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on September 2, 2011
Ok, I have a type "A" personailty and I reserched the heck out of several monitors. I have been shopping around for the "perfect" monitor for months buying and returning until I have found what I want. (My son is 6 months old) I have tried several brands/types of video monitors such as Sony, Summer Infant monitors, and a Costco brand that can be used via the internet and Iphone/Ipad2. This Motorola monitor is the BEST that I have found. Money was not an issue for me as I wanted a video/audio monitor that just worked well. I do recommend spending a little more and buying the 3.5 inch monitor.

Ok, what to say that has not been covered in other positive posts.....The resolution at night is awesome as I can see my baby breathing. (VERY important) I can see everything in great detail. The camera views best when mounted on the wall close to the crib-this way it can scan straight down and straight up viewing the entire crib and room. I originally placed it on a "wall shelf" but when I scanned down I could see a bit of the shelf instead of the entire crib. Also important when you have a child that rolls all over the crib as they sleep! You need to see every inch of the crib. (On the back of the camera is a tiny hole to hang on a nail or screw.) I hung mine on my wall just above a shelf and to blend it in I placed stuffed animals on either side-very nice looking and discreet. I painted the white cord to match the wall to blend it in. When scanning from the monitor it makes absolutely no noise and doesn't wake the baby. The sound is great!

I am a light sleeper and wake at his every roll and whimper at night. I used to get NO sleep. With this monitor I can put the volume up loud to hear every little move or put the volume down low to only wake when he cries loudly. The monitor has a light indicator on top to inform you of the "loudness" of the baby's cry. Also, I live in a two story home with wireless everything (my house is Grand Central with all the wireless technology.) and this monitor does great with cell phone, wireless router, and computer reception. There is no interference at all. The battery on the monitor, when fully charged, lasts 8 to 10 hours but I recommend it plugged in to the power cord at night. There is no delay. What you see is what is happening, allowing you to get to your baby fast!

The only thing I would add is a clip to the monitor to be able to strap it to you and the time. Sometimes I like to know what time it is for feeding purposes. Awsome monitor and well worth the money as now I finally get some sleep and peace of mind at night!!!

I have now owned this monitor for year or so, and have recently encountered more problems.
- The night vision on one of the cameras has. I can barely see my son anymore, and if he didn't have dark hair, I am not sure I would even know where he was in the crib.
- The battery life of the parent unit is also dying. It used to hold a charge for about 5 hours, and now the charge lasts maybe 1 hour.
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on January 8, 2016
I bought this camera in 2012 for the arrival of my daughter, and it is now 2016. Initially, I lost the charger that came with it, so we bought another charger at Radioshack which worked, but not as well as the other one. The charger gave out at some point, so we bought another one. In 2014, we needed a second camera but ended up buying a whole new set because the monitor stopped holding a charge at all. This could be due to not using the factory charger or just time. We were able to hold onto the first camera sync it, so we could have a camera in each room and only hold onto one monitor. Even with the new one and the factory charger, the monitor does not hold a charge well. I have heard this from other users. I would say it stays charged for about 1 hour after being unplugged; longer if I keep it dark.

The image is great. The scanning function is awesome. My 3yr old will say "I am over here" and direct me. The night vision is good, too. The volume is also very clear and can be very loud. I often keep the volume off because of the lights across the top. My 3yr old can also understand me when I talk to her through the camera. The temperature is off. I think this is because our cameras are high and heat rises.

Although it does not hold a great charge, I love this camera. I have recommended it repeatedly.

Below is a pic of my daughter that was taken the other night.
review image
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on February 3, 2014
I love the flexibility that this product offers - can connect up to 4 different cameras. Good visual - color during the day, black and white at night. I was using this regularly until last night I woke up and noticed the lights on the monitor (indicating sound), but did not hear anything. The audio on the monitor failed. Unfortunately this is outside the 1 year warranty as I purchased it a few months in advance of the arrival of my daughter - I guess I will have to purchase another.

