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on December 22, 2012
I only rate this 5 stars because I love the story-line and the graphics are amazing. These are the most important aspect of a game to me, so be warned.

I was hoping the battle systems of Kombat in this version would be a little bit more fluid like Tekken but I was sorely disappointed. The character feel like they wana be stuck to the ground. They jump around way too much and you miss attacks because of it.

The story mode has a better fighting system than the arcade mode which is even more stagnant than the story battles. It is amazingly difficult to execute x-ray bone crushers and fatalities.

Do not be fooled by the 5 star on this review. I recommend people NOT buy this. I know I wasted my money. I am so done with mortal kombat games. I am sticking to Tekken 6 which is awesome.

If you take away the good graphics I would rate this 1 star.
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on April 20, 2011
First, I'd like to say that anyone who went out of their way to complain about this game's "updating" issues and gave this game a 1 is utterly ridiculous. Welcome to day 1 of any new game- there are bound to be issues.

Second, This game is AT LEAST a 4/5. I wont even go into any details over how many 5/5's and 95%+ reviews I've seen for this game. This game is great- enough said. Its been a long time since we've seen Mortal Kombat and its quite welcome on our generations consoles. It really deserves a 4.5 from me but Amazon only has a 4 or 5 and I can't give it a 5/5.

I gave this game a 4/5 for a few reasons but one of the main ones was that were I to use a code included in my game case, I would effectively be screwing over the next person who gets my game (if I were to ever trade it in). Similar to EA's online pass, you need to pay a fee to play online. They do include a 2-day pass but to me these kinds of tactics are unwarranted and ridiculous. I bought some of my favorite games used so to me it thwarts those cheap gamers that will hold out for used copies of this game only to find out it will cost them virtually the same if it were new. May not seem like a big issue but its not a good road to start heading down.
Also- its been said many times that some of the boss fights are just crazy...I've had to re-do a few fights over and over again but I'm not the kinda gamer who gives up so it didn't make me annoyed, it was simply ridiculous as I was absolutely obliterated during some battles. That being said...The game itself isn't truly that hard. You will win a lot of your fights. I cannot say the same for the other modes though like the challenge tower since its so meticulous and difficult. I haven't beat the single player completely yet but I'm already going to say that it could have probably been a bit longer as the events are beginning to conclude in my game. I will certainly play through again when I do beat it shortly.

Gameplay: (5/5) You know what to expect. I fight. I win or lose. Fatalities. Blood. Gore. Its all there. The X-ray moves you pull off are absolutely stunning and convenient if you aren't winning in a fight and want to turn the tables. Every character has a series of moves to do followed by enhanced moves and special moves as well as fatalities. The tag team is by far the coolest thing I've seen in a fighting game as sometimes you can pull out a fighter, throw in a new one and attack the other player before they have a chance to even notice. The physics aren't exactly real but it all feels right. The characters don't play clunky or slow. The pacing of the fights is well done as well.

Fun: (5/5) There are different modes to try, online mode, tag-team, practice rounds, etc...Plenty to do. I've spent most of my time in the single player and it is by far the best single player of any fighting game- guaranteed. There's an actual story along with most of the notable characters in the series. I won't spoil anything for anyone but there are some 'Human' forms of characters and backgrounds which will surprise you. This is a true game for the fans. They even have the guy that appears on the side of your screen that says "Whoopsies!" when you have a series of combos. This game does not lack fun.

Replayability: (5/5) Inviting people over to compete? Going online? Or going solo? Doesn't matter- you can play matches until the end of time. There are plenty of characters and moves to learn (a ridiculous amount). It will take time to master this game. I wasn't getting the "Oh this is quite repetitive" feeling playing this game at all. You don't rank up but you do gain Money/points to spend on alternative costumes, moves/fatalities, concept art, etc. that is all unlockable with the right amount of points.

Graphics: (4/5) A little polish sometimes wouldn't have killed anyone but the characters still look great. Its awesome seeing these characters in 3d like this with such detail.

Value: (5/5) This is me personally but I know that if I'm tired of a shooter or Gears, Mortal Kombat is the first game I'm putting in. This game is beyond worth it to me. It will only get cheaper as well. I also snatched this up with a pre-order DLC (Reptile's outfit and fatality) and a $10 credit so that has value written all over it.

