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on August 28, 2010
First, I want to say that I love this phone (set). It just works, feels good in the hand and by the ear and doesn't weigh 5 pounds.

Some people have made good reviews already of this phone set but there were a couple things I thought to add or suggest.

The corded phone w/ answering system and speaker phone - for me, has too short of a cord. I bought a long black one @ Radio Shack which works better. The corded phone does indeed ring and take/send calls when there is a power outage. We had a big storm and the power went out and sure enough, it was the only phone that rang (a call to see if we were alright :). The speakerphone works about 'average' - my older Panasonic (and much more expensive) speakerphone performs much better. But for use on my desk, the Motorola is sufficient for a speakerphone. I like the style of these phones, they look smartly constructed (but not heavy).

One thing to note on the ANSWERING MACHINE - if you do have a power outage or even some kind of interruption on your phone line, then go and check if the answering machine reset to not recording messages. I found this to be the case. For example, I have DSL internet here and the tech. guy upgraded my TV/cable signal (thru phone line) and though no power went out or anything, the action still turned the answering system off. The little 'new message icon' is a bit small (another reviewer stated this with some ferocity) BUT if you do have new messages, it will state this in words on the panel saying like, "2 new messages". So no worries there. I did find it easy to listen to the messages from the cordless phone which is a nice feature. I like the feel of the keypad. OH, and this is a bonus - the answering machine voice is a FEMALE, so I used that instead of recording my own. (finally!) All the other phones I've had in the past had male voices, so this was nice as I'm a woman and don't always want my own voice on the recording. That was a pleasant surprise, not a biggie, but a plus.

The cordless phone is lightweight, has good reception about what most phones have, performs without any problems. There is not a clip on the back of the phone (like many of my other cordless phones have had) and I confess I miss that. But it's not a big deal. I just got used to sliding the phone (with a clip) on to my pants/trousers, whatever, when I wanted to be hands-free but needed to carry the phone with me (like outside). The footprint of the cordless phone in the charger is small which is great. Doesn't take up much room at all. The battery seems to last a long time, I haven't worn it out yet and I've had some long phone calls and left it off the charger. So the battery life is good. Better than average.

Four and a half stars for the less important notes I left here otherwise it's a complete winner for me. 50 bucks is an excellent value, really for all you get. I had an AT&T similar setup and didn't like it. It was only several months old. The older Panasonic cordless phone/anwering/speaker phone I still have, (was real expensive in the day), but I have that in the kitchen because the speakerphone is superb. I can walk to the pantry and can still talk and be heard. amazing. (they don't make 'em like they used to). But I digress..

This Motorola combo phone set was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a corded phone that would work in power outages, had an answering machine and speaker phone, looks nice, and is easy to use on my desk. The cordless has good clear reception, long battery life, easy to use and feels good in the hand (which is a big deal) and I use that everywhere else.

I added a few pics for your review so you can see what the phone(s) look like when not appearing like an advertising graphic. Also, the color of the screen when it lights up is not so yellow gold as in the ad photos, so I took a pic of that. It's more yellow orange, in case you'd like to know.

I highly recommend this phone set if what you're looking for is anything like what I found.
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on September 15, 2010
I gave this phone 4 stars because it does seem to be a great phone for the money. But, please read the rest.

I purchased this phone for my home office. The main reason that I purchased the phone was because it has a wired base as well as a cordless handset. This allows me to take the cordless phone with me when I am away from my desk, so that I don't miss business calls. The cordless works great for this and the little bit I have used it, I have had no issues and the sound quality is very good.

For home users who want the same setup, this phone will be a good phone. For office users, I do not recommend, which I'll explain.

First, I'll preface by saying that this does appear to be a good quality phone, especially for the money. So, if the features fit your needs, then it's a great buy.

-Good construction
-Setup was fairly easy
-Message screen on the base is large, intuitive and easily readable
-Cordless phone provides nice mobility AND can be plugged into ANY outlet, even if there is no phone jack available. Though I keep mine in the same room as the base so that I can choose or switch between the two, I found this feature VERY impressive.
-Sound quality is very good on both phones
-Has a nice intercom feature so that you can call the second phone if you want.
-Has speaker phone, though I have not used it yet.
-The phone will work if the power goes out. Very important to me.
-There are a couple of good business type ringers, though the ringer is not as loud as my previous phone.
-The phone looks very nice.

-THERE IS NO WIRED HEADSET PLUG. My old phone had a plug where I could plug in a wired headset so that I could use both hands for the keyboard. This phone does not. My oversight for thinking most new phones would have this.
-Phone headset does not feel normal when you try to hold it with your shoulder. Which goes back to the previous line.
-I get a loud screech when I get a second call on call waiting. It's very disturbing and loud and sounds about like the old audible computer modem screech. Very disconcerting.
-Deleting listed calls seems to be a little difficult for me to catch on to. Sometimes I hit the right key, sometimes I can't seem to find the right actions and have to delete one by one.
-If you pick up a call on the base, the cordless handset shows a missed call and vv. So, this can be very confusing and causes you to have to delete call information on both phones.