UPDATE: Apparently after resetting the monitor and camera for 20 minutes (unplug and turn off), this resets the software and I was able to reset the system. Seems to be working fine now. Whew! Motorola should make this information more readily available as apparently it is a common issue.
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on March 22, 2017
DO NOT BUY! I have bought and returned 2 of these from Amazon and they both do the same thing (I don't fault amazon, but I do fault Motorola). In the middle of the night, when using the switch back and forth mode (to have the screen flip back and forth from monitor to monitor to view both my kids) one camera's sound will stop working completely. To get the sound to come back on, you have to go to the camera and turn it off then turn it back on. This is NOT safe when you have babies in the house on the 2nd floor while you are on the 1st floor. DO NOT BUY!
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on March 2, 2017
I bought this monitor for a second time because I already had 2 cameras I didn't want to replace and of course they aren't compatible with the newer version. My first monitor quit working after 2 years so I had to replace it. 4 months after buying the 2nd one it won't charge anymore. I called Motorola and since this is a discontinued model they offered to "upgrade" my monitor but I have to pay $100 to replace my other 2 cameras. When I said no they told me they didn't know when my model would be back in stock and I'd have to wait. I pointed out that I could go on Amazon and buy it right now because Amazon has it in stock but Motorola won't refund my money for the monitor that is only 4 months old and not working. Won't be buying anymore Motorola products!
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on April 16, 2013
TO THOSE OF YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT PRESSING THE SPEAKER BUTTON INSTEAD OF THE CAMERA BUTTON WHEN IN SLEEP MODE... HAVE YOU TRIED PRESSING ANY OTHER BUTTON??? When my screen in on "sleep" mode (the sound is on but the screen is off to save battery) I can press any button to turn it on, so I never have a problem pressing the speaker button. I prefer pressing the menu button cuz its on top, and it doesnt bring up the menu when you're pressing it to just turn on the screen. The instructions also say you have to go to the menu option, select the camera icon, and then you use the aarows to move the camera... that's not true at all. Just press the left, right, up, and down buttons on the screen and it moves it.

I highly recommend this camera, it's a bit pricey but worth every cent and will be using it for a few years.

In case you have been contemplating buying one, let me give you my review of this one. I have been researching for a couple months because I wanted to get a good one for the right price.

The picture is crystal clear both day and night. It does have night vision, and its amazing. I can even see him breathing. You can also adjust the contrast to your liking. It has one dim green light to show that it's on but you can barely see it and the little one doesn't notice it. It has like 8 infrared lights for night vision that do not light up, so the baby doesn't get woken or distracted by anything. I have read some reviews on some other monitors that the infrared lights actually lit up red and the kid would just stare at it all night lol, so I made sure to buy one that didn't.

As for the screen, it's 3.5 inches.. it doesn't sound that big but it is. It tells you the temperature of the room, whether it's on day or night vision, how many signal bars you have, which camera you are looking through (you can have 4 cameras), and the battery life. I have 5 bars everywhere in my house and even outside in my yard, and the camera is upstairs in the backroom of my house. It lets you know if you are being close to going out if range. While plugged in the screen can stay on as long as you want. If you unplug it the screen automatically shuts off after 2 minutes and continues to play sound to save battery. You can click any button to turn the screen back on. If you add more cameras you can click a button to pick one of them, to scroll, or you can click the scan button and it switches between them every 12 seconds. It even has an alarm that you can set for 2, 4, or 6 hours to check on, feed, change, give medicine, or wake up from a nap. The unit also has a stand so you can set it down and look at it easily. The cord for both the camera and parent unit is fairly long. I think you can put batteries in the camera but I haven't done that yet. I will though in case of power outages. I wouldn't recommend using batteries full time because that's just one more thing you have to buy batteries for lol. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery.