If you enjoy fighting games, this is for you. If you really aren't into fighting games but love MK- yeah this game is for you too probably. If you just think the characters look cool and you are disappointed that this game hasn't changed its formula too much from the original- don't bother. What you see is what you get. That being said, I really enjoyed this game and it was the first official fighting game I've bought. Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Oh yeah it is. At the end of the day its simple...If you loved everything about MK, you'll be getting a pleasant surprise with this game. It is by no means a let-down. Its not a cut and dry game either...there's actual substance here to sink your teeth into for quite some time. Once again- if you HATE fighting games, just don't buy it because that's what this is. This game doesn't stray too far at all from its original games and formula.

*Boss Fights can be frustrating
*Graphics are great, but never good enough for some people. I think they are fine.
*Online Pass necessary if original code used in your copy
*Campaign/Single player length isn't too long
*You could jump around forever and button mash your way to victory like most fighting games

*This is the game MK fans wanted
*Controls do work with new consoles (I love using the d-pad as opposed to the sticks)
*Plenty of modes
*Plenty of characters, unlocks and different background levels
*New X-ray moves, character moves and fatalities
*Developers put a lot of thought into story and characters
*Probability of a sequel and other games
*DLC characters will be released down the road
*Tons of moves to learn for each character

And Finally...Yes...Reptile looks like 'Rango' but I believe everyone has the opportunity to get his original outfit unlocked at some point through the Krypt game mode. This is certainly the BEST MK game to hit store shelves to date. Do the kid-in-you a favor and buy this game.
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on June 8, 2011
Let me get a load off my chest at the confession booth. I suck at Mortal Kombat. Even in the arcades I was always better at Street Fighter 2. Some people may tell you MK is an "easier" and more `mainstream" fighter. However, make no mistakes about it there is "skill" needed in order to prevail at this game. If you are a split second off chaining together a combo the victory train completely derails off the track. Frankly to me it seems easier to build up multiple hits and pull off counters in SSF4 but apparently I'm some sort of weirdo in that regard.

Anyway, if you were good at MK back in the arcades you'll be even better at it now! What you "loved" about the klassic first 3 games returns in 2.5D splendor and everything flows much smoother. If you were the type of guy or gal who delighted in upper cutting hapless saps into the air right before "ninja-porting" mid jump with another volley of punches and kicks to pound on your opponents further before they even touched the ground you'll be able to re-live your glory days here. MK 2011 "rewards" MK fans in every regard! Sadly, for those of us that got beaten to bloody pulps back then we'll complete that same pathetic cycle in the present

So you`re probably thinking because I get my butt kicked all over the place when playing this game I'm going to give it a bad review, right? Wrong! Despite my ineptitude MK 2011 is a great fighter. So great in fact it makes other fighting games seem as if they're slacking off in comparison! Don't know what I mean yet? Well, read on....

"Story Mode"

Call me "insane" but I always believed fighting games benefited from having a good story line. Mortal Kombat makes you play through the perspectives of its most memorable characters. Want to see Cyrax and Sector in their human forms? Ever wondered who Noob Saibot really was? Was Liu Kang truly the "perfect hero" everyone made him out to be? How exactly is Mileena Kitana's sister? Can Jax refrain from punching Johnny Cage in his big mouth? What's Scorpion's beef with Sub Zero? Will Raiden's vision of "Armageddon" come to pass? These questions and more get answered along the way.

Luckily, there are no painfully tedious pauses of scrolling text. Every event plays out with in game cut scenes and spoken dialogue. MK 2011 unfolds like a great movie and "most" of the minor plot tweaks are for the best. Stating that for the record, a few of my favorite protagonists are killed off needlessly. It makes me wonder if the next MK game will include them or if they'll be brought back as cheesy kung fu zombies.

"Modes Mucho Grande!"

When you're done in the story mode there's 300 objectives in the challenge tower, tag team co-op & versus match ups, the regular arcade ladder, and a plethora of mini games testing your concentration and button tapping vigor.

In many aspects MK 2011 is like getting multiple fighters in one package. Whether you want to go at it alone or with a friend either option is open to you.

"Online shine"

MK 2011 adds a spectator mode in which little gamer avatars watch fights and rank kombatants. It's a much nicer alternative than id cards humping each other. In "King of the hill" matches I experienced lag but when 8 people are in one room from all over the world that tends to happen. Fortunately nothing was any worse than what I`ve experienced when playing other fighting games over Xbox live .

