3D-plane movement, weapons fighting and multiple stances. While the last few Kombat games may have seemed gimmicky and notable only for their violence, Mortal Kombat steps into the realm of the great, legitimate fighters, such as Street Fighter 4. This Kombat is a lean, well-oiled machine.

The story mode in Mortal Kombat stood out as unique in my eyes, at least compared to other fighting games. This is the first fighting game I have played with a very lengthy story mode. It intertwines multiple characters and relives/reboots the history of Mortal Kombat 1, 2 , and 3. I found it to be very enjoyable, and I found myself actually interested in MK's strange yet cool roster once again. Demon warrior Scorpion's backstory is fleshed out, and he is humanized as you relive the anguish he experienced when Sub-Zero and his clan destroyed Scorpion's village, and killed his wife and son. You will find out why Jax has metal arms, why Cyrax and Sektor are cyborgs, what the hell Mileena is, and more. The story mode has more than 15 chapters, and all of its cut scenes are skillfully produced.

Mortal Kombat not only re-imagines the original trilogy of Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, but also shares most of those games' roster and arenas. The great story mode is complimented by a healthy amount of additional content in the form of multiple single-player and multiplayer game modes. In addition to the substantial story mode, there is Challenge Tower, which is a 300 level, very cool mix of fights and mini-games that are actually entertaining. Challenge Tower mode is partly a tutorial, offering up, for instance, matches where you can't use your special moves, or more comically, fights where you have no arms.

There is also the standard Ladder arcade mode, where all characters also have the requisite intro and outro movies. There is also Tag Ladder mode, where MK shows off its brilliant tag team fighting, which is even more fast and furious than the singles mode. There is a Fatality Training mode, where you can skip right to mutilating bodies to your heart's content. Returning from the series' past is the Krypt, an awesome stockpile of unlockable goodies, where you can spend Koins earned in all the other game modes.

Mortal Kombat's return to the 2D plane is a very welcome one in my eyes. The game feels stripped down in a good way, and you never feel like you lost a round because of wonky controls. The game has a new meter that fills up in three stages as the rounds go on. Fill up the first stage, and players can perform an enhanced special move. Fill up the second stage and you can use a "Breaker" to break an opponent's combo. At stage 3, you can unleash a devastating X-Ray move, which can be avoided, but if it connects, expect a near 50% health drain (alongside a brutal animation). Executing the staple moves like uppercuts, leg sweeps, and fireballs is easy, and the crunching sound of bone and sinew clashing is satisfying.Likewise, special moves and Fatalities are simpler to perform than ever, with Fatalities even appearing on the games start menu move list. If you lose a round online in this game, it's because you need to practice more, not because the controls needed more QA time.

That's not to say this game is without flaws. The controls may be fine tuned and the story mode may be interesting, however the not all of the skeletons of Mortal Kombat's past have been swept away. The boss characters' AI is still insanely cheap and very frustrating, and can still only be beaten by stooping to its level, and using your character's cheapest moves over and over again. Granted, this particular problem plagues other fighters as well, such as Tekken and Street Fighter, however this problem has been practically married to this series since its inception, and I would love to see it fixed in the next entry.

Mortal Kombat is a beautifully rendered, back-to-basics brawler that is packed to the brim with awesome content. Yes, it has its flaws, but with its refined fighting system, stunning graphics and hours upon hours of fun gameplay, I find it very hard to not recommend this game to fighting fans, and those that left the series behind after MK3.

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on May 13, 2011
I don't have much to add that hasn't been said already. I've never played a fighting game before this. I decided to get this because I've always wanted to play Mortal Kombat.

The game is awesome! I love Story Mode, Challenge Tower, the Arcade Ladders, the X-Ray moves, the fatalities, everything, I love. I love earning koins to unlock items in the Krypt. My favorite things to unlock are fatalities and alternate costumes, but I enjoy the art and music too.

Story Mode is great. I did not think a fighting game's story mode would go into so much depth, but it does. It describes all of the Mortal Kombat mythology for you. If you never played before, like me, you can catch up playing this. And if you want to unlock everything, you must play Story Mode. :)

Challenge Tower is really fun, too. The 300 challenges get harder as you go up the Tower. This is also where you unlock the levels for Test Your Might, Test your Strike, and Test your Sight.

I'm also enjoying the mini games. Test your Luck is so much fun. You never know what you are going to get.