Now for sound. You can hear as much or as little as you want. If I have it all the way up I can hear him breathing. On almost the highest level of sound I can clearly hear him even move a muscle. I usually keep it right in the middle so I don't hear every little sound keeping me up, but I hear enough. The camera has a speaker on it and the parent unit allows me to play 5 different lullabies (you can either play just one or let it play all 5) and also talk to him through it with just a click of a button! There is no interference or static unless I have the screen right next to the camera, which is never.

Set up is a breeze, just plug in, turn on, and you're ready!


I figured out a while ago that you can adjust the loudness of the lullabies that play on the camera in the babies room. When selecting a song hit the okay button and 3 different volume levels will pop up. I was so pleased because it was rather loud and would keep my son up, then I found that and its at the perfect volume now.
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on August 23, 2011
This monitor is amazing. Over the last 3 and a half years I have bought and returned probably 5 monitors. We ended up with a Summer monitor for the first 2.5 years, then it finally broke and replaced it with a Summer Bestview. The only problem is that model (bought in January 2011) is discontinued and with a second baby on the way we need a second camera which is no longer available. I have been researching for weeks now, reading every review on Amazon and other sites and decided to order the Motorola MBP36.

When I wrote this review a few weeks ago, a second monitor was not available anywhere. Although they are not available on Amazon yet (as of 9/1/2011), they are available online at other major baby stores where you "buy" stuff for babies (hint hint). I just ordered one today, which now makes this the perfect monitor.

- LCD Unit
First of all, the LCD screen is huge. It is 3.5" diagonally. For reference, and iPhone is also 3.5". The aspect ratio is a bit more square than an iPhone, but you get the idea. The unit is very thin, its about as thick as a typical men's wallet. It is lightweight, has a nice kick stand that seems very sturdy and nice, grippy rubber feet on the bottom that are very unobtrusive but work great. There is an antenna across the top back that can flip up if you need it to get better reception, but we have never needed it, even when two floors away. There are 4 buttons on each side of the screen, 4 directional that control camera, volume, menu navigation, a menu button, an "ok" button, a video on/off button and a microphone button. They are well placed, it is not a huge problem to have to hit the menu to get to volume, we had to do the same on the Summer Bestview and it is the first menu option (i.e. hit the menu button and it is already in the volume option, so just hit up/down from there).

As you can tell from the pictures, the unit has pretty good industrial design too, which seems to be the trend in baby monitors now. Battery life is decent, it works enough to have a daytime nap and then use it again in the evening without charging in between. Your not going to get more than 3-4 hours out of it if you use the LCD a lot though. There is a series of LEDs across the top that indicate how much noise your kids are making, and there is a very accurate temperature display (based on reviews, sounds like Samsung temp is off by 10 degrees, but this unit matches the thermostat outside the room so I'm assuming spot on).

- Camera
The ability to scan and pan is great, very quiet and no likely to disrupt your kid. There is a small green LED on the front of the camera, but you can't see the infrared lights in the dark (unlike our Summer Bestview which looks like 10 little LEDs in the dark). The zoom is not great, kind of hard to get to on the menu and it is only a digital zoom that crops the center of the picture and doubles it. It is small and can be placed pretty much anywhere. The picture that it sends to the handheld unit is great (as far as baby monitors go). It isn't going to win a technical Oscar, but it is very clear. The huge LCD screen helps. In daylight it is incredibly crisp and vibrant. I haven't noticed any interference with WiFi, but haven't really tested either. It operates at 2.4GHz and we mostly have 5Ghz 802.11n devices, so we are in a different bandwidth that doesn't conflict.

If you have additional cameras (up to 4), you can set the monitor to manually scan through them, it will stay on each one for 12 seconds based on what it says in the manual. You can have up to 4 cameras, but there is no ability to see multiple ones on the the screen at once (like the Lorex).

