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on August 8, 2012
I was surprised how small the item turned out to be.
It did fit (work with) my Droid 4 phone.
Supposedly, it works with a bunch of other plug compatible devices.
I wouldn't know - don't have any.

It's more than just batteries and/or batteries and a diode.
This thing has some sort of charge pump in it.
It knows when to stop.
It leaves the phone at 100% charge.

You can charge the phone while re-charging the Power Pack.
When everything reaches 100%, they each shut off.
I can't ask for more than that.
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on July 14, 2013
It works good.I can charge my headset and phones on the go I don't have to often charge my phones but I have to charge my headset because I listen to music when I am at work and have to charge it after the fact.this charger comes in is small portable lightweight and can fit in your front it back pocket with no problem you might forget it is charges headset pretty quickly if dead.20 to 30 minutes.but as far as a is a good power source to use your phone when the battery is dead but it charges at a slow will charge a phone if off in about 3 hours.and if on maybe longer but you can use your phone dieting this time that the important thing. It wont give you a full charge but you will get about 80 or 90 Percent from dead.Which is better than nothing.and it wont give youbut one charge.but if you have your.wishI had this a long time ago phone on and will get about 8 hours of power.nevertheless it will come in handy and I recommended it because when you have no option of charging this gives you a portable option of not Having to look for a place to charge your and have something instead of a dead phone.I like it.take it everywhere I go a must need if you are traveling on a bus or wont regret buying it.I love can charge a tablet or anything with a USB port.and van charge 2 devices at the same yime
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on March 16, 2014
I don't use this constantly, so every time I do I have to take stock of how to use it again . . .For some reason, the plug to put in your phone stumps me every time. Apparently I have a hang up there. It charges really well and actually holds a charge for a long time. I just grabbed it to check since I might need it with our snow tomorrow, and it's still charged from when I charged it up about a month or so ago. It doesn't charge a dead phone fully, but it will get you a good halfway decent charge for about half a life. Bear in mind, too, that my phone is a Motorola Droid 4 that is about 1 1/2 years old--most smart phones slowly charge less and less as they get older, I've noticed. Really, though, this does work well and does what it is supposed to do--get you between charges on a plug charger--and is something I keep in my purse for when I might need it.
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on July 11, 2015
Helpful in a bind, but I found after only charging it 3-4 times it didn't really hold a charge for as long as I would have hoped when not in use. I don't know if I got a defective one but I wasn't happy with it after about 2 weeks of owning it. I eventually had to chuck it out when my phone was lasting longer than this thing was holding a charge (not being in use). The battery would only remain full for about an hour after it came off the charger and to me that's just as useless as a dead cellphone. I wouldn't recommend this product at all.
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on April 6, 2013
This item was recommended to me by a Verizon Customer Service rep, when I signed up for an International calling plan in preparation for a vacation. I was thoroughly sold when I found out the cost and the number of hours the battery had---8!!!. It charges quickly and is small and lightweight. It fits perfectly in any purse I carry and I never need to be without the use of my smart phone or tablet. The nicest feature is the ablity to simultaneously charge the backup and the electronic from an electrical outlet or my computer. This is my second device, as the one I purchased for vacation grew legs and walked away. The same backup battery ordered from Amazon is almost half the price of the one from Verizon, plus I had to pay the cost of shipping to Verizon. If you live and die by your electronic devices as I do, you need this!
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on July 5, 2013
I don't always take my time to write a review unless there's something wrong.(probably should write good reviews but meh) So I received the package on time like amazon prime always does. charged it up and had full bars hadn't really used it for about a week. did a weekend trip didn't take charger since i counted on this.( my mistake) my phone ran out of battery. so i connected it to charge. left my phone there at about 6%. I came back to my truck expecting at least something the the 20 ( I'm not to optimistic) But to my surpise my phone was dead. It was worthless to say the least. Not only that but for a decent size case you'd expect something better. Not really sure how much I paid 1860 mAH should do something to my phone but no.
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on July 24, 2012
This battery solution works quite well, as long as your expectations are not massively high. I've tested it with three different phones (Droid 4, Droid Pro, Samsung E3222), and they all will reach close to a full charge. How high it gets, is correlated to how much the phone is discharged, and the primary battery capacity.

The Droid 4, which of the three units I tested has the largest capacity battery, will go to about 91% full (using a dependable Android app downloaded from the google store), if the phone is at 20%. Guess it takes about 75 minutes to refill the phone, when turned off.

Neither the Droid Pro or Samsung never exceed 96% full, despite them having batteries with capacity well below the power pack's output. It might be some sort of Android app software glitch, or thermal protection limit in the power pack.

Charging time for the power pack when fully depleted using the supplied Motorola transformer, is a bit over 120 minutes. Same as charging the Droid 4 in the same state.

The unit is small and weighs very little. The ribbon micro-USB cable that partially wraps around it seems a bit lightweight, so one should be careful extracting it from its storage groove.
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on January 11, 2013
I bought this for my Droid Razr. My phones existing battery will last me about 8 hours with normal use of apps and calls. With the battery pack fully charged, it charged my phone battery from around 30% charge to 70% charge in approximately 3 hours with average use of phone apps and calls. In my opinion, considering the size and weight (about 2 oz's I'd figure), this is worth all of the 3 or 4 hours or so of normal phone use it gives you. It charges in about the same amount of time. It does everything it needs to do, and allows me to charge my phone while the battery pack is plugged in, simultaneously. Considering the cost, I'm glad to have purchased this alternative charging source and won't leave home without it!
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on November 14, 2012
I bought this on a recommendation from my parents; they love theirs and take it everywhere with them. After my own dead battery mishap while I was out on a bike ride and practically stranded, I decided it was time to have some reassurance. While I haven't needed to use it in a dire situation, the couple of times I've used it over the past month have seen it no worse for wear. It charges quickly and the lights easily let you know how much power is currently stored within. I also love that you can charge two things at once with it!
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on November 8, 2013
This little gizmo works wonderful! Very slim/light: 3/8" wide by 4-3/8" long, weighs 72 grams (my droid razr is 128g). After reading other reviews I wasn't sure if it would fully charge my Droid Razr, but it did. It takes a consistent 20 minutes to charge each 10% increment, Until it gets to 90%, then it took almost an hour to finish the job. My Droid battery is not removable, so this is a must for long days away from home, and very glad to have it. The bonus is that it can charge two devices, and also charges other devices while being charged itself from a wall outlet, wonders never cease!
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