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on August 27, 2013
This is my second Moshi purchase - I recently bought the Anti-Glare iVisor for my iPad Mini. I loved that one so much, I bought this one for my iPhone 5. I absolutely cannot stand small creases or bubbles in my screen protectors, and with two young boys it's impossible to create a dust-free / motion-free application area in this house. Before buying my first iVisor, I would always purchase screen protectors in packs of three because invariably it would take two or three attempts to install one perfectly without losing my mind in the process. Because the iVisor screens are magnetic, rather than static-cling with sticky adhesive on the back, it is possible to clean the screen and immediately install the screen-protector without dust particles adhering to the screen-protector before you can even reach the application phase. One or two attempts for perfect alignment and that's it! Dust and bubble free, and perfectly flat. Well worth the price for my sanity!
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on January 10, 2014
It is usable and covers the entire face of my iPhone 5S. The sticky side can be cleaned and reapplied to the iPhone. My issue with this Screen Protector is after just 10 days I noticed a 1.00 inch x 4.00 inch discoloration smack in the middle of my iPhone screen. In certain lighting conditions it does make it hard to read what's on the phone. I was informed by the store I bought my iPhone from that it was normal for this screen to do this and in fact this particular screen protector reacts to all the 5 series iPhones the very same way. I don't recommend this product and I'm angry that I was told that "they are all like that and I should just accept the fact that this product is faulty." I insisted that the "Phone Company" that indorses this screen replace it with a one made by another manufacturer. They did and it was 25% cheaper. I haven't had any problems with the replacement screen what-so-ever.
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on January 28, 2014
Moshi has managed to pair ease of application with flawless performance. Read any reviews for competitor's products and you will instantly become aware of the issue people face getting bubbles when applying screen protectors. Moshi's product isn't a flexible rubbery product like most others. Rather, it is fairly stiff, much like a piece of thin cardstock, only not nearly that thick. The result is that you are able to grip it on all four sides and it remains rigid, allowing precision placement on your device. In the rare instance that a small bubble appears under, it is probably a speck of dust, not an actual bubble. Regardless, you can remove it easily and, if necessary, wash off the back under warm water, and try again. Most of the time, though, so long as you clean the screen thoroughly first and you are in a relatively low-dust environment, you won't have any problems. MOSHI has revolutionized screen protectors. There is absolutely no comparison and thus, no competition. There is no better solution.
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on May 4, 2017
I've bought a total of 3 of these. Just wish they were designed without the black bezel or chin. This is the only functionally reusable matted anti-glare screen protector for the iPhone 5/5s/SE on the market. This screen tends to scratch however. Not sure that I'll buy another one. But it's the only one like this out there. So if you specifically need a waterproof reusable antiglare iPhone 5 screen. Look no further.
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on March 5, 2013
I had gotten to the point that I would rather risk scratches on my screen than try to properly install a regular screen protector. Without fail a piece of lint or other random debris would be sucked onto the back of it just as I got it perfectly aligned. At which point the choices were to throw it away, get prints all over it by trying to remove said debris, or deal with it. Grrrr. Then I was told about this fabulous invention. Simply line it up and lay it on the screen. Didn't line it up quite right? peel it back and try again. It is gross from your fingers? Peel it off and wash it then put it right back on. Want to make your friends jealous when you see the piece of debris under their screen protector? Make sure they are watching and just peel your off and put it back on in a flat second. It will even make your teen techy nephew look at you with awe and call you cool! I am not even kidding. This is the 5th one I have purchased. Each time I get a new device this is the first accessory I buy. Two iphone 4, two ipads, and now an iphone 5. Without fail the screen are like new when you are ready to sell them to finance your upgrade. Seriously...just buy the thing!
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on January 11, 2014
I love this screen protector because you can remove it and reapply it as often as you want. I hate the adhesive type that once you've applied it, you are stuck with it, bubbles and all. I like that you can spray lysol on this to disinfect but the Iphone glass is safe. I haven't noticed any delay or difference in the touch screen mechanism either and I've had this screen for 8 months now.

The only con is you can't use this screen protector with the Otterbox Commuter case because of the way the phone is inserted, the edge of the case presses weirdly on the moshi screen and ends up bending it so it's not a flush fit. So far, the Moshi works great w/ the Speck hardcase I have though.
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on January 13, 2014
I purchased my first Moshi product when I got my Kindle Fire and after a terrible experience with the inexpensive film protectors. Ugh! It has been on my Kindle for almost a year now and still having no problem with it. So, when I got a iphone for Christmas, I knew I would want a Moshi screen protector for my phone also. It fit perfectly and went on with no problem. I purchased an additional one for my daughter-in-laws phone. She asked me to install it thinking that she would have trouble with it. I showed her how it goes on and her comment was, "that was fast". Our family truly believes that Moshi makes the best screen protection for whatever device you may have.
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on May 18, 2015
Love the Moshi screen protectors. I have always had one. They're not sticky, act more like a magnet. So it's not like typical ones where if you mis align it or dust gets under it you're s.o.l. and have to toss it and get a new one. You wash it with mild soap if dust gets under it and it's good as new.Finger prints do not show at all. So this is more $ than other protectors but it'll last forever.
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on February 15, 2014
When I bought my last iPhone, the AT&T store rep set me up with the Moshi iVisor and a Speck case, which protects screen and outside just fine.

I liked the Moshi so much I ended up buying one for my iPad to replace a lesser, bubble-filled screen protector. These don't bubble. And they're easy to install.

The next time I got an iPhone I tried a different case (Otterbox) with built in screen protection. Didn't like it and it went back to the store to be replaced by the Moshi + Speck combo.
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on December 31, 2012
This is the only screen protector I will use. I've always left my iPhone without a screen protector because every time I would put one of the others on I could never get all of the bubbles out & I couldn't stand them, got frustrated & just went without. This one is easy to put on and is 100% bubble free. Before I got the screen protector I managed to get a tiny scratch right in the middle of the screen of my iPhone 5 the same day I got it. With this screen protector on you can't even see the scratch. I believe that's because it's anti-glare. Also it keeps it from getting new scratches.
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