For me, though sound quality is very good and the phone is overall a good phone with some nice features, I will be working on finding a different phone that suits all of my office needs.
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on October 5, 2010
Motorola had been such a superb brand that I took it for granted that this phone wouldn't just be fine but would be outstanding. It wasn't.

It requires a special supplied land line wire as well as an equally special handset-to-base cord and carries a caveat about using nearing computers or other electronic devices.

Maybe interference caused the atrocious, distorted sound, but, no engineer, I'm not qualified to say. As a user, however, it's an inexcusably poor machine -- an opinion seconded by everyone I called to test the phone. Break-ups worse than on the feeblest of cell phones was what all said.

Try though I do to keep up on technology, I wasn't aware that the "DECT" ascribed to the phone isn't a model name but an abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone; perhaps other manufacturers have mastered this mode. Motorola hasn't.

Bright news? Amazon was swift in scheduling a no-cost UPS pick-up and issuing a full refund.
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on October 13, 2010
The phone was easy to set up and the phonebook and ring tone features are all self explanatory. I was very pleased with this phone until I received a call waiting call and the information for the incoming call wasn't displayed. There is no way to know who is calling in while on another call so I don't know if I need to interrupt the conversation I'm having or who to call back when I hang up with my original call. If I had known the phone system was lacking this feature I would have NEVER bought it. I can't believe that Motorola would make a phone in 2010 that wouldn't have call waiting caller ID. Maybe in 1999...
I called Motorola customer support to make sure there wasn't some way to activate this feature on the phone which wasn't covered in the manual and they confirmed that the phone did not have the caller Id call waiting feature. So I just wanted to make sure that other people knew this before they purchased this phone.
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on January 1, 2010
We are basically happy with this phone, especially for the price, but there are a couple of things prospective buyers should know. First, the set-up instructions for the wall-mount unit are incomplete and I had to call customer service, where someone explained to me in an apologetic voice how to break a plastic tab free from the phone, flip it over, and reinstall it as a cradle for the handset. A simple enough process, but Motorola completely forgot to mention it in the instructions. I will say that customer service answered right away without a lengthy menu of options. Second, there is no flashing light option to notify you of new voice mail messages. There is an intermittent "beep" option, which I turned off as being too annoying for our pets who might be forced to listen to it for hours while we were out. If you don't like the beep, however, you have to remember to check the display screen when you come home for notice of new messages. Other than these glitches, it's fine.
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Looks so slick and modern. It was a great price and I needed a phone fast but I am NOT really happy with it after using for 2 months now. The buttons are really hard to push. You have to hit them hard. The sound on the speaker phone isn't great, I turn it all the way up and it still not loud enough and not clear. If you add stuff to the phone book it doesn't add it to the base and all handsets it's just on that one phone. You have to dial 1 to make calls but the caller ID only shows it without the 1 so you can't redail off the CID.

Over all I would highly recommend looking at other phones. Wish I had even spent more money if that is what it would have taken to get a good phone.

1 star because even though the phone looks sleek and awesome it's a piece of junk. It's SO hard to dial on it, it doesn't add the 1 so you have to dial 1. If you do anything you have to wait till it gets back to it's home screen to dial. I highly recommend getting another phone. Wish I could.
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on December 10, 2017
I had bought this model years ago at Radio Shack, which is gone for years. When the dial phone & greeting program on my phone died suddenly, I was thrilled to see the same model, as I didn't even need the manual.
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on April 24, 2016
I didn't use this phone right away as I had been taking care of my mom and wasn't home. So last month I plugged everything in and I've had problems with this phone since. I thought it was with my carrier so I contacted them (Frontier Communications) and they've come out twice to trouble shoot the problem so finally yesterday the technician came into my home, which now they charge a fee for this service, and he tested my phone and he said it was the phone that was faulty and not the telephone lines. I'm not happy with this purchase.
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on August 3, 2011
I am very pleased with the DECT 6.0 base, remote hand set, and answering system. The product is attractive and well constructed. I like the ability to program the unit from either the remote or base station. The system is easy to set up and program to the needs of the user. Ring tone selection is excellent and allows distinctive ring tones for both the base station and remote. The call answering element of the system works well on the base and the remote. Sound quality on both devices is adjustable and clear to the listener. The light orange visual displays on the base and remote allow for ease of viewing, and assist in programming the units. I have used the DECT 6.0 for over a month and have had no problem with the system. It is not manufactured with caller ID, and I have no need for that capability. Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend this Motorola phone system to a friend or family member.
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on June 17, 2013
I love the features that this phone come with:
Caller ID
Last number dialed
Phone Book
There are so many other great features..too many to list. I purchased this phone to go with my Comcast Triple Play service. I needed a digital compatible phone to go with the digital system in my package. The remote phone holds it battery life for many hours and the base phone & the remote phone have a nice clear screen that display's every call, missed call, voice mail indicator..and any other menu item that you are searching for. Set up was super easy and the price was very affordable.
I highly recommend this product.
Susan Friel
Wilmington DE
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