From what my friends say most of the other online modes run at a much more fluid rate. If NetherRealm studios can fix what little is wrong the online play will be unsurpassed!

"Krypt kickin"

The krypt is back! All the koins you get playing the other modes are spent here to unlock content in "The Necronopolis".

My biggest problem with the Krypt is much of the "Kontent" is useless. Certainly I like the wonderful art, alternate costumes, and new tunes but "stick figure depictions" of fatalities aren't really a worthwhile reward. In addition the "extra fatalities" are in the game even before you uncover their commands. Assuming you can get on google you can execute the "secret finishers" without ever having to spend koins on them directly.

"Gore galore"

Call it a "sign of the times" or call it "harmless dumb fun" but MK 2011 has blood, bruises, exposed bones, and wretch inducing fatalities in abundance. If for whatever reason you weaned on the "living dead gurl" supple breast milk of Saw, Faces of death, Hell Raiser, Blood sport, and other extra violent 80's and 90's action movies there's a lot to love here.

The best new feature of MK 2011 are the X-ray moves. After tapping the top trigger buttons when you've saved all 3 stocks of your power bar you can break skulls, snap spines, and shatter limbs as the game slows time down and let's you see the gruesome work you're inflicting upon someone's skeleton! These techniques dish out a lot of damage so be sure to save them for when you're in a pinch and need to turn a match around.

Even in the Krypt you rip people apart on stretching racks, behead prisoners by dropping guillotines, make the bellies of unfortunate souls pop as you feed them molten lead through funnel devices, and call upon ravens to pick at the innards of bloated water logged corpses. "Killing victims" frees green energy that is transferred into unlocked treasures.

This all goes a bit over board for me but MK has always pushed the envelop. I cannot dock points for features that have always been at the core of a popular franchise no matter how shocking and revolting its' blackened heart actually is.

"The fighting"

I made the mistake of trying to perfect my game with a kombatant I'm not good with. At first this tainted my impression of the game. Later as I played with more characters I discovered a fighting engine that is not only deep but very slick once you get the hang of it!

If you've never been good at MK chaining hits may seem to come off as disjointed and a little wooden at first. However, once you play for a couple of weeks to a few months everything "flows" more naturally. While I cannot say this from personal experience the gamers I interacted with truly moved their favorite fighters with poise and grace.

If someone tells you MK 2011 is an "amateur fighter" for scrubs they're talking out their rear end! MK requires a lot of patience and commitment to master it fully thus I have admiration for anyone who has done so.

True enough, certain characters such as Kung Lao and Smoke are a little imbalanced. Like it or not every fighting game has it's upper tier, middle tier, and lower tier warriors. MK 2011 is no exception. However, NetherRealm and Ed Boon have been quoted saying patches are coming as is dlc for more characters. Another words it can only get better from here on out right?

"Organic world"

Not only has exquisite detail been put into the characters but many of your favorite set pieces have been redone in HD glory! Remember the creepy trees in the living forest, were you frightened by "The Katherdral's" scary unholy hymn music and stain glass decadence? Did you enjoy knocking defeated adversaries into an acid pool or a pit of spikes below? If so, you are in good hands. Perhaps more impressive is the Out World's invasion upon Earth Realm. Giant demons rampage upon asphalt high ways, crushing cars beneath their hardened feet as dragons take to the sky and breath fiery death upon huddled survivors. It's quite the spectacle and occasionally you'll lose a fight as you gawk at the macabre theatre unfolding throughout the various backgrounds!

"Bottom line"

If you have been patiently waiting for a MK game that captures the magic of the original games before it all went to crap "this" is your game. As a fan I would rate this one up there with MK 2, Ultimate MK , and MK Deception. It's really that good.

"But" if you've never understood the hype around MK or if you detest excessive pointless gore and violence I warn you that this entry will not sway your stance. Aka if you're outside this niche there's nothing which will draw you in. Mortal Kombat is still Mortal Kombat. It's unapologetic in all its' kinky blood splattered gratuity and is still happy mud wrestling in the flesh pits whilst wearing nothing but a string bikini! (Oh Mileena, you so crazy!)

