Customer Reviews: Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones
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on November 28, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones are great sounding, are very flexible and have nice soft, durable rubber encasing.

- The sweat proof headphones come with a vinyl carry pouch that has a velcro closure.
- Includes 4 additional sets of rubber ear cushions of varying size, with two sets having notches.
- The over the ear piece is very flexible but is not adjustable.
- Has an inline microphone with on/off volume control which is on right side cable.
- The cables are rubber.
- Has cable clip to keep the cables from free swinging or getting tangled while your active.
- The 3.5 mm audio jack has a right angle bend and is also rubberized.
- Motorola's website states the following as the warranty: "Monaural Headsets. Ear buds and boom headsets that transmit mono sound through a wired connection: Limited lifetime warranty for the lifetime of ownership by the first consumer purchaser of the product."

- The sound is great for me with a nice bass. I usually keep the volume set to midway and it still blocks most surrounding sounds while in a noisy office or while walking outdoors it blocks ambient noise.
- The wires do not transmit noise when rubbed against myself or anything else.
- The rubber ear pieces are soft and their fit is comfortable for my small ears so no ear canal pain/irritation.
- The mic transmit clearly and I don't need to hold the mic at my mouth to be heard on phone calls.
- Music/audio is paused automatically when you answer a call through the mic control and resumes playing when the call is ended.
- I have found this works with iPhone 4(IOS 5), iPhone 3GS(IOS 5), iPad 1(IOS 5), and Kindle Touch, leading me to believe it is compatible with most smart devices but with limited functionality. I couldn't get the audio control to advance or go to the previous tracks only pause and play, this may the case with most smart device outside of the MOTOACTV GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player since a review here states pause/play/previous/forward functions work with it.

- I have very small ears so the ear piece that goes over the ear, sits even with the top of my ear not flush to the bend at the top, making me wish I could adjust this section for a better, secure fit. The headphones stay on as they are now but since they are not flush behind my ears I couldn't use them for any type of vigorous active other than a fast walk. This is a problem only those with small ears will experience.
- The control only turns audio on and off, and doesn't navigate through tracks or positions in an audiobook.

I would definitely recommend these headphones to most people, with exception of those with small ears since the over the ear piece is not adjustable.

Side Note: I have found with a lot of headphones with audio controls, including this one, sometimes the smart device stops responding to the control. Simply unplug the headphones and plug them back in and the audio control will start to work again.
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on June 5, 2013
I bought these SF200's because I wanted to be able to talk hands-free, and listen to music while at the gym, without the buds falling out of my ears. Well, the earpiece is very comfortable, but not adjustable. The buds wiggle out of my ear, and eventually fall out even with just moderate movement. I'm not talking about hanging upside down, jogging, running, boxing etc. They just don't make good contact with my ears, which are not unusually shaped. Also, the sound quality is poor. I have a pair of cheap Motorola earbuds that hang on the ear lobe which have much better depth of sound. Lastly, since the cord is rubberized, when I move my head the wire sticks to my shirt and further pulls the buds out of my ear. I'm sure there is a better product out there.
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on May 16, 2012

I cannot speak for the life of the Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones, as I have only used them for one day. So far, they work well.

-Good sound quality
-Reasonable bass for in-ear headphones
-Rubberized connector and cord will not easily become tangled or knotted
-3.5 mm Audio Jack
-Shirt clip is great when running ( the earbuds won't get pulled out, unlike certain other brand(s) I will not name)
-Will NOT slip off of the ears
-Additional earbuds and Carrying case

-In-Line Controls do not seem to exist (unless I don't understand it)
-User Manual NOT helpful (except for an insurance agent, as it discussed damage insurance thouroughly)
-Over-the-ear piece may not fit all ear shapes
-Color of the cord means that it will be visible no matter what you wear (no black/white options, reddish-pink ONLY)

-Hydrophobic (Water-resistant) "Mesh" lining
-In-Line Microphone
-MOTOACTIV connectivity (Do not own one, and do not plan to own one)
-Product Longevity

In conclusion, these are great headphones for the casual listener, and both the weekend-warriors and the fitness gurus. Not to down their products, but these $50 headphones (unless you buy them at Amazon!) blow away any similar Skullcandy product, as are so popular with todays youth. Definitely worth the money. I will try to write a new review in a few weeks, after attempting to test the features I haven't, and talking about product longevity.

