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on June 4, 2010
Excellent product. Works better than expected. Before I made the purchase, I compared it with BlueAnt SuperTooth 3, Jabra Cruiser, Motorola T505 but eventually bought this T325. The big reason I chose T325 over others is because it is a newer product. Others have been on the market for years. I'm glad I made the right choice after using it for 4 weeks.

The most important feature I'm looking for is a reliable Auto On and Auto Off feature. My car is parked in the garage, about 20 feet from the desk where I usually keep my phone at. Heard some bad stories about the phone keeps the connection to the speakerphone after user leaves the car and missed calls with BlueAnt and Jabra. This T325 works perfectly. Usually 20 seconds after I leave the car, it always disconnects. In fact, for 4 weeks, it has never stayed connected to my phone after I leave the car, never failed to connect when I enter the car, and never disconnected when I'm in the car driving. All 3 makes it a perfect speakerphone for me. And that's consistent to all the phones I have been using. To summarize:

1. Reliable Auto On/Auto Off.

2. Reliable connection.

3. Works with multiple phones. When it is turned on, it will always try to connect to the last connected phone. If that phone isn't present, it will look for other paired phones. Works perfectly for my Blackberry Tour, Nexus One and my wife's Samsung Alias 2. It always connects to the phone whoever is carrying, making car switching easier. It is actually better than the factory Bluetooth in my wife's 2010 Prius. Prius doesn't connect to a different phone automatically. You have to go down 5 levels of menu to select the phone if you switch phones. T325 doesn't connect to multiple phones simultaneously though.

4. Love the auto announcement feature. When you enter the car, it announces itself: "Battery level is high. Connected to XXXXXX". You will know when to charge the speakerphone, and never find it out of battery when you need it. One of the reason I don't like these ear pieces is because when I get a phone call and ready to use it, half of the time the battery has died. The auto announcement provides some passive feedback rather than yourself actively checking battery status on the device, which we always forget to do.

5. Loud and clear speaker. Sound quality is a lot better than the speakerphone on Blackberry, much better than the one on iPhone. The person on the other end cannot tell I'm on a speakerphone.

6. Easy pair with phones. No need to put the speaker into pair mode. Just turn off all the already paired phones. Turn on the speakerphone, do a search from your phone, and connect.

7. Good battery life. After 4 weeks of daily usage (about 2-3 phone calls a day, a total of 10 minutes maybe), battery level just dropped to "medium".

8. It downloads phonebook quickly, and announces caller ID for incoming calls.

9. Like the micro-USB port. I can share the same charging cable with Blackberry and Nexus One.

10. Supports voice command if your phone can do it. When you press the big button, it basically activates voice command on your phone.

Things wish could be better:

1. Kind of big. Not obnoxiously big, but bigger than I thought.

2. Wish it had a screen, but for the price, it is expected. The auto announcement feature makes up for it though.

3. Volume buttons difficult to reach, but I don't change volume often.
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on March 14, 2010
I was given this as a gift and I love it. As far as charging it goes, one of the other reviewers said that it only comes with the car charger, but it uses the same charging cable as my cell phone, so I just use that. In other words, you can use a cable that plugs into your computer or the wall, instead of the cable that plugs into your lighter. The charge lasts a really long time because I got it in February and I am only charging it now because it alerted me that the battery level was medium instead of what I usually hear when I get in my car ("battery level is high").

It attaches to your visor and all you have to do is push one button to make a call or end a call. The device pairs with your phone and you can have it access your phone book. For example, after pairing, you can push the button and say "Call Mary". The device will say something like "Can you confirm that you want me to call Mary?" and you say yes, and then the device calls Mary.

I am told by my family that they can hear me very well when they call me, or when I call them.
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on January 28, 2011
I've owned nearly a dozen bluetooth units of all makes, in-ear and speakerphone, in search of the perfect tool for handsfree phone use while driving. I finally bought one of these from Amazon over a year ago for the features that make it unique--voice dialing, downloading your contact list, Caller ID announcement of names from your contact list or by phone number, announcing battery level, turning off when exiting your car and turning on when entering, etc. I was well satisfied.