By the way, if you're a mother or father do not buy this for your underage kids. Prove to the world adults at least have some common sense! Mortal Kombat is a bad influence on young impressionable minds "15 & up" is acceptable so long as said teenagers are mature enough to handle it.


1. Good story line (albeit campy in a Big Trouble In Little China meets Hell Raiser kind of way)

2. Tag team co-op and versus

3. A plethora of extra modes and challenges

4. Every character has at least one other alternate costume which isn't merely a color palette swap . (Thanks guys! I hate having to get all this stuff as dlc in other fighters.)

5. Improved fighting engine

6. Nice online features that make for a friendly socializing experience.

7. The MK Kommunity is surprisingly laid back and accepting of newcomers!

8. Kenshin and Skarlet are on their way as dlc as well as patches to make your MK experience more balanced.

9. Helpful in depth tutorial which covers many in game nuances.

10. Most of the absolute favorite Kombatants are accounted for. There's roughly 27 or 28 in all even without additional dlc!


1. If you rent or buy MK used you must pay a $10.00 toll to play online (Kooperate jerk baggery!)

2. Even if bought brand new MK doesn't come with a fully fleshed out instruction manual. The decent tutorial softens the blow somewhat though.

3. Believe me, I realize MK is fantasy fulfillment so I have no problems with the ladies dressing up in stripper lingerie BUT why do they all have to have the same cup sizes and same basic physique? More anatomical variety would have been nice. Not every female in Edenia has to be a plastic surgery modified porn star. Just saying!

4. Some of the violence, torture, and gore is too excessive even for me. Feel free to disagree!

5. Shao Kahn is still the same cheap trash talking skull mask wearing frat boy with a chip on his shoulder. Expect to die when facing him A LOT.

6.During story battles fights versus multiple characters can grow cumbersome.

7. Some lag during king of the hill matches.

8. Much of the Krypt treasures are pretty useless.

9. "Vomit inducing visual wounds" cannot be turned off.

10. Certain pivotal protagonists die off early.

End Verdict

Though MK 2011 has frustrated me in places and almost made me lose my lunch a few times it is by far the best fighter in terms of extras, depth, and craftsmanship. NetherRealm and Ed Boon really cared about their fan base and set out to make the best iteration of Mortal Kombat they possibly could. Assuming you're an MK supporter from the "old days" my highest score recommendation is meant for you.

If you're not into MK I'd suggest knocking off 1 or 2 points just to play it safe. Though MK 2011 is awesome overall it has its' fair share of faults and they will be more jarring for those not intoxicated by the nostalgic ambrosia of the elder gods!
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on April 12, 2014
This game is a great fighter, and there's a TON of content. This is a must-have for any Mortal Kombat fan. If you're planning on buying the extras, which I highly recommend, you should not buy this version, but buy the KOMPLETE edition. the Komplete edition was cheaper when I bought this one and comes with content which you would have to buy separately on the xbox live marketplace with this version. You will probably want the extra content because Freddy Krueger is an awesome character to play as.

Yes, this game is extremely violent, so I wouldn't let a young kid or preteen play it, but it's the kind of violence that's so far-fetched that there's a certain humor to it. Kind of like Machete and other Robert Rodriguez movies. It takes a lot of effort, precision, and luck to enter the right button combos to perform fatalities and babalities, which is one of the major selling points of the game. I am a pretty big gamer and I can't get them to work half the time, and my roommate barely plays games at all and can never get them to work. But I guess putting them in right and getting that satisfaction is part of the nostalgia experience. This game seems a little bit unsubstantial because you're playing with smaller-than-average characters on a 2-d plane, whereas with games like Soul Calibur, you have larger characters and can move in multiple directions, like strafing left and right towards and away from the screen. Still, this game has way better characters and a better story line, most of those games like soul calibur don't make sense because the story and the characters' sayings are translated directly from Japanese, but that Japanese cultural aspect applies to some people. All in all, pretty good game, definitely worth it if you get the Komplete edition for 16 bucks or so.
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on September 15, 2011
If you are in your 30s, you know Mortal Kombat. It was the first game I can think of that had any kind of blood & gore, and boy oh boy did it get its fair share of flack from parents and the government alike.