I guess a minor quibble might be that you can't put batteries in the camera, but the old monitor had this functionality and we never used it in 2.5 years so not an issue for me. One other possible thing worth mentioning is that the monitor unit takes a proprietary battery, very similar to what a lot of cordless phones have. One other minor thing worth mentioning is that the infrared LEDs at night are not very bright from 10 feet away, we are just going to put a shelf near our 3 year olds bed so that it will be closer (think of the LEDs around the camera as flashlights for night vision).

I can say without reservation that this thing deserves 5 stars after a 3 full weeks with it. My wife loves the size of the screen, the light weight monitor, the portability, ease of use etc. Its a very cool product.

*Update 8/24/2011* minor spelling correction (sales to sails) and added clarifying point in final paragraph "even though it supports 4 cameras", which was already mentioned above but needed reiterating.

*Update 9/1/2011* Removed comments about additional cameras not being available since I bought one today. Added a few minor updates to the review.
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on August 31, 2014
A must-have for our family. We have an older son with autism who has at least one seizure a week, so he needs to be constantly monitored. It is a Godsend! This one is definitely worth the investment. We bought an extra camera, so we have one in his bedroom and another by his play area. The cameras move up, down, and sideways so we can follow his movements wherever he goes. It has a microphone on the handheld monitor so I can speak to him and get his attention. It even has a thermometer on the cameras so I can tell if his room temperature is comfortable while he is sleeping. I can turn the volume up to high at night time and actually hear him breathing. We've used this 24-hours a day for over a year and we've never had a monitor last this long! The marks on the buttons did wear off after about 8 months, but by that time we had them all memorized anyway. The only thing I would like is an attached strap that I could put on my arm so I could work outside or carry things with both hands. (If anyone comes up with a brilliant idea - PLEASE let us know!) One warning: it doesn't like to get too warm so don't leave it too close to the oven or out in the hot sun without some kind of shade.
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on August 5, 2013
We purchased this baby monitor in advance of our first child in early 2012. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to see our son as well as hear him. It is now over a year later, and we are still using it and love it all the same. The product itself is great... while we don't use the lullaby sounds and features, I didn't really purchase it for that. The most important thing is, you can see and hear your child very well.

The problems I have had so far is that the power adapter has now crapped out on us twice. The end connector that plugs into the main unit is very delicate and it starts to fray over time. This provides an intermittent connection and the battery does not charge effectively or at all.

I contacted Motorola back in February of 2013, right before my warranty had expired and was able to get a replacement. The wait time on that took at least three weeks before I got a replacement, and required me to call back to make sure my claim was still in the system.

That one lasted until now, and I called back to explain the short lifespan and if I could get a replacement, or if not, at least be able to purchase one. I was told that it is out of warranty and not covered, and I understood that and if I could purchase a replacement... the response was "you will need to find one on Amazon or Radio Shack".

I did purchase a universal adapter for it the last time I had an issue and it does not power the unit correctly. It turns the baby monitor on and causes it to freeze up. It's rated for 500mA at 6V, but I'm wondering if it's not providing adequate power.

I'm going to try my luck at Radio Shack next time. I have been told that you can buy at least a 500mA or higher mA, and the unit will only draw what it needs, so I was going to try an 800mA Enercell one.

UPDATE: Bought the Enercell 800mA 6 Volt adapter at Radio Shack along with an "A" adaptaplug, and it is working properly to charge the unit and it's not turning on or freezing or doing anything strange. Hope this helps someone who is also looking for the adapter.
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on August 25, 2014
I've had this monitor for 16 months, and the monitor itself just broke I mean the charger port sheered off inside the device itself so there is no way I can charge it even if I wanted to. Called Motorola, who has a line specifically for baby monitor issues (1-888-331-3383), and within 15 mins, they are shipping me out a replacement unit for free! That's what I call great customer service! This is our 2nd monitor system (the 1st was NOT Motorola and we had countless issues with it). These things...they just break. I have been expecting it. So when it did finally happen, I was expecting a long, drawn out and expensive process. What I got was the opposite. Thanks, Motorola, for some awesome customer service!
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