However, it recently started with the problem so many 1-star reviewers have described. After making one call it would go into mute mode and no sound would come out of the speaker when trying to make or receive subsequent calls. After fuming for a week and knowing it was out of warranty, I contemplated either buying another one or going back to an older model. In desperation I read the manual and figured I'd make a last attempt to keep it. I followed the directions in the manual to restore it to the original factory settings. Among other things, this unpairs the unit from all phones previously paired with and erases the data downloaded from them. I also removed the unit from my phone (Motorola V750) bluetooth settings. Then I started over to pair and download. Voila! It works like new.

So, I give five stars for the T325's features and quality. They are topnotch for handsfree phone use. But I then must deduct a star for being temperamental. Its saving grace is that, with some effort, it appears to be livable again.

UPDATE: I transitioned to the Verizon iPhone recently and this unit continues to work perfectly. Some features work a little differently (i.e. the ringtone is still heard through the T325 while the phone is set to silent, the Voice Control acknowledgment is just a beep), but those are functions of the phone, not the unit itself.
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on April 4, 2012
I bought this for my wife, who never could find her bluetooth earphone in her purse and never put it on before starting up her car. Consequently, she always held up her phone handset when she got a call, and that is dangerous in any car, but especially so with a standard transmission. This was the answer. In her ten-year-old Audi TT with backward visors it has to sit backward, but that hasn't been a problem in the six months she has used it.

When she gets into the car, the car door noise turns it on, and it announces (in a British accent) "Battery level is high. Connected to [phone name]". We just changed to iPhones, and the device easily paired with her 4s and downloaded contacts so it can announce the caller's name. It goes two or three weeks before announcing "Battery level is medium..." and that's when we charge it in the house overnight, even though it came with a car charger.

Yes, the sound could be better. However, the thing works, and I can always hear and understand her when we talk--and that's in her rag top sports car (that is so noisy that when driving, you can't hear the engine.) It's not perfect, but it certainly is a good value at $32. I'm thinking of getting one for myself, even though I don't have the problem of misplacing my bluetooth earphone.
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on April 20, 2011
At first when it downloaded the address book and I placed a call through my soon to be retired LG, I was under the impression you would have to scroll through the contact list to place a call and that is very little hands free. I rethought and tried pressing the call button for a few seconds and the phone responded with the "please say a command."

Also, to relieve any concerns, if you do not make a command in response, it will eventually time out so that you are back to "ready."

I will be pairing it to a new Droid X about tomorrow and expect it to work better than the lame LG product. By the way, Amazon has a great price on that phone now, for some reason, $.01. My friends are ticked that they paid $150 to Verizon and I paid .01 to Amazon for the same service provider (on an upgrade of devices).

The next day it seemed to have failed and I had it all packaged to return, then decided to pair that lousy LG to a Jabra and it would not pair. After I received the new Droid X, it would pair to both. The Jabra will go to my daughter as I wanted the auto on/off feature and the LG is history. I was not able copy the contacts to the T325 so far, but it really isn't needed as the Droid announces the caller ID.
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on June 7, 2011
This Bluetooth speaker is great when it works but when it doesn't, prepare for headaches. Below is my guide on how to re-connect your T325 when it does fail.

The T325 easily connected to my non-smartphone (Samsung Alias 2). I also bought a 2nd one for my father who is using a non-smartphone.

When it works, the instant auto-connection is great. It has also been helpful for my non-techie father. The audio is relatively clear and I've had no complaints from the people I call. (But note that audio quality isn't good when calling another person who is also using a T325).

The battery life is decent. The charger only connects to your cigarette lighter so you can't charge it at home. When charging from your car, it isn't very safe to have the coiled cord dangle in front of your face from your sunvisor so you'll need to charge it while it's resting on your dashboard or elsewhere.

The Problems
Some reviewers did not have the problem of losing the connection with the phone. Unfortunately, I have had the problem with 4 units (2 units for myself and 2 for my father).

