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on January 6, 2016
These seem to be rugged enough and the audio is pretty clear. Other than weather channels there really is nothing spectacular about this model.

Range? Sure as hell not 22 miles. On FRS channel in the clear outdoors with no obstruction got about 3/4 of a mile and that was the end of it.
The only disappointment is that the FCC and FTC continue to permit manufacturers to put absurdly ridiculous distance ranges on these radios in their marketing.

My application calls for less than 1000 foot in any direction and I don't expect any more than that.

One of the other consumer radio brands markets as 35 miles!!

AUGUST 2016 Over 8 months of occasional use. Mostly grand kids aged 5-12. These have held up very well so far. Range has been great for our camping trips. Still don't expect more than a mile but work well.
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on January 15, 2017
We use these in our warehouse. Strangely enough they have difficulty reaching from one side of our building to our production area within the same building. I don't know the square feet but its not an incredibly large building. The one I use has a nasty little habit of turning itself off. The battery is not dead...I have to turn the on off knob all the way off and back on and its good again for awhile. For Motorola I thought these would be a slam dunk but I'm a little disappointed. This is all indoor use for warehouse offices and production.
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on May 17, 2017
This review is to offer a fix for the intermittent automatic shut-offs that many have experienced with this radio. Of our some 25 radios in use some 6-8 exposed this irritating "feature". Reason seems to be a loose contact between original battery pack and radio. You can test this by dropping the radio a few times from low height (3-4") on a hard surface. If it turns off or reboots when dropped your radio may turn off during actual use automatically also without you noticing it. Replacing the original battery pack with 3 regular rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries solves the problem. New problem: regular rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries are not charged by this radio, you are supposed to use Motorola's battery pack. But there's a simple solution to this problem. The following procedure will void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Remove the volume knob (pry up with medium flat screw driver).
2. Remove battery pack.
3. Remove 4 screws that keep the two halves of the case together. You can use a small flat screw driver but it has to fit the special screw head.
4. Carefully separate the two halves by prying up with a medium flat screw driver from the notch at the bottom of the radio. Make sure the antenna and PTT (push to talk) button remain in place.
5. Now there's a little latch protruding on the back half of the radio (see the yellow highlighted circle in the picture). Clip this off as close to the case as possible. Alternatively you could probably use a small piece of electrical tape and cover the rectangular plate on the corresponding location of the upper half of the radio (see the purple highlighted circle in the picture), but I haven't tried this.
6. When assembling the radio again make sure the battery contact latch protruding from the upper half (to the left of the purple circle in the picture) is passing through the corresponding hole in the back half.
7. Now your radio can charge regular rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries also but only from the USB port, and there should not be any automatic shut-off again using such batteries. In addition such batteries can be obtained at much lower price than the original battery packs.

Hope this helps.
review image
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on June 2, 2017
These radios work great. Their easy to use. They don't have a lot of complicated menu hops to get them set the way you want. Their light amount of features makes them perfect for the technophobic people out there.

The only drawback for us is that they are not certified for use in Japan. Because the FRS channels are in the unusable part of the frequency band, these radios will have to go in the closet for now. If you're thinking of using these for safety in a small group they should work fine provided you're not separating people too far apart. Just know before you travel if the country your going to will allow you to use them. In Japan its a $10K fine or a year in jail if your caught using these.
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on January 15, 2017
I used this product twice in 2 weeks and it didn't disappoint! In places like ski resorts you sometimes don't have perfect cellular connectivity and the smartphone battery becomes capricious. Also nobody wants his/her $700 iphone smashed. Just purchase 2 radios for $50, which is a fraction of a high end smartphone price. Nothing fancy, but it's perfect for my skiing, gets the job done and these babies are reliable as brick. I would suggest to have at least a pair of these in your arsenal.
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on July 7, 2010
I bought 2 pair of these radios as well as 3 pair of the MR355s. They cost $20 less, so I could get about 3 pair of these for 2 pair of the MR355s. I distributed them to my supervisors, vehicle operators and field engineers in our open area shipyard.

The reception is fine, although you do notice the clearer sound and slightly longer range of the MR355s (I'm talking only a couple hundred yards longer).

The unit uses the supplied NiMH battery pack or 3 AAA's. Of course, AA's batteries like the ones used in the MR355 would have more power and last longer, but then, the MR355 has more features (like vibrate and an LED flashlight) that use up more power. Anyway, I knew the compromises when I got the units.