And finally playing as the God of War himself is always a nice addition.
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on April 20, 2011
I stopped playing Mortal Kombat at Trilogy. Every game started becoming the same with nothing that really interested me since that point. There have been a lot of new concepts put into the games (3D, different characters, combos, even different concepts such as the DC VS MK thing) But when you get right down to it, Mortal Kombat was always meant to be a side scroller fighter and not much else.

That being said, I was very concerned that this game would be ruined with too many new features but I'll be honest, it stayed very true to the format MK should be following! I think it is a great revamp! There are few good reviews of this game and a ton of crappy ones. Some go really in depth so allow me to skim over this game really quickly.

First, things I did not like
1. Controls seem to be a little shoddy on certain characters. Certain moves are being performed and certain moves are not being performed. I think a little tweaking on the combos and such would have made some characters a lot more fun to play with.

2. No run button, I was really hoping to see this feature but instead you must use certain moves (or the infamous jump-kick) to get close to your enemy quickly.

3. I don't know how big of a problem this has been for others, but it has been taking me forever to get into any online play.

4. Certain things in the krypt are garbage. I bought the collectors edition with the art book, I don't need to see more concept art.

5. During the tag (or what seems to have taken place of the endurance matches) I don't like that a character's team mate can randomly pop in and hit you.

6. Too much delay between certain attacks. I hate unleashing a combo and then you kind of have a pause of about 2 seconds leaving you very opening to counter attack.

7. Kahn fights have some issues in my opinion. A couple of my friends have brought this up as well. There seems to be a problem with hit detection (Kahn throwing objects and they hit somehow when they shouldn't, late hits, etc) also, he seems to be able to cancel attacks to start another one. They are fairly minor problems, I have no trouble beating Kahn on the 2 easiest settings but it starts becoming a problem as you increase your challenge (even on easy its tough to work around). I think the Kahn fights could have been more polished to make them more enjoyable rather than irritating.

Ok things I do like.
1. Characters look great, very gritty, realistic, and fresh. No longer are the girls the same figure with different colors, no more ninjas with the same stance and different colors. Very high attention to detail not only on the fighters but the scenery as well. Extremely visually pleasing game and IMO one of the best graphic jobs on a Mortal Kombat game to date.

2. Story mode, I've asked this question: Is it sad that I actually enjoyed watching the between fight scenes in story mode more than the MK movies?! Very well planned story line, Story Mode is very fun, alternating between characters. Pulled of great.

3. X rays, enhanced moves, different combos, new fatalities that don't take a novel of commands to execute. Perfect. Even the characters have different attributes (some are power hitters some are quick, some have high defense, etc) so all have a weakness in their own way.

4. You won't be just jump-kicking your way through the bosses anymore. Does anyone remember how many games all it took to beat Mataro, Goro, or Kahn was a constant barrage of jump attacks?

5. The different game modes. I haven't tried all of them yet, but you have story and then the classic ladder match. You also have this new tag team feature that is really nice. I'm enjoying it so far and I can't wait to spend more time exploring this game.

Some people say MK is too easy...may I suggest stop playing it on EASY setting then? To me this is one of the more challenging MK games. A great "revamp". I suggest getting it if you are into fighters. When it all boils down to it, these games revolve around the same idea, fighting. Not much else you can do, but if you know how to enjoy it, you can get plenty of wonderful hours out of it. Buy it, check it out, if you don't like it resale it, take it to a Game Stop or Game Exchange. But I seriously doubt a serious gamer will be disappointed with this game. (also the Kollector's Edition is boss, I high recommend it :)
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on April 26, 2011
Mortal Kombat was never really about that stuff like balanced game mechanics or competitive play. It always was more show than anything else. I don't think anyone played MK in the arcades to flaunt their gaming skills, rather they just wanted to win matches for an opportunity to pull off the fatalities and with MK2 and MK3, the stage fatalities and other "hidden" moves. Those are the elements that made the game fun and interesting...but a lot of elements made this game rather mediocre when compared to something like Street Fighter 2. In many ways Street Fighter 2 was and still is one of the best 1 on 1 fighting games around - graphics may have improved but the underlying mechanics that define the way the game plays are still the same.

Graphics and Visuals
The graphics are great overall. The backgrounds are nicely detailed and there are a lot of them. I did not observe them to be interactive like they were in MK3, where you could knock players up to a higher level of the same stage (i.e. from subway to street level). I do have a gripe with the character design, however.

You basically have the "male" model and "female" model, which appear identical and only differ in terms of the "skin" that is applied. I think this is somewhat cheap, like an animator who pans a still image rather than actually animating a scene.