I was a MK "fanboy" I even bought a Sega Genesis just to have MK with the blood & fatalities in tact (The Super Nintendo version had grey "sweat" and less than fatal "fatalities"). However when MK went to 3D graphics & fighting plain, it lost something to me, and each new game became more and more complicated to play, almost to the point where I felt I needed a PhD to play it effectively. I had all but given up on MK...

Then along comes MK9, or simply Mortal Kombat. A reboot, that has gone back to it's 2D roots, and kept the dazzeling 3D graphics! I was excited for a MK release for the first time in a long time, and my excitement was well placed. This IS Mortal Kombat! It is everything the old games were and much, much, more! The fighting engine is deep, but not overly complicated. Combos are easy to pull off, but not so easy as to do "button mashers" any good. The blood is there, but toned down a little bit, to make it more realistic. Fatalities are also not overly difficult to execute (pun intended lol) and are a plenty (each character has at least 3). So many modes I doubt I'll ever unlock everything. Online is easy to set up matches, and offers unlimited re-playability.

All of these things together makes for an A+ title, but the thing that impressed me most, is the Story Mode. The Story Mode is the best of any fighting game I have ever played. It seamlessly blends the story with the Kombat, and every fight has a reason. The story covers at least all 3 original games (I'm still working on it and that's as far as I've gotten so far), and really fleshes out the MK story way more than the original games ever did. Most story modes in fighting games can be completed in an hour or two, but I have been working on MK's story mode for 3 nights straight, and still don't think it's coming to an end anytime soon. MK's Story Mode could be a game all by itself, and I would buy it!

All-in-all, if you don't have Mortal Kombat yet, what are you waiting for? Pick this gem of a fighting game up now, you won't be disappointed!

FYI: If you intend to play MK online (which I highly recommend), make sure you buy a new copy. If you buy used, chances are you will have to buy a Kombat Pass, unless for some reason the previous owner didn't use theirs. It will just save you money & aggravation in the long run to buy new. Which honestly you should do anyway. Support your game developers folks!
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on August 24, 2011
In this generation where old big hit franchises fail to adapt, becoming a legend of the game in a mediocre desepcion, burying the great sagas into oblivion as has happened in the last game of this series ... it's a big surprise for me to find myself back into the Mortal Kombat with this fabulous game, which revives a legend in agony to become the champion of fighting games, or return the title of champion he had lost.

Clear the way to do back to the classic 2D fighting with 3D graphics, this is the formula and continues to operate, to change it?

All this spiced up with many additions and gameplay options, such as story mode, crypt and tower of the challenges and how to fight mandatory online life extend and complement the game, a fun gameplay and the amazing X-ray mode.

Totally recommended for fans of the series, one should not lose this fight in Mortal Kombat and for fans of fighting games can not miss in your collection.

In conclusion, revived from its ashes like a phoenix this great fighter.

En esta generacion donde viejas Franquicias de gran exito adaptar fallan, convirtiendo una leyenda del videojuegos en una mediocre desepcion, enterrando a grandes sagas en el olvido como ha ocurrido en el juego anterior de esta serie una gran sorpresa para mi encontrarme de nuevo dentro del Mortal Kombat con este fabuloso juego, que revive a una leyenda en agonia para convertirla en el campeon de los juegos de lucha, o devolverle el titulo de campeon que habia perdido.

Claro la manera de lograrlo volviendo a la clasica lucha en 2D con graficos en 3D, esa es la formula y sigue funcionando, para que cambiarla?
Todo esto aderezado con muchos agregados y opciones de juego, como modo historia, cripta, torre de los desafios y obligatorio modo de lucha online alargan y complementan la vida del juego, una divertida jugabilidad y el asombroso modo rayos X.

Completamente recomendado para los fanes de la serie, no deben perderse de luchar en este Mortal Kombat y para los amantes de los juegos de lucha no puede faltar en su coleccion.
En conclusion, a revivido de sus cenizas como un ave fenix este gran luchador.
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on June 19, 2011
People say that its better on PS3 because of the controller. I completely agree. BUT there is a simple controller mod for an Xbox controller that will make the D-Pad as-good-as the PS3 controller. I made the modification and had no problem with the controls. If you're going to get a fighting game, get Mortal Kombat. It more gory and actually feels like you're fighting. And of course the fatalities, there's nothing like dragging a guy through a saw-blade hat and cutting him in half.

