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on September 2, 2011
Ok, I have a type "A" personailty and I reserched the heck out of several monitors. I have been shopping around for the "perfect" monitor for months buying and returning until I have found what I want. (My son is 6 months old) I have tried several brands/types of video monitors such as Sony, Summer Infant monitors, and a Costco brand that can be used via the internet and Iphone/Ipad2. This Motorola monitor is the BEST that I have found. Money was not an issue for me as I wanted a video/audio monitor that just worked well. I do recommend spending a little more and buying the 3.5 inch monitor.

Ok, what to say that has not been covered in other positive posts.....The resolution at night is awesome as I can see my baby breathing. (VERY important) I can see everything in great detail. The camera views best when mounted on the wall close to the crib-this way it can scan straight down and straight up viewing the entire crib and room. I originally placed it on a "wall shelf" but when I scanned down I could see a bit of the shelf instead of the entire crib. Also important when you have a child that rolls all over the crib as they sleep! You need to see every inch of the crib. (On the back of the camera is a tiny hole to hang on a nail or screw.) I hung mine on my wall just above a shelf and to blend it in I placed stuffed animals on either side-very nice looking and discreet. I painted the white cord to match the wall to blend it in. When scanning from the monitor it makes absolutely no noise and doesn't wake the baby. The sound is great!

I am a light sleeper and wake at his every roll and whimper at night. I used to get NO sleep. With this monitor I can put the volume up loud to hear every little move or put the volume down low to only wake when he cries loudly. The monitor has a light indicator on top to inform you of the "loudness" of the baby's cry. Also, I live in a two story home with wireless everything (my house is Grand Central with all the wireless technology.) and this monitor does great with cell phone, wireless router, and computer reception. There is no interference at all. The battery on the monitor, when fully charged, lasts 8 to 10 hours but I recommend it plugged in to the power cord at night. There is no delay. What you see is what is happening, allowing you to get to your baby fast!

The only thing I would add is a clip to the monitor to be able to strap it to you and the time. Sometimes I like to know what time it is for feeding purposes. Awsome monitor and well worth the money as now I finally get some sleep and peace of mind at night!!!

I have now owned this monitor for year or so, and have recently encountered more problems.
- The night vision on one of the cameras has. I can barely see my son anymore, and if he didn't have dark hair, I am not sure I would even know where he was in the crib.
- The battery life of the parent unit is also dying. It used to hold a charge for about 5 hours, and now the charge lasts maybe 1 hour.
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on September 30, 2014
I've had this monitor for a little over a year now. I was absolutely thrilled at the start -- we started off with an audio-only monitor, and then upgraded when we had a little more money. The resolution was great, and when we switched my daughter to a twin bed, I loved the fact that I could use the mic feature to tell her to lie down or get back in bed without having to climb the stairs (VERY important as I began my second pregnancy!)

However, just as we hit the one year mark, the sound quality started to go. Now, the sound is usually pretty bad -- full of static, and it's practically unintelligible. That would be bad enough, but just in the past week, I've noticed huge gaps of silence where the audio cuts out completely. This isn't just me not being able to hear her sleeping because she's too quiet. We also use the monitor during bathtime, so while my husband is upstairs with her during bath, I can get a break and just listen for when they're done. I'm actually sitting here right now and I can hear the water filling through the walls, but I can't hear the cd they have playing, the conversation they're having, or the sound of the water through the monitor.

We're looking into a monitor for the second baby, and I had been planning to pick up a second camera for this system but now I'm just not so sure, and I hate feeling like we're back to square one with our baby monitor research.
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on July 25, 2014
Honestly I've never written a review, ever. But I love this monitor- get this bigger screen version vs smaller. You can't really see much with the littler screen (I have both- another story for another time) nor can you scan well with it,
HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT -- I hated reading about the mom in 2012 that had awful service from Motorola. I've had this monitor for my grandchild for two years. It started to fail so I ordered a new battery with no improvement. I contacted Motorola explaining that I had tried a new battery which didn't fix the problem and asked if I could mail it in to be repaired. They said they would mail me a BRAND NEW one and I could mail mine to them. I reminded them it was two years old and I would gladly pay to repair if. They told me they would expedite one to me and when I got it just mail in the old one so they could see what happened. They mailed one BEFORE I could mail
mine in. When I asked why they would replace it for free they replied that they believe in keeping the customer happy and it was worth it to them. NEVER have had a company do such a thing. Usually you have to pull teeth the get a problem solved.
I will always buy Motorola now. Superior service.
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on March 29, 2017
Kudos to the seller for reminding me to submit a review. Cameras claim a 200 meter range and it didn't even make it 20 meters from my child's bedroom to our master bedroom. Audio drops in and out frequently with I am within range. Video is very slow and when it hasn't received video in a while, the monitor just shows that last known image ... with might actually be quite old. On the bright side, the remote panning worked very nicely. I am so disappointed at this point. Does any company may a reliable baby monitor that can go 20 meters or more between the handheld device and the camera?
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on October 26, 2012
Update #3:
Customer service mailed me a new one with a bonus camera. We really like this monitor compared to the model down (no pan/zoom). Quality and Range is amazing, and we have 3000ft house. Can even get outside quite a ways. Highly recommend! If you can buy it somewhere with an extended warranty, do it.