All of the female characters have huge t1ts and skimpy outfits - I'm not complaining - it's just that I would like to see some variety in the actual shape of the bodies and I think they should have been more liberal with the boob physics. Is there a nudity code?? There should be...hell, even beach volley ball mode would be cool.

Raiden is fat. Really fat. I guess he hasn't been kombatting for the last decade because in the game it looks like he's about to summon and devour a tray of cheeseburgers from the netherworld instead of fighting. If you play story mode (which I recommend you do since it's actually entertaining), Raiden always looks like he's mouth-breathing and has moist's as if he can see a rump roast feast somewhere off camera and is drooling over it.

The x-ray attacks look cool. I like this addition as far as visuals go, but I fail to see how they can continue fighting after having most of their bones broken, their skull shattered and vital organs pierced. Maybe I'm over-thinking things here - just seems like they'd be better as finishing moves rather than in-combat moves.

I didn't really notice any kind of music worth talking about. The sound effects are solid and appropriate most of the time. What I do want to comment on is the characters' battle cries. These are just ridiculous because they shout jibberish and it just makes it seem more like mortal komedy. Once again I'd say raiden is the top offender here; fighting as him or against him you will often here "abboooobababaraaayyy". Maybe he's trying to say "I'm flying your way" but it sounds all messed up because he's eating 3 burritos while shouting that. Kitana says some weird mumbo-jumbo when you do the fan lift move. Those are the notable ones. I wish they'd either just call out the name of the attack like Ken and Ryu did, or just shout without vocalizing anything. I need to set Raiden's shout as the sound for incoming text messages. lol

Game Controls
The PS3 controller sucks balls for these types of games in general but the game does have solid controls. They did away with high/low punch and kick and changed it to left/ you have 4 attack buttons and a block button. One thing I absolutely hate is a fighting game with a block button. BLOCK SHOULD BE ACCOMPLISHED BY PRESSING AWAY FROM THE ATTACKER. Having to push a button to block messes up an otherwise natural "flow" of attacking and defending. For example, when block is activated by pressing the "back" direction, you can attack and then immediately defend by stopping your attack and pressing away. If your opponent does not counter attack, you will move back and can start a new assault. In this game, as it has always been, you press a button to block which means you cannot smoothly transition from attacking to defending, nor can you make a defensive retreat.

Game Play
Overall the gameplay is an improvement over previous MK titles, but it's not up to par with fighting greats like the SF series, Tekken or other fighting games with balanced and well-executed mechanics. I do not like the "combo on a rail" system that this game uses, as I prefer a more dynamic combo system along the lines of Killer Instinct (Remember that game). I like being able to make up my own sequence of attacks to pound on someone so that it's not the same every time, and so that I do not need to memorize a bunch of moves for each character. If you've ever played "One Must Fall 2097" (PC game) with re-hit mode turned on, I think that game did an excellent job of enabling a FUN combo system. With practice you can pull off some nasty moves, but you will need to practice quite a bit.

--- BOSS Fights ---
This is one of the major complaints I have about this game. The boss fights against characters like Goro, Kintaro or Shao Khan are terrible. They all have an ability to negate counterattacks, so you are penalized for "outplaying" these A.I. controlled characters. For example, I can evade Kintaro's fireball and hit him with an uppercut while he is still vulnerable, but the uppercut will be negated and he will just get a free attack on me. On top of their ability to negate attacks, they take about 50% less damage than all other characters in the game. Just plain fail.

Shao Kahn is a total joke. I don't know why, in 2011, the developers thought they need to make the bosses MASSIVELY overpowered to be a challenge. Maybe when MK was in arcades this made sense, because it meant more quarters to kontinue...but it was NEVER fun. Now if you try to fight Shao Khan head on, you will lose almost every time. His attacks do a ton of damage, always knock you far back and he has a hammer throw attack that you cannot block. If the hammer attack hits you, it dazes you so he can follow up and pound you even more. His charge attacks will daze you if you block them, and they still deal a fair amount of damage! He also has the same ability to resist attacks which makes initiating combos or counters against him nearly impossible.

*** PROTIP ***
The most reliable way to beat Shao Kahn is actually to NOT attack. Instead, try walking backwards and if he uses ranged attacks, just duck or jump. You can duck the spear, but you have to jump the hammer. Doing this will cause him to taunt you, and the basic strat is to jump in, uppercut him while he's taunting you, then back off and wait for him to do that again. It's incredibly cheap, it's not fun but it's really the only way to beat him without getting lucky.