The Campaign
I had a lot of fun with the campaign, It seemed to be ending a few times only to go on even longer. There was no complaint here as the game made me love every second I played it.

Replay Value
The replay value on this game is very high even without Multiplayer. (MP is pretty laggy, sadly *sad face*) BUt everything offline will last you at the very least a week of gameplay (as in 7 days... 24*7=168 hours.) More than a COD game for me. The challenge tower has 300 levels on it that are damn-well hard to beat. Perseverance will be needed here. and this is so satisfying when you finally complete it.

One more thing....
I played this at a friends house where we played 2v2 for a few hours. All I can say is... More fun than Halo. And i Find halo so fun that i have parties where all me and my friends do is play halo. Time for some Mortal Kombat Parties!
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on May 8, 2011
A little reminiscing is appropriate before I begin.....

Sometime ago, (1992) when I could barely perform cursive writing tasks and dress myself properly for school, I was mistakenly given the treat of meandering inside the back of a candy store only to find a small cluster of arcades. To the far right, a one particular arcade game was garnering all of the attention with older boys and older attitudes. I couldn't quite see what all the fuss was about until a cheer erupted and a shining MK dragon emblem glistened in my face like an unfound treasure. I stumbled upon more good fortune when a small gap between the crowd widened enough for me to gaze at a screen shot of two men pummeling each other. ( I think it was Raiden and Johnny Cage) My young eyes widened with vigor and astonishment when suddenly my escape from reality was disrupted from a mother's voice shouting in the back round.

Little did I know that the Mortal Kombat franchise for Sega Genesis would make it's way into my home that very same year, on Christmas Eve no less. Endless fun ensued.

Fast forward to 2011 and the MK franchise drives right back to these very same roots but completely revitalizes them with force, charisma, delicacy and never short changes it's loyal fan base. It is obvious that a simple solution was reached when a simple but important question was finally asked:

How can the Mortal Kombat franchise redeem itself? Easy. Extract it's true origins by cleansing it in a sea of sparkling High Definition and icing it down with added features and bonus content galore. Genius.

After test driving this game for a few weeks, a solid written review is warranted for MK fans. The latest installment pays homage to the first three titles in a very orderly fashion; previous characters make stunning reprisals; stage levels are revisited; classical Dan Fordan scores are remastered to it's finest note; intermission side games are woven in nicely (Test Your Might); and character fatalities are pushed to it's limits. As most fans would agree, this was a good route to embark on because personally, I felt the franchise delved into a very experimental and not so successful run after the third installment, with some few exceptions though. When someone at my local gym informed me that Mortal Kombat was returning to it's classical roots, I had to investigate, but at the same time I didn't hold my breath, It echoed the old adage, "Too good to be true". Boy, was I wrong.

The previews took me by surprise and it didn't take all that long to convince me that Mortal Kombat was giving back it's fans something they could really bite into. So what do I think?

I think Mortal Kombat delivered a well designed package of 2D fighting extravaganza. And I am not timid to take this statement a step further. In fact, none of the recent 2D fighting games for the Xbox 360 platform have come close to this work of art. It is true that Mortal Kombat didn't make any significant strides in revolutionizing the genre of 2D fighting as some reviews have vociferously stated, but they accomplished a heck of a job polishing and revitalizing a revolutionary franchise.

The game play is solid, hands down, no questions asked. And Although the Xbox 360 controller isn't entirely landscaped for 2D fighting material as the D-pad is awkwardly spaced out and the joy stick certainly doesn't compensate the short fall either; nonetheless, it works and it doesn't detract the fun of the gameplay style. The arcade joy stick might be a better alternative. The special moves along with the addicting combos and fatalities are easy to execute and can be mastered fluently. The left and right triggers on the controller correspond appropriately to the fun meter special moves, (X-Ray, enhance, breakers), the x-ray feature never gets dull; pure unadulterated violence and gore at it's finest.