However, I wasn't ready for the MH230 to show 2 bars on the battery icon and yet the display wasn't functioning clearly. Some of the LCD lines were very faint or could only be seen at an extreme angle. For instance, the 8 looked like a 9 bcs the left lower LCD bar wouldn't light up. After trying out the features, I fully charged the battery. Wouldn't you know it, at full charge, all the LCD's work. At partial charge (or discharge, as you like it) some of the LCD bars would fade out. This happened with all 4 MH230 radios and didn't happen with any of the MR355s, even as the more expensive radio's would run out of juice. NOTE to Giant Electronics, fix this issue! You're ruining Motorola's rep.

Anyway, we use the MH230 in thick steel crane and payloader cabins, talking to people in the office 700 yards away with a couple 30 foot tall cargo ships and a few dozen welders doing their thing in between. The sound is mostly clear and everyone gets heard. The users wish they had the PTT earbuds that come with the more expensive units, but hey, you get the bright yellow ones, be happy!

The guys who crawl around inside the steel hulls get the MR355s with the PTT, vibra and lights. They're happy too.

4 stars for the unit performance, minus 1 star bcs of the LCD problems at half batt.

Can't complain I'm not getting the 23 mile range, or they would owe me stars. BTW, many 25 Watt vehicle or base station radios with 36 inch antennas won't get 23 miles, so don't expect these reach that far.
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on April 28, 2017
Great unit! I bought this for my 6 & 7 year old kids and it was easy enough to use they didn't need me to teach them. Also, comes with table charger which is awesome and so far so good.... I'll report back later
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on June 15, 2017
We received this product yesterday. My kids and I use while they are outside so that I have a way to get a hold of them if I need. We charged this up yesterday and used it this morning. Already we are having problems with one of them. It shuts itself off, multiple times. It will just be sitting on the counter and when I go to use it, I would notice that it is off. This defeats its purpose completely. I gave this product 2 stars because it is extremely useful and a great product when it is functioning properly. I would recommend purchasing this product with caution.
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on April 3, 2013
While I never expected 23 miles I had hoped for maybe 5-7 miles. I got two miles at most. I live in pretty flat, with some hills, land, very rural, no big building blocking signals etc. I was driving in my car while testing it, and left a recording running and notated all my landmarks, so know it went off just under two miles. I had the car windows wide open for a signal, but maybe the car itself interfered a bit. Will have to try getting away from the car to test it better. I don't imagine it will make 23 miles though.

That's really OK, the price is right, and I thought the grandkids would enjoy these, they played with them and thought they were super cool. They are well built, and can be used while hiking with others, in case someone got lost, that sort of thing. A good thing about them is the USB charging port, in addition to the wall charger (the USB cord does not come with it, but I had one that fit) because if there is a long power out, you can pretty quickly charge up the battery via a little solar panel. I have both the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus, and the little Instapark 4 watt folding panel. Both good, the Goal Zero is the stronger more versatile one, but the Instapark is nearly 1/4 the price, and great for a secondary one. They charge about as fast as a wall charger, if the sun is good, directly from the panel... if no sun these panels both have a battery with a USB port, to use stored power.

I'd recommend them for what they are, and they could come in handy if you ever go to fairs or large shopping areas or camping with kids, in case one of them gets lost. If you are letting a kid walk around the neighborhood alone or to school for their first times, they may feel more secure with one. You may feel safer too! Fun to play with too, and could come in handy during another Sandy type storm where the phone lines are dead. I'd like to be able to contact a neighbor and vice versa if needed. Just don't expect more than a few miles. For that they are pretty decent, and I'll hang on to them. They will be used and enjoyed. No complaints other than on the range they will transmit, but since it was not expected anyway, four stars for these. One star off for bragging about 23 miles!
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on March 22, 2017
These walkie talkies are great! Bought these to replace an old one I lost in the desert hiking. Then two weeks larer I found it after sitting in the rain and sun and wind. Works great! Now I have 4 and thats OK. Good to have extras especially when hiking and getting seperated. Range is fair. Charge holds up all day. Theres apparentely a difference in the old charger and this one. Old charger you can leave them in the cradle and red light goes out when charged up and I assume stops the charging. This one I believe keeps charging unless you remove them from cradle I believe like 4 hrs. So youre supposed to remove them. Would buy again.
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