--- Super Cheap A.I. ---
Playing against computer opponents in this game is tedious at best. Most of the time they just stand there, block and counter attack. In a good game each character will have a distinct "style" which could also be called an "attack pattern". Some are aggressive, others are defensive. Not so in Mortal Kombat. Every character gets the same exact AI, so each fight is the same as the last, save for different special moves. This makes the game very one-dimensional and when you consider this in combination with the overpowered bosses, the replay value of 1P mode wanes.

--- Xray Attacks ---
The x-ray attacks are easy to do, but it can get annoying to watch them over and over without a way to skip them. They seem to last about 5-10 sec, which is can add up if you are seeing them once per round from both fighters. There is also no variety in them; it's the same attack over and over. The normal x-ray attack damage is between 33-40%, however the boss' x-ray attacks deal about you better not let a boss hit you with an x-ray attack!

--- Teleports ---
Another very irritating aspect of this game are the teleport attacks that MANY of the characters possess. While they can easily be countered by blocking or doing a backwards jumpkick, the frequency at which they can be done makes them very "disruptive" to the flow of the game. Why? Almost all of the special moves and combos in the game are dependent on the direction your character is facing. The instant the enemy teleports, you must redo any directional input for the move you wanted to do. What happens is you either pull the move off, miss and get hit by the teleport attack OR your move fails because the relative direction changed and you need to counter the teleport attack. I think that there should have been a 1.5 sec delay on the frequency at which any teleport attack can be's not game-breaking but it is very annoying.

I have not unlocked many of the extras but it seems like most of it is either hidden characters or stuff like alternate costumes. I don't know if the game can hold my interest long enough to want to unlock all that crap.

Enjoyment Level
Did I enjoy this game? Yes and no. I think that there are definitely improvements here over the original and earlier installations of this series, but some of the really annoying elements remain.

Story Mode was a lot of fun, but I don't think it has a high replay value. Story Mode plays out like a movie, with each chapter progressing the tale of a particular character. It's not like you can choose a character you like and experience something different each time. The biggest pitfall with Story Mode was the 1 vs 2 battles, where you (the player) had to defeat a tag team of opponents. You get no buffs or bonuses for defeating one of the two, and generally left with a feeling of "wow, I had to beat 2 opponents and all I got was this lousy cut scene".


Due to the boss characters being overpowered and not competitive, it really puts a damper on 1P mode replay value. Do you really want a game that does nothing but frustrate you or pigeon-hole you into playing cheaply? A good game will reward you as a player for learning the game and moves. This game, like the preceding versions of it, still follow that fail methodology that "challenging" the player means putting them at huge handicap. Maybe some people enjoy that masochistic gameplay, but I for one do not, especially when the best solution to winning (playing cheap and hardly using special moves or combos) is not an elegant solution.

Final Thoughts
Hey, I really cannot say if YOU will enjoy this game or not, but I highly recommend trying out the free demo. I know you can get on PS Network (if their network is ever up again), and maybe you can find it on Xbox Live. There are no boss fights in the demo so you will not get to experience a lot of what I feel is crippling an otherwise fun fighting game. If you were a pro with the original MK games then you should feel right at home with this one...the combo system is a lot better than it was in any of the other versions of this game, so 2P play may be more appealing. I have yet to try out 2P on this game but I may update this review if warranted after trying 2P mode out.
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on May 23, 2011
I'm copying and pasting my 360 review here because 99% of it applies to the PS3 version. The main differences being the PS3 controller works much better than the 360's, and you can play as Kratos in the PS3 version. And he's not a throw away character, he has good moves, and is pretty balanced with the other characters. These are the two reasons why the PS3 version is better than the 360's. Other than that, same game. OK, on to the copy and paste!

Parents: If you've been living under a rock, this game is not for kids. Lots of blood, dismemberment, and over the top killings. But great fun for adults who can separate fantasy from reality.

I love this game. The past few games were decent, but this one is probably the best MK to date. I like fighting games like Dead or Alive, Tekken, and the Virtual Fighter series, and while they may have deeper fighting engines than MK, this is still my favorite series. I enjoy the special moves each character has, like Scorpion's spear, Sub Zero's Ice Blast, etc that you don't see in the other series. Of course the brutality and cheesiness also sets this game apart from the others. I mean how can you not like Johnny Cage's sunglasses breaking and him pulling out a new pair?