UPDATE #2!! Customer service issues... just like everyone else.

Phone call #1 was promising - I can scan/email them the receipt, and within 48 hours they will process my email and send me a new camera with a postage-paid box to return the broken one.
Sounded too good to be true, and alas, it was...
No email confirmation, so I was a little worried but let it slide. One week later, no camera, no contact.
Phone call #2 said yes, my email was processed but they were out of stock. Expecting more cameras in that day and I should have it in 5-7 business days.
Phone call #3: One week later, still no camera. Total over 3 weeks later, no camera and Customer service says still out of stock. I asked them to send ANY model in the meantime, and they offered to send me the "upgraded model" which is the same thing but with 2nd camera. Supposedly they will overnight it to me and I will have it tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE #1!!! Broken At 6 months!!!
Display screen is solid white, and we followed troubleshooting instructions to no avail. Audio still works, except that I can't adjust the volume because you need the screen for that. Don't know why it stopped working, but i don't have high hopes for customer service based on other people's posting... I will probably buy a different monitor now because I can't be without one.

Original review (4 stars) :
pro - Big screen, great color, great night vision, pans, tilts, zooms. Picture is so clear at night I can see my baby breathing. I never thought i would need the pan/tilt/zoom functions, but i use them ALL the time. Display turns itself off after a few minutes to save battery.
con - None!

pro - audio is very sensitive. i can even hear the "sleep sheep," which is actually kinda nice.
con - audio is either on or off, whereas some very cheap monitors have voice activation. My baby makes a TON of noise and he is only 2 months old. Yes, I will hear him start to cry, but i also hear him grunting and snorting and farting, etc. I am learning to sleep through this, thanks to the sleep sheep...
con #2 - no mute button - this means when the baby cries, and it is my turn to get up, I have to either run with the monitor out of the room, throw it out of the room, or fumble to turn the power off quickly in the dark so I don't wake up my husband. I have mastered the quick-power-turn-off technique.

pro - large, easy to use, and I am smart enough to remember which button is which in the dark.
con - the buttons are not backlit. the display button, which allows me to see the baby, is right next to the one which allows me to talk to the baby. I can imagine someone could press it by accident and wake the baby up. I have not done this yet.
con #2 - you can't hit a mute button (see above), instead you have to use the power on/off button. not a huge deal, except the power button is small and flush to the unit. designer didn't realize you would ever want to use it.

Terrible!!! The battery won't last the full night. It starts beeping by morning if I forget to plug it back in. HOWEVER, Since I keep it plugged in on my nightstand, this is not usually a big deal. I wish it came with a 2nd power jack so I could just plug it in downstairs too. I might just search for one now.

Amazing!! I have a 3000 sq. foot home with really thick walls, on 1/3rd acre. I have no problem doing laundry in the basement while the baby is in a 2nd floor bedroom. We tested it all around our yard, and even out to the street corner. Sure there was a little interference while walking, but as soon as I stopped moving, the picture and audio came right back crystal clear. Highly recommended for this feature alone.

Other features:
Displays the room temperature (i dont know how accurate this is, but it is definitely close).
Allows you to play lullaby music on the other end. The music is terrible and we never use it.
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on April 14, 2014
So I was a nightmare when preparing to buy my baby bits! I read reviews on EVERYTHING and took days to decide and then order items. I debated on this monitor due to the negative reviews, but because the positive seemed to outweigh them, I concluded that it was the best monitor to get. And at first, I was right. I loved being able to see him, hear him, talk to him, the screen had a great resolution even at night. Shortly before the one year warranty was up, the screen started going black and wouldn't turn on and off. After removing and replacing the battery it seemed fine, so I didn't bother reporting it to customer service. That was obviously a mistake, because now, 4 months after replacing the battery and the warranty running out, the screen is completely black. It charges with the power cord, but will not turn on. I am disappointed in a company as big as Motorola, that there appears to be a large batch of monitors that break shortly after the one year warranty, which forces parents to have to buy a new one (because what parent wants to be without it when you have a baby/toddler, you need to keep an eye on?) so what, now I am supposed to shell out another few hundred dollars? (that I really don't have because as we all know, babies are expensive!) I expected a baby monitor, for this price and from a supposedly reputable company such as motorola, to last years, not months. It is also disappointing to see that many others seem to have suffered the same fate, yet the warranty remains at one year, because they know it will just about last that before they can take more money. I guess I'll have to review all the monitors again but I won't be purchasing motorola, that's for sure. Sad :-(

UPDATE: APRIL 28th 2014
While I still maintain that this monitor didn't provide the use it should have for the amount it cost, I want to give Motorola Customer Service an A*. They contacted me after this review and sent me a new unit (an upgrade with two cameras) and a return shipping label for me to return the broken monitor even though I was a few months out of warranty. I didn't contact them because I thought as I was out of warranty they wouldn't be any help, but I was incredibly grateful and appreciative that they reached out to me following my dismay with their product and provided me with a new unit and asked me to return the broken one so they could look at what went wrong. I can see from other reviews that some people have had a bad experience with motorola customer service so I think they have listened and I would be more than happy to continue purchasing their products in the future because the customer service was above and beyond what I expected. The new monitor works great! :-)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 16, 2016
When we were expecting our first, we put together a budget and a list of priorities of what things we wanted to spend a lot on, what things we could buy used etc. This was at the top of the list of things we deemed really important and worth the money, and it was/is. This monitor has been worth it's weight in gold. It is still going strong after 4 years of heavy, daily use and I'm still just as pleased with it as ever. The only thing that no longer works is the temperature sensor and that's because at one point my son got ahold of it and sucked on the temperature thing. What I love about this monitor:
Crisp, clean, large color display
Night vision and day vision switches back and forth automatically seamlessly
I love being able to pan around the entire room from one vantage point
The signal is very strong anywhere in the house and I could even go across the street and still see and hear what's going on!
I love the light indicators for noise so you can tell if there is crying without having the screen on (because it's very bright) or without having the volume turned up.
I LOVE the intercom feature!! This started to come in handy a lot more as he grew up. I could soothe him remotely sometimes, or say "no no" f he was climbing out of the crib and he would stop and get back in.
We have traveled with this unit every time we took the baby anywhere and it has been a star.
If you only spend money on a few things, this is worth being one of them. I has paid for itself a million times over.
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on January 23, 2017
The functionality of this monitor is fantastic, but the quality is horrible. My previous one lasted through 2 children and for six. For my third child, I wanted an "upgrade" so treated myself to this one and after 6 months the video camera wouldn't rotate right to left but only up and down. It wasn't too much of a problem given how we use the monitor so I never returned it. Then about 18 months after I purchased it, the on/off button stopped working properly. Sometimes the unit would spontaneously turn off, other times I had to press the button very hard multiple times to get it to go on. Yesterday it stopped working completely. I would recommend NOT buying this product if you are looking for something that will last more than 6 months.
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on August 17, 2017
We've now purchased two of these monitors. The first we purchased in spring of 2012 and it lasted until last October 2016, so 4 years which is really not bad for electronics. We tried another web-based camera (not specifically a monitor) and though the picture was nice, it dropped signal often and never seemed to want to connect properly in hotels when we travelled. When our original receiver for this model died, we already owned 2 cameras so we chose to replace it with the same model as we still needed a unit. This gave us an extra camera for travel. Here are the pros and cons after 5+ years of ownership.
The picture is decent. I've seen some friends' monitors with higher quality but they are typically web-based and we had bad luck when we tried one on travel.
The sound is good on the receiver end.
The camera pans & tilts allowing us to follow restless sleepers around the bed.
The range is decent within the house.
As many have said, the receiver battery life is very poor. Even new it holds maybe 4-6 hours at most and this declines quickly with age. It basically has to be on a charger for continuous monitoring.
It doesn't have enough range to really use it very far from the house. Even with neighboring homes very close to ours, we cannot monitor from there.
Since the unit is self-contained, there is no capability to snap a photo or grab a video with this model. They are cute when they sleep sometimes so it would be nice, but it seems that mostly web-based cams have this function.
The sound isn't so great from the camera, but we rarely use it and we've never used the music that it plays.

The connection between the power cord and receiver has started to fail on our current unit (about 9 months after our purchase) so I called Motorola today as it is still under the one year warranty. Having read some negative comments about Motorola customer service in other reviews, I was a little concerned, but I have to say that the experience was pleasant. The rep, Tricia, simply asked me what was wrong, my date of purchase and asked me to send a copy of the receipt. She stayed on the line while I sent the e-mail and processed the replacement while we were on the call. It probably took less than 10 minutes. I was very pleased. Here's hoping that the replacement lasts a couple more years, but really this issue is the only reason that I gave this monitor 4 stars instead of 5. From what I've seen, no monitor is perfect, but this one has done the job well for us.
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on July 23, 2014
We had to replace this unit once under warranty soon after we got it because the power cord to the monitor stopped working. The same thing happened to the replacement, but Motorola refused to replace it again since it had been more than a year. In fact, they wouldn't even ("couldn't") fix it if we paid them to. So for the past year, we've had to very carefully insert the power cord ten or twenty times, jiggling it and not pushing it all the way in so that we could find that sweet spot where the blue power light would come on. Then we'd simply have to hope that it kept working all night long so that we would hear our two-year-old and wake up if anything was wrong.

Do not buy this product. It won't last, and Motorola won't back it up when it fails (repeatedly).
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