NOTE: Read the additional comment for new information.
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on November 20, 2014
Ran 5 miles in cold weather and they worked OK - not that comfortable but they stayed in my ear. As soon as I started to use them in warmer weather where I was sweating, they wouldn't stay in my ear. They aren't flexible so you can't adjust them to make them fit your ear. For me, if I put the bud in my ear, they don't sit nicely on top of my ear so they fall out. If they managed to stay on my ear, the ear bud isn't in my ear canal so I can't hear the music. The part that goes around the ear needs to be made of a flexible material so that you can change the shape to fit the individuals ear size. Would not buy again. Don't use them anymore.
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on September 26, 2014
This is a recommended headphone for the active person. I have yet to pull them out of my ears while lifting, running and mountain biking. They seal in your ear to prevent swear from getting in plus it makes the sound that much better. I like the added clip to attach the line closer to yourself. Overall great product for the money.
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on October 16, 2014
Comfortable, does not tangle, has worked well for me while jogging. I really like these. My wife tried them out and she ended up ordering a pair for her. I've used them for up to 3 hours at a time and they don't hurt my ear.
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on January 13, 2015
I ordered these headphones because my previous pair would eventually stop working from sweat during long runs/workouts. Although the issue of sweat/moisture eventually stopping the headphones from working has been resolved the quality of the headphones is mediocre. The red trim that wraps around the ear fell out within a week or two. I also initially experienced some issues with the jack not sitting flush on my iPhone so the music would go in and out - but it has since occurred less frequently. For the price they're not bad but I wouldn't pay over $20 for them...probably would try another pair before reordering.
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on November 19, 2013
I got the headphones with my MOTO ACTV watch back to August, 2013. It works great. However, the design is defected. The headphones have a small red plastics/rubber strip glued into a groove on each side. When the headphones are used, the strips touch the head and are exposed to sweat, which melts the glue. Then, the strips got loose, and stick out, making it uncomfortable to ware. Sooner or later, they will fall off, and sweat may find its way through the grooves into the headsets. Eventually, the headphones may be damaged by sweat.

I only use the headphones when I run. Not a very active runner, I only used the headphones for about 30 times since August, between 30-50 minutes each time.

For sports headphones, such a design is problematic.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Summary: I like these headphones. But I'd be hesistant with the price it asks for, it seems alittle steep for me, as the audio isnt that knock-out quality. But if you cant find something you like that is decent for a lower price range i think you wont regret buying these. I included a picture that hopefully gives you clearer idea of what it looks like/size. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

More details:

-Long cord with clip included
-3.5 mm jack (didnt see this mentioned anywhere in the description but that's what it uses)
-Bunch of transparent earbuds included to get your proper fit + a carrying case which closes with an adhesive patch
-The music control works with Android gingerbread (cyanogen mod) with the program specifically used as Winamp. Pressing the button on the control starts and stops the music. If someone calls pressing the button also answered (though you have to press and hold for ~3 seconds to end call)
-No overemphasis on various aspects of sound ( i recently reviewed another headphone that over emphasised the bass for instance)
-The earclip is comfortable (made of soft, bendable plastic of sorts) and doesnt hurt, even with prolonged use.
-Easy to get on

-Some more static than usual in calls
-Sound is crisp and i am no audiophile but definitely nothing knock-out that deserves the being called "High-Definition Audio" in my opinion
-Noise-cancelling could be better

Hope my review gave you some insight into this product. Thanks for reading!
review image
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on August 20, 2014
Short Version of the review: perfect for consuming podcasts and audio books on the go, great balance of price vs value

Long version of the review: Motorola SF200 is my daily headphones of choice. In my mind, it is the right amount to spend for a decent pair of headphones that you can listen for audio books, talk radio, and deliver a clear sounding spoken word.
Point #1: Longevity. It is now the third pair of SF200 that I’m buying. I’m a pretty heavy user and I’m always harsh on my headphones. I consume at minimum 2-3 hours of audio content each and every day. I jog, work, and sometimes I even fall asleep in my headphones. I expect that this pair of headphones (like a few pairs that came before it) to last me 3-4 months before I inevitably break them. Like I said – I’m harsh on my headphones. This is why I feel that the price for this specific pair is right: I’d be out of my mind if I was spending $200 every 3 to 4 months on a new pair of headphones.
Point #2: Sound Quality. It is not the best sounding pair of headphones I own. Not by a long shot. I’d say that it is somewhat similar in sound quality to the pair that comes with Samsung phones that I tried on multiple occasions. It is more then you need for spoken word, and you can listen to music while exercising – which is the whole purpose of the earbuds with a hook style headphones anyway. When I’m around the house listening to music – I prefer to wear Over-The-Ear headphones that have a much better sound, and are more comfortable to wear while sitting down enjoying the moment. When I’m jogging, biking, or taking my dog to the park – it is plenty for my needs, music or podcast.
Point #3: Comfort. For the longest time I could not use in-ear headphones because I was uncomfortable with having them inside my ear so much. That being said – either companies learned how to make it less discomforting or I got used to this overtime. The headphones are very comfortable in my ear. But the best part about this specific pair is the ear hook. If it was up to me – I’d outlaw any earbuds that do not have ear hook  . When you exercise – ear hook is a must. It ensures that your headphones will stay in place, and gives you a freedom of motion. If you’ve never tried ear hooks for exercise – try it; I guarantee that you’ll never own another pair of earbuds without hooks ever again.
Point #4: Microphone. Talk quality is good on this mic. It is a single button design – this set allows you to use the button to pick up the call or mute the mic while on the call. I use this pair with my Nexus 5 and my wife never complains of the sound quality unless I’m outside. This pair does not have a noise-cancelling mic, thus if you’re in the noisy environment this set will not do anything to mitigate that situation. I think I’m stating the obvious here, so to make a short summary – the mic is decent for what it is.
Point #5: Price. I paid $30 for this pair, and for that price it is a very decent pair of headphones. It fits my budget, to replace this pair every 3-4 months and not break the bank. I could probably find a cheaper option, but I am not willing to sacrifice the quality and comfort. I could go more expensive, but in my mind it is unjustifiable. I feel that this item is a good deal for the price, and I hits the perfect spot for me. I guess this is why I keep buying this pair over and over again, and will keep doing just that for a foreseeable future.
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