Gameplay - FUN, FUN, FUN! I love how they went back to MK's 2D roots and kept things simple. Just back and forth fighting, blocking, and beating the crap out of each other. I really like the new X-ray moves and how they can help level out a fight, plus they aren't a given since they can be blocked. Or you can use the Super Meter to enhance your special moves or perform a combo breaker. Very well thought out in my opinon.

The Story Mode was a blast. It was fun to play through the story of the first three games (with SOME changes) and a good way to have to use different characters. The only thing frustating was finally facing off against Shao Kahn at the end because they kept the quarter munching cheapness of the arcade intact with him. Sometimes I wanted to just smash my controller into my TV screen while facing him. But, whatever, he can be beat eventually as the difficulty is on a sliding scale, if you keep losing, things get easier. That goes throughout the game, not just against the final boss.

One other bad thing about story mode is there is not incentive to play through again once you beat it. The first time through, you earn lots of Koins to unlock things in the Krypt. The second time through you get 10 Koins for each fight you win. And you can't skip the movies in between the fights. Sure it's nice to watch them the first time through because you're basically particpating in a movie, but every time I continue or play through again I have to sit and wait? A little annoying.

Overall though, the Story Mode is a great single player experience for a fighting game. It gives the fights purpose.

To add to the single player experience is the Challenge Tower where there are 300 different challenges you have to do. They vary from fighting without arms, only being able to use your specials, not being able to use your specials, Test Your Might/Sight/Luck, fighting zombies, and so on. The usual goofiness that is involved in MK really stands out in the Challenge Tower too. There's one Challenge where Mileena wants to give you a teddy bear so you have to fight her to tell her you don't want anything to do with it. "Why don't you just take this bear?" "I don't want that fluffy thing!" You have to be there, but I'm sure most people will find these things funny when you actually play through them. :)

Unlockables are plentiful too. Everyone has an alternate costume, you can unlock the moves list for the alternate fatalities (you can still perform them if you know the moves beforehand though and then they show up in the Moves List without you spending your Koins to unlock them in the Krypt), tons of art to unlock if that's your sort of thing, and of course a couple of characters too.

Graphics - The graphics are top notch for a fighting game. The reimagined versions of the old classic stages, updated with much better 3D graphics is done very well. I really like the animation going on in the background, like the animated fighting going on in the background in The Pit, the debris flying around and the subways driving by in The Subway, the bodies being lowered into the acid pit, the guys being hung in the Living Forest, etc. The damage that occurs to your characters as the fight progresses is done well. Lots of blood flying during the fights of course and the fatalities look awesome.

Sound - Turn that volume up!!! The sound in this game is amazing and really adds to the already amazing presentation. I love the bass to emphasize the brutal hits, the highs of the swords and blades, the atmopheric sounds of the stages you're in. There's always a lot going on around you and you'd be hard pressed to show me another fighting game with sound as good as this. Very well done!

Controls - If you're using the Xbox 360 controller, the controls aren't as good as you can get. I bought this first for my PS3 and that controls great. I rarely have a problem pulling off a special move or fatality. On my Xbox, I can pull them off about 80% of the time. It gets a little frustrating that I struggle at all.

Summary - If you are an MK fan, you HAVE to buy this game, it's the best in the series. Even if you're just a casual fan of the fighting game genre, this game is well worth a purchase as there is lots to unlock, the game is tons of fun, there's lots to do for single players to keep occupied. The presentation is top notch from really good visuals to amazing sound effects that draw you into the environments and fights. The game is brutal, but over the top enough to have fun with it.
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on May 25, 2011
It's MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!! Seriously? You don't know if you should buy this game? Really? REALLY? IT'S MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!! What else are you going to do with your money? Buy a puppy? Finish that phd in art appreciation? Nope, YOU'RE GOING TO BUY MORTAL FREAKING KOMBAT!!! Play it, love it, make love to it, bare it's child, grow old with it with, buy a nice small house on the coast with it and spend the last remaining years of your life in the embrace of it's warm glow. JUST BUY IT NOW! TAKE YOUR MOM'S CREDIT CARD AND BUY IT. IF YOU ARE AN ADULT TAKE YOUR OWN CREDIT CARD AND BUY IT! If you made some bad decisions in your life and are an adult, still take your mom's credit card and buy it (skip the meth this week).