The levels are incredibly clean and stunning to look at, especially on a decent 55' HD LED television. Despite the dark overall tone to the stage levels, which by the way, is very suiting to the overall theme, detail is crisp and very consistent throughout. Bright blood will spatter and drip like the reddest wine along the dark contrast. For further proof, I suggest taking a gaze at all of the commotion ensuing in the back round because nothing is left unscathed. (check the out the audiences in the courtyard or in Shau Kahn's lair) The infamous music score that accompanied the original levels are finely retuned with some extra bells and whistles. My 5.1 surround sound speakers were given a sufficient amount of attention, especially in the "Krypt". The story mode is appropriately cheesy and entertaining. Mortal Kombat does not misleads it's fans as one will know when a fight is ready to break out by the deep sound of "ROUND 1 !" It never gets old. Classic ladder matches are simply just that, classic and to the point. The intermission side games are fun too, test your might being my favorite. I remember how difficult it was to break steal. MK also brings another exciting element to the game by incorporating tag matches and online features.

Personally, the only downside, well, not really a downside, just not a positive, is the online play. It is kind of slow, but then again I only played it very briefly. To be fair though, I always thought as the MK franchise as a localized multiplayer game. The fatalities are brilliantly choreographed like a broadway play; MK is the master of gratuitous violence. We can debate our favorites fatalities in the "comment" section of my review later.

The bonus content you can earn in the Krypt with your precious MK coins is priceless; diseased, infected and tortured humans will moan and groan until there exploding abdomens burst onto your screen. It's your job to earn the coins and put them out of their misery. Let's call it a very convenient symbiotic relationship for now. The sound fx are just plain creepy in the Krypt, and just wait until you are stagnant for a few moments trying to decide which prize to reveal. (a frightening surprise awaits)

In my final conclusion, The MK franchise has been given a new breath of fresh air (finally) in a very appropriate blossoming season too I might add. I find it hard to believe how MK fans can be disappointed. I am sure we could spend some time nit picking it's very few and minor short falls and critique some faults here and there, but hey, there is no such thing as a perfect game, and once again, I will vouch for Mortal Kombat and say that this installment comes pretty close to perfection. So enjoy MK fans and relive the early 90's in the new millennium age.
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on May 4, 2011
I'm a HUGE Mortal Kombat fan. Have been ever since I was a little kid, ironically. The games during the 2000 era, Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon, as well as Shaolin Monks, have all had things about them that made them extremely fun, but they didn't exactly seem as nostalgic and the gameplay was a bit different than what we were used to. On the bright side, those games all displayed fun ways of finishing off your opponent.

Thankfully, the highlight of this game is the FATALITIES!!!

The fatalities are extremely gory and very creative. Some, not so much of either, but for the most part they are entertaining and at first sight will make your jaw DROP. You'll find some classic ones, and also a bunch of brand new ones taking advantage of the seventh-gen graphics and physics. The game also includes "Babalities", which are carried over from MK 2 and 3. In fact, the entire game spans MK 1 through 3 and includes every single character from those three games, except Motaro. No big deal, Motaro sucks anyway. :P

Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero are also unlockable. The game has retro outfits to be downloaded from past games. The stages have day and night variations. Where does the fun end? There's also a tag-team mode which stirs things up a bit!

My only gripe is with the difficulty level of the game. You can learn the moves fairly quickly if you button-mash, but it really takes away from the fun. The game has legitimate "Kombos" akin to Mortal Kombat 3, but they also made it so you can combine combos with special moves as well and make up your own kombos, like Mortal Kombat II. If you're new to fighting games, you'll need to go through the tutorial to learn the moves and features. If you're new to Mortal Kombat, you can practice. And if you're an MK veteran, start off on beginner or play against a friend because the learning curve is a bit tricky, but mastering this game has fun results.

Speaking of the difficulty level, bosses in this game (starting with Shang Tsung) are ridiculously hard. When fighting Goro and Kintaro, as well as Shao Kahn himself, if you hit them while they're attacking, they'll flash green and continue their animation of doing their move. Shang Tsung moves extremely fast, Goro and Kintaro are slow but very strong, and Shao Kahn cheats with ridiculously over-powered moves. It's possible to beat the game using any character and any tactic (because I've even button-mashed to beat it before I learned a branching X-ray combo), but it's just VERY tedious. Each boss requires a strategy, even if that strategy involves using the same cheesy move over and over.

Story mode is also somewhat of an interactive movie that lets you fight your way through this re-written Mortal Kombat storyline, spanning from Armageddon, back to MK1, then MK2 and finally, ending at MK3. It's divided up into chapters and each chapter you play as a different, predetermined character. Not only is this a good way to learn how to play, but it's also a great way to earn some Koins on your first play through. Subsequent plays result in less koins, but it's no less fun.