On average, the connection does not reliably work after 2 weeks. We have exchanged the units and the results are the same. After making one call, the next call cannot be made without shutting the T325 off and then turning it on again. Another recent problem is that even after powering the T325 off and on again, it could not find my phone.

You can imagine how dangerous this can be if you try and fix this while driving. The connection problems are a distraction and defeat the purpose of having a hands-free device.

On a separate note, I have heard that the T325 will not work properly if left overnight in a car during freezing weather. When it reaches room temperatures again it will work normally... that is if you don't have the connection problems.

The Tedious Fix
I've found the following to keep my T325 working. Every 2 weeks (or sooner) reset it to its factory settings, erase the T325 profile from the phone, and then pair them again. To reset to factory settings:

1. Erase the T325 profile from your phone's Bluetooth menu.
2. While the T325 is off, press and HOLD a volume button and the small button with the microphone icon (the one used for Bing) then while those buttons are held down, slide the power switch to the ON position. You will get an audio confirmation that the factory settings are restored. It will then be in pairing mode.
3. Put your phone on discovery mode to pair with the T325.

All of this will take roughly 5 minutes. If you find this too annoying or time consuming, then you may want to try another Bluetooth speaker.

Still Interested?
Be sure to keep your complete packaging in case you want to exchange it. Amazon is very nice about this. They will send you a replacement unit before receiving yours back. But please be sure that your T325 actually shipped from Amazon. If you buy it from a 3rd party on Amazon, then you can expect the exchange/refund policy will not be as generous. As for repairing this with Motorola's warranty, you will need to pay for shipping to Motorola.

I've given this 3 stars because I couldn't find a suitable replacement. I would love to replace it with something more reliable. But I like the auto-connect feature. So I can live with the 5 minutes of resetting it to factory settings and pairing it again with my phone every 2 weeks.
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on January 7, 2012
Do not waste your money on this. I purchased this because in theory it sounds good.
I have tried relocating it. But still no luck in getting a good solid conversation.
At most, I might get 7 solid words, but mostly broken up conversation.
After several attempts, I have given up.
If I leave the phone in the case on my hip, the speaker cuts in and out.
The phone is only 2' away. People cannot understand me and I cannot understand them.
It is barely usable. If I put the phone in the holder attached to the windshield, it does work better.
But the volumme is weak, even with the volumme control turned all the way up.
I have to strain to hear.
I have used this with the LG Revolution and the enV3.
Also, it doesn't work with the Navigation. Only phone calls.
I wished I knew that before I bought it, I wouldn't have.
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on November 3, 2011
When this works, it's great. I was very surprised by how clear the calls are from this thing - I expected it to barely work, but I never have any complaints about hearing me with it.

The problem is that the thing doesn't work all the time. Many times, it will ring, and I won't be able to hear the person through the device. Similar things happen when I call sometimes. The only way I've found to make sure it works properly is to shut it down and restart it after each use. Not the end of the world, but if I forget to do it, and I have problems with this device, it makes me much more distracted than I would be if I simply answered the phone.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the product, but it could be MUCH better if they worked out the kinks.
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on July 3, 2012
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on January 26, 2012
I waqs really looking forward to receiving the Motorola T35 wireless car speaker and immediatly put it to use. Set up was really easy and the speaker was able to sync with my phone with no problem. The unit was suprisenly small and compact. From the pictures I expected a larger unit. Once the unit is synced, be careful in handling it as it will immediatly want to staert dialing and calling one of you contacts. The pro side of this unit is that it lets you know when it does sync up with your phone and when you are in a dead zone. This is great if you are only driving in the city. The bad news is it constanly tells you ( every 30 secs or so ) you are in a dead zone when driving on the highway between cities. It also has the habit of unsyncing with your phone when it does this. On a long trip across the state it becomes really anoying. So much so that I have to turn it off. This defeats the purpose I got it in the first place. If I had know this I would probably not gotten it.
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