I suppose the point I'm trying to drive home here is you should purchase this game because (in my book) it is the bee's knees.
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on May 27, 2013
Mortal Kombat is back... When I first heard about this game I kind of paid no mind. Because of how crappy MK became over all the years, so I was just thinking another MK with the same boring stiff style. Then I saw some videos and I LIKED it, then I played the demo and LOVED it, now I have the game and I'M IN LOVE with it. This is the best MK by far, for the longest I said MK3 was the best but this here outdid it all, finally they returned to 3D graphics on a 2D plane. MK now have 2-on-2 matches like Marvel vs. Capcom, Challenge Tower and Fatality Training (so no more excuses for not finishing your opponent). MK has even slim down their roster from that crazy 63 fighters in MK: Armageddon to about 30 fighters now and if you got PS3 like me you get Kratos and I can't think of anyone more suited for MK than the God of War himself and what make it even better they didn't dull down Kratos' style... They even have sequences from the GoW games for him in matches but you can only use him in versus mode. MK went back to their roots, one of my favorite things are: as you're taking and dealing damage the blood don't just squirt out onto the ground the fighters become bloody and disfigured. Now my absolute favorite thing is the super combo gauge as you take and deal damage your combo gauge fills level 1-enhanced special attack, level 2-combo breaker and level 3 the best of all X-RAY attack: the camera goes in and will show an inside view of the fighter who is being attacked while bones and organs are broken and shattered. The fatalities are all back to what they should be not that crap you got from MKvDC they brought the M-Rated worthy they introduced us to 18years ago. Now for my review: GAMEPLAY 5stars: there is four attack buttons, 2D fighting style and finally the fighters are more loose and flexible not stiff like previous MK, that's why I like this so much, GRAPHICS 5stars: this game looks great the stages are so well designed and so are the fighters and by the way this is 3D compatible which really sets the graphics off and after playing this in 3D. I have to get a 3DTV for sure. STORY MODE 4stars: it becomes harder as the chapters progress and you get a chance to play with different fighters but no fatalities. ONLINE 5stars: take your skills online and compete against others and even watch fights as if you`re at the movies (you can even cheer and boo the fight)in King of the Hill, FIGHTERS 5stars: MK dramatically improved their roster by cutting it down. If you ever liked MK get this game, if you thought about MK get this game, if you're looking for an M-Rated fighter get this game. I wouldn't be surprised if this won Best Fighting Game... This is the best MK ever made. MORTAL KOMBAT 5STARS... FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!
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on April 20, 2011
I just got this game and it's so much fun. The story mode is awesome. I've been playing for several hours now. Some of the fights are hard though, but eventually I get through them. I read online that just the story mode takes about 10 hours to beat. It's really cool to see something like this in a fighting game.

Anyways, there are sooooo many extras in this game, I haven't even scratched the surface yet. I almost never buy a game on release date, but I'm really glad I did with this one.
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on December 7, 2011
As a flat-out game, this is a triumphant return to form for the Mortal Kombat franchise. It's the first time in a long time that I've been able to say that the latest Mortal Kombat game is also the best one they've made, but this one is exactly that. It plays smoothly, in a way that will be intuitive to any long-term players of the MK games, and on top of that it has probably the most interesting and entertaining single-player story mode I've played through any fight game. With a mass of unlockable extras, a healthy set of characters to start with plus more to download, not to mention three hundred challenges ranging from simple to genuinely difficult, it's a game you can really lose yourself in; and the way that you can string together moves to build up long combinations makes it easy to pick up, but harder to really master.

Just like any great fight game.

Online, there's a site where you can register and display your rankings too, to see how you compare against your friends as well as other players. It shows you your favorite characters, as well as how well you've done in all manner of ways. It's an intriguing side, and it's great.

Unfortunately, the flat-out online versus mode is flawed.

I've gone online to play a few times, and it just doesn't work that well. It can take ages sometimes to find a fight, and sometimes when you go online, it'll just repeatedly refuse to let you fight anyone, even if they're supposedly available to fight. When you DO get online it plays okay, but I think your connection would need to be lightning-quick on both ends to make it work well. The fighting was fun, but the stuttering in it left me annoyed more than once; in a game where timing is critical, stuttering delays to your responses can really ruin things, and I'm playing over a very quick connection.

That said, it really doesn't matter much to me. Online was never the reason I got this game in the first place. Mortal Kombat has always been best played in the living room with your friends, all competing to be the best, with the champion sitting in and the defeated players taking turns to try and knock the king from his perch. No amount of online play stuttering could ever ruin that, and with the addition of the superb single-player mode, even its online flaws aren't enough for me to rank it down from five stars. A blast from the past has finally put its deep and bloody footprint on games of the future, and I can't wait to see where Netherrealm take the franchise next!
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