The Xbox's achievements will keep you busy for some time, and rest assured you WILL discover a few by complete accident. The game's X-ray moves really add to the replay value, turning the tide of any fight in an instant. Plus, the ability to enhance moves and use breakers after a certain amount of damage really adds to the replay value. Try mastering some fighters, or completing Story Mode, or unlocking all endings, or hey--the Challenge tower.

But the only--ONLY reason this game gets four stars instead of five, is because of the difficulty. So just keep in mind that while you and your friends might play fair, Shao Kahn doesn't.
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on April 21, 2011
I have just finished the story mode and have spent about 10 hours with the game, it is fantastic so far! More to come soon... I mainly wanted to get this up quickly because of the one star reviews popping up so early complaining about the xbox 360 version. NOTHING is wrong or off about the xbox 360 version, it is fast, graphics are great, and no hiccups. I am completely satisfied with this purchase thus far.

***Official Review***(04/25/11)

Mortal Kombat, what can I say, it's a great fighting game. I've never been much of a fighting game type of gamer but I have had my xbox 360 for about 4 years now and don't have a fighting game in my inventory, so it was about time I got one.

I have childhood memories of watching a MK game go down at the local movie theater arcade, Cyrax shooting out his green net making his opponent an easy target, then I saw, "Finish Him" and a fatality took place, it blew my mind. Naturally, I was a bit intrigued when I first heard they were taking MK back to its roots with a 2D set up focusing on MK1-MK3. More and more videos came out and the moves, characters, backgrounds, extras all looked fantastic so I stop reading up on the game because I knew I was going to buy it, and here we are.

I did get suckered into thinking Ed Boon had a treat for xbox 360 players from his interview with (fantastic gaming site by the way) with a new character and/or background, which he hasn't delivered on, but alas, the game is amazing, so good in fact that chances are you won't miss an additional character.

The single player is huge in this game. The story mode alone took me about 10 hours from start to finish (2 nice unlocks upon completion). It's done in such a way that creates a seamless fighting experience. You're watching an in-game cinematic and when the fight is about to start the camera zooms back and viola, the fight begins, once that fight is over, the camera angle changes and the story continues, seamlessly. Once you're done with the story mode you can play the traditional arcade format where you move up the ladder of fighters until you fight the boss, or you can practice different fatalities, or just practice against a dummy opponent in practice mode. There is Test your Might, Test your Sight, and Test your Luck. If that wasn't enough, there is also tower to climb consisting of 300 stages! (apparently it's worth it to beat stage 300, something "special" happens) I'm on stage 62 and the difficulty seems to be a bit sporadic. For example, stage 44 is harder then stage 57. And yes, some of the stage's are downright annoying and not fun, like fighting an over powered scorpion that can dish out damage to you whenever he wants, but you only do damage to him while he's under a spot light that rotates around the map!!! Or like fighting Liu Kang who has normal stats but every time you hit him your hit damage decreases by 5%, etc. Completing all of the single player events will help you earn special koins which you can use to unlock things from the Krypt, most valuable things being additional fatalities and alternate costumes. Every character seems to get two fatalities and two different costumes.

I have only tried online play a couple of times. The `King of the Hill' mode seems to be the most popular amongst players. It's a pretty cool set up. You enter a lobby and it's set up movie theater style where everyone waiting to fight watches the current two fighters duke it out. Once the fight is over you can give the winner of the fight a rating from 1-10. I know these ratings add up to an overall score for the fighter, but I'm not sure if there are unlocks associated with it or not, or if it's just bragging rights.

Anyways, you get the idea, it's a good fighting game, pick this bad boy up!

***(05/04/11)A Heads Up Regarding the Challenge Tower***

I have beat the 300 level challenge tower by actually playing the various stages and paying (via Kombat Koins) my way through others. It was an awesome idea to allow the player to actually pay their way through if they wanted because it does get tedious and not that fun quickly, so that was a great design decision. What was not a great design decision was what you get when you complete the 300th stage, very very lame. It was mouth dropping in lameness. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but believe me, it is not worth going through the 300 stages. If you are attempting the 300 stages because you're enjoying the variety each one offers then by all means have fun, but if your'e grinding through just to get the surprise at the end, don't bother